Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Farewell, Wonderland (AKA The Blog's Last Story)

Yes, this is the final story I’ll post on this blog.

I’ve been trying to leave for ages now. I was supposed to do it in January, and I didn’t. I’ve waited too long, because deep down I’m not ready to give it up. I like writing. But I can’t keep doing it.

The main reasons are simple and well-known to those who’ve been following the blog for a while. I don't have much time to write. But besides that, I feel a bit neglected in comparison to other authors. This blog is barely alive. I feel a bit like the awkward underdog of this community. I even notice it sometimes when I talk with a few fellow authors, as if I were only a bothersome wannabe. And maybe they’re right.

I know my writing skills aren’t the best, I really do. I keep acknowledging it over and over again. But despite that, there’s something I’ve recently realized: I’m probably the one who has produced the most AP content in the entire internet, and if not, I’m pretty close. Yet I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything by it. This blog is over five years old, but still irrelevant. I’ve tried everything to make readers more invested, but everything has failed, and each try leaves me more disenchanted than the last.

On the other hand, I want to thank all the faithful readers who kept making the experience gratifying. Just to alphabetically name a few (Agestories, andrea casanova, Andrew L, Angelo, Apfun, bela04, Beta A, Blake2903, BLZBub, cal narri, chillitan, Daskomet, eggplant, Growthformulamaster, Jacob, jojo93able, Joshua Fagan, Jshetz, Karo L, LM117, m.s, Merlin, Munza Zerserraf, Nick, P. Bearn, ryan penny, Serillion, The AP Master, The Mathemagician, Wakkawakka, Wiz and many others I've probably forgotten). Thank you all, particularly those who commented (even if they were Anonymus) and the ones who contributed to the blog in one way or another.

Seriously, guys, you were the best, and I wish I could stay here for your sake. Thanks.

I should be clear about something, though. Since I still enjoy writing, I could draft a story from time to time. But I can’t maintain this blog on a regular basis, so I will post it elsewhere. At the moment, Bela04’s AgeArts looks like the best place. Unlike this blog, it has a strong readership, so I think that’s where I’ll publish my material from now on. At the moment, though, I’ll keep answering the comments you leave me here.

If you're not familiar with AgeArts, I'll leave you with a link. You'll find my material there from time to time: http://www.agearts.com/

So, here’s my final caption. Since the very first one was about Little Red Riding Hood, I figured the last one ought to be about another fairytale (even if this one is technically a novel). I’ve wanted to do an Alice in Wonderland caption for ages, so this is a great time.

Farewell, friends. I’ll miss this.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Premature Vengence by A.P. Jones

Another great piece of artwork by A.P. Jones. I really like this concept. I'd love for him to write an excerpt of the transformation part of this novel.

Premature Vengence
by A.P. Jones.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Broken Clock

I had never paid much attention to that clock. I knew it was there since I was little, and my aunt and uncle always told stories about the time they had brought it home from a holiday at Majorca. But I never really liked its old-style wooden design, and I was frankly a bit annoyed by how loudly its bells chimed every hour.

It greeted me as always when my Mom left me at my Aunt’s living room to spend that weekend at their house. I was looking forward to this visit since, despite their irritating clock, they had a really nice place. Also, as I was an only child, I welcomed the chance to be with my cousins.

Having just turned 11, I thought 13-years-old Kimberley was very cool. She was close enough to my age to share many of my interests, yet she also was starting to become a teenager, and her outlook was very valuable for my own anticipated journey into puberty. I had recently started to notice boys, so I craved for her advice, and tough she was still very much a child, just the fact that she had just gotten her first –very small- brassiere made my cousin vastly superior and cooler to my eyes.

On the other hand, his twin Andy, with whom I had been close since childhood, was starting to feel somewhat boring to me. Unlike his sister, he didn’t seem to be maturing at all, and still acted pretty much like a child in my opinion. But despite that, I still went along with him fine enough, and he owned some pretty wicked video games, so I was also excited to visit him.

But it was my aunt Diane who first received me that day. I also thought she was someone very cool to have as an aunt. Though she was almost 50, she was jovial and trendy, maybe because she had been a model in her youth. Her sister –my mom- wasn’t much of a beauty, despite being over 15 years younger, but people usually said that I had inherited my aunt’s good looks and that I’d probably be a looker someday. I usually blushed but crossed my fingers wishing that was true.

In turn, Aunt Diane had inherited her looks from the great matriarch of that side of the family, Grandma Grace. Now, while I had a difficult time imagining it, that woman, who was over 80 these days, had actually posed for PlayBoy in the late 1950’s.

Both Grandma Grace and her husband, the very sick Grandpa Joe, were also visiting that weekend. I was glad to hear that. Though Grandpa usually remained sleeping at one of the guest rooms, Granny was a very fun lady to be around, not to mention the best cook I’d met.

The final inhabitant of the house was Uncle Hal, Diane’s husband, and he arrived home just over fifteen minutes after my Mom said goodbye and left. My uncle’s entrance was announced by the loud barks of Tux, their minuscule and recently acquired St Bernard puppy.

We had lunch and the rest of the afternoon was quite uneventful, and I just had tons of fun at my family’s large house as usual.

The strange events began before night.

It had been a bleak day from the start, and a soft rain had started at three, but by five it had turned into a major thunderstorm. Tux was quite restless, and he kept barking at the water that poured behind the windows. I regretted that I wouldn’t be able to use the pool or play outside, but I had to admit it was quite cozy inside the increasingly darker house.

Around six, we all heard an incredibly loud booming sound coming from the living room, followed by thunder. We all ran there to find the remains of the Majorcan clock, shattered over the carpet. It seemed that somehow it had been struck by lightning; even though nobody remembered leaving the nearby window wide open, as we found it.

Night was closing in, and the lights flickered and then turned off. I and the other kids yelled a bit, half-jokingly, but Uncle Hal found a torch and tried to restore the power. He failed, though. It seemed like the electrical discharges had fried out the circuits.

Rain was thicker than ever, and it was almost completely dark by now, so my aunt found a few more torches and candles. Andy had also made a discovery: even though it was very broken, the clock’s face was still working, and the minute hand still moved at the proper speed, if a bit crookedly.

We were also surprised when we found out that its bell was functional. At seven o’clock, it started chiming as usual. Seven tolls to announce the time, as loudly as ever.

It was at the second bell that we realized something was very wrong. Uncle Hal, who had been standing behind the sofa where I sat alongside Kimberley, made a strange sound, like a soft yell. We all stared at him in alarm, then panic when we realized what was happening.

At each chime of the clock, my uncle seemed to get smaller… and after about half of them we realized he was actually getting younger, turning back into a little boy. He patted his shrinking body panicky, but by the seventh bell, he was a kid of about seven, dressed in age-appropriate clothes of the same color he had been wearing.

Of course, there were a lot of shrieks. He screamed with his high voice, and Aunt Diane joined. Kimberley and Andy, confused at what had just happened to their father, shouted too. I soon realized I was also doing so without even realizing it for minutes.

It took us over five minutes to calm down enough to become articulate again. The new boy was still quite shaken, and he started crying, but Aunt Diane tried to phone someone –I don’t know if a doctor or the police-, just to discover the lines weren’t working either.

With her husband in such a state, Aunt Diane was the only person in the house who could drive, but after much deliberation she decided not to dare to get out of the house with such a dangerous storm and poor visibility. And the closest neighbor was almost a mile downhill. We were simply stuck at the house for the time being.

Hal was starting to calm down and we talked with him. His memories seemed mostly intact: he knew perfectly well who he was and what age he should be, though maybe his language had become more akin to that of a 7-years-old. He also confirmed us that he had forgotten how to drive, among other things.

In all, that first hour passed quite quickly, and we were startled yet again when the clock began chiming at eight.

We didn’t think much of it for half a second, but then we slowly realized that something was happening to Grandma Grace, who had since joined us in the living room. She was panting, as she quickly became younger with each of the eight bells.

Her gray hair got honey blonde again, and she seemed to raise taller as her back straightened. Wrinkles were smoothing on her hands and face, as her features turned into those of a woman in her mid-twenties. Her body was back to its prime, again supple and slender. Her breasts appeared to swell under her blouse, which popped open.

We all looked in fascination as it changed into a blue swimsuit right out of her most famous photoshoot.

Having seen the pictures was one thing. Looking at your grandmother standing across the room, breathing hard, turned back into a vibrant, attractive centerfold model was another. Aunt Diane approached her mother, again tearing up, though everyone relaxed when she didn’t become any younger.

After the initial shock, Grandma Grace seemed very pleased with what had just happened. Even Aunt Diane eventually calmed down, when she realized that her mother (which was now much younger than her) wasn’t in any danger and had actually been improved by her transformation.

What really scared us all was that this wasn’t an isolated incident with Hal anymore. Obviously there was something bigger going on, and we weren’t sure what it was.

The question in our minds was if the rest of us would go through similar regressions. My cousins and I were particularly worried. I definitely didn’t want to be little again.

Except for Grandma, who went to check out her changes on the bathroom and remained behind closed doors for a while, we all spent that second hour in a much more restless state, waiting to see if something else would happen, and who would be affected. We just prayed that the thunderstorm would diminish so that we could escape the house, but it seemed stronger than ever.

Nine o’clock. The chimes started again, and we all instinctively looked around to see who was being affected. We all noticed Andy was wincing, and we realized something was happening to him.

But my cousin wasn’t getting smaller, like the other two had. Instead, he was quickly bursting out of his shorts and t-shirt, as he went through the world’s most accelerated puberty. His arms widened, and his chest got broader like a barrel. Hair emerged through his body and face, as his featured hardened into those of a grown man. His attention centered on his crotch for a while, and then at the ninth bell, it was all over, just as his clothes reshaped around him.

“Oh, wow,” he said in a deep baritone, looking at his big hands.

Andy was fully adult now, and looked to be a middle-aged man of around forty. He was taller and bulkier than his dad had been, and though he seemed to be quite muscular underneath, he had a slight layer of fat covering his body, particularly his stomach.

Aunt Diane was at her wit’s end for the third time, and she hugged her grow-up son with confusion, promising him that everything was going to be okay. He just excused himself and went away to have his own time at the restroom.

So now we knew that people could get older as well as younger, which was slightly comforting to me… until I realized that could mean I could become an old lady.

Aunt Diane had left for the kitchen to find us some snacks, so Kimberley and I were left alone in the living room. We barely spoke, just throwing scared glances to each other. Andy finally came out of the bathroom and looked at us with a grin in his face.

“This is not bad,” he said. “I guess we’re not twins any more, Kim.”

“How are you?” she asked.

He flexed his arms.

“I’m a man. It’s kinda awesome. And…” he lowered his voice and checked that his mother still wasn’t at the room. “My dick is much bigger now.”

“Ewwwww!” both Kimberley and me said, as he laughed.

“Also, I’ve got loads of hair everywhere, except up here, I guess.” He pointed at his head, and we noticed that he was indeed getting a little bald on the front.

I observed him, amazed at how different he looked, and I wondered how it felt for him to suddenly be an adult. I also pondered if that could be my destiny before the night was over.

Aunt Diane returned with a few soda cans and cookies. She looked apprehensively at Andy again, but at least she didn’t cry anymore.

“So, Mom, I’ve been thinking…” said Andy as he sat on the armchair in a very man-like way and he drank his soda. “We should get out of here before something else happens. I’m pretty sure I can drive us away through the storm.”

But my aunt wasn’t convinced. Even though Andy swore he could now drive the truck easily, she didn’t want to hear that idea, at least while the rain was so heavy.

“Okay, then,” he said. “Then we should at least throw that clock away. Each transformation has happened when that thing sounds. I’m sure that’s what’s been causing it. It’s broken and it’s somehow altering time within the house.”

We all had privately reached that conclusion.

“Be careful!” said Diane as he crouched near the clock’s wreckage.

Andy reached for it but immediately removed his hand with a yell.

“Fuck it!” he said loudly. “The damned thing shocked me.”

“Are you okay? Is it changing you again?” asked Aunt Diane.

“No, I don’t think so. I’m fine.”

It was five to ten. We all looked anxiously at the clock’s hands as they moved around. Grandma and Hal had also returned to watch. Then, ten chimes.

But as we looked at each other, we couldn’t see anyone changing.

“Maybe it’s over?” asked Hal.

Then we heard the distant wailing of a baby.

“Oh, no, Joe!” said my Grandmother, springing towards Grandpa’s room with a nimbleness that she couldn’t have summoned just a couple of hours earlier.

We all followed her and gasped when she opened the door, even though we were expecting it. Instead of Grandpa Joe, there was a four months old baby crying on a crib.

Grandma Grace held the baby tenderly and shushed him, but I just looked around in surprise.

“Where did that crib come from? And all that baby stuff?” I asked.

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, I haven’t checked my room,” said Andy.

It turned out that Andy’s room had also changed, and now looked like one a grown man would have. Gone were his posters and colorful bed sheets and, regrettably, his video games. But he had gained a new computer, bigger shoes and clothes, among other things, not to mention his father’s former degree hanging on the wall.

On the other hand, Hal now had a childish bedroom in what used to be one of the guest’s rooms, while Aunt Diane’s room was now that of a single woman, having lost all traces of ever having a husband there.

Grandma Grace came a while after to tell us about baby Joe.

“He can’t talk any more, of course,” she said. “But he’s aware of who he is, and who we are too. It’ll be difficult for him, but at least he understands and now he’s asleep.”

The rest of us weren’t as sleepy, though. Despite being past my bedtime, we were all too nervous to go to bed.

“It’s been four of us already. So it’s got to be one of you three next,” said Andy looking at his mother, sister and me.

Time seemed to fly. Faster than it seemed possible, it was 11. The clock started doing its thing.

“Aaaaaah!” moaned Kimberley along the first bell.

Like her brother, she was expanding and starting to erupt out of her little clothes. She was growing at a rate of almost a year every time the bell sounded, and it sounded eleven times.

By the third chime, she was already a teenager in full puberty, and by the fourth she suddenly developed the large breasts that were a trademark among the females in my family, all in just a quick spurt that made her arch her back. Her dark brown hair was growing longer as she became taller, and her face was losing roundness and gaining maturity.

And just like that, my cousin was now a woman in her early twenties, ecstatically panting on her armchair.

“Mmmm. I feel so good,” she said in a low voice.

Smiling overtly, she opened her already unbuttoned blouse to reveal a newly acquired flowery brassiere underneath. She caressed her cleavage, marveling at the feel of the touch and her long, polished nails.

I have to admit I felt a pang of envy looking at Kimberley there, looking so pretty and, frankly… sexy. I found myself anticipating my own transformation, though I still feared the possibility that it would leave me at a much less desirable age.

Like her brother, Kimberly seemed very smug after her maturation. She also spent a lot of time exploring her changed body, and when she came out of the bathroom, she sat beside me and murmured on my ear:

“Oh, my God, Jennifer, this is so awesome! I really hope you can get to be a woman too!”

I shrugged and blushed.

“Anyway, I’m happy for you,” I told her, and that much was true.

I accompanied her to see her new room. Like Andy’s, it had been transformed into a bedroom suitable for a young woman. We marveled at the clothes and makeup, and even more at the tampons.

But time was passing fast and, before long, we had to rush back to the living room to see the next transformation. It was only me and Aunt Diane now. I looked at her nervously.

My aunt wasn’t crying anymore, but she looked shocked. Her husband had turned into a little kid while her young children were now grown adults. Also, her mother and father had been changed into a young woman and a baby respectively. I knew it couldn’t be easy for her.

The clock announced the arrival of midnight, but I didn’t feel anything. Indeed, it was Aunt Diane who was transforming alongside the bells.

It was clear that she was also getting younger, though how much wasn’t clear yet. She was leaving her fifties behind as she regressed back to her prime. By the tenth clock, I realized she was stopping as a young adult or an older teen at the most, but she surely wasn’t going to become a child, like Hal had.

Her white pajamas had changed into something a younger woman would use, a t-shirt and short pants. She looked amazing as she crouched on the sofa, though, and I understood why she had been such a successful model in her youth.

“I remember this hairstyle,” she said. Her hair had become much longer and radiant. “I must be… seventeen again!”

For a 17-years-old, she looked quite mature. He curves were ripe and her waist slim. I always knew Aunt Diane was a busty woman, but it never hit me how much until I saw her in this revealing shirt. There was also the fact that they were perkier and higher now.

“Hey, you were right, this does really feel amazing,” she said, looking at her adult daughter with a knowing smile. Her voice was equally youthful; she truly sounded like a girl.

“You look pretty, uhm… honey” said Hal timidly, not looking quite sure about that last word. It was obvious they couldn’t be a couple any more.

“I have so much energy!” she enthused. “I feel positively bubbly! And I can’t believe it, Kimberly… You’re older than me!”

“Not by much, Mom.”

“And you, Andy, you’re old enough to be my father!”

“I guess I am, Mom,” he shrugged. “Anyway, you both look… hot.”

Diane giggled. Just a few minutes after her transformation, her personality changes were already apparent. She wasn’t worrying anymore, and she looked happy and carefree. She stretched her nimble body over the couch.

“I guess we should learn to leave like this,” she said. “Maybe this isn’t so bad.”

“Maybe it’s not, sweetie,” said Grandma Grace.

It was easy for those two to say, I thought, looking at their curvy profiles. But I still could end up like a frail old lady or a helpless baby, and that had no appeal at all for me.

Everyone else around me was buzzing, but I practically didn’t speak at all for the next hour. I was the only one who hadn’t changed, and thus it was a certainty that I would go next.

I braced myself at one o’clock. Yet, nothing seemed to happen. I just stood there trembling for a full minute after the bells had stopped, and everyone just stared.

Since none of us had transformed, it occurred to us that maybe Joe had changed again, but Grace went to check on him and informed us that he was still four months old.

“Maybe it’s over,” said Kimberley. “Maybe it only happened until midnight.”

“Yeah, it can be that,” I said, still afraid. I was relieved, yet, somehow, strangely disappointed.

Slowly, the house started to get some semblance of normalcy, taking in consideration what had happened. Kimberley finally had started to yawn and she went to prepare her bed, while Aunt Diane retired to take a bath.

Then, about twenty minutes later, we heard Andy’s deep yell.

“Hey, everyone, you should come here and see this!”

We hurried to his room and saw what he was pointing at. Resting on a mat near the door there was an enormous St. Bernard dog.

“Oh, no, Tux!” said Kimberly crouching besides her pet.

Tux wasn’t a tiny puppy anymore, but he wasn’t a healthy adult either. He had grown a lot in size, but also in years, and he looked old and weak now. It was a sad sight.

Yet, despite the family’s grief for poor Tux, everyone was looking at me again. I understood why: Now that it was clear that the dog had changed at one o’clock it mean the strange time shift was still ongoing. And that I was going to change at two.

There were only about fifteen minutes left for that. After the brief, fake relief of thinking I had been spared, the fright had returned with a vengeance. I was more nervous than ever. Trembling, I asked the others if they minded if I underwent my transformation in private. They understood and I retired to the guest room I always occupied.

I’ll admit it. I spent most of the first ten minutes crying in fetal position over my bed. As the time got closer, I managed to put myself together, though I was still shaking horribly.

Even when I knew my clothes would change too, I didn’t fancy getting engulfed by them if I got smaller or constricting within them if I got bigger, however briefly. So I removed my t-shirt and shorts, the storm still raging behind the windows, the drops tapping the glass like fingers.

There was no chance to take off my panties, though, since I heard, with a gasp, the distant bells of the clock coming from the living room, announcing both that it was 2 o’clock and that my transformation had started.

I could indeed feel it happening. It was a sensation like nothing else on Earth. My head was pulling up towards the ceiling, it seemed, as I was getting much taller. My heart beating faster than ever, I realized I was getting older and not younger. I just hopped it wouldn’t be much older.

Unlike Kimberly’s, my very long black hair was shortening, apparently being absorbed back into my scalp. I could only see it peripherally, but it was styling differently too, one side growing fluffier and almost covering my right eye. It wasn’t a style that a kid or even a teenager would use, so I guessed I was becoming a woman after all. That sent a quiver of both fear and anticipation through my enlarging spine.

I could notice my facial features shifting. I saw the changing shape of my nose and I could feel the plumping of my lips. My arms and legs were elongating, their flesh increasing. My hands aged before my eyes and my fingernails were covered in red polish.

I wasn’t becoming fat at all, but I did put on a bit of healthy weight. My midsection got wider, and looked definitely adult. As my ass started to grow on me, gaining a significant amount of mass, I felt something changing in the front of my panties too. A tremendous wave of pleasure went through me, as my vagina journeyed through puberty and got fully functional. It was nice.

What came next felt even better. Energy was building on my bare chest and I knew what was about to happen. As I heard the second chime, humungous breasts sprouted in just one spurt, taking my breath away and knocking me over the mattress. In just a second, I had gone from flat-chested to ridiculously big.

As I’ve said, busty women run in the family. But it seemed that our breasts got bigger every generation. Grandma Grace’s were large. Aunt Diane’s were huge, or so I had thought. Yet mine were monstrous immensities, large as my head.

“Oh, fuck!” I said my voice as womanly as my body. I was surprised by the instinctive profanity, but I quickly checked my thoughts and realized that they had also matured, just like my cousins’ had.

An enormous black lacy bra covered my new fleshy orbs (and my panties changed to match it). To me, each cup looked like a shelter. A later inspection would inform me that I was a 36F. Around me, the whole bedroom was reshaping, including the bed I was in.

The pleasure I had felt was only now subduing, and I clenched the sheet, looking for release. It took me a while to be able to get back on my feet, and when I did, I stumbled for a few seconds due to my new proportions before feeling perfectly adjusted to them. I suddenly felt perfectly at home in my new shape, despite the oddity of it all.

“Sweetie, are you okay?” asked Kimberley’s voice behind my closed door.

“Uhm… yeah, I am. I… got bigger.”

“Oh, I’m glad! You don’t sound too old. I’ll tell the others you’re fine. We’re waiting for you, but you can take your time.”

I waited until she was gone and then I turned around. There had been a small mirror in one of the bedroom’s walls, but now it had turned into a full length one.

My blue eyes were still there, and something very faint in my face reminded me of the girl I had been, but I was very obviously a grown woman. I somehow had the certainty that I was 31-years-old. It felt right being that age, and it was actually strange to think I had been only 11 a few minutes earlier.

The recently grown breasts looked as round and large on the mirror as they did from above, and I once again marveled about the fact I was now so big there.

My grey t-shirt had been replaced by a short dress, and I threw it over my head. It was a perfect fit, and its v-neck highlighted my breasts. I was a bit mortified about my family seeing me like that, but there was no way to hide them and they would see them sooner than later. My flip flops had changed into high heeled sandals.

There were a lot of hanging chins as I reappeared in the living room. Obviously, all eyes were on my chest, and I felt uncomfortable, if somewhat trying to get used to the idea. Kimberley, Diane and my Grandma gushed over how great I looked, while I realized I was now older than all of them. Andy was a bit silent, but I caught him checking me out more than once.

Trying to ignore the glances, I walked towards an armchair. My shoes clacked loudly, but I had actually mastered the heels as fast as I had my new dimensions. My breasts jiggled somewhat, but the straps of the bra did a good work keeping them in place.

Though we all had transformed now, we agreed to keep watch until three to see if something else happened, except for Hal, who fell asleep a while later.

The family had started to get used to each other’s new looks, but I was still a novelty, so they kept looking. Aiming to avoid their interest, I took a magazine and read it as we waited. I noticed I was interested in very different articles than before, including fashion, social events and cooking.

A short while before 3, the storm started to subdue and eventually died. When it did, the hands of the clock stopped moving. Andy looked at the rest of us.

“Do it,” said Grandma Grace.

Holding it carefully and fearfully, he left the living room. We heard the door opening and him rushing away to throw it beyond the house. We never saw the thing again.

When three came and went without anything happening, we knew our bizarre experience had ended. Or just begun, I thought as I looked down at myself. There was no indication we would ever return to our regular selves.

Agreeing to finally have some sleep, we returned to our rooms. I would have looked for a pajama, but I suspected it would be better to sleep topless. My heavily fortified bra would probably harm me on bed, and it would be a great time to free myself from it.

As I took it off, I again shook my head in incredulity when I saw my bare tits, as well as my nipples, which had also enlarged significantly and darkened slightly.

I was used to sleeping over my chest, but that was definitely out of the question now. Yet it seemed my body had gained new habits and lifestyle behaviors, since I slept on my back quite comfortably for the first time ever, as I had been doing it for years.

We all slept until it was late, but I was one of the first to be up next morning, which hadn’t been the usual before. When I walked to the kitchen to prepare a coffee, which I really craved, only Grandma Grace was there. It was usually Aunt Diane who was up first in the mornings.

“She always slept until late when she was a girl, and she is again, isn’t she,” explained Granny. “And please don’t call me “Grandma” any more. Just Grace will suffice. You’re older than me now, uh?”

I was grateful about that request, since it had felt very weird considering her as my Grandmother since we had changed. Our time shifts had made it impossible for us to be related that way.

Once everyone was up and we had our breakfast, courtesy of Grace and me, we agreed to take a drive out of the house to investigate. Andy took us in the truck, steering it expertly, but we were amazed that there was no trace of the storm a few yards beyond our place.

The biggest shock came when we realized that our time displacement was greater than we had suspected. It had been November 2017 the previous night, but suddenly we found out we were in the middle of February… 2014.

The neighbors didn’t seem to recognize us, nor did they have any memory of our former selves. As it turned out, neither did our friends and family. Not even my Mom, who now though she was Grace’s sister, appeared to remember ever having a daughter. She looked happy and I was still related to her, so I tried not to dwell on it too much.

After a long discussion, all of us decided that in order to endure our ordeal successfully, we would need to make some changes in the family structure.

Andy and I had to become a couple. It was only logical, since we were the only man and woman of the right age and I wasn’t as directly related to him as the other girls were. Cousins had married in our family before, so we didn’t think it would be too weird. It was kind of a mandatory decision, but we both were willing to try. We got legally married three months later.

We took Hal as our young son, and Diane as our teenage daughter. I eventually started to think of them as really mine, and I think I’m a good mother. Kimberly remained as Andy’s sister, but now she was his much younger sibling instead of a twin, and “Aunt Kim” to her former parents.

Grace settled as a cousin from my side of the family. She took baby Joe as her son, and we all lived together at the large house.

At first, it was uncomfortable between Andy and me. Though I didn’t blame him, he had been basically forced on me as my husband. Things could be worse, though, since at least we discovered a mutual attraction.

He had obviously been into me since I had matured, but since my change I had also noticed he was much more handsome than I had realized when I was a girl. He wasn’t as fit as he obviously would have been if he had turned a bit younger, and he was losing some hair, but he was big and strong, and precisely the kind of man who could handle the type of woman I had become.

Four days after our metamorphosis and compulsory coupling, we both talked and decided that in order to break the ice and make our relationship work we should try having sex.

Though of course we were technically virgins, our new mindsets had actual sexual knowledge and experience, so it wasn’t as difficult as we thought. I put on a sexy outfit, but Andy didn’t need much stimulation. We were both easily aroused and our lovemaking was passionate and lengthy, though he used protection. We weren’t trying to have an actual child.

Our plan was fruitful. After getting so intimate, I felt much more at ease with the idea of being Andy’s wife and the mother to his kids.

We never discovered exactly how our time displacement came to be, or where that clock had come from. Sometimes we wondered if we could have repaired it instead of throwing it away, but after a while, we decided that maybe it was for the best. We all felt that, maybe, this was the way we were meant to be.