Monday, January 6, 2014

Blog status update

Hi there!

Some people has been asking where I've been and if I intend to come back.

Yes, I intend to start posting again this month. Problem is I have to move around a lot for work, so I can't always find time to post (still, I think we had a nice couple of moths here at the blog last year).

I intend to end my current storyline, which is nearing its finale, anyway, and I have more than a dozen more projects in the work, both originals and adaptations, and also more chapters for old stories.

I've also started to get more ambitious about these projects, so sometimes I don't feel like making a caption out of an idea, but I instead turn it into a long treatment for a written story of epic length. So far, I've written ten, all quite different from each other, and I think they're quite good, if I can say so myself.

Enter the writer's request I posted moths ago, so I could find an author (who writes better English than I do and knows more about narrative) who could concrete these treatments into proper stories. Three people wrote back to me saying they were interested: one said they didn't have the time to write once I contacted him and another said they could do it, so I gave him one of the stories. I didn't hear from him any more after that and I haven't been able to contact them again.

Only one of the writers is still apparently working in a story, though she/he has been honest with me and tells me he's quite busy too, so he can't do it very quickly. I don't know the current status of the project.

Even if that one comes to fruition, I have 9 more stories in search of an author. If you like what you read in this humble blog, I can swear you'll enjoy that material many times more. If you are good at writing, and you have the time, please contact me. If what you like is captions and want to see those stories in a graphic medium, don't worry, I'll adapt them too once the written version is done.

Speaking of captions, maybe you don't have the times to write a long story, but you think you can't find a nice picture and write a short text. What I'm saying here is that I'm also interested in finding people who want to post captions on this site.

I like Age TF, you guys like Age TF, but apparently the rest of the TF related blogs don't, since I don't know any who posts this kind of thing. So, as I don't have the time to keep the blog alive for myself, I'm thinking of turning it into a community, where anyone who's interested in sharing a caption can do so if it fits the blog's standards.

So, if you're have an idea worth of captioning, and you can find the proper pictures to do so, simply write to me and I'll probably have it posted. There are a few things to have in consideration, though (we don't post pornographic material in here, for instance).

Wow, that was really a long post. I didn't intend it to be so. Thanks for reading. And thanks for loyally follow the site! Oh, and happy 2014. Might it be a fruitful year for the blog.


  1. Hello. I've been following your blog for a few months, and remember your previous request for people willing to write out a story/stories.

    I'm not quite an experienced author, at least I have never written professionally. I considered trying to create some sort of blog once, but I felt I wouldn't have much that was worth writing for publishing, even for free online. But I have a deep background in English (I have a master's of arts in it), and wrote some literature for a campus magazine.

    I like the kind of fiction most of your captions relate to, I've been interested in these sorts of fantasies for some years, but have not myself written a story before. However,if you really feel in need for an author, I would like to at least hear some more about these stories you have in mind to be written. Perhaps if one of them captures my imagination, I would be glad to try to create a story for you.

    You can reach me at, if you wish.

  2. Hi, I'm a long time viewer of your blog, and have quite an interest in the same sort of themes. I'm currently pursuing a career as an author, via a course in Creative Writing. The reason I didn't respond last year was out of worry that I wouldn't have time to write something, what with my course. But I'm fairly certain that I could find the time to come up with a great story or two based on your ideas. You can reach me via my gmail account (begins with profmalicious@)