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Premature Maturation - Epilogue

We've finally reached the conclusion of the full story.

It was a fun and very long journey. The complete story is 141 pages long. Quite a feat for me, if I can say so myself.

I want to thank BLZBub again for helping me with the typos (my English isn't quite there yet), and also to all the readers who followed the full narrative, especially those who took a short time to leave me at least a comment at some point. That really encouraged me. Planning a story like this is time consuming, and when you don't have any feedback, it becomes frustrating too.

So I hope you could leave me a line or two now that the story has been completed. Tell me what you think of what I did, even if they're negative (but polite) comments. Did you like what I wrote? Was a plotpoint confusing or you think I left it open? Want to know something else about these character's universe? Did you like the pictures?

By the way, maybe you've noticed that one of our newest additions to the "cast" (female Jenkins) is a girl who has been used extensively in this blog before. Do you remember how many characters she has "played" over my stories? I don't, but she's certainly the most used of all models here. I always say I won't use her any more, but then she pops up again!

On other news, my next story won't be published on this blog. It's an exciting collaboration with another author and I hope it'll be great. I'lll tell you when and how to find it once it's finished.

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Sunday – 12:20 am.

“RUN! Inside!” roared David when their cab pulled in front of Joy’s house. He’d thrown the money to the offended driver without any delay, and all four of them were sprinting towards the door as fast as their tired legs could.

Traffic hadn’t been kind with them on their trip. But now they were there; if they didn’t make it, it would be by a matter of just seconds…

They all sat on the floor around the table except for Tanya, who ran to the kitchen to fetch some matches.

Felicia put her reading glasses on and she grabbed the paper with the translated spell from within the book. She sighed.

And as Tanya came back and started lighting the candles, Felicia shamelessly cupped her generous breasts.

“Bye, girls. You were awesome,” she said to her chest.

The others chuckled nervously, but then Joy and Tanya imitated her, clenching their curves one last time.

As for David, who had removed his bloody shirt, he flexed his humongous arms, feeling his large muscles contract. He looked down at his chiseled torso, and felt the tightness on his crotch. He would also miss it all, but he knew he would grow back in time.

“Let’s do it, we just have a minute!” said Joy, looking at the clock.

Felicia straightened her glasses and picked up the spell again, but then she looked at Tanya.

“Can you read it this time? I just…”

Tanya looked suspiciously at her friend, but she took the paper. She was about to start reading when she also put it down.

“I… I don’t think I want to do this,” she announced.

“What? This is not the time for joking, Tanya!” say Joy desperately.

“I’m not. I really want to stay like this.”

“But why?”

“Look at me! Think of what I could do if I could be like this forever. I’m gorgeous, I’m an adult… I… I could…”

Joy wouldn’t have expected it from the docile Tanya, but Felicia and David knew exactly what she really was going on about.

“It’s just… Okay, I think I could confront my parents, let them see me like this,” Tanya admitted. “I’d let them know I’m a woman now, and that I’m living by myself from now on, and see if I care about their stupid divorce!”

Her blue eyes were a bit wet. But then she bowed her head and David took her hand.

“It’s going to be okay. We’re going to be with you,” he said.

Tanya nodded and then, with her free hand, she grabbed Felicia’s. Joy closed the chain hastily.

“Remember you have to say the ages you’ll become as I finish the incantation,” said Tanya as if nothing had happened.

And with no further delay, she began chanting in the strange language, finishing with a timid “12” in English.

“12”, repeated David, and he pressed her hand a little.

“15”, said Joy.

“13” finished Felicia.

“What!” said David, looking at his sister in confusion.

“But you are 11!” yelled Tanya.

“Yeah, well, I thought I’d skip ahead a bit,” shrugged Felicia as the wind engulfed them all.

“But… What will Mom say?” worried David. He now understood why his sister hadn’t spoken at all when Tanya had voiced her own doubts.

But then their minds were taken away from Felicia’s mishap, because they started changing. All of them started shrinking, but the most noticeable of them all was David, large as he had become.

His physique was subduing every second, as he lost an incredible amount of body mass very quickly: he was going from 200 pound of pure muscle to his regular 60 pounds.

Tanya smiled at him sweetly. She also looked much younger, but still strikingly beautiful. Her face was losing her mature sexiness, and she was being rendered into a cute teenaged girl. Her body was still quite amazing; tough it also started to become softer, her curves giving place to a slender, flat frame.

David couldn’t take his eyes away from her transformation, though his arousal started to placate. At first it thought it was because of her regression to childhood, but then he realized it was because of his own. His large manhood was getting much smaller, and it wouldn’t be long before it would become his boyhood again.

Joy hadn’t changed dramatically so far, and she still looked almost like her adult version as she crawled on all fours, but then she also started going back to her regular, late-bloomer, 15-years-old self. Not that it worried her much since she now knew development was just around the corner for her.

They had let go out of each other's hands to concentrate on their own metamorphosis. David’s now not-so large hand felt his face, no longer as virile and square. His short beard was being absorbed back by his cheeks, and his Adam’s apple was likewise retreating. He tested his voice with a long “Aaaaaaaaaah” that went from low and manly to high-pitched. Tanya’s childish laughter joined his.

Meanwhile, Felicia was also diminishing, though she wondered when she would stop. She would after all be a full two years older than her original age, and she wasn’t sure how further developed she would be.

She had also shrunk a lot, but she still wasn’t the petite girl she had started as. Her very womanly attributes were melting down, though. Her round and large breasts suddenly sucked into her chest, knocking her back a couple of inches with its sheer force and leaving nothing behind. They had come to be an important part of who she had been for the last day, and she felt incomplete without them. Her muscle tone and hips also withdrew.

David was now much shorter than her. Gone was the 6’4’’ towering man, replaced by the 12-years-old brother she was used to. Next to them, Tanya was also back to her sweet, pretty self, though she didn’t look so prim at the moment with her messy hair and too large clothes. Joy had also just finished her transition to 15.

“Sis?” asked David looking at her with wonder. All of them were.  “Are you not… changing anymore?”

“No, I think this is it. I must be 13 now,” said Felicia, and her voice surprised her. It wasn’t womanly any more, but it sounded throatier than her former one.

“You’re… tall.”

It was true. Felicia was now about a head taller than before. She was even slightly bigger than her 15-years-old babysitter.

“I gotta see!” she said, and she ran to the bathroom.

She gasped. It was more than her height and voice. Her face had cracked back to childhood, but she still looked much different from before. She liked it. She felt pretty, especially with her now longer hair.

Felicia’s mature appearance was increased by the womanly makeup and clothes she was still wearing. She took off her now baggy blouse. Gone. Where massive orbs had just stood, now there wasn’t more than a slightly tender area. It couldn’t be seen, but she felt it was puffier than before, and she knew what it meant. Her breasts would return in a matter of months, and if her first transformation was any indication, they would get real big, real fast. Her longer legs were surprisingly toned, and her backside was just a bit swollen.

She blushed as she looked down her underpants. She didn’t have her adult privates any more, but neither were they completely back to childhood. Her transition into womanhood had already started.

Pleased with what she had seen, she went back to the living room, and she wasn’t surprised when she saw Tanya had already brushed her hair and changed into proper clothing. David also had a shirt that covered his skinny body and was wiping the blood from his face.

“It’s just a trace. My nose isn’t broken any more. I guess the regression did that.”

“Yeah, I’m not as bruised either,” said Joy happily, then she yawned. “I’m quite beat, though.”

“What are you going to do, Felicia?” asked Tanya worriedly. “You look very different.”

The new 13-years-old shrugged.

“Mom will probably want some explaining, but this was my choice.”

“You always have to choose trouble,” said David shaking his head.

“It could have been worse.”

“Well, it will be worse for me,” said Joy sadly. “When my Mom finds out…”

“What will she find out?” said Tanya, who had just thrown the consumed candles away. “We left the house exactly as it was!”

“Yeah, everything except one thing,” pointed Joy. “We kinda… spent all of her emergency money. She’ll know I took it.”

“Oh, no!” David and Tanya both looked very frightened.

Felicia laughed, tough.

“She’ll be confused all right,” she said. “When she realizes she has more money than before.”

Felicia put one hand inside her now useless 30H cup bra, which hung loose on her shoulders like a bag. When she took her fingers out, she had quite an enormous pack of bills in her fist.

“What? Where did you get that?” Joy couldn’t believe it.

“We’ll have to put you up to speed later. We had a few adventures of our own while we looked for you. One of them involved robbing a casino. We had to give the money to this mafia boss, but there was a shootout and…”

“But you had to leave that bag behind! We told you to leave it!” exclaimed David.

“Yeah, but you didn’t think I wouldn’t grab quite a handful, uhm? I put it in my cleavage and had it all the time.”

Joy wanted to hug her, but she instead took the money and ran to hide it back on its place, for the sound and lights of a car had filled the living room that very moment. Their mothers were back.

“Well… I better leave all the explaining for tomorrow,” said Felicia, and she scurried away, after saying. “Just tell them I was too tired.”

David and Tanya were left alone. They looked at each other and the door opened.

The two women looked very un-motherly in their dresses. It was also very obvious they had partied quite hard.

“David!” his mother shrieked, embracing her son. “We’re here.”

“I’m glad, Mom. We’re all right. Felicia wanted to say hi, but she fell asleep.”

“You all should have. It’s quite late…”

“Oh, leave them be, Hilary. They’re quite big,” said Monica. “Oh, hi, Joy. How did they behave?”

 “Hello, Mom!” said Joy, returning to the living room with an air of guiltlessness. Then she adopted her best babysitting voice. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Hilary. I tried to put them all to sleep, but they wanted to greet you. Otherwise, they were just little angels.”

Tanya giggled, and then she yawned.

“Go to bed now, then. Monica and I are beat too,” said Hilary.

“That I can believe,” said Joy. “Bye, kids,” she told David and Tanya, and then she winked at them before going straight for her bedroom.

The two mothers also said their good nights and ran to their own rooms.

Tanya and David were left alone yet again.

“So… Are you okay?”

Tanya nodded.

“I’m sorry about that. I just got caught in the excitement. The possibilities of being a grownup for good. But I would have never done it,” she guaranteed, then she added: “I’m not Felicia.”

“I know.”

David gulped. Now that he wasn’t a sack of testosterone any more, his self-doubts were creeping back. But not fully yet, so he dared to voice what he wanted to say.

“Despite everything that happened… I had a fun time with you today.”

He blushed, but looked straight at her eyes.

“So did I,” she said, and she kissed him sweetly and innocently on his lips, before starting to the room she shared with Felicia.

And though they had kissed before as man and woman, right then he felt like any boy who just had his first kiss with his crush.

He walked happily to his bed, and he believed all the excitement wouldn’t let him sleep. But he was simply too exhausted. He dozed off as instantly as everyone else in the house.

Tuesday – 9:07 am.

Mrs. Hilary packed her things into her bag. She, her children Felicia and David, and their friend Tanya, would leave Monica and Joy’s house later that morning.

It had been quite a fun vacation, Hilary thought. The things she had done on her night out with her friend Monica… she didn’t think she still had it in her.

Well, maybe she hadn’t, she thought sadly, looking at her aging reflection. Maybe she had just done it all because luck had intervened.

“Still missing it?” said Monica, entering the room and closing the door behind her.

Hilary blushed and parted her eyes from the mirror.

“I was just…”

“No need to be shy about it,” said Monica. “I miss it too. I mean, who wouldn’t? We got to be 18 again for a day!”

Hilary nodded and looked at her reflection again, imagining she wasn’t seeing a middle-aged woman, but the vibrant and attractive young girl she had become during that incredible weekend.

“I had forgotten how great it felt. I almost didn’t remember what a looker I used to be,” muttered Hilary, still feigning she was glancing at her youthful face.

“Ha! I remember it all too well, sadly,” said Monica, taking Hilary out of her daydreams. “We all under in your shadow back in college; it was just that you were a prude back then. But yesterday? All the guys were over you again. And you went crazy this time!”

Hilary blushed. It had been too mortifying doing things like stripping down to her underwear in public when she had been a fit young woman, but now the memory of her escapade was a bit embarrassing.

“I don’t understand what happened to us. Usually alcohol doesn’t affect us that much”

“Excuses, excuses!” said Monica laughing.

“Well, what about you?” she countered, and Monica feigned indignation. “You went as crazy as you were back in the day. You did stretch out over the bar at that club, remember?”

“Yeah, that I did,” said Monica, picturing her young self barefoot and splayed across the table.

“And as for guys going crazy for you, it’s not like you didn’t see any action,” proceeded Hilary. “Didn’t you dance and kiss that big hunk at the same club?”

“Oh, yeah. But then he left me and went after his crying girlfriend!”

“Yeah, I saw it,” laughed Hilary. “But believe me, he was into you anyway. And he was a stud. Did you see the body he had?”

“Of course I did, why do you think I kissed him?”

They laughed. Then Hilary stopped.

“What happened? I see you're very worried.”

The woman looked at her lifelong friend.

“It’s just I don’t think I should have left that paper with the spell lying around. I just took a picture and then tried it out with you. But I left the original in here and what if the kids…?”

“You didn’t know it would work. We both thought it was a very silly phony. And I don’t think the kids wouldn’t have been interested on it. At their age… they would probably think it even sillier than we did. Children don’t believe in magic anymore. And neither did we, but we were two desperate middle-aged ladies and we were willing to try it.”

Monica laughed again, but Hilary was still quite serious.

“I don’t know. After all, I found that paper inside the book Felicia was reading. She found it at her Grandma’s. And… you’ve seen how big she got over that weekend.”

Monica nodded.

“Kids grow naturally all the time. Sometimes in spurts like that. You did the same around her age, if you remember. It doesn’t have to be the spell.”

Hilary wanted to be persuaded.

“Joy would tell you if anything had happened, wouldn’t she?”

“My daughter is very responsible, nothing like I was,” smiled Monica. “I trust her. Even if she doesn’t tell me something, I have to trust it’s for the right reasons.”

“Why? Have you found anything suspicious?”

Monica pondered the question.

“Nothing. Just… It’s stupid. I have some emergency money hidden in the house. Only Joy knows where it is. And I checked on it yesterday… and it looks like I have about thrice the amount I had!”

“Okay, so Joy definitely isn’t stealing. And I doubt she’s making that kind money without you knowing and then giving it to you.”

“Yeah, I told you it was nothing. I must have miscounted.”


“We have great kids, you and I.”

Monica left the room with a reassuring smile and Hilary felt much better.

Well, still not much better about her older body. She touched her slightly bloated midsection, not at all like the toned waist she had just a few days earlier.

And she wondered if she could use the spell again, maybe permanently this time. Even if she couldn’t find the paper with the spell any more (when she had asked, Joy had said casually that they had thrown it away), Hilary still had the photo she had taken o in her phone, along with a few pictures of her young self she would always treasure.

But no, she had two kids, how could she just regress into a young woman while they needed a mother? Maybe later, when they were older, and she could explain, she would do it.

Tuesday – 10:13 am.

Ex-Officer Jenkins sighed as she looked around the shabby little apartment she now inhabited.

Her eyes fell over the dusty mirror in the wall and she examined her alien reflection once again. It was that of a stranger and yet not a fully unfamiliar one. She looked like she could be her own sister. In fact, she looked a lot like the two actual sisters Jenkins had. They were both very pretty, but Jenkins had to admit she now probably ranked a bit over them. She had become a looker.

She was used to being attractive. It just turned out that being a hot woman wasn’t much like being a hot man.

Jenkins wondered for the hundredth time if this had been a benevolent curse or rather a blessing in disguise.

On one hand, yes, she had escaped prison. Bosanno’s collaborators were falling one by one, and when Jenkins' turn came, it had been indeed assumed the dirty cop had escaped. And as long as she was her female self, the law couldn’t reach her.

On the other hand, though, her life had turned into an undignified hell. One of her old contacts was working to get her a new identity, and she had been able to save the money from one of his accounts before the others were frozen. So, she could survive for a while, but she hadn’t enough dough to go by for long.

Thus, she had to swallow her pride and actually get a job at the strip club. She had only worked there for one night thus far, but it had been downright humiliating. He wondered how a normal female could endure it, not to mention one who had just been a man. A man who had regularly demeaned many a woman in his life.

Maybe it was poetic justice, like the fact that she had been made to wear a policewoman costume by her very first client.

She had wanted to claw the eyes out of the disgusting man’s face, and yet she couldn’t fully blame him for the way he had looked at her. She would have acted exactly the same in her male days.

“I deserve this,” said an inner voice she had discovered just after her transformation, and which she hadn’t been able to silence. “No, I deserve worse than this.”

Maybe it took a bit of suffering for a scumbag to finally develop a conscience.

Tuesday – 12:21 am.

Felicia was just out of the bathroom and had dried her hair, and she was currently invested in the now daily process of dressing in a way that would downplay her growth. She knew her Mom had already noticed something different (what mother wouldn’t?), but Felicia thought it wiser to reveal the full extent of her changes gradually rather than forcefully, so that she could accept them as natural.

Tanya stuck her head into the room they shared.

“They’re almost ready,” she announced. “Monica insisted we should eat here before we leave, so your Mom is helping her in the kitchen. We’re waiting for you at the backyard. Joy wants to say goodbye.”

So Felicia finished dressing up in haste and ran downstairs along with her friend. Joy and David were indeed sitting at the garden.

Her brother smiled at Tanya, and she responded and sat next to him. Felicia rolled her eyes.

“I’ve allowed you to date each other,” she said. “But please keep the sugary stuff to minimum. You don’t have to melt each time the other enters the room.”

Joy giggled, but David crossed his arms.

“You “allowed” us? Since when do I need your permission?”

“Since I am your older sister now,” she said. “Feels good now that the tables have turned, doesn’t it, bro?”

David looked at her from head to toe and shook his head.

“I’m still not used to the new you, sis. You look so big.”

Felicia wasn’t still adapted to it either, but she just shrugged.

“I guess I’m tall for a 13-years-old, let alone an 11-years-old. I’m dressing like a kid, thoughm to ease the transition for you.”

Felicia had chosen a cute outfit that made her look more childish, but which was too small for her, so it also looked tight on her at the same time, highlighting her growing body. But she thought she had done a good work with her face. She looked very different from her usual self, but she thought she could still pass for 11. She had also hidden her hair, which had grown much longer, within a hairdo that looked shorter.

“To ease the transition for your mom, you mean,” said Tanya. “She suspects something is up.”

“And… she’s been making questions about the book,” revealed Joy. “I told her you had said you couldn’t make any sense out of it, but that you thought it was a great prop. I believe she wants to ask you to give it to her but is afraid to. Do you think she knows? About the spells?”

“My Mom?” Felicia considered it. “No way! She has no clue.”

“Felicia and I have hidden it quite well anyway, just in case,” commented Tanya. “And we only take it out when we’re alone in our room.”

“Anything new with it?” asked David curiously.

“Tanya has been translating it,” explained Felicia. “It’s a slow process. You have to do it letter by letter. And it’s even trickier because we don’t want Monica or Mom to see what we’re doing.”

“We’ve only translated the first few pages,” sighed Tanya with a tired voice. “They don’t even contain any spells. It’s sort of a… foreword”

“Any luck figuring out what happened at the strip club?” asked Joy. “You know, with the… with that cop, and everything.”

Felicia and Tanya looked at each other peculiarly.

“It seems that we did cast a real spell after all. Advanced magic too,” said Tanya.

“But how?” David was at lost. “You didn’t have the book, how could you know that spell?”

Tanya bit her lower lip, but Felicia lowered her voice and said:

“It seems the book had turned us both into witches earlier.”

“WHAT?” David and Joy yelled together.

“Please, don’t scream!” implored Tanya. “Well, you see, it’s all on the foreword. Magic is very ancient and very complicated. And that book is one of its oldest pillars. Anyone can cast a spell by reading it. On the other hand, real witches can perform magic on their own.”

“And you two are witches?” Joy was impressed. “Since when?”

“Since the book deemed us worthy of magic. I guess it hadn’t been used for ages, and I was the first one to give it a try, so it bestowed me with its powers,” said Felicia leaning on the wire fence.

“But it didn’t affect us? Joy and I?” wondered David, obviously intimidated. He wasn’t sure what impressed him the most, being a witch’s brother or being a witch’s boyfriend.

“No, it was just me and Tanya. I think she proved her worth further than I did, when she figured that the book was in English and that she could translate it. I believe that’s when she was turned.”

“So… do you actually have magic powers now? You can do anything!” Joy looked quite excited.

“No we can’t,” said Tanya, even though she smiled too. “We’re very inexperienced yet, and we’ll have much to learn. That’s why we need to study the book. It’ll help us progress and make us able to use our magic on our own eventually.”

“But you said you did advanced magic. That gender-swap spell!”

“That was different. We were in jeopardy, and our magic kicked instinctively. The book says it sometimes happens to rookie witches,” remarked Tanya “That’s why it’s so important we learn to control it.”

Joy still seemed pensive.

“One can’t learn to be a witch from scratch, then?”

“We could teach you once we’re more advanced ourselves,” promised Felicia, and Joy beamed. “But your powers won’t be as developed as those of the ones chosen by the book.”

“Can boys learn it too?”

Tanya looked at David with some pity.

“I’m afraid the book is quite clear about that on its introduction to magic. Only females have the potential to harness the higher powers.”

“But we know a spell that can help you with that, bro. Remember?” joked Felicia. “I’ve always wanted to have a sister, if you’re interested…”

“Hell no!”

Everyone laughed, even David himself, though he secretly feared Felicia would try it on him as one of her pranks. He would make sure that Tanya would protect him from that.

“Kids! Dinner is ready!” Hilary’s voice came from inside.

“We’re going!” yelled David as he got up.

“I’m sad to see you leave,” said Joy doing the same but turning around to look at her new friends. “I hope we can visit each other frequently now.”

“I heard your mothers talking about it,” revealed Tanya. “It seems their friendship has rekindled and they want to see each other more often too. And I’m making sure my parents let me come with you.”

Felicia grinned with the others, but then her smile expanded mischievously.

“We could do it again sometime, you know,” she said. “It was an exciting spell.”

And despite everything that had gone wrong the first time, they all agreed with Felicia, though they decided that in this instance they would make sure not to ingest a single drop of alcohol.


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Premature Maturation - Part VIII

This is the finale of the story, but we'll have an epilogue afterwards.

Don't you think that the epilogue won't be important, though. It'll feature as many twists and revelations as this part, if not more, so I'm eager to post it soon.

I'm hopeful this time the wait will be MUCH shorter than the last one. Sorry about that, by the way. And please tell me what did you think about this part.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Saturday – 10:41 pm.

After her startling declaration, Felicia got on her feet so quickly the other two almost gasped. She then started walking resolutely, and her companions had trouble keeping her pace.

“Uhm… Are you going to explain yourself, dear?” asked Tanya. “You just said you know where Joy is.”

Felicia held up the small piece of purple cardboard she had found in Joy’s jacket.

“Don’t you recognize this?”

“No,” answered David and Tanya at the same time.

“I do. It’s the corner from one of those recruiting cards… From the strip club, just like the one we received this morning at that dinner place,” Felicia concentrated, trying to remember. “Loaded Girls Strip Club, that was the name.”

“Ok, so?” asked David, who could see where his sister was going and could think of a few problems with her line of reasoning.

“So this was trapped in her jacket’s inner zipper. The rest of the card was probably still on her pocket.”

“But where did she get it?”

“Well, we know that last night we all were around the same area where we found the recruiter this morning. We went to the clothing store, then to Honest Frank’s. I bet we stumbled upon another recruiter on duty and we all got these cards… including Joy.”

“But…” David wasn’t sure how to phrase this. “Joy isn’t nearly as… loaded as you are, sis.”

“Can’t hold a candle to this, yeah,” agreed Felicia gesturing down at her chest. “But Tanya isn’t that busty either, is she? And she received a card too. So that “Loaded” stuff must be just for show. They’re just interested in sexy girls with some curves, and Joy definitely looks the part.”

She saw an empty taxi passing next to them and called for it. The driver knew where the club was, luckily, and they all sat on the backseat, dropping their voices so that he wouldn’t hear them.

“But what if she had this card? How do you know she’s there?” asked David as Tanya brushed her blonde hair aside impatiently.

“It’s just a feeling, I’ll admit that,” said Felicia biting her lip. “But we have less than two hours to break the spell, so we better spend it trying our only lead, right? I see it like this: She left us and joined that party, so she had more alcohol. So she was even more drunk than we were, wasn’t she? The magic probably screwed her head even worse than ours. So she probably woke up on that bench very confused, with no clue about who she was or where she should go. She had no phone, no ID… the only thing she had, probably, was that card, so there’s a chance she headed there!”

“And why would she still be there, anyway?” was Tanya’s question. “It’s been hours. The effect of the alcohol must be over by now.”

But Felicia had her answer ready.

“Not if she kept drinking. I’ve been thinking about it. She would have contacted us or gone home if she had regained consciousness. So she must be still inebriated. She’s been at a strip club, after all. A shot or two every few hours would be enough to keep her brains scrambled. We saw what a drop of wine did to us after the spell.”

David still thought she was reaching too far, but it also made some sense… or maybe those were his last hopes speaking.

The Loaded Ladies Strip Club wasn’t far. They had just barely finished their discussion when the taxi pulled in front of it. The three of them stepped off and looked at it. This was their last chance.

Saturday – 10:49 pm.

The club was quite large and flamboyant-looking. One big neon sign directly below the place’s name said “Men Only.”

“Well, I won’t have any trouble getting in,” said David, trying to sound secure despite having gulped loudly. “I guess I’ll get in on my own and look for Joy. Wait right here.”

Tanya nodded nervously. It was obvious that none of them wanted to get separated just then, but they didn’t have any other options. David nodded back at her and then he went past the bouncer, who said nothing as David crossed the entrance.

David immediately knew the strip club would put his new manhood to its ultimate test. He hadn’t been able to control his lust when he had encountered that girl in the dance floor, and this was about a dozen times worse. Wherever he glanced, he saw an extremely curvaceous stripper in some state of undressing. He instinctively started to salivate, as an unspeakable hunger awakened on his mind.

Thoughts of Tanya helped him to keep his drive at check, as did the knowledge he had to find Joy or he would have to get used to these feelings permanently.

Trouble was that Joy wasn’t anywhere to been seen. He should have guessed it. It had been a wild guess from Felicia, nothing solid. It had been a mistake to set his hopes so high. He was about to turn around when a man dressed in purple approached him.

“Is the gentleman unable to find what he’s looking for?” he asked. “We have our best in the private booths. Do you wish to taste some of what the house has to offer?”

“Oh, yes, I’d like that very much,” said David. He had to spend all his chances.

“Of course you will. Now, if you’d follow me…” the man opened a curtain and conducted David through a corridor covered in purple velvet. About a dozen doors were within. “Any preferences? We’ve got blondes, we’ve got brunettes, we’ve got exotic girls from far Asia…”

“I’d like… I want to try the… the newest you have to offer.”

“Ah! A gentleman who likes his meat fresh! You’re in luck, for a rather delicious girl just joined us today! We’ve been looking for someone to give her a proper introduction!”

“That’s what I’d like!” said David, who knew he sounded too eager but guessed the man wouldn’t think it odd. Could it be?

“In here. I’ll bring her to you. I shall warn you she’s been… a bit nervous about her debut. I hope you don’t mind that. We’ve given her a few drinks to keep her calm.”

“Oh, no, I don’t mind. I’ll tell you afterwards if she’s unsatisfactory.”

The man bowed as he opened the door. He wasn’t the same man who had tried to recruit Felicia and Tanya, but he had the same distinctly slick air about him.

David entered the velvety room as he waited for the man to return with… would it be Joy?

Oh, Heavens, please, Heavens… let her be Joy!

Saturday – 10:53 pm.

“David told us to stay at the entrance!” said Tanya behind her teeth as she and Felicia sneaked through the club’s backdoor. “And we can get in trouble. More trouble!”

“We can always say we’re trying to get a job here if they see us” said her busty friend, patting her chest. “They did try to employ us, remember? But we’ll find Joy faster if we help!”

If she’s here,” thought Tanya, who felt her skepticism rising again as she looked around.

They had just walked into some kind of changing rooms. The one stripper who was there was putting on some new heels and she hastily left after doing so. Tanya couldn’t see her face properly, but she had beautiful black skin. Obviously not Joy.

“Oh, look, disguises!” said Felicia pointing at the numerous outfits hanging around them.

“Are you kidding?” asked Tanya, but her friend’s pants and t-shirt were already off.

“No, I’m not. We won’t raise any suspicion if we’re dressed like that. We’ll navigate the whole place much faster!”

Tanya rolled her eyes. Yet another one of Felicia’s mad ideas. Then why was Tanya already unbuttoning her blouse?

Well, no mystery there. She had been following every one of Felicia’s mad ideas ever since they had known each other. Tanya simply couldn’t say no to her.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” said Tanya picking one of the outfits.

She tried not to think about the fact that most of Felicia’s ideas had ended getting both of them in trouble, including the one, Tanya thought as she unclenched her bra, that had given her this body.

Saturday – 10:55 pm.

David’s heart leapt from his ribcage to his throat, and even after that, it threatened to jump out of his mouth.

For the woman who was accompanying the man in purple was indeed Joy. A very adult, sexily dressed Joy, but he had no doubt about it. This was what his babysitter had been turned into after casting the spell. He remembered it.

But there was no recognition in her eyes. She was smiling at him with pure lust, obviously finding him desirable at the moment. Then David realized it: she was still drunk.

“Does the gentleman wish for anything else?” asked the man in purple. “A drink, maybe? Wine?”

“No, no. Just water, please. Loads of water. A bucket, if you can. And the strongest coffee you have.”

The man was clearly taken aback. But then he recovered.

“Whatever pleases the gentleman.”

He had just closed the door behind him and Joy's velvety green dress was already on the floor and she was leaning over him, kissing him deeply.

Oh, my. How long did her tongue become?” wondered David before being able to react. He pushed her away from him and used his height advantage to make her sit.

“Let’s take things slowly, may we?” said David.

“Why?” asked the woman, playing sexily with her hair, which had been curled. “Why should we wait? They told us we’re not allowed to fuck any of our clients, but I like you” she said, her long fingernails caressing his pectorals. “I might not like the next guy as much, and I need this.”

“No, you don’t,” answered David, trying to convince himself that he didn’t need this too, despite his groin telling him the opposite. “You don’t need this. It’s the alcohol and the spell. And these hormones. They’re too much for kids like us to learn to control overnight.”

She wasn’t even listening. She had closed her eyes and leaned back, pleasure obviously flowing through her whole being. A couple soft moans escaped her lips. He tried to look away, but couldn’t.

Then, she fell asleep as if she had been turned off by a switch.

Just like Tanya”, he thought. It seemed the alcohol had run its course.

Someone was knocking at the door.

“Your… uhm… bucket of water.”

“Come on in.”

The man pushed a tin pail into the room. It was obvious he had snatched it from the cleaning lady. He set a large cup of black coffee on the table as he looked at the sleeping Joy and cursed under his teeth.

“Oh, I was afraid of this. She wouldn’t stop drinking all day. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, sir. I’ll find you any other lady you’d like.”

“It’s not necessary. I… just like to look at her as she sleeps.”

Again, the confused face from the man.

“Whatever pleases the gentleman,” he repeated. But, before turning away, he said “And no funny business with her.”

David just nodded. Then he looked at Joy again as the guy finally left. He took the bucket. He had planned to do this with her awake, but maybe it would be more effective now that she was asleep?

“I hope this works,” he said, and then he emptied the water directly on her face.

Saturday – 11:01 pm.

“If you had told me yesterday that tonight we would be at a strip club, looking like actual strippers…” started Tanya with exasperation.

“Oh, stop worrying about it. You look great,” said Felicia. “And we’re blending in perfectly now. Where do you think we should go now?”

For they had accidentally stumbled upon a hallway covered in purple velvet and full with doors. A tiny label over the main entrance said “Private Booths”.

“She could be in any of those,” observed Tanya desperately.

“I guess, but we can’t just barge in!” said Felicia. “We should just go into the main area and cross our fingers she’s there.”

Both friends looked at each other and nodded, and were about to turn away from the hallway when a voice came from the opposite end.

“There you are! I was wondering if you were lying when you said you’d be here.”

They gulped and faced the man. They immediately recognized him. It was the good-looking officer who had released David that morning. The one they had promised a free “routine” at the club.

Tanya went pale, but Felicia recovered a bit faster, trying to gain some time while thinking how to get out of that one.

“Hello, officer!” she said briskly. “We didn’t think you’d come! We were waiting for you. But… our shift is about to end, do you think… maybe you could come again… tomorrow?”

Her energy kept losing steam as she saw his stern face. Her smile vanished slowly.

“Oh, no, I won’t have any of that. Do you know a good friend of mine came and said your brother had trashed his car just after I released him? I took quite a lot of shit over that. But I’m a man of my word. I might forget all about the car if you two show me around.”

And he opened the booth on his left. It was vacant, and he signaled at them to get in.

We should try and make a run,” thought Tanya, but it was too late, they had already walked in fearfully. She was just thankfully she had picked a less revealing outfit than Felicia. At least outwardly.

“But, but… don’t you want me to bring a drink for you, Officer…”

She couldn’t remember his name.

“Officer Jenkins!” someone yelled at him after they crossed the threshold. It was one of those men dressed in purple who managed the place. Luckily, he was too busy looking at the policeman to notice the two girls weren’t actually employees. “I didn’t know you were here!”

“Just a short visit. Two of your girls owe me quite a big favor.”

“Oh! The place is yours, then, as always. I’ll make sure nobody bothers you tonight.”
The cop nodded and then closed the door in the manager’s nose. He turned around and looked at the women lustfully.

“So, Officer Jenkins, you didn’t tell me you were a regular” said Felicia, again trying to steer the conversation herself.

“Oh, I know my way around these clubs. That’s why I was so surprised I didn’t already know you.”

“We’re kinda new,” said Tanya, sounding quite lame to her own ears.

He just looked at her for a while.

“Okay, do something, then,” he said brusquely.

Felicia turned around and started to dance slowly, a wide smile back on her face. Then she peeled her already tiny blue dress, revealing the stewardess costume she was wearing underneath.

It was quite degrading, but maybe it would be enough for him. “Just leave”, she kept thinking even as she turned her back and winked at him.

Tanya was slower, but she joined her friend, thinking exactly the same thing.

Her costume was less spicy than Felicia’s, but no less skimpy. She had simply put on a black bikini that nevertheless showcased her magnificent torso and long legs.

Tanya looked down at her uncovered form as she danced. She was once again impressed about how beautiful she had become.  She also wished she had never used that spell and that she had waited to grow up for real

Saturday – 11:04 pm.

Joy was taking her time to finally recover. She had awakened with a start when David had emptied the bucket over her face, but she was still quite out. He had given her the large cup of coffee and had helped her dry her face and head with one of the drapes. She now looked slightly more focused.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “Listen, Joy, I know this is quite confusing, but you’ve got to hear me out. It’s me, David. The kid you were babysitting.”

She looked at him with squinted, sleepy eyes.

“David? What are you saying, who…?”

Joy then caught sight of her own body and she shrieked. He quickly covered her mouth.

“Don’t scream, please! They’ll think I’m trying to attack you, or something!”

She had fallen silent, but she was still examining every inch of her with a terrified face.

“What’s this? What happened to me? What…?”

“It happened to all of us! You and me, but also Tanya and Felicia. We all transformed into adults! I’m really David, Joy, you have to believe me.”

She looked at him again, this time trying to find something in the man’s face she could recognize as David’s.

“Look, I know how puzzled you must be. It was the same for us when we first woke up. But you need to remember!”

“I just…”

“It was the book, remember? Do you remember the spell?”

And just like it had happened to the others, recalling the book made something click on her mind.

“Felicia’s spell! Yeah, I remember!”

And she did. She remembered sitting there with the kids, feeling quite stupid about playing along with them. Then she was reminded of how afraid she had been for a moment once she realized the magic was real, and then the pleasurable sensations that had ensued as her flesh grew and matured.

“Yeah, I…” she cupped her breasts and nodded, and then she looked around without any recognition. “But weren’t we at my house?”

“No, I’m afraid we got drunk.”

“Yes, I… I think I remember. We went crazy suddenly, and then we went to Vegas.”

“You’re doing great, Joy. What else do you remember?”

“I… No, you were about to get a tattoo, and then I stole the car you had rented!”

“Yeah, you did!”

“And I crashed it, because I went to see… Oh, my Gosh, I went to see Matt and I tried to seduce him!”

She blushed horribly, but then she carried on.

“And I realized I didn’t have a crush for him anymore! He was like a little boy to me, and I… I went with some other guy! An older man.”

“Yeah, his name is Vincent,” said David. “But you fell asleep and he and his girlfriend stole your phone and your jacket.”

Slowly, the memory of that part also returned. She could see herself waking up at the park’s bench, feeling quite cold and wondering why she didn’t have a jacket.

“Yeah, I slept for hours, I think,” continued Joy. “I woke up quite late and I was still a bit drunk and disoriented. I didn’t know who I was or where I had to go. I have no idea why, but coming to this place made sense to me.”

“It was because of the card! I can’t believe Felicia’s wild theory was actually true this time!”

“Well, anyway, I’ve been here since then, and I haven’t stopped drinking since last night!”

“This is why you’re this lost. The spell really messed up with alcohol.”

“Oh, my God, David, what did we do? We’re in so much trouble!”

“Yeah, we are, but we can still make things right! We found a way to reverse the spell, but if we don’t do it soon it’ll become permanent!”

“Permanent! Oh, no, I can’t even move right now!”

“I’ll give you a second to recover, Joy. But please, recover fast!”

Saturday – 11:11 pm.

“Okay, stop dancing,” Officer Jenkins said with a bored grunt.

Tanya did so as he got up from his armchair. Felicia, who had already stripped again into her underclothes, which were fashioned after the American flag, shivered visibly.

“When you said you owed me big, I hope you didn’t mean just dance. I can just watch any of the other girls for free anyway. And I did release your brother.”

He approached them. They would have backed a step or two if they hadn’t been already so close to the wall.

Jenkins took Felicia by her hips, so firmly that she knew fighting back would have been pointless.  He forced her on her knees onto an armchair, her large backside pointing directly at him.

Then, without even looking at Tanya he said:

“You come next, Blondie. Just give me a sec.”

Someone then knocked at the door. Jenkins looked furious as he released Felicia.

“I told you nobody would bother me!” he yelled.

But the voice that came from the other side wasn’t the manager’s.

“Don’t fuck around, Jenkins. It’s me!”

The policeman seemed to know who it was.

“Did you follow me here, you shit?”

“They told me I would find you here,” the voice answered. “Open up right now. Something happened.”

Jenkins seemed quite angry, but he complied.

Tanya and Felicia wheezed silently. The man who had just entered was Honest Frank himself. He didn’t pay them any attention, though. He looked nervous.

“We need to run, Jenkins. The game is up.”

“What the fuck are you going on about?”

“It’s Salty! Salty Bosanno! They’ve caught him!”

Jenkins frowned, but he recovered.

“They’ll let him go.”

“No, not this time! They caught him straight and clean this time! He and his men got in a shootout with cops! Clean cops! Nobody is dead, but there’s lots of evidence. And he had hostages with him.”

Now Jenkins did go pale.

“Shit,” he swore.

“You know that obese bastard will talk! He’ll tell who his informants at the force are. You’re fucked, Jenkins! And how long before all your people fall too? How long before they get to me?”

Frank licked his lips and he opened the door behind him.

“You got to run, Jenkins, and you need to take me with you! You owe me!”

I owe you?” barked the cop.

“You don’t even know the worst. They’re saying the guy who set Bosanno up... he’s that fucker who crashed my car and whom you let go before your own nose!”

Jenkins immediately looked at Felicia. Her brother had been involved in the Bosanno business?


Just then, the door of the booth exactly in front of theirs busted open and David came out of it, carrying Joy in his arms.


Normally, David would have been able to take on Frank, maybe even both Frank and Jenkins at the same time. But he was unprepared, and his arms unavailable, so Frank’s punch came out of the blue.

With a loud, sickening sound, Joy fell all over the floor as David’s hands went to his bleeding nose. It probably would have hurt more if she had been completely sober, but she wasn’t there yet.

“Inside!” whispered Jenkins, taking David’s arm and throwing him into his booth, helped by Frank.

Felicia hoped her brother would recover before the next strike, but he had just removed a bloody hand from his face when Officer Jenkins hit the backside of his head with a chair and he fell on his knees. Tanya yelled his name, tears already pouring from her beautiful eyes.

“Now, you will tell us who the fuck you are? I bet you didn’t give us your real name this morning, did you? And you threw Mr. Bosanno in jail and now you think you’ll screw us too?”

“Who are you with?” asked Frank. “Salty’s competitors? The government? Talk!”

But David didn’t open his mouth. Not as much out of bravery, but because he really didn’t have a thing to say.

“Oh, he’ll talk,” said Jenkins. “Those bitches are working for you, aren’t they?”

He signaled at Tanya, Felicia and Joy, all three of them sprawled against the wall in fear.

“These two rescued you this morning. Is she really your sister or was that for show?” asked the corrupt cop, taking Felicia savagely by her hair.

“Leave her alone!” said David, and he was surprised about how nasally her voice came out. He also spat a good deal of blood as he shouted.

“Oh, she is, then? But what about the others? You were in that booth screwing this pretty one. She’s not from the club either. Another liar like these, I bet.”

“I just started working here tonight!” said Joy, who knew he wouldn’t believe her even though she was being truthful.

Jenkins stared at her and she looked down.

“Is she your special one, big guy? Who do you think I should fuck first, your sister or your girlfriend?”

“You bastard!” too late, David knew his worried eyes had darted for a second towards Tanya.

“Ah, so the winner is actually over there!”

Jenkins walked towards Tanya and pulled her up by her shoulders.

“Very, very hot! Thanks for sharing, mate.”

He pushed Tanya against a settee.

“Please, don’t hurt her! I’ll talk!” David was desperate. “I’m… I’m with the FBI… I’m… I was sent to catch Salty. It was a secret operation. This… uhm…”

Jenkins just stared at him for a while. Frank was wheezing, increasingly nervous.

“You’re a bad liar, pal. So I guess you’re not really government,” Jenkins shrugged. “Well, while you straighten up your story, I’ll get to it…”

He took off his jacket with a swift motion.

“NO! Wait, please!”

But David knew nothing he would say would please the policeman. Despite what that man thought, there was simply no bigger truth to reveal, only “We’re just kids and we took on Salty Bosanno out of sheer luck.”

So David tried to use his muscles instead, but before getting on his feet, he already had Frank behind him, doing an effective grappling hold.

Joy was also too weakened to even try and fight, but Felicia did yell and threw herself against Jenkins. Her height would be an advantage, but the officer was even taller than she was. He slapped her so hard across her face she was thrown out of balance instantly. He pushed her against the settee and she fell there beside Tanya.

Jenkins smiled as he took each of them by their throats.

“You couldn’t just wait for your turn to come, could you, sweet tits? Okay, then, I’ll do both of you at the same time!”

Jenkins pinned them down to the cushions with each of his kneecaps, then laughed heartily, ready to unbutton his uniform.

They had no idea what compelled them to do it, but Felicia and Tanya raised their arms at the same time and pointed their palms at Jenkins ribs, as they started reciting similar but not identical words. Words that conveyed no meaning in English, but which sounded not very unlike the incantation Felicia had read from the book the previous night…

The officer stopped for a second and watched them in confusion, and then he started laughing even more broadly than before.

A sudden wind pushed him a couple of steps away from where he had been, and this time his laugh vanished for good.

“What the...?”

He looked down frenetically at himself, trying to understand why he felt so… deflated. Sure enough, his robust body was slimming visibly.

Joy gasped and put one hand over her mouth. This policeman who had attacked them, and who was unknown to her, was transforming. It was not a slow metamorphosis like the one that had progressed their bodies into adulthood over a day before. The man was changing fast and dramatically.

He turned around when he felt his backside spreading outwards, his hands going immediately there to test the swelling flesh. They slithered up to feel his constricting waist, then he splayed them before him to see his hands shrinking, as all hair in there reduced, leaving him with soft, smooth skin.

“What did you do to me?” he asked urgently, his voice cracking as it became feminine.

Frank squealed. He saw his longtime collaborator’s face shifting too. Jenkin’s pretty boy features were becoming those of a very attractive woman. His fair hair elongated and waved down his slender back.

“No, noooo!”

Jenkins could feel how his nipples stood erect behind his shirt, and then they started taking his whole chest with them. Full breasts developed in a matter of seconds.

All the womanly attributes he had acquired in the last seconds had aroused him as much as they had terrified him. A great bulge could be seen on his pants, but then it also diminished quickly, and now Jenkins was, for all purposes, female.

She just stood there, trembling furiously, taking in all that had just happened to her.

David was as dumbfounded as the others, and he hadn’t even noticed his captor wasn’t holding him any longer. Frank stood a few steps behind him, panic obvious in his face. Then Felicia said “boo!” and he opened the door and ran away from sight.

Nobody was more confused than Tanya and Felicia, who had no idea what had just happened and how they had done it. They just looked at Jenkins, who, despite her official clothing, looked as girlish as they did.

“What did you do?” she repeated.

And while Tanya had no idea, she didn’t think it was wise to show it.

“Just giving you your just desserts,” she said. “You brought it on yourself, and now there’s no Officer Jenkins.”

“Yeah, nobody will ever recognize you. I guess that means no jail for you after all. They’ll think you ran away like Frank just did, afraid that Salty is talking,” said Felicia happily. “But while you might escape prison thanks to the disguise we’ve provided you, life won’t be any easier for you. You’ll have to start from scratch!”

“But don’t worry,” said David, who thought it would be fun to join in. “A girl who looks like you do will never starve in this city.”

“I would stay here if I were you.” Even Joy had finally recovered and was on her feet again. “They’ll hire you here without any fuzz, believe me.”

They had achieved it: Jenkins’ eyes had filled with tears.

Smiling from ear to ear, all four of them walked out of the booth and closed the door, leaving the former policeman alone with her bewilderment and her new body.

“What was THAT?” asked David.

“I have no idea, but I’m glad it happened,” said Felicia. “Oh, David, I was so scared!”

“So was I,” whispered Tanya, hugging David. “But they’re gone now. And you’ve found Joy!”

“Hi, girls!” said Joy, who looked much better indeed. “You’re both so gorgeous; I can’t believe it’s really you!”

“We’ve been so worried for you,” said Felicia, embracing her. “Now let’s hurry! It’s 11:35. We need to break the spell right away! Let’s catch a taxi and go home.”

“Don’t tell me nobody thought of bringing the book with you!” yelled Joy as they all walked towards the club’s backdoor.

“We did, but we reckoned it was too dangerous bringing spells like those to this city!” pondered Tanya.

“Also, it would be too much of a trouble to make the candle altar here. I left it exactly as it was in your living room’s table. I cleaned most of the house except for that before we left,” observed David, feeling proud when his babysitter smiled approvingly.

“And don’t forget it; if we changed here, then we would be four kids running around Vegas at midnight!” Felicia finished as they opened the door and ran out, raising a hand to stop the first taxi they saw. “Hurry, we have less than 50 minutes to get home!”


The adventure will soon come to an end in its epic Epilogue!