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Special Vitamins (Pill 11)

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Special Vitamins (Pill 11)

In about a year, nine young girls around the country had mysteriously turned into Amazonian women, and the reason behind it hadn’t been discovered. It had been an alarming situation for the public, but general unease turned into real panic when the tenth victim was revealed as a former young boy.

Spontaneous sex changes were much more distressing for most people than sudden growth spurts. While parents had been afraid of finding their little daughters turned into adult women, the fact that the same things could happen to boys had raised the alert.

So, again, Ann was fearful that someone could discover her implication in the whole thing. She didn’t dare to move out of the state, and it was a pity, because a great opportunity had presented itself. Her new client would pay more than any other, but Ann wouldn’t be able to travel so far, a mere week after Hayden’s transformation, without raising suspicion.

What Ann needed was a carrier. Someone trustworthy who could do the delivery for her. Her partner, Melanie, would be the obvious choice, but Ann knew she didn’t want to be involved in that part of the business. Besides, Melanie wasn’t exactly reliable. She was a bit too careless.

If only Ann knew someone as cunning as she was herself, someone who matched her schemes… And then she had it. There was someone like that: Madeleine, the girl who had successfully tricked her into giving her a pill for free.

Despite their rocky starts, both girls had developed a lot of admiration for each other. They weren’t exactly friends, but they were both aware of the fact they were likely minds. And even if Madeleine had once conned her, Ann was sure she could trust her to do the job for a part of the money.

They both met inside the car Ann had recently bought. She had been learning to drive for the last few months, and she had finally gotten her license.

“There’s only two pills left,” said Ann opening the flask. “I’m giving you one of them. You have the address in your mailbox, and you’ll receive 30 percent of this transaction’s money.”

“Forty,” said Madeleine.

“Thirty-five, and both of us know we’ll always meet in the middle.”

“Okay, I’m fine with that. It’s a LOAD of money anyway.”

The generous buyer was a girl named Wendy. She was 12, and she received Madeleine at her parents’ property, while they weren’t around.

“Ann told me to expect you instead,” said the girl. “Whoa, you’re big!” she added looking up at Madeleine, who posed in front of Wendy to take the compliment.

“And soon you will be too. I’m not even one of the biggest. Other girls have gotten much larger, so you might get as lucky as they did.”

“Ok, I’m ready for that!” answered an eager Wendy. She took off her bathrobe, revealing fuchsia panties and a gray, exceedingly large undershirt that came down to her knees.

Once the payment details were arranged, Madeleine offered her the pill that Ann had given to her, and the girl didn’t lost any time in drinking it. They both waited patiently.

“Should it take long?”

“Well, I’ve only witnessed my own transformation, and glimpsed at another one,” said Madeleine. “Each subject takes differently.”

It wasn’t too long a wait in Wendy’s case, and before long, her raven black hair had started growing down.

“Oh, whoa! This is odd. I didn’t know my hair would become longer!” it had gone from shoulder-length to her mid-back in just a few seconds, but then it stopped and the growth focused on her toes instead, but luckily she wasn’t wearing any shoes and her feet lengthened freely.

Then she felt as if a lot of air was suddenly being pushed into her lungs as her ribs expanded out significantly, giving her a disproportionately large ribcage for a moment. Next, her spine did the same and she really started to feel taller.

Her legs elongated too and her underwear was ridding up her thighs, tightening vastly as her hips and backside spread outwards. She was quickly losing what baby fat she still had on her limbs, stomach and even her face, and she started to gain the looks of a slender teen. She was not too thin, though, as her body was developing definite curves. Her chest quickly went from flat to support large breasts which kept gaining a few more cup sizes over the next seconds. They had stretched the undershirt and were threatening to burst up the collar or on the sides, but luckily they remained in. Both Madeleine and Wendy were able to peak at the deep cleavage that was forming, though.

“Well, you’re already larger than me there,” commented Madeleine.

“And I think I’m also getting taller than you!” said Wendy excitedly.

Her voice had matured, and her face was doing the same. Her eyebrows shifted their shape radically, becoming angular and expressive, and that along with the sharpening of her cheekbones gave her a wholly different, and undeniably adult look. Her innocent features had been swapped for a bold, very sexy face that screamed appeal, particularly her fetching green eyes.

“Oh, oh, wow!” she said, hit by the raw surge of hormones. “It feels so good!”

She towered over her surroundings. She had indeed turned taller than Madeleine had, for about four inches or so, and she also had a fuller body. It wasn’t only that her chest was larger. Her legs and arms were more muscular, and even her waist, unlike Madeleine’s very narrow one, was thicker. She wasn’t fat at all, but her toned midsection looked wider and strong.

“So, what do you think?” she asked, imitating the pose she had seen Madeleine doing earlier.

“You ended up looking quite hot. I think you’re going to be very happy with those changes,” said Madeleine with approval.

“Oh, I am! This worked much better than I ever dreamed it would,” observed Wendy, approaching the mirror. “I can’t believe THAT’s my body. And THAT face! I don’t even look like myself. It’s like a strange woman. And she’s so sexy!”

She is you. You’ll get used to it eventually.”

After Madeleine was gone, Wendy lost no time in further exploring her changes. A few days ago, when she had planned the purchase with Ann, she had looked for the largest underclothes in the house. They belonged to her eldest sister, but even so, Wendy had to readjust the straps a little in order to be able to wear her bra.

She was pleased with the results, but it was relatively plain lingerie. She wanted to get her hands on better pieces as soon as she could. Her face looked so exotic to her, she wanted clothes and make-up that matched her glamorous looks.

Not that she didn’t look striking enough already. Her family had quite a shock when they discovered her changes that night. Wendy was a good actress, and she even managed a few tears of “anxiety” as she gestured down to her supposedly mysteriously grown physique.

Her family was very supportive, and soon she was “convinced” to put on a smile and “try and enjoy” what had happened to her. Which of course she did.

Next day, the very first thing they did was purchasing a whole new wardrobe for Wendy. She was taken to her mother’s favorite exclusive stores, where she was passed as a distant relation. The employees were amazed at the size of the young woman, but none of them guessed Wendy’s true identity.

The girl was still in awe at her transformation as she put up her hair on a ponytail inside the changing rooms. She liked her new lacy undergarments much better, but she had taken a fondness for black ones, as she thought they looked much sexier and daring, just like she felt.

They were able to hide Wendy’s transformation from the public for three days, but when they finally approached the family lawyers to help her get her new documentation, the press got hold of what had happened to the daughter of yet another millionaire.

Wendy didn’t mind the countless interviews and media exposés, nor even the medical exams (scientists were still just as clueless about what had happened as they were after Ann and Melanie’s transformation). She even mildly enjoyed her new celebrity status. But that novelty wore off after a while.

What still felt as fresh as the first day, even a couple of weeks later, was her much improved form. She spent more time than she would like to admit looking at her own reflection and playing dress-up with her now extensive lingerie collection. Vanity was an unavoidable consequence of such a transformation, and she had even talked about it with her psychiatrist in order to tone it down.

But in the meantime, she was just having too good a time.

Wendy had also discovered she had an eye for photography. She wanted to develop it further, but so far she had experimented a lot with her camera’s timer, using herself as a subject.

She had sent one of her first pictures to Ann on the day her metamorphosis had become public.

“Hope you and your friend enjoy the money,” she had written. “I know I’m loving the product.”

Ann had wanted to see how her latest client looked like now. She regretted having missed her changes, but it had been a necessary precaution.

Now she only had one pill left, and Ann wasn’t going to miss that last transformation.

Special Vitamins (Pill 10)

Since there's not much time left before this story ends, I decided to add something different in this chapter. I hope you don't mind.

I don't want you to have to wait much longer, so hopefully Pill 11 will be posted very soon. Keep an eye here.

Special Vitamins (Pill 10)

Things had changed a lot for Ann since the days when her parents would fuss over her the skimpy clothes she used ever after her transformation, which had happened almost a year ago.

Now she lived on her own on a comfortable house, and dressing scantily at home wasn’t a problem anymore. In fact, one of her favorite activities was taking care of her garden in little more than her underwear. After so many months, the novelty of having developed such prominent curves hadn’t worn off at all, and she still felt a lot of pride about her voluptuous body.

On the other hand, despite the fact that she had agreed with Melanie about getting rid of the pills as soon as possible, business was pretty much on a halt.

Luckily, the flask was almost empty by now, but Ann had become very cautious since the incident with Madeleine, who had discovered her secret. She wouldn’t ever take a risk like that anymore, and so she had let things cool down a little since her last two sells.

Because the last two transformations had attracted more attention than any of the recent ones. It was the first time, ever since Ann and Melanie’s own original change, when two people had changed on the same day, plus both subjects were sisters, and those two facts had brought more interests from the public.

The media attention had lingered even more when the eldest sister, Claire, had sued hers and her siblings’ former legal guardian on the grounds of mistreatment. It looked like she was going to win too, and evidence had been found that the man had been trying to swindle the children out of their parents’ money before their transformation. The scandal had made them even more popular.

The younger sister, Maggie, had been in contact with Ann and they had become fast friends. As had happened with former clients, they had pretended to meet each other for the first time after the transformation, as Ann could always argue she was curious about knowing other subjects of the “mysterious” metamorphosis. So all new Amazons kept in touch with each other, and they even had formed an unofficial club.

In all, she had decided to wait before selling any more pills. The result was that, when she was finally ready to do a new transaction, her prospective trail of clients had cooled off, and she hadn’t an easy time reigniting it.

Only one potential customer sounded promising, being willing to pay up front, and being in a location where Ann could travel easily.

There was only one small setback: the client was a boy.

Ann had decided to be upfront with him when she had written him back:

“I could sell, but you should know my product has never been tested on a male before. It could not affect you at all, as happens with adult subjects, or even have a different reaction. And regardless if it works or not, I’m not refunding your money, so it’s you choice if you want to take the risk.”

The boy, Hayden, had been adamant about his position. He had the money, and he wanted to risk it. The mere possibility that it could work was worth it for him.

So, a week later, Ann arrived at his home, wearing her sport clothes. This time, she had masqueraded the pills as a special fitness protein shake that instantly transformed the user’s body.

“Wow, you’re even hotter in person,” said Hayden boldly. Obviously, he had a lot of sass for such a small boy.

“Thanks, I guess.”

“You can’t really tell how big you are on TV, but now I can see you’re huge” he said. “That’s why I want it. I’m already 13, but I look like 9. I can’t stand the teasing from my classmates any longer. So I decided I had to try this.”

Ann nodded.

“Don’t get too hopeful, though. Remember this might not work.”

“Or it might,” shrugged the boy, and he drank the shake that Ann handled him.

The wait was longer than usual, and Ann was almost sure it indeed wouldn’t work on him, when he started to shoot taller. The speed of the changes themselves was also much slower than usual, but it was working.

“Hey, look! You’re growing,” she said, because he hadn’t noticed yet.

He squealed joyfully and got up, noting he was really a bit taller.

“You might want to take off those clothes after all,” said Ann, because he was wearing a small white cotton t-shirt and jeans.

“No, no! I’d love to hulk out of them,” he answered with a grin. “Oh!” he suddenly had felt a stirring in his pants, and he noticed his privates were enlarging gradually. “YES!”

He wasn’t very tall yet, but now he looked his 13 years. After a while, though, he started to look a bit too big for his age, and other signs of maturity started to spread, mainly a slow swelling of his muscles.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking,” he said as his arms got wider as they fleshed out, “but would you go out with me after I turn into a man?”

Ann laughed out loud. His face was already changing, and she could see he would become quite handsome, but nevertheless she kept giggling. The question had been too unexpected.

“Good try, pal. But no.”

“Why not?” he pressed on, grimacing as his pectorals puffed out a lot. “We’d be great together. There’s not many people our size. We’d be like the hottest couple ever.”

Luckily for Ann, he stopped talking, apparently overcome by the fastening growth of his body. His torso and back had widened, and his white t-shirt started to rip until it completely teared over his chest. The lower half fell down, revealing his hardening abs.

Hayden’s short hair was getting a few inches longer. Ann had seen that most girls grew a long mane of hair, and that particular stimulus didn’t seem to be lost on boys.

Then, suddenly, everything stopped, and he was still far from being as big as his female counterparts had become, and he was obviously not completely adult either. He looked like a boy in his late teens, albeit a somewhat tall one with a fairly strong physique.

“What? Come on, just a little more!” he complained. Not even his voice had fully matured.

But the changes had stopped altogether. Or so they thought: About a minute later, they resumed, though in a different, unexpected direction.

He had started getting taller again, this time with renewed speed. But at the same time, the burly build he had developed in the last minutes was subduing slowly. His body remained visibly toned, but his muscles were becoming more subtle.

Then, things got much stranger when his waist shivered and came in narrower, while his hips flared and his thighs rounded, further stretching his already tattered jeans.

“W—What?” he asked in disbelief, watching as his fingers slimmed at the end of his already slender arms.

“Oh, no!” exclaimed Ann, now understanding exactly what was going on, and just then, his hair exploded into dark curls that reached to the middle of his back.

Speaking of his backside, his rear had ballooned considerably, while on the front, his crotch was deflating, turning into something else entirely.

“No, no! Please, no!” he kept whimpering in an increasingly womanly voice.

His square, handsome face had softened into features that were undeniably feminine, if not entirely pretty, as they retained a bit of his roughness. His tan skin showed below his ripped clothes, showcasing a torso that was shaped like an hourglass.

From that same torso, the final touches of his metamorphosis were taking place. His large pectorals had remained as large, but now they swelled much bigger and rounder, while muscle turned into breast tissue.

Then it was over and Hayden was a woman from head to toe, as much of an Amazon as any of the girls who had used the pills before him.

“Uhm… so it didn’t really work on boys,” whispered Ann, feeling a bit guilty.

He was still stunned, looking down at himself, but slowly, the reality of the situation dawned on him. Tears came to his eyes.

“No, this cannot be. It’s not real!” he said. “What the hell did that thing do to me?!”

“Hey, I tried to warn you,” Ann defended herself. “I told you it was untested and you were willing to take the risks even when you didn’t know what it could do to you.”

The woman-Hayden nodded miserably and then he started crying so desolately, that Ann felt sad for him, despite the fact that she hadn’t really liked the boy when she had first met him. She approached him and hugged him to console him.

“There, there. I’m sure it won’t be so bad. You’ll probably learn to enjoy this. It’s a good life, I can vouch for it.”

But he kept weeping for the better part of an hour. Ann wanted to go, but she wasn’t sure about leaving him in such a pathetic state. Then, finally, he started hiccupping and the cries stopped gradually. He started to really look at himself, taking on the differences of his new body and finding that, after all, maybe Ann was right and this wasn’t so bad.

“I’m… at least I’m hot.”

“Uhm… yeah, I guess. I mean… Yeah! You totally are…!” said Ann quickly.

“And I got to be really big after all,” he said standing up. “I’m bigger than most men, actually.”

“Yes, you got even a bit taller than I am,” said Ann trying to cheer him.

“Well… okay. I think I can live with this. I believe… I might like this.”

“Now he’s talking!” yelled Ann cheerfuly.

“Er… she, I guess,” said Hayden. “I am a woman now. I have to accept it.”

Ann nodded and looked at her client. She looked much calmer, a bit excited, even, so maybe now it was a good time to withdraw.

“Okay, then. I better leave now. I wish you the best of lucks.”

Ann turned to leave, but then the brunette called on her.

“Hey, what about now?”

“What do you mean?”

Hayden bit her full lower lip and lifted her new breasts.

“Would you to go with me now?” she asked, her voice intonations quite sexy for someone who hadn’t much practice with her new vocal chords.

Ann laughed again.

“VERY good try now, pal. But no, I’m sorry.”

Hayden shrugged. At least she had tried.

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