Tuesday, September 30, 2014

That’ll Teach Her (Part 15)

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  1. I wonder if she will out grow the mother!

  2. I mostly haven't been a fan of The Reversion (I liked the concept, but didn't end up liking how little actual transformation there was), but I really enjoyed how you adapted this story. It's one of my favourite stories from 2bya and I was really pleased to see you tackle it. Great job! :)

    1. The Reversion focuses more on adapting to the life changes brought by the transformations, so the transformations happen in the first section of each part, then the rest is about trying to cope with it.

      I know it's not or everybody, but I feel disappointed when the story ends after the transformation and it doesn't explore the aftermath. I want to know exactly how their lives changed, so I decided to bring my spin on it. It's a mater of personal tastes, and that's why I won't stop making these other stories for people who want shorter tales featuring mostly the initial change.

    2. Can you give us an update on The Reversion Part 2?

    3. I don't mind seeing the characters adapting to their new roles. Although I enjoy the transformation the most, I still liked the parts of The Reversion where the main character is discovering her new house and job, the parts showing the new family dynamic, and the parts dealing with her sister's marriage where she ends up with the boy she had a crush on in the beginning. And I'm liking what you're doing with the current series so far following the transformations; it's hard to tell exactly when the transformations ended, but for the last few parts at least it's clear that it's over and you're just depicting the new status quo, and I'm liking it.

      What I didn't enjoy - and this isn't really a criticism, I'm just being honest about what I like and don't like - was the part of The Reversion Part I about the main character being commissioned by the government and researching the process behind the transformations. I don't mind some plot, but it went on for 4 chapters, almost the entire second half of Part I (minus the short bits about Jane and Malcom, which again I did enjoy).

      Following Chapter 4 (or possibly Chapter 3, counting what you did in Chapter 4 as part of this; but I'll say in addition to Chapter 4 to be generous), I probably would have enjoyed up to one full chapter per "new dynamic resulting from the change." So one chapter of Babara doing stuff as an adult (whether researching the Reversion, or just doing her new job as a doctor), one of Jane interacting with the parents-turned-kids, and one dealing with the Jane/Thomas/Clara/Malcom dynamic.

      I don't mean you should devote one update/chapter entirely to each; by all means mix it up. I just mean up to (roughly) one full chapter in terms of the total amount of space dedicated to each character dynamic. (Again, this is in addition to the initial change and establishing of the new status quo, i.e. the first 3 or 4 chapters of Part I.) And, let's say, one more chapter (again, in total) about Plot Stuff. But 4 chapters in a row that were [almost] entirely about Barbara researching the Reversion was too much for me, and I got bored.

    4. Anonymus, you can't expect Part II to start once this story ends, which will be soon.

      Nick, don't worry, I'm aware that everyone has different tastes. I've said I started this blog myself because of my inability to find things I liked in others.

      I'll explain though, that the main motivation behid those research chapters was to showcase new transformations. I was aware the story had being going for too long with only showing a small bunch of people changed, and the concept of this story promised a global event. I saw the research as an oportunity to how new transformations around the World.

      Those were among the chapters I had the most fun writing, and they also got a few positive comments from other readers. Goes to show the different tastes I was talking about.

      This makes me think. Would it be a good idea to maybe open a Requests page? That way I could see what other people's tastes are like and try to please them every now and then.

    5. A requests page is a GREAT idea!