Monday, June 1, 2015

Class Project (Chapter 2)

Miranda’s mind was whirring with possibilities on the ride home. She was going to be spending a whole week as an adult, with all the perks that came with it. Well, most of the perks. The pamphlet she got was pretty explicit about what she wasn’t allowed to do, but she was hoping her parents would give her some leeway. Hopefully they won’t keep her to a tight allowance. She couldn’t wait to be hitting up clothes shops for new outfits.

The ride home seemed to be over faster than Miranda expected and yet it still felt like an agonizing wait. She noticed another car parked out front, one that she recognized as belonging to her older brother. Orlando was considerably older than Miranda, almost twice as old in fact. He had already moved out of their parents’ house, gotten a job and his own apartment. It wasn’t that he didn’t visit often, but Miranda was pretty surprised to see his car here. She soon figured that Orlando had also been told about this project and had come over to see his soon-to-not-be-littler sister. Ok, so he’ll still be older, but there won’t be that huge a gap.

Miranda climbed out of the car and quickly headed through the front door. “I’m home,” she called as soon as she was in.

“Hey, gatita, come on in,” called Orlando’s voice. Miranda headed for the living where she saw Orlando sitting on the couch. Given that he wasn’t wearing the sports store manager outfit he would normally be wearing this time of day, Miranda guess he had taken the day off. Sitting next to him was his girlfriend, Kelly. Miranda liked Kelly and thought she was pretty, even if her black skin stood out against her Hispanic family. Miranda hoped that she’d be as pretty as Kelly after she drank the serum, she’d be the same age as her at least.

“Kelly, what are you doing over here?” asked Miranda.

“Well, it’s my clothing you’re gonna be wearing after that potion makes you bigger,” said Kelly.

“Who told you about the project?” asked Miranda, “I thought it was top secret.”

“My cousin’s gonna be in that project too, remember?” pointed out Kelly. When Miranda looked blank, Kelly said, “You know, Ivanna, the new kid.”

“Oh, right,” said Miranda, “She doesn’t stand out that much in class.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Kelly, “She’s keeps to herself almost all the time.”

“New kids are always shy around new classmates,” said Orlando, “But enough about that. We came here to see you get as old as Kelly.” Kelly playfully bopped him at that.

“Miranda’s going to be as old as Kelly?” Miranda glanced over at her other brother, Raymundo. She was a lot closer to Raymundo in age as he was born only 4 years after her. From what she heard, her parents had been surprised to be pregnant with her, but only a few years after that, they decided to try again for one last kid.

“Yeah, Kelly’s 24 so when I drink this Double-Up, I’m going to be 24 too,” said Miranda patiently. Raymundo had trouble keeping track of how old people were.

“So, you’ll be as old as Orlando,” said Raymundo, showing more of his bad record-keeping.

“No, she’ll still be 2 years younger than me,” said Orlando.

“But that makes you…so old,” said Raymundo.

“Yeah, makes me wonder why I’m dating this old fossil,” joked Kelly, which caused Orlando to playfully bop her, “Anyhow, I brought my gym clothes along. Miranda, go change into them so we can watch.”

Miranda grabbed the plastic bag with the clothes in it and took into the bathroom. After taking off her own clothes, she put on the clothes in the bag, including the underwear. She was tempted to just wear the dark blue sports bra on top, but the way it sagged so much over her undeveloped body made her want to cover up with the salmon-colored shirt. The panties, also dark blue, had to be held up by hand and the dark grey gym shorts, which were meant to be really short on Kelly, made Miranda feel like a dwarf. But she wouldn’t be feeling that way for long.

She came out of the bathroom, holding up her bottoms. Raymundo giggled at Miranda being in too-big clothing. Let him giggle, he better enjoy the sight while it lasts. Miranda tightened the waistbands in one hand as she got the lid off the Double-Up vial with the other. She had gulped most of it down when she gagged and took the bottle away from her mouth.

“Bleh, why didn’t anyone tell me it would taste like rotten apple?” she complained.

Orlando rolled his eyes and said, “You have got to be the only person in the world who doesn’t like apples.”

“Oh like it’s normal to like eggplant,” Miranda snapped back before she felt the tingling in her stomach. Before she knew it, she had shot up about three inches in height. Apparently, she was going to have a growth spurt just around the corner, but now all that was being sped up. Her height wasn’t the only thing that had gotten bigger as her hips gave a sideways lurch in both directions, taking up some of the slack of her bottoms.

Miranda soon felt herself getting taller, her long chocolate hair sliding up her back as it kept the same length while the rest of her grew. She soon felt her nipples poke out before they were pushed forward. Miranda felt a strong urge to feel her growing breasts, but she managed to hold herself back since her brothers and Kelly were watching. But once she felt them push into the cups of her sports bra, she took off her shirt to watch them keep growing. Quite soon, she was able to see some cleavage showing.

Her hips had already spread far enough for her to not have to hold her bottoms up. Her shorts quickly spread up her thickening thighs, which were almost as big as her mom’s. Her butt was also taking up a lot of the slack as her cheeks inflated, faster than her breasts were. In almost no time, her shorts had been filled up with hefty booty.

But her growth had not yet stopped. She was just finishing her high school years and moving towards her twenties. That’s when Miranda started to feel discomfort. Her ass, no point it calling it a butt, didn’t seem to have gotten the memo that puberty was finishing. Or else it had and was working as hard as it could before it had to stop. If her hips weren’t also still widening, she’d be looking pretty absurd. But her hips weren’t growing as quickly as her ass was so there was plenty of posterior to stick out.

But while her bottom was growing, her bottoms were shrinking. Her shorts were getting oppressively tight now as they were stretched further than they were meant to be. Miranda started tugging on them, trying to get them loose, but the shorts were pulled way too taught.

Fortunately, Kelly noticed her distress and went over to help her. She tried to yank at the legs of the shorts to pull them down, but there wasn’t that much to hold onto, especially since they were being yanked so high. She tried pulling them from the waist but she didn’t have more luck than Miranda did. In desperation, Kelly said, “Miranda, bend over forward as much as you can.”

Miranda groaned from the pain but she did as Kelly said. She had a bit of trouble bending at the waist, but she was able to get her back leaning forward as she reached for her toes. Just then, there was a loud ‘RIP’, a huge release of pressure, and a draft from the back. Miranda’s cheeks blushed very bright as she added up what just happened as Raymundo started laughing.

“Well, you owe me a new pair of gym shorts,” said Kelly as she went around back. As she expected, the shorts had ripped wide open right at the crack. There wasn’t anything else to do but grab the torn fabric and tear it open wider. Miranda gave a gasp of embarrassment as the ruined gym shorts fell away. The panties she wore were stretched pretty tight, but at least they weren’t too uncomfortable or threatening to give way.

“Boy, you got a lot of junk in the trunk,” said Kelly as she lightly slapped one of Miranda’s cheeks, causing her to let out a squeak, “And they say black girls got the most booty.”

“Ok, enough,” said Orlando as he stood up, “I think Miranda ought to see her new self with a bit more privacy.”

“Yeah, sure,” said Kelly as she glanced back her own ass, a lot more aware how dainty it was now.

Miranda hurried to the bathroom with the T-shirt still in her hand. Ripping her pants like that was pretty mortifying, but she supposed it could have been worse. Now that she thought about, she could think of a dozen different scenarios where ripping her pants would have make her want to die of embarrassment than being in her home.

It took a while for her to get over that, but looking at herself in the mirror helped quite a lot. She had to admit, she was gorgeous. Her ass was large, plush, and very firm. Her legs were in equally good shape, with quite a bit of built-up muscle, but not enough to make them ‘thunder-calves’. Her hips were so wide that it made her waist look tiny, like ridiculously-tight-corset tiny. Her breasts were pretty large, but they didn’t seem to quite balance her bottom. Miranda was a bit worried that she looked pear-shaped, but a couple of looks from different angles made her realize she was shaped more like a genie bottle. Maybe she ought to get a belly dancer outfit to dress up in.

Miranda’s face was just as pretty as she hoped it would be. Her lips weren’t as large as Kelly’s, but she had shapely eyebrows.  Her hair was still long and wavy, and she pulled it back on a ponytail. But it seemed a bit much to manage and it made her look a bit too much like a chick. She wasn’t just a chick now, she was a full-grown woman, and she wanted everyone to know it.

Miranda put the T-shirt back on, noticing that it fitted well. She and Kelly were about the same measurements from the waist up. It’s the waist down where things got problematic. There was a knock on the door and her mom’s voice said, “I got some sweatpants out here from my closet. They’ll fit until we can get you more clothes.”

“Ok Mom,” said Miranda, her voice now sounding deeper and sultry. She turned to the mirror and muttered some Spanish phrases in a low tone.

“Mi nombre es Miranda y hace unos minutos, tenía solo 12 años.”

She sounded so sensual now, never mind that she was just saying ‘My name is Miranda and I was only 12 years old a few minutes ago’.

She unlocked the door and grabbed the sweatpants and another blouse outside off the floor before pulling them back in. It wasn’t so hard to get the sweatpants on, but she had to tighten the waist more than what her mom had tied it at. But the sweatpants looked like they would fit for now. Kelly's blouse fitten fine, but she decided to put on the new one since it matched her pants. Once she had made certain that they were on tight, she walked out of the bathroom.

“Oh, mi niña is all grown up,” said her mom proudly as she hugged her aged-up daughter. It was kinda surreal for Miranda to be the same height as her mom, but there were a lot of surreal things going on now.

“You’re as beautiful as your mother was when I met her,” said her dad proudly, “You’re going to make some lucky man very happy someday.”

“But not anytime soon,” said her mom sharply, “She may be 24 now, but she’s living under my roof and my rules.”

“You don’t have rules about shopping, right?” asked Miranda.

“Only if it’s no more than-” started Miranda’s dad.

“Of course not,” said Miranda’s mom, “You’re going to be getting everything a young lady your age needs. Money is no object.” Miranda’s dad looked like he wanted to object very much, but his wife had the final say on the matter. “Come on, we’re going to the mall,” said Miranda’s mom as she led her adult daughter towards the door. Miranda’s dad quickly followed, wanting to make sure that not all their money would be spent at once.

“You wanna go with them?” asked Orlando to Kelly.

“Might as well, I need a new pair of gym shorts,” said Kelly.

Orlando turned to Raymundo who had been staring since Miranda came out of the bathroom. “You think you can behave until we get back?” asked Orlando. He probably ought to be watching his baby brother, but Kelly left her car back the apartment and carpooling with his parents when they’re like this was a recipe for a headache.

“Uh huh,” said Raymundo a bit distantly.

“Good, we’ll be back in a little bit,” said Orlando before he and Kelly headed out the door.

Raymundo soon thought about watching TV until everyone got back, but Miranda growing up was stuck in his head. She was really pretty now. It didn’t seem fair that she got to be a grown-up for a week while he was the only kid around. He was still sulking over this while he was looking for the TV remote. As he passed by one table, he noticed the vial that Miranda drank from and that there was still a little bit of that stuff left. It wasn’t a whole lot and Miranda apparently hated how it tasted, but it had to be worth it, right? Raymundo picked up the bottle and put it in his pocket. He’ll think about it later after some TV.



  1. She's beautiful...

  2. It's good that her family is so supportive about her class project and lets her go shopping. It should be a fun week.