Sunday, July 14, 2013



This time I'm making a very unusual post, and a request to people with some experience at writing.

The thing is I've concocted this plotline that I think has lots of potential, but I would like for a proper author to help me with it, specially with dialogues and a more literary way to put things. I would really do it myself, but it happens that I still haven't learned to write in good English.

The story contains multiple AR and AP, and explores those themes in ways I've always wanted to see in this type of fiction. It goes much further than the simple changes on the surface that we usually get.

I think having this story will make this community a lot richer, as it will probably be enjoyed by people of multiple tastes.

I must clarify that I currently don't have the means to pay for this commission. If somebody wants to help, it will be only for the pleasure of having new TF material.

I hope I get some responses and thanks in advance!


  1. This concept is intriguing. I have a great deal of experience writing short stories and poems but I have never written anything like this. I enjoy these types of stories very much and would like to contribute. Feel free to contact me to swap ideas and I can give you some samples of my writing.

    1. Perfect. How can I contact you then? I have a long treatment of the whole story. I just need to flesh it out.

    2. If you click my name it links to my facebook or you can e-mail me at:

  2. I'd love to help out as well! I have a great deal of experience writing TF and TG fiction, and AR/AP has always been a concept I want to explore more. In addition, I've written several short stories and created my own fantasy world in book form. If you want to contact me, I can be reached at

    Hope to hear from you!

  3. I'm interested because I'm a fan of AP and AR material but mainly Age Swaps. I also do like to write stories like Fanfiction and have done short comic on my deviantArt Account.

    You can contact at, if you still need someone