Monday, July 22, 2013

The Night of the Strange Green Light (Part 30)

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Follow up: Epilogue


  1. That was quite a wait for this last part.

    Were you working on that AR/AP project that you mentioned in a previous post? Can we get some idea on what exactly you're planning and/or when it be out?

  2. AWWWW,I was hoping that wasn't the last part. How about a sequel where Jill realizes her growing up has been more then physical and she doesn't really fit in with little kids anymore,but at the same time,she's not really a 19 year old woman,either? That would be fascinating-especially if her friends make the same wish and she "mentors" them as they grow and grow into tall goddesses as well!

  3. I agree with Andrew. I know it was in the original story but that was the worst part of the original story, and you've made other changes from that as well.

  4. I wouldn't mind a sequel somewhere down the line; but I for one would prefer to see him move on to other stories now.

    Loved the expansion on this story, though. Great work! :D