Sunday, March 1, 2015


And today we close the February submissions. March has officially opened, and this month's category is THE REVERSION. You can write any story set on that universe, which means you have to respect it's 12 rules. Read them again here.

On the other hand, last month's poll is close, and here are the results:

"Abby Cadabra", by BLZBub with 70%
"Halloween Party (Parts 13 and 14)", by Archibald_Heatherington_Nastyface, with 17%
"Belt", by Ageiss, with 8%
"Amazing Waitress", by GrowingGirlMaker, with 3%

Congratulations to BLZBub for his well deserved victory, and thanks to all other participants!

A new poll for the February submissions is open. They are:

Melissa, by Jshetz

Babyteasing and Babysitting Jealousy, by Ageiss

The Babysitter's Club, by BLZBub
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7Epilogue


  1. I have a question regarding this. Reading Part I of the Reversion, it made mention of several anomalies, cases where people are transformed in ways that go against the rules. I'm not trying to encourage everyone to find a way to twist the rules with every entry, but how much would we be able to use the anomaly clause?

    1. The anomalies do exist and you can write about them, but don't overuse them or it will look as if they're quite common, which isn't the case.

  2. Well I'm definitely looking forward to this month since the last two have been overwhelmingly AP focused and fairly boring. A scenario like The Reversion actually forces world-building when it comes to transformation.

    Here's hoping that none of the entries use loopholes and ruin your really creative universe.

    1. Well, this site is primarily Ap-focused, so that was to be expected. I understand it might be fairly boring for some, but the same thing happens for us when we can't find anything AP related out there. This is one of the only sites that does so, and thus some of the readers are bound to be AP fans. Don't you want to participate and try a different genre?

      And thanks for liking The Reversion! :)

    2. Fair point about world building (and that's indeed one of the things I like about the Reversion), but I just wanted to second that those of us who mainly like AP and have little interest in AR have to search a lot harder for content we like than the reverse. If you don't like AP, fine, but it actually kind of irritates me when people suggest this site ought to have less AP and more AR when there's already such an imbalance towards AR in what's out there.