Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sweet Tooth by BLZBub

BLZBub gave us a story!

Sweet Tooth
by BLZBub.

Ame was a very cute little girl. Everyone who knew here said she was as sweet as sugar. Her parents were very proud to have such a cheerful daughter. Her only really flaw is that she had an irresistible sweet tooth. She was very rarely seen without something sweet in her hands. And if she wasn’t eating something, she’d be asking for someone to get her something sugary and yummy. But at least her childhood metabolism allowed her to not get too fat with all the sugar she ate. And it made it easy for babysitters to bribe her into calming down.

Milo was a very frequent babysitter for Ame. She was such a delightful girl, always happy and easy to please. He watched over her as often as he could not just because her parents paid good money, but Ame was fun to be around. In turn, Ame liked Milo out of all his babysitters because he did more than gave her sweets. He took her to fun places like the zoo, the aquarium, the movies, and the fair.

It was this year’s trip to the fair when everything changed. Milo had noticed that there were a lot more booths than usual this year. Ame wanted to see all the booths so Milo gave her some money and allowed her to wander off. He wasn’t too worried because Ame was smarter than she looked and she knew to meet him at the right time. Milo just hoped she didn’t buy so many sweets that she ended up with a stomachache.

It was very much to Milo’s surprise when Ame came back with just a lollipop. Of course, it was a big old-timey lollipop, but Milo would have expected her to get more than just that. “How much did that lollipop cost?” asked Milo, thinking Ame just went for the most expensive candy.

“Not that much, I got your change,” said Ame, handing Milo back his money. To his greater surprise, he was missing only $3.

“Why only get that lollipop?” asked Milo.

“It was the only thing I wanted,” said Ame, “Plus the lady says its magic would work better if I didn’t have much else in my tummy.”

Milo just shook his head in amusement. Obviously, the woman who sold her that lollipop was trying to make sure that Ame didn’t pig out and make herself sick. “So, you gonna eat that now?” he asked.

“I’ll wait until we’re home,” said Ame. This surprised Milo quite a bit. Normally, Ame couldn’t wait to start eating any treat she had. Well, it’s probably a good thing for her to use self-control.

Once they got back home, Milo started working on making a healthy lunch for the two of them. Ame was a growing girl and she needed to eat better than all that sugary stuff. He just hoped that she would be willing to put up with it, but her self-control at the fair seemed promising.

When lunch was ready, he walked up to her room and knocked on the door. “Ame, you ready for lunch?” Ame didn’t reply so he knocked a little louder. Eventually, he heard a voice in there, making light moaning and giggling. But that didn’t sound like Ame’s voice at all. With that, Milo opened the door.

Instead of finding a cute little girl, a beautiful young woman on Ame’s bed. And yet Milo didn’t freak out and assumed she had kidnapped Ame. Despite how illogical it seemed, it appeared the woman was Ame. Perhaps it was the fact that she was licking the lollipop that Ame had got at the fair. Maybe it was because she was wearing Ame’s clothes though they were obviously too small to cover her hot body. But it was most likely because her face still looked like Ame’s, albeit more mature.

“Ame?” asked Milo in surprise.

The woman smiled at Milo and asked, “Do I look pretty now, Milo?” Her voice was different, but it still had Ame’s childish tone.

“Ame, how did this happen?” asked Milo.

Ame took one more lick of the lollipop before saying, “I told you this thing was magic.”

Milo was still trying to grasp that this was really happening. But deciding to just go with it for now, he asked, “What kind of magic is that lollipop?”

“The lady who sold me it said it would give me what I wanted most,” said Ame before taking another lick.

“And what does becoming an adult have to do with that?” asked Milo.

Ame thought it over before shrugging and saying, “I dunno.”

Milo sighed. It was clear that while Ame had the body of an adult, she still had the mind of a child. “I’ll go get your lunch. Just stay here until we figure what to do.”

“Whatever you say,” said Ame before taking another lick.

Milo went back downstairs to grab Ame’s plate. He paused a moment before adding more to her lunch. A grown woman would need to eat more than a little girl after all. Once he was done, he brought the plate back up to Ame’s room.

Ame’s room had changed a lot during that brief time that Milo was downstairs. Instead of looking like it belong to a little girl, it looked like it belonged to a teenager. Instead of posters of kittens and puppies, there were posters of boybands. Her cute little wardrobe was replaced with a larger one that had a wider amount of clothes. There was also a desk that was cluttered with magazines, makeup, books, and other things.

Instead of being on the bed, Ame was on the floor. Her ill-fitting clothes had been replaced with a bathrobe, although it was short enough to show all of her curvy legs. Instead of licking her lollipop, Ame was swiping on a cellphone.

“Ame, what happened to your room?” asked Milo.

Ame gave him a smile and said, “I like what happened to it. All that stuff that was here was too kiddy.” Her voice hadn’t changed, but her tone sounded more mature.

“Where’s that lollipop?” asked Milo. He hoped he’d able to see where that lollipop was made so he could figure out a way to fix this mess.

“I ate it. Didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I just hope all that sugar doesn’t ruin my teeth. I would not look forward to fillings,” said Ame. It was pretty clear that Ame’s mind was starting to catch up with her body. She wasn’t fully mature, her mentality being that of a teenager.

“So why are you on the floor?” asked Milo, glancing over at the bed which was bigger than it was before.

“I just wanted to do some Pilates,” said Ame, stretching out her long bare legs.

Milo’s face quickly turned red and he closed the door. He tried to clear his mind. He shouldn’t be thinking about Ame that way. She was still a little girl even if she had the mind of a teenager and the body of a woman. What would her parents think if they knew Milo was staring at their daughter like that? What would they think when they see their little is a lot older than when they last saw her? Milo had to keep his head straight. He needed to find out who sold Ame that lollipop and then how to reverse. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door again.

Ame’s room had changed once again. All the teenage clutter was gone, the boyband posters replaced with framed photos, the desk had the books stacked neatly and a laptop on it. Ame was back on her bed, wearing less than before. Instead of a bathrobe, she was lying their in her bra and panties, revealing most of her curvy body. Milo could see that her belly button was pierced, which he was pretty certain wasn’t before.

“Hi, Milo,” said Ame in a coy tone, “Do you like what you see?”

“Ame…” sputtered Milo. It took all of his effort to not let his eyes go down her mature body. “Why did you take your clothes off?” he eventually manage to say.

“It was getting kinda warm,” said Ame, “Besides, I wanted to take a good look at my body. I grew up nicely, didn’t I?”

Mile didn’t think his face could get any more flushed that it was now. “Uh, I need to go…take care of something,” he stammered.

“Milo, wait,” called Ame. Milo paused and looked Ame in the eyes. This time, she didn’t look like she was teasing. It looked like she was trying to be sincere. “Milo, there’s something that you should know, something that I’ve just figured out,” said Ame.

Ame’s tone did sound like she was trying to be honest. Apparently, her mind had matured enough to match her body. “So what is it?” asked Milo.

“The woman who gave my that lollipop told me it would give me what I wanted most,” said Ame, “When I bought it, I thought it would mean that I would get an extra big cake or maybe a unicorn. I didn’t know why I turned into an adult at first, but now it’s starting to make sense.” She gave Milo a hopeful look and said, “The thing I want most is you.”

“Me?” asked Milo.

“Yes, you’re the closest person to me besides my parents. You do so more for me than any other babysitters. I suppose on a subconscious level, what I wanted most was to be your best friend,” said Ame.

“But you already were my best friend,” said Milo softly.

Ame gave a small chuckle and said, “Could you really be that close to a little girl? There was a big age gap between us and the magic closed it up. I was just giddy being big at first but as I became more mature, I realized that I wanted more than to be your friend. Milo, I think I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Milo was shocked, but he couldn’t deny he felt a warming feeling in his heart. Ame was so beautiful now and she seemed so earnest and sincere. But still, his brain tried to remind him what was right. “It wouldn’t be right,” he said, “You’re still a young girl.”

“No, I’m not,” said Ame, “Look at me, Milo. I am a woman in body and mind. And I want to be with you. More than anything I’ve ever wanted before. Please tell me I didn’t grow up for nothing.”

Milo hesitated for a moment, but here was a beautiful young woman who was willing to give her heart to him. He had been turned down in the past so maybe it was making him more open to persuasion. And he had to admit he was very close to Ame and her adult self seemed like the woman of his dreams. “I think we can give this a try,” he said as he approached the bed.

Ame smiled before sitting up and kissing him. She was a pretty good kisser, Milo had to admit. But this was as forward as he was going to go, until he knew for certain if this magic was permanent.

Finding the woman at the fair who sold Ame the lollipop was harder than Milo had expected. He thought he would have to return the next day when Ame’s parents returned. To Milo’s great surprise, they didn’t find anything wrong about their young daughter growing up while they were away. In fact, they didn’t even see her as a daughter, but as a younger cousin.

Bizarrely, Ame was able to collaborate their story. It seemed a whole new life of memories were at her disposal. Now she was a college girl who was rooming with her cousins so she wouldn’t have to pay the steep boarding process at her campus. Ame turned out to be a lot smarter and knowledgeable than Milo would have expected.

It took little persuasion on Ame’s part for Milo to give up his search for the lollipop seller. After all, Milo had a smoking hot girlfriend who was legally an adult and had a great personality. It also turned out that Ame retained her high metabolism and could nearly all that she wanted without loosing her tight curves.

Milo and Ame went out on a lot of dates from then on. The movies, the beach, the boardwalk, every place was a fun time for them. But every time they went out, Ame insisted they got ice cream. She still had a bit of a sweet tooth.


  1. This story was lovely. So happy and bubbly.

  2. A very sweet story. ButI have my problems with romantic stories with characters that young.

  3. Yes! Back to caps and stories!