Monday, June 12, 2017

Premature Maturation Unused Gallery

As you know, Premature Maturation was my longest story. During the planning process, it was even longer, and there were many plotlines and parts that weren't developed because I ultimately deemed them unnecessary.

But I had tons of pictures that I was going to use in those "deleted scenes", or that didn't fit very well with what I ended up writing, and so never made the final cut. I was about to sent them all to the trash, but I decided to share them with you.

There's no new narrative at all here. This is just a gallery with pictures of the main characters, and as such you might find them interesting. Remember that in the context of the story, Tanya (the blonde), Felicia (the black-haired one) and Joy (the one with chestnut hair) are three preteens who mess around with a book of spells and end up in mature bodies during one crazy day. So look at the pictures with that in mind and you can imagine further adventures that I'm definetely not writing :P

You can read the actual story here.


  1. More caps with women like these!

  2. They're all great. But that last picture with the green bikini... 8O

    1. I really regret not having used that one, but it simpl couldn't work with the final story.