Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Few Reversed Lives

I know in the last weeks it seemed as if The Reversion has been dormant, but actually I've been working on a side project to the main story.

It's completely unrelated to any future parts of the story, but it happens on the same universe. The images were done by the great bela04 (visit his deviantART site).. I strongly suggest you to open each image on a new tab to see them in a higher quality.




  1. Wow, I was really pleased with the visual effect of this one. I opened all the frames in tabs in order, and to switch from one tab to the next and see each specific change in a way that was almost like animation was really satisfying for me (especially if it was a girl that changed of course).

  2. Your collaborations are incredible! Really amazing to see you and Bela04 working together. Keep these up!

    Also it is awesome that you haven't abandoned The Reversion series. Can we expect Part 2 anytime soon?

    1. I've been working on Part II, but I've been also busy with the new requests feature (some of them coming soon!)

  3. God damned! You made bela made a non-nude transformation! XD
    Now seriously, the layout is very well done, it reflects how the reversion kicks in very good