Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sibling Exchange

Starting with the requests.

~LM117 requested an Age Swap between brother and sister. I took it as an opportunity to make my first Role Exchanger story.


  1. Interesting! I'm not familiar with the "Role Exchanger" Universe, but it seems fairly straight forward.
    For me personally, I'd like to see the next installment of The Reversion as soon as possible. Maybe you could set up a schedule where The Reversion is posted on certain days of the week and other requests are posted on other days?
    I looked at the index and saw you're going to Bogata (Columbia I presume?). Can't wait to see how all of that plays out. Will it be as long as the first part?

    1. For creative reasons, I decided to swap the order of what originally were Part II and Part IV, so the Bogotá storyline will have to wait.

      I won't spoil the actual city for the new Part II yet, but I can reveal that it deals with an anomaly case, and that I don't believe it'll end up as long as Part I (at least I hope).

      I don't think I could establish a regular posting day for Reversion related stories, because they simply come out whenever they want and I can't force them. Chapter 1 could be posted any time soon, but I've already finished a couple more requests (as well as a Halloween special for tomorrow), and I want to get rid of those before entering a new Reversion.

      Besides, my recent collaboration with bela04 should count as Part 1.5!

  2. Short yet effective ^^