Monday, July 27, 2015

Class Project (Chapter 4)

Brianna wasn’t nearly as excited by the big announcement. After all, she knew about Double-Up long before all the other kids. Her daddy told her everything that was happening at his company because she knew she was going to be running it someday. Oh, yes, she was excited about hearing about the project the first time as much as any other kid would, but she knew she would be getting better than that.

Those other kids would be getting the dregs, the first batch of Double-Up that’ll taste so sour and bitter. But her daddy already had his scientists working on improving the flavor without changing the effect. But of course her daddy didn’t bring the newer Double-Up to school where some undeserving loser could drink it by accident. That’s why he was taking Brianna to his factory where the stuff was getting made. Brianna was going to get one fresh from the batch and her daddy promised she’ll have adult clothing ready for her as soon as she was done.

Brianna couldn’t wait to rub her sex body in everyone else’s faces, especially that stuck-up Natalie. Did she really think that overachieving was going to get her everything in life? Brianna was going to show her that the best stuff you get comes from being born into it.

The Prescott Industries Chemical Plant was one of the largest buildings in the city. Of course it had to be to hold so many vats of different chemicals. Of course, it wasn’t the only place where the chemicals were being manufactured. In fact, most of the more commercial chemicals were made in other chemical plants in different cities and states. This chemical plant worked on the newest, most experimental, or most secretive formulas. Of course Mr. Prescott had made certain that the facility was well-guarded and heavily-secured to prevent any forced entries or chemical spills, but Brianna mostly tuned him out when he talked about it. She was more interested in how much money the new chemicals could potentially be worth.

As her dad’s car neared the main office part of the plant, Brianna could see that someone was waiting out there to meet them. As she got closer, she could see that it was Mr. Schwinler, her dad’s vice-president and business partner. Brianna liked Mr. Schwinler quite a lot since he was always exact in telling her what she wanted to know and didn’t bother with all the uninteresting details. Mr. Schwinler had taught Brianna quite a lot about how to run a business, more so than even her own father.

Mr. Prescott soon stopped the car and got out. “Rourke, you’re always on time,” said Mr. Prescott amiably.

“It’s always best to be on the move early,” said Mr. Schwinler diffidently, “I trust your daughter is ready to take her medicine?”

“Yeah, where is it?” demanded Brianna.

“It’s inside, of course,” said Mr. Schwinler, “You wouldn’t want to change out here in the open.”

“Perish the thought,” said Mr. Prescott with a chuckle, “Let’s hurry on in. Brianna just can’t wait another minute.”


Not long after, the three of them were up in the supervisor office. A whole wall was an observation deck of the factory floor. Another wall had several security monitors that showed what wasn’t readily visible from the observation deck. The third wall had several windows leading outside, but they had the curtains drawn over them. The fourth wall had the door and a couple of plaques that showed the success of Prescott Industries over the years.

Mr. Prescott walked over to the desk that was near the windows and opened a drawer. “Here we are, all you’ll need for your change,” said Mr. Prescott as he pulled out a wrapped box. Brianna snatched the box and quickly torn open the wrapping paper. She was a bit disappointed to find a clothing box inside, but when she opened it, she gave a squeal when she saw a set of lingerie plus a bottle of Double-Up.

As Brianna started taking off her clothes, Mr. Prescott said, “Rourke, would you please leave for a while? Brianna will need her privacy.”

“No, I want him around,” said Brianna, blushing a little as she said it. Mr. Schwinler was noticeably younger than her father and had handsome Teutonic features. Brianna was kind of hoping Mr. Schwinler would be impressed by how she grew up.

“Are you sure you want him to stay?” asked Mr. Prescott, a little perplexed.

“Well, I don’t think she’s that embarrassed,” said Mr. Schwinler.

Mr. Prescott chuckled and said, “Of course she isn’t. We’re practically family. But do be a good sport and avert your eyes until she’s changed clothing.” Mr. Schwinler nodded and focused his gaze at the ceiling.

Brianna was a little embarrassed with stripping down here, but the excitement of growing up in a little while made her go through with it. Once she put on the lingerie, she frowned and said, “It’s the same size as me. I’m going to grow right through it.”

“It’s the most elastic lingerie that has been made,” said Mr. Prescott, “It’s designed to stretch and fit any body size. I’ve heard that it’s most comfortable too.”

“Oh, ok,” said Brianna before opening the vial of Double-Up. She sniffed it and smelled a delightful scent of apple blossoms. Once she started drinking it, she soon found it had the flavor of sweet apple cider. She almost pitied the kids who had to drink the sour stuff, but she pushed that annoying little thought out of the way in anticipation of her oncoming growth.

She soon found herself stretching upwards, getting taller and taller. She looked down at her growing breasts with mounting anticipation, but her breasts didn’t seem to be that big of a hurry to inflate. She felt her hips over, but barely felt any push. Her rear was also showing very little rounding, it was only expanding her panties in a very gradual way and not forcing them to stretch over something more plush.

Brianna was hoping that she was simply a late bloomer and would be filling out by the end of high school. But her high school years were already passing her by and she was soon going through her college years. As the tingling started to fade, Brianna was very much dismayed that almost all of her growth went into her height.

“Oh, you’re so lovely,” said Mr. Prescott proudly.

“Lovely? I’m a beanpole!” snapped Brianna, her voice having also changed, “I’ve seen scarecrows with more curves than me!”

“But you have a lovely face. Oh, silly me, you can’t see your own face. Just a moment,” said Mr. Prescott before he went to a corner and rolled out a full length mirror for Brianna to look at.

Brianna’s body was worse than she imagined. She was all sticks and no padding. She had been stretched up to look both her father and Mr. Schwinler in the eyes, actually she might be a little bit taller than them, but she was so embarrassingly skinny. Her breasts could only be A cups and she had little booty to speak of.

But her daddy was right about her face. It was actually very finely featured, looking almost aristocratic. Her long dark blond hair around her face went very well with her angular face. She had the kind of face that men would paint portraits to capture its beauty. But as pretty as her face was, she knew what every man was really looking at when they saw a lovely woman.

“I’m too flat,” whined Brianna, “I barely have any curves at all.”

“Well, you take after your mother quite a bit,” said Mr. Prescott, sounding more somber, “She was a willowy beauty, such a good woman.”

“Figures Mom left me something I would hate,” groaned Brianna, “Daddy, I want to have some curves, get me a plastic surgeon.”

“Brianna, that’s really quite-” protested her father.

“Quite unnecessary,” interrupted Mr. Schwilner. Brianna blushed with embarrassment when she looked at him. He looked even better to her now that she was an adult, but she had really be hoping that she would grow up into something that would impress him.

“Yes, it’s only for a week,” said Mr. Prescott, “You shouldn’t be having plastic surgery when-”

“No, I meant it won’t be necessary for her to have plastic surgery,” said Mr. Schwinler, “If you might recall, there’s a product I’ve been overseeing that could serve to fulfill your daughter’s needs.”

“You mean the Buxomize? I thought you were still testing that,” said Mr. Prescott doubtfully.

“We have been testing it thoroughly and we have produced a batch that is quite safe and serviceable,” said Mr. Schwinler.

“Daddy, what’s Buxomize?” asked Brianna, “Why haven’t I heard of it.”

“It’s my pet project,” said Mr. Schwinler, “It is, in the simplest terms, a beauty potion. It enhances the body parts that a woman’s puberty has overlooked. I’m planning on selling it to underdeveloped women in a few months, but I can spare some of it for your sake.”

“Rourke, are you certain that it’s safe?” asked Mr. Prescott, “The mixing of two formulas could have a dangerous effect. She could suffer serious poisoning.”

“As far as the Buxomize will be concerned, she is simply another woman who didn’t gain the body that nature should have provided. The Double-Up is only a temporary mixture and once it wears out, she’ll be back to normal. The Buxomize might actually remain in her system and improve her puberty when she goes through it for real,” said Mr. Schwinler smoothly, “She’ll be perfectly fine.”

“Oh, can I please have it? Can I, can I, can I?” pleaded Brianna.

“I’m not sure. We ought to test the mixture first…” said Mr. Prescott uncertainly.

Brianna stomped her foot and shouted, “You never give me what I really want! You promised me I would be a grown up and you turn me into a skinny tree!”

“But you already have great beauty,” said Mr. Prescott, trying to sooth her.

“I don’t want to be pretty, I want to be sexy!” snapped Brianna, “You’re just going to make me grow up looking like a beanpole when you can make me curvy and that’s not fair!”

Brianna’s tantrums were legendarily effective when she was younger and it seemed that growing up and hadn’t lessened their edge at all. Mr. Prescott soon found himself caving in. “Ok, ok, you may have the Buxomize, but no more than you need,” he said.

“Oh, she would not have to take that much,” said Mr. Schwinler, “Not any more than the Double-Up in fact. I think she will be very pleased with the results.”

“Do you have it with you or not?” snapped Brianna.

“Of course, just give me a moment,” said Mr. Schwinler before he unlocked a small metal case he had been carrying. Inside the case was a bottle about the same size as the Double-Up vial, but of a different shape. “Here you are, one dose of Buxomize ready for consumption.”

Without waiting a second, Brianna grabbed the bottle and opened it up. A faint red mist rose from the bottle but Brianna didn’t care about that as she brought it to her lips. The serum had a sweet fruity taste, a rather tasty one. It took her a while to identify the flavor as pomegranate.

Soon, she felt a warming sensation over her body, particular over her disappointing curves. With a gasp, she felt them move within her underwear. Her hips started widening inch by inch, gaining a little speed with time. Her rear was also inflating, but was apparently determined to outpace her hips. Brianna felt her cheeks swell and swell, stretching out the panties into a more womanly shape. But her breasts were not about to be outdone either. They were quickly inflating at a rapid pace, as if someone were blowing air into them.

Brianna moaned as her curves filled up, making her sexier and sexier. Her breasts had already left the A cup behind and were quickly going through the B sizes before reaching the C cup but not stopping there. 

Her hips and butt, which could now be called an ass, were growing to match her bust, with some extra mass gathering around her legs to make them look not so twig-like. But her body wasn’t changing just there. Her facial features were shifting, her lips also inflating, but not nearly as fast as her other attributes were. They were lovely before, but now they were full and pouty, perfect for kissing. Her eyelashes were longer and her cheeks higher. Her hair had also been growing at a rapid pace, spreading further down her back until it reached that impressive booty she was growing.

Eventually, the warmth faded and Brianna knew she was done. She almost wanted it to continue, but she had to see how she looked now. The woman in the mirror was no longer a skinny tree, but a mountain of curves. Her breasts were easily D cups and had all the bounce and firmness of natural breasts, overflowing even her stretchy brassiere. Her hips and ass had widened to only a few inches shorter than what her breasts encompassed, but they were a lot rounder that what most women had and were as firm as a rock. Her waist was relatively unchanged by the formula, but looked so tiny compared to the two masses it was between, like an hourglass or a wasp. Her lips were just the perfect sensual side and her hair was long, silky, and full-bodied. The only downside was that her hair had darkened during its growth and now was brown more than blond. Other than that, Brianna had the perfect sexy body.

“This is so awesome,” said Brianna happily, “Thanks you guys.”

“Anything for my little princess,” said Mr. Prescott, who was just relieved his daughter was alright.

“It certainly has brought out your inner beauty,” said Mr. Schwinler appreciatively as his eyes went up and down Brianna’s body. She had curves that would not look out of place on a stripper and in her lingerie she certainly looked the part.

“Then why did it make my hair go dark? I look like some boring brunette,” complained Brianna.

“A slight side effect,” said Mr. Schwinler, “It usually improves the tester’s coloration.”

“Well my hair looks drab and dull,” complained Brianna, “Daddy, I want it dyed.”

“Of course, my dear,” said Mr. Prescott, “And we can get you all sorts of new clothes while we’re at it.”

“Of course, you’ll need some new clothes right now,” said Mr. Schwinler, “Fortunately, we stocked up on clothes meant for well-endowed women for our testers to wear. They might not be the most fashionable, but they’ll work for now until we get you something more to your taste.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” asked Brianna, “Let’s go to the mall.”


The dress was bland for Brianna’s expensive tastes and the shoes were not worth speaking of, but they would do for the moment. The first place she went to in the mall was the hair salon. She went right up to the hairdresser and said, “I want my hair completely done over. Trim it, style it, but most importantly, bleach it.”

“But you have such lovely hair already,” said the hairdresser.

“Then it’ll look even better when it’s blond. Now get to it!” snapped Brianna. If the hairdresser had any other people waiting for their hair, she might have refused Brianna’s demand. But it was a slow day and at least Brianna would be paying for something expensive.

The hairdresser led Brianna to one of the chairs. “It might be easier to bleach your hair after we trim it a bit,” said the hairdresser.

“Fine, just cut it and make it quick,” said Brianna. The hairdresser complied and grouped Brianna’s long tresses in one hand and cut through them with the scissors. It took a while but eventually the scissors sheared through and a long bundle of hair came away in the hairdresser’s hand.

“This would make a nice wig,” said the hairdresser as she looked at the hair in her hand.

“If you’re expecting any charity, forget it,” said Brianna, “There better not be any split ends back there.” 

The hairdresser frowned but worked a little bit more on Brianna’s hair, making sure the ends were even.

“Are we ready to bleach yet?” asked Brianna impatiently.

“Yes, I think so, do you want a particular color?” asked the hairdresser.

“I want it as blond as it can get,” said Brianna.

“I mean do you want a particular shade of blonde? Perhaps you ought to see your possible choices,” said the hairdresser before picking up a hairstyle book and flipping it open to the blonde pages.

Brianna looked over the various shades of yellow with a discerning eye. She quickly skipped over the darker blonds like her hair used to be. She wanted something bright, really bright. Something that was like the pale blonde that Mr. Schwinler had and would really catch his eye. She scanned the brighter blondes until she saw one that looked almost white. “There, I want that one,” she said, pointing at it.

“Are you sure you want platinum?” asked the hairdresser, “It’s so much different than your natural hair 

color. It would take several dying sessions to get it that light.”

“I don’t care how long it takes as long as it’s done by today,” snapped Brianna, “If you can’t handle it, I’ll just take my business somewhere else.”

“Ok, I didn’t say I couldn’t do it. It’s just that it won’t be so instant,” said the hairdresser as she led Brianna over to the sinks.


Quite some time later, Brianna emerged from the hair salon with luscious locks of white-gold. She couldn’t wait to rub her beauty in the faces of Natalie and all the other unworthys. But she’ll need some clothes to show off her sexy body. Well, there was no shortage of clothing stores here and her daddy’s cards were good for everything.

Brianna spent quite a long time with clothes shopping. She could have been shopping even longer, but her enhanced body required more exact measurements and not all stores were fully stocked enough to meet her demands. Nevertheless, she got just about every type of clothing imaginable: bras, panties, shorts, skirts, pants, shirts of nearly every style, dresses, bikinis, sleepwear, rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, coats, jackets, and dozens upon dozens of shoes. She cleaned out about every store that could fit her size and style. She supposed she’ll have to get some custom outfits to fill out more of her wardrobe, but what’s the point of having a filthy rich father if you can’t have him buy all the clothes you wanted?

The huge amount of clothes that Brianna bought would have made it impossible for them to be carried back in her dad’s car, so he had one of his delivery vans come and loaded all of the shopping into it. Brianna, herself, was wearing a new skintight silver dress that had a large opening in the front to display her huge cleavage as well as plenty of her new jewelry. She turned plenty of heads as she walked to the car on her daddy’s arm. Most of them probably thought that Mr. Prescott had gotten himself a trophy wife. 

Little did they know that they were looking at the new and improved heiress to Prescott Industries. 

Brianna’s ego swelled up as she thought about how she’ll look when she’s eventually president. She just couldn’t wait for that and she was not going to wait to grow up to be this again.



  1. I must say, I found Brianna before the Buxomize to be much lovelier than she was after. No matter, she's an interesting character.

    Looking forward to the next developments!


    1. That's part if the idea. How many perfectly lovely women ruin their looks pursuing the artificiality granted by a plastic surgeon? That's Brianna, with a sci-fi twist.

  2. I disapprove of the Buxomize. I hope Prescott Industries doesn't have Furrinoid or Giantize or Musculate vials locked away in their safes somewhere. It sort of defeats the original educational purpose to help children prepare for their adulthoods.

    The original age up was great though. She should have been happy with the body type she got, knowing there would have been someone for her, and she wouldn't stay thin forever anyway.

    1. Well, I welcome your opinion on this and you certainly are right about a few things. But there's more of a story point to this and it would be telling too much to say what it is right now.

      By the way, like the ideas for those other serums. They're not likely to be in this story but there is real possibility there.

    2. Harpy - I've gotta agree with the first poster that Buxamize is really a little too much for no real gain to the story.

      First because it's another unicorn in the garden when the story is already focused front and center on the existence and consequences of an age doubling syrum.

      But also, if the goal was for Brianna to receive a curvacously oversexed body it could simply be explained away as a side effect. The syrum reacts to everybody a little differently and may not even perfectly represent who they will grow into.

      (My assumption is that double up generally ages the person into their most idealic potential adult form. Cause way too many of these kids are just coincidentally growing into models. :P)

      I find Planet of the AP's comment that Brianna represents a woman ruining her own looks in a bid to enhance them to be sort of compelling but I think it could also be handled as an extended metaphor given the 'temporary' tag assigned to these stories.

      Most people who ruin their looks with plastic surgery do so to try and preserve them against the ravages of time.

      And that's just the thing. An elderly person and a child are both, for the most part, 'sexless' beings in our culture. And in extreme cases senility can be likened to a sort of mental regression.

      The kid's using double up are in a unique position since they'll lose their new forms traveling backwards in time when the syrum wears off.

      You could argue that this is only temporary. That they'll grow back into themselves. But I don't think that would matter to a brat like Brianna.

      The thought of not getting what she wants for even one minute would be totally intolerable.

    3. Double up isn't supposed to age the subject into an idealized version. Yes, most kids grow to be extremely beautiful, but so they do in all these stories.

      It's not a coincidence, but the reason is another, and very simple. I'm into this genre because to me it's an empowering fantasy. And I personally find it more empowering if the subject becomes really beautiful instead of an average person.

      You'll find that most of the decisions in these genres have less to do with good, credible literature and more with the author's fantasy style. So, yeah, I make stories about beautiful people because I'm superficial that way. I do spend a lot of time at the hair salon, after all.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! ;)

  3. Harpy - Oh I'm well aware. I was mostly poking fun about the coincidental good looks of most of your chosen models. ;)

    But this does segue rather nicely into another point I'd like to catch your thoughts on.

    Chiefly the way the pubescence and senescence serve as mirrors of one another. The first marks a transition from childhood, the awakening of sexuality. The second is the reversal of the first as libido diminishes and sexual characteristics recede.

    I think this is interesting given the way you depict Brianna as vein and arrogant about her looks and the status she feels should be conveyed to her due to her body.

    Like you said, this is empowerement fantasy, in order for it to remain so while being temporary that implies that the girls are going to transform their physical development into emotional development when they turn back.

    I imagine most of them will do so with some varying degrees of grace. You seem to be setting up Miranda beautifully to accept that her carelesness is going to cut her fun short for instance.

    But I can't help but imagine Bri is the exception to the rule who will have to learn her lesson the hard(er) way. Bratty kids usually do need to face unpleasant consequences to finally learn and sympathize with others.

    Else she'll grow into the same sort of wretched person she is right now.

    1. Well, I couldn't tell you all the answers, even.

      I did write the complete outline for the story, but it's BLZBub who is doing the actual writing, so not even I know exactly how this is going to end.

      You touch points that will surely be addressed, though. Wait and see.