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12 things you should know about The Reversion


This informative slideshow was published in websites all over the world after the President's speech:

PS1: Dissapointed on the little response the Prologue got. I hope this one manages more comments, now that we're properly in-universe. What do you think of the "rules" I've set for the story. I think I've covered quite a good ground, but if you still have doubts, just tell me. It will be interesting to discuss, and surely will help me develop the chapters. So sound off bellow!

PS2: I strongly recommend reading all this story on the graphic shape I'm creating. It will be a more immersive experience that way, and helps build the universe a lot. But I know a few of you use translators, so I'm also posting this in text form:

A quick walkthrough to what I’ve found so far

By Lena Underwood

It’s been 72 hours since the Reversion first appeared in my homeland and I can’t still believe what has happened. I can’t still believe everyone I know is now practically a completely different person. I can’t still believe even I have changed. I can’t believe I’m writing this from inside the body of an adult woman. I was writing my English homework when it happened, and now I’ve been asked by the President to write this so that the whole world can read it.

I won’t lie to you and tell you it will be easy for you when your turn comes. It won’t. But I hope to make it just a bit easier on you than it was on me by warning you about what can you expect. We were hit out of the blue. The pun wasn’t intended, but it all actually started with a blue flash lighting up the sky and a sound like a distant bombing.

So, here’s 12 facts you should be aware of before the Reversion affects you, mostly taken from personal experience:

1. The only living beings affected by the change are humans.
I’ve been unable to find any evidence of animals or plants changing its physiological age, as we humans did. Our old horse Hoofster is out there in his stable, still as decrepit as ever. Nobody’s dogs, cats, cattle or flowerbeds has been altered on the slightest. Whoever did this obviously designed it so that it could only get humans.

Inanimated objects have changed extensively, though, always in relation to our own transformations. More on that later.

Photo: Doug Lambert, who used to be a farmer, says all his animals were left completely intact by the Reversion.

2. Individuals between the ages of 0 and 5 will remain completely unchanged, but usually their health improves.
There’s only been one human exception to the age changes: those under the age of five. My little sister Sonia is still my little sister Sonia, thankfully. Still, her asthma, which has affected her since birth is seemingly gone.

It’s a curious thing that nobody appears to be sick on the island (which I’ll explain with more detail later), but even those apparently unchanged have changed in that respect.

Photo: Dewey Roberts is one of the lucky unaffected. While both his sister (pictured, formerly 6) and parents have transformed, he remains the same, as a reminder of the family’s past. 

3. Children between the ages of 5 and 15 will mature into 25 years old adults.
If you have kids under fifteen, make them ready for a sudden journey into adulthood and make yourself ready for them to take over. Those who are children today will be the ruling force of the world by tomorrow. Literally.

Luckily, none of us has progressed to any other age than twenty-five, which I can now say, is not a bad age to be. That means there is no old people around. Not even middle-aged ones.

Photo: Jeremy Brock (formerly 9) and his sister Doreen (formerly 12) are now both 25. Jeremy is an accountant and Doreen a successful status, but despite her knowledge and adult status, she still throws child-like tantrums when her brother beats her in a game.

4. People older than 15 will regress into 10 years old children.
No matter if you are just a teenager or a very aged person, the result will be always the same: you will become 10 years old. Both my brother, formerly sixteen, and my dear grandmother are now ten.

The result is that the streets look strangely uniform now, for everyone is either 10 or 25, with only the few children under five to break the monotony.

Photo: Pearl (left, formerly 63) and Cristina (right, formerly 37) sit with the unaffected Mandy and Cory (center). They used to be the children’s grandmother and mother, respectively, but they are now their sisters.

5. Unborn babies will be fine.
If a woman is pregnant at the time of the event, she will still regress into a 10 years old. The fetus won’t disappear, luckily. It will migrate into the body of one of the newly matured females.

In most cases, familiar relation seems to be a determinant factor on who will get the baby. My friend Robin was very excited to become an adult, until she discovered she was carrying her mother’s six weeks old baby.

Proximity also seems to apply. When there’s nobody in the immediate family able to assume the role. The Parks were living alone and when they both regressed into children, they were desperate, for Mrs. Park was with child and the baby was nowhere to be found. The girl living next door, though, became suddenly pregnant. Her fetus matches Mrs. Park exactly.

Photo: Karla Briggs aged into an adult along with the rest of her family, but after a few minutes she also became heavily pregnant a condition not shared by anyone in her house. The baby belonged to her next-door neighbor, Della Park.

6. The changes are mostly physical, but some are mental.
There’s a good deal of abilities and knowledge that we’ve exchanged since the transformation. But it’s not a complete transference.

We all keep our intact memories of who we were, but we’ve gained (or lost) intelligence and skills. Mostly, we’ve discovered those unexpectedly, when we need them.

For instance, I can now drive, though I had never done that before. I’m now a journalist and I can write and speak in ways I couldn’t when I was eight, though I’m completely surprised when I do. So are my former classmates, some of who are now lawyers, doctors or engineers.

The adults who until a few hours ago were those journalists, lawyers or doctors are now children, and though they remember doing those things, they don’t seem able to figure how any more.

It’s scary, for now we’re the ones in charge, but though we have the skills an intelligence, we lack the experience.

Photo: Besides knowledge, some habits characteristic of your new age group might also be developed. Obviously, Rosemary Hayes had never smoked a cigarette when she was a young girl, but she has developed an addiction after her transformation. “I get this cravings and I’ve smoked six packaged since that day. I also need a lot of coffee. I’m worried about what that can do for my health, but they say I’m better than ever. Still, it’s not like the old me. I even enjoy listening to music I had never even heard befire”, she told me.

7. Somehow, reality has warped to adapt to the changes.
Said transference of knowledge is accompanied by a transference of roles. For every regressed cop in the island, a former child has been transformed into one and taken his place. The same has happened with every other indispensable role in our town. Odd thing is that we’re all 25, a young age for most professionals in the former reality.

We’ve been granted every necessary requirement to try and fulfill those roles, but many new adults are still in their homes, scared to perform their new duties. This can’t happen when the event goes global.

Photo: Mae Snyder was the previous Chief Editor of the newspaper. When I interviewed her, though, it was obvious she is now unable to perform that work, at least for the time being. It was clear, however, that she hadn’t forgotten how to use colorful words, when she thoroughly expressed her opinion on the fact that a “blonde bimbo playing dress-up” had replaced her.

8. The reality change also blends family roles.
Generally, former parents become the children of one of their own descendants.

Luckily for me, my brother Frankie has assumed that role. He’s become the father of our former parents and my grandmother (all of whom are now siblings). That means I’m my mother’s aunt… It all gets very confusing at first, but it all makes sense in the end.

It’s not uncommon that these new families are formed by unrelated people, though. In our very own case, we’ve added a new member, Nora Bell, who used to be our teenaged babysitter and who is now Frankie’s wife. Luckily my parents liked her, for she’s now their mother.

As you can see with Frankie and Nora, romantic pairings have been suddenly created between some of the new adults. I don’t seem to be involved in any kind of relationship (because of my work, maybe?), but lots of former kids are discovering love for the first time. For what I’ve seen, there seems to be genuine attraction and chemistry in most of those couples.

Photo: My coworker Cesar Tucker discovered he was engaged to Harriet Schwartz, whom he used to bully at school. Now, they’re very much into each other, and decided to carry on their wedding yesterday.

9. Everyone is healthier.
At first, it was believed that regressing and progressing is the only effect of The Reversion, but some theorize that the human race has improved and gotten healthier thanks to it.

Al Roberson, a former grocer, told me he was severely obese since his childhood, but now that he has regressed to it, he is a very fit kid. And, in truth, all new children look beautiful.

The same is noticeable among the new men and women, most of which sport fairly attractive and strong bodies. At risk of sounding immodest, I think I’ve grown to be rather pretty, but as a young girl my teeth were quite uneven and crooked. They’re perfect now.

Photo: Busty or fit females were never present in their family, but now that they’re adults, the three Goodman sisters (Jana pictured) are in a rather incredible shape.

10. Not everybody gets affected at the same time once the event takes place.
Some change right away, while others might last over ten minutes without showing any symptom.

I was alone in my room when I heard screams. When I came out, My father was already completely changed and Frankie was becoming a man. When we was finished, my grandmother started. I didn’t feel anything until after five minutes later. My mother was the last to change, starting around the time I was reaching puberty.

Photo: In this picture, taken during the actual event, Evelyn Phelps, formerly 13 and already fully transformed, tries to explain what just happened to her to her confused father. He wouldn’t start his own transformation until almost the end of the Reversion.

11. After it begins, the transformation process takes about three minutes in being completed.
That’s alarmingly fast if you, like me, have to double your height in that time, but it feels far longer than it really is. You will feel every little change as if it was happening in slow motion, and you’ll probably be scared and wanting it to stop. I tell you, don’t be. If we can’t stop this, then we should embrace it. Try and enjoy the sensation. It isn’t painful at all, and if odd, it is a rather pleasant feeling, similar to stretching after waking up. That’s how I would describe it, and my fellow victims have used very similar explanations.

Photo: “All my body felt tremendously alive. It was sort of like an electric shock, but it felt very good. And there was a trill inside, like being on a rollercoaster, but stronger. I’ve only felt close to that once again”, told me Beatrice Garrett when I interviewed her, but she didn’t want to share when she had that other experience.

12. The reality warp doesn’t only affect the bodies and minds of humans, but also their belongings.
Most of our things have become better suited for our new ages (clothes, documents), or exchanged owners (bedrooms, cars).

Be advised. This change doesn’t take place immediately, but rather about 15 minutes after the first one, once everybody’s physical transformations have finished.

My recommendation, especially if you’re about to age up is mind the clothing. I’ll tell you, and this is a personal testimonial, that it isn’t the best of ideas to be wearing a shirt made for an 8 years old while you mature into a 25 years old body. If the situation ensues, though, simply don’t panic: it will fix itself in a few minutes. My clothes not only became the right size, but even much more fashionable and definitely not childlike. I even got the proper underwear, so don’t worry. You won’t have to buy anything.

Photo: May Green is very proud of the shoe collection that suddenly appeared on her house. Her formerly older sister Sadie, who never had such a quantity, loves to play with them.


  1. I'm really impressed with the amount of work you've put into this series so early on. This post, especially, is really thorough and in-depth. I have a feeling this could be the best series on the site so far. Fingers crossed!

    1. Thanks! That's the idea, and it will come to fruition with the readers' support.

  2. I quite enjoyed this post and am looking forward to the rest of the story unfolding. The rules you've put in place I think are,pretty good, you appear to cover just about every loophole I can think of off the top of my head. I am wondering how exactly the demographics of this will all pan out, as there will now be significantly more children than adults by about a 80-20% Margin, but I suspect that's an intentional consequence of the dystopia you are creating. I do like how the rules about age changes can create some fun role reversal scenarios, particularly amongst siblings. I hope you focus on individual stories as it goes along as well as the overall societal effects of the reversion. I would really like to see a look into a group of siblings, where at least one is barely 16, and thus past the age of progression, while their other sibling(s) are progressed to 25 and they, well, "just missed out", particularly where the once older sibling was a brother and the once younger is a sister.
    Any way, really looking forward to where you're taking us with this! I don't tend to comment too often on stories like these I read, but I'll make an effort to hear since you enjoy feedback.

    1. "I am wondering how exactly the demographics of this will all pan out, as there will now be significantly more children than adults by about a 80-20% Margin, but I suspect that's an intentional consequence of the dystopia you are creating"

      That's so. It will be referenced often that there are far too many children now. Each family has multiple ones because of that, and there's need of many techers, and schools, etc, because most of them must be re-educated.

      "I hope you focus on individual stories as it goes along as well as the overall societal effects of the reversion."

      Yes, actually. These two prologues were global, but now the story will be divided in six parts, each of them narrating the experience from an individual and their family on a different city of the world.

      "I would really like to see a look into a group of siblings, where at least one is barely 16, and thus past the age of progression, while their other sibling(s) are progressed to 25 and they, well, "just missed out" "

      Part V deals with a situation exactly like that one. There are four full episodes that have to be posted first, so be patient, but I think you will find something for you in each of them.

      "Any way, really looking forward to where you're taking us with this! I don't tend to comment too often on stories like these I read, but I'll make an effort to hear since you enjoy feedback."

      I'd appreciate it!

  3. Hi Planet of AP, long time reader first time commenter.

    Just wanted to say that this series looks great, and even if you think only a few people are giving your ideas their proper dues there is always people like me passively appreciating your work. Don't give up.

  4. HI Planet, I am really enjoying this series. Thanks to this post, now I don´t have any doubts about the guidelines and rules about this universe. Thank you!

  5. I really like how you've set all this the only thing that remains is to write detailed processes of individual cases and it should be perfect, just like the one you used to write about halloween cookies

    1. I hope they're detailed enough for you, I suppose each of them will be detailed in different degrees.

  6. Incredibly detailed work! If this is just the set up I cannot imagine what you will do once the story will begin! Looking forward to it!

    1. Thanks! The first Chapter is ready to be posted any moment now. I'm just waiting for more readers to see this introduction, because the rules must be clear.

    2. When will the first chapter be posted? Also, what will the chapters be like? Will the parts be submitted as one whole post or will they be split up into smaller sections like you used to do

    3. Each part is rather long, so they'll be split in chapters, but none of them will be as small as my former posts.

      I'll post the first chapter in about twenty hours.

  7. I was a tad skeptical after seeing the Prologue, but after reading this part I think it looks promising. Really looking forward to seeing more of it! :D

    Also, a question: What will this style shift mean for the ongoing Halloween Party series? Will you be continuing it as before, adapting it to this long-form style, or discontinuing it?

    (The same question goes for other uncompleted series I guess, like The Condition; but Halloween Party is the only one which I'd previously assumed we'd definitely be getting more of eventually, plus I really really liked it, so that's the one I really want to know about.)

    1. Thanks.

      Let me clarify a point: This is a separate story from all others. It doesn't mean everything on this blog will be a part of this universe from now on, nor that other storiies will be discontinued, just put on hold while I give priority to this one, simply because I'm more motivated by it right now.

      Halloween Party is a particular case, because I never concieved it as having a formal conclussion. It could simply go on and on, and any entry could possibly be the last one. In fact, I haven't updated it in a long time, but I'll possibly will eventually.

      The Condition will continue and has a propper finale, but I never end up putting my mind on it.

      So thanks for your feedback. What exactly made you skeptical about the Prologue so that I don't repeat it again?

    2. I was not under the impression that all future projects would be part of this series/universe, but I /was/ under the impression that all future projects (with the possible exception of ones already started, hence the question) would be of a similar style to this one, full-fledged photostories instead of just captions. Is that not the case?

      While we're on the subject, I'll ask, were you intending to only update Halloween Party at Halloween from now on, or have you just not gotten around to it? If you're not starved for ideas for it or anything (ie you think you'd run out of ideas if you went through them too quickly), I for one would really like to see a new installment in that series every few months, as it was always my favourite of your series by a country mile.

      As for the Prologue. The Prologue gave me the impression that this series, and all future series, would be pages of text with the occasional image - I was imagining like one image per page of a Word document, if not less - and with a similar ratio of text to actual AR/AP. Whereas this installment is much heavier on both. I'm not expecting future chapters to essentially be composed of a series of captioned images like this one is (although if that's what you're planning, that would be cool), but it does make me think that there will be a larger amount of AR/AP content per installment than I'd initially assumed.

      The other reason I'm more optimistic after this installment is that I just like what's in it, and what it promises for the story in the future. It shows a lot of potential for stuff I think I'd like. :)

    3. No, there will still be some entries similar to what I used to do, but I'm not as much interested in those anymore (never was, really).

      That said, I'm aware of the popularity of Halloween Party, but that one is among those that I care about the less. There's no plot whatsoever in those, just simple vignetes detailing a process each. It has its interest, but I prefer when that is framed by story and characters. Someday I might find the will to update it a few more times, but we'll have to wait a while, as my current interest isn't there.

      I understand what you say about the Prologue, and it does in fact reflect a bit of what I intend on doing: giving more importance to the plot than to the pictures. Thing is there are greatly written pieces for this kind of fiction in other genres, mainly TG, but not so much for AP. So I was imagining, what if there was a site like a Fictionmania for Age TF with great writters like Morpheus doing great stories for this genre like they does? I'm not saying I can fill their shoes by a long shot, but at least I'm trying, which is something no one else is currently doing. But at least I'll acompany them with some images, knowing that's what most readers really enjoy.

      Anyway, never shy from telling me your opinion, even (and specially if it's a negative one). Thanks!

  8. Big fan of your work and this update is just another example of why. What a great story idea that can you and hopefully others can take in many directions. Keep it up!