Monday, July 14, 2014

THE REVERSION - Foreword and Prologue


Today, a new stage begins for this blog, and it’s, at least for me, the most exciting one by far. I’ve tried to do it before by asking for help, but I haven’t been successful. Therefore, I’ve decided it is time to try it by myself.

It’s no secret for the reader that my captions blog differs a lot in style to most. While mine might not be one of the best, I can say shortly that the difference is that other captioner match their images with a few lines of text, while I match many lines of text with a few images. This is made evident by the many parts I usually need to do to tell the whole story, with some series reaching up to 30 parts.

The reason I do this is that I feel a need to tell more to the story than just a few lines. I need to know a bit of the characters, of their backstories previous to whatever happens to them and of their ultimate fates and reactions once it finally does.

Thus, I’ve decided to revise this blog’s name. I’ve decided that what I do here aren’t “captions” as much as “photostories”, and I believe our new name should reflect that.

So, what a better way to start under our new title than by posting our very first proper story?

For months I’ve been saying I have many interesting stories to tell that are far beyond what I can do with captions. The only problem I face is my poor use of the English language, which is why I was asking for help. As said help didn’t come (or disappeared after a few conversations), I’ve decided to face the problem and write what I can. After all, I’ve seen stories written by people who obviously can’t master the language any better than I can.

Back when I was looking for help, I wrote several story treatments to be developed by the potential authors. I think six of them are quite interesting, and I’ve decided to develop one of them in the format they were intended to be written: not as captions but as a short novel. The story, called The Reversion, appealed to me because of its epic scale and diverse characters and situations.

So today I’m posting a rather short Prologue. Of all chapters I’ll post, this is the only one made with the collaboration of another author. In this case, a reader by the name of Odd-Ranger, offered to help me with the story. He wrote the Prologue I had suggested (and which I have now revised a little) but then I wasn’t able to find him again, so I’m undertaking the rest of the story by myself.

And if you can spare a little time in leaving a comment, asking a question or pointing a mistake in the text, PLEASE do it. This is a mammoth of a project, and I can only undertake it if I feel it’s getting a response.

So, without any more delay, here you have

The Reversion

by Planet

Stand by for an Emergency Broadcast, from the President of the United States.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I come before you, with news of what might be the greatest threat the world has ever known. What I'm about to tell you, you may find unbelievable. You may find yourself thinking this is an elaborate hoax. But I assure you, it is very real, and soon it will impact upon the lives of you, your neighbours, your family, and every citizen you know and care about.

By now, a few of you might be aware of a story released yesterday in the sensationalist media. The story claimed that, three days ago, a small and scarcely populated island in the Bahamas was, suddenly and inexplicably, struck with a flash of blue light. When the army was sent from Florida to investigate, they found the entire populace had seemingly been replaced, fellow soldiers included. When questioned, any adults present claimed that they were actually children and teenagers, and that the under aged inhabitants were, in fact, the adults.

I...can now confirm...we have had these adults and children tested, and their genetic codes match the records of the island's citizens perfectly. As bizarre as it sounds, we must assume that these people are, in fact, the inhabitants of the island… transformed.

Now… There is also...there is also another development that happened today. In the early hours, the White House received a letter. The Pentagon has been unable to trace it, but it turns out most leaders of the world have received a copy. We’ve been in permanent contact with them and we’ve arrived to the conclusion each of us should make the contents of the letter known to our people. As I speak, my colleagues are doing the same in their homelands.

I won’t delay this further… The message reads as follows:

Hello, mister president. Did you enjoy our handiwork yesterday? I know that you were watching. I know you might not believe your eyes right now, but believe this: What happened on that island was just a taste of what was to come. A little drop of water, before a typhoon hits. The power at our fingers is far beyond what the bloated, ignorant, self-righteous neck-beards of your systems could possibly understand, or attempt to halt. It is the perfect tool for correcting this stagnant, corrupted Earth of ours.

And that is exactly what it will do. This very evening, we will use our energy to reform all countries, everywhere; to turn them inside out, and create a new world. A world where the children need not learn lessons of idiocy from their closed minded elders. A world where every man and woman can have their mistakes erased, and will be able to begin anew. A world where all of humanity will emerge strong, beautiful, and better than before. This is not a tall story. This is not a mere empty threat. This is going to happen, and no one can stop it, nor should they try. It will begin tonight, at 10:40 EDT.

Make sure the people are ready.

My fellow Americans... My fellow Citizens of the World. All I can tell you is that I wish we were making this up. I wish this was all just some elaborate hoax. But the evidence we have taken from the incident in the Bahamas cannot be ignored. Therefore, we must now treat this...this insane warning with all the seriousness of threats received in the past.

I'm afraid, with the limited timespan, that we don't have long enough to find a way of preventing or curing this 'Reversion', as Miss Underwood has been calling it. All that I can recommend, at this time, is for everyone to return to their homes, to find somewhere safe for you and your loved ones, and to try and stay calm for what is to come, and to help send this message to everyone who might be still uninformed.

We’ve also decided to make al of Lena Underwood’s reports public, so that all of you can know exactly what to expect. Though by now she has collected hundreds of images and dozens of testimonials, which most of you won’t be able to read timely right now, she has put together, with her usual thoughtfulness, a quick guide of the main effects recorded on her island.

Rest assured, everyone else on the planet will be facing the same peril as you, and that no matter what happens, we will find a way to go on. God bless, America. God bless the World.


  1. I'm very excited for the new direction of this site. Can't wait!

  2. Hey, Planet of the AP, I was wondering if I could contact you through email to ask for some advice?

  3. Mora than 100 page reads and just one comment about the actual post!

    I'm working very hard in this thing, please say something!

    By the way, the next entry is finished. I'm just waiting for this one to get more reads before continuing.

  4. I like this idea very much. They warned about what was going to happen while they knew it could not be stopped. How much would the children age in general and vice versa? Please post the next part soon

    -Beta Assassin

    1. Thanks!

      The rules of aging and all you have to know about the universe will be clarified in the next part. If something isn't clear after that post, you can ask me.

      I'm thinking it of posting it tomorrow.

  5. This is great, can't wait to see where it goes!