Monday, July 28, 2014



The Reversion

by Planet

Chapter 3

Text only version:

Chapter 3

1:37 pm.

After such a long night, we all woke up very late. Jane was the first to be up, which is very unusual in her, and once I had washed, I found her in the kitchen preparing us all a late breakfast, which was still more unusual. I suppose she got those instincts now she’s a wife and a mother.

I helped her a bit and, slowly, we initiated a conversation. We were self-conscious of our new adulthood, and tried to avoid looking at each other for a while. She seemed a lot shyer than last night, when she was happy to show off her curves.

Thomas arrived a lot later, shirtless and with a grin. He touched my back as a greeting, and I was glad I was wearing a robe over my nightie this time. I looked away when he took Jane by the waist and kissed her.

The kids were the last to be up. We ate together and had our first family time with our new configuration. It was nice but very odd.

When we were done eating, I excused myself. I have a new life outside the house, and I need to know more about it.

The thing that excites me the most is having an apartment of my own, though living alone also sees kind of scary. Well, I have this key, so I’m planning on visiting my new home today.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror again. I’ve done it only a few times. I’m still not used to my new appearance, and I’m saving a proper examination until I’m alone in my apartment. Seems more private.

Still, much like Jane I suppose, I can’t help but smile at my reflection. I think I’ve grown up into quite a good-looking woman, and I guess that’s something to feel proud about. Maybe this new life will be a change for the best.

Again, without looking too much, I changed into something informal but that I could use in the street. I’ve picked up a comfortable loose blouse and short jeans. I don’t want to wear the high-heels I used last night. I’m quickly adapting to them, but I still lose my balance sometimes. The lowest shoes I had with me right now were boots.

Now I’m off to my apartment. I hope I don’t bump into Thomas while wearing these pants.

10:49 pm.

Driving was considerably easy, bearing in mind I’d never done it before, and didn’t even pay attention when my parents did it. I just sat there and it all came naturally to me.

It was quite empowering, controlling something as big as this car, and seeing you’re doing it very well without nobody teaching you.

Finding the address wasn’t a problem either. I never knew most of the names of the streets in the city, nor was my sense of direction very good, but I was able to find my way quite fast.

I was surprised because I didn’t arrive at a small apartment building, as I was imagining. Instead, my number belonged to what in the outside seemed like a beautiful and spacious house.

There is another car parked in front of the house. Though I don’t know much about cars, it’s obviously a newer, more expensive model than the Mustang I was driving.

At first, I entertained the idea that the second car signaled the presence of another person in the house. I hoped it was just a roommate and nothing more. But now that I’ve been inside, it seems clear there’s nobody else living here. Thus, it must simply mean I own two cars.

Both that fact and the state of the house tell me I’ve been doing quite well for myself in this reality.

My family was never poor, but we would not have been able to afford something like this. I wondered where that money came from. I probably had a profession.

I searched for an indication of what might that be, and quickly found a diploma in the wall.

The John Hopkins University
Upon recommendation of the Faculty of
has conferred upon
Barbara Morton
the degree of
Doctor of Medicine

So I am a graduated surgeon. And a prominent one, according to what I’ve gathered up to this point.

Apparently, I’m the Director of the University of Washington Medical Center. At first I thought it didn’t make any sense, having someone so young in such a high position, but then I remembered that technically, there’s no one older than I am now.

This new world will surely be a messed-up one.

The fact that I have such great responsibilities now has made me make the decision that, no matter how unadapted I still am to my own situation, I will start working at the Medical Center tomorrow morning.

There might be some people out there who need me right now. I just hope my medical knowledge comes to me as easily as the driving did.

My wardrobe is full of professional and elegant clothes, and I thought at once that they would look beautiful in me.

This was the first time I really was alone, and I decided it was the perfect moment to get to know my new self. I stripped into my underwear and took a long look at my reflection.

I am a little on the skinny side, but I think I wear it well. I’m not trying to sound conceited, or anything, and I believe I’m an objective person. After all, I still feel like a stranger in this body. All I know is that when I look at that unknown woman in the mirror, I’m positive she’s gorgeous.

I’m still a little intimidated by my own size. I’m so tall and big that I feel as if I was inside a robotic exoskeleton, or something like that. I’m also not used at all at my strength, which has obviously increased.

Another thing is that this body, being larger, requires more food than my old one, and after a few hours I got very hungry. Luckily, I have some things in the fridge.

I don’t seem to have gained as much culinary expertise as Jane did, but I was able to do things in the kitchen I had never done before. I think I’m going to be able to live by myself after all.

I decided to ring my family before going to sleep, to know if they were faring as good as I was.

Ashley and Jonas are doing remarkably well, at least considering that most of what they’ve done in their lives has been pretty much erased. It was very sweet listening to their childish voices telling me they’re proud of me when I explained them my newest discoveries.

My conversation with Jane was far more shocking and awkward.

At first she seemed as shy and distraught as I had noticed her in the morning, and I had to really press her into talking before she finally confessed what had happened: last night, when we all went to our bedrooms, she and Thomas had sex. She started to regain her confidence, and explained to me how much they had enjoyed it and that I should try it.

I didn’t know if I had to scold her or pity her because her new hormones had taken over her reasoning, but in any case it’s clear I ‘m not ready to think of my sister as a fully adult woman, nor of myself as one either.


  1. This series continues to better and better!

  2. Good installment. I thought Barbra might of been a doctor based on one of your comments last time. You clearly focused more on the pictures this time, which I can't decide if I like or not. I've enjoyed your focus on text of late and was disappointed when the post ended so quickly. That being said, your picture selection was great as always and I didn't mind it that much

    Will there be another chapter to this part or will we move onto another city?

    1. Thing is, last time, when I focused on text over pictures, I also received comments about readers being dissappointed over that. So you can't have everyone pleased.

      Still, this only happened because I found the right pictures. The story is already written. That means, if I can't find the proper pictures for some chapters of the story, then those will be text only entries.

      Yes, this part isn't over yet, so we'll definetely see more chapters with these characters.

  3. This was yet another engrossing chapter. Great work! I'm really loving the way the mental progression is happening. I can feel a real difference in how Barbara and Jane are reacting to their transformation.

    Can't wait for the next chapter!

    1. Thank. I' not a consumated writer, so it's nice to know I'm at least achieving some of the goals I have with this story.

  4. I really liked the story, but the text was really hard to read in places. I frequently had to refer to the text only version. You might want to work on the handwriting a bit to make it more screen-friendly.