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The Reversion

by Planet

Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

November 17 – 11:17 am.

I have been staying at Jane’s house these last two days. It’s nice to see her and the kids.

We went out last night and she introduced me to Malcolm, who was dining there too. Not a coincidence, I’m sure.

She indeed seems a lot happier, and is in touch with a lawyer who will help her file a divorce. I’m quite glad for her. She has not confronted Thomas yet, though.

On a completely unrelated note, this morning they released the trailer from the much-hyped first movie produced after The Reversion.

One look at the scantily clad female lead makes obvious it will play on the fantasies of its male director, a former teenager. You won’t find me in the theater, but I’m ready to bet a lot of boys turned men will be there.

November 20 – 11:31 pm.

I cannot believe we missed such an important information for so long, but today we had a briefing and the veracity of the report has been confirmed: a man in Greenland called Lawrence Ericson wasn’t affected at all by The Reversion.

Up until now, we believed only the astronauts in the space stations were the only unaffected humans, since the radiation did not carry out of the atmosphere, so this report is probably the most important one so far.

He’s a 31 years old, who was raising his daughter of 11 as a single father. He got ready for the changes after they were announced, but the minutes passed and nothing happened to him.

His daughter did become 25, but according to their documents, he’s still her father, which is positively strange. Their still living together but he says they relate more as brother and sister now, due to the small age difference.

We won’t go to Alaska but they will bring him here to study him. There’s a chance his genetic code reveals some kind of immunity to the radiation. We could even try and develop a cure based on it.

November 26 – 12:04 pm.

Jane invited me for a nice day out in Malcolm’s cottage. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, and I hope things work between them.

I think she told Thomas she was travelling with me as an alibi. Malcolm sides with me about the need to tell Thomas about the divorce plans already, but Jane is still afraid.

November 29 – 1:43 pm.

Today we had another very important and unexpected briefing with the President. He informed us of a very important development. Three days ago, NASA discovered the source of the radiation.

In all, 890 small devices positioned in the planet’s thermosphere have been recovered since then. They were triggered simultaneously, releasing the energy.

They still don’t know how they operate, or who manufactured them, but it’s a start.

The devices are round and roughly the size of a volleyball. While they were examined, one of them was accidentally triggered, releasing the radiation and the blue lights inside the laboratory, but none of the scientists were affected. It’s not surprising, since we already know we’re immune to it after the first exposure.

I’m proposing trying to create a concentrate serum based on the device energy, which may do the trick and get us closer to our original ages. It’s worth a shot.

December 12 – 4:06 pm.

Working relentlessly on both the development of the serum and in trying to identify what made Lawrence Ericson immune. This last thing is proving unfruitful, but I have faith in the serum.

By now, we have dissected the devices and have gained some knowledge in it’s chemical components. It’s too complex and we’re far from really understanding it, but I think we should simply try and duplicate it, even if we’ll never know exactly how it works.

It’s a pity we have so much to do, because Christmas is in the air already.

Today, nevertheless, I was away from work for the first time since I began, because Jane finally decided to get rid of Thomas.

I’m staying with her to support her, but Ashley, Jonas, and Malcolm will have to taken over for me tomorrow. There’s still a lot to do in the labs.

December 17 – 10:03 pm.

There’s finally something substantial to report. We’ve developed something that might cause a change in our bodies, even if it’s quite improbable we’ll ever be able to reverse the reality changes.

What we’re aiming to do is to radiate a person who has been simultaneously injected with the serum we developed. For this, we’ll use some special equipment they’ve built in the School of Engineering and Applied Science from Columbia University.

We’ll go to New York and test the procedure on Christmas Eve. We’ll be testing it on both a new child and a new adult. For the child, we got a little girl from Columbia, who was a former professor there.

I’ve volunteered to be the adult tester.

December 23 – 3:37 am.

In a New York suite right now.

Can’t sleep. I’m so nervous!


  1. Great job!! I'm looking forward to christmas right now!...;)

  2. Riveting stuff! You've certainly hyped chapter 8 that's for sure.

    Until you mentioned it I never even considered the situation of the astronauts in orbit around the Earth. Returning home and having to reacquaint yourself with your new extended family, that must be a surreal and awkward experience. Not to mention getting in touch with your friends and even making new ones. Crazy stuff Lawrence must have went through.


    1. Yeah, when I first had the idea of The Reversion, I tried to think how it would affect the world in real life, and thought of many situations. And I realized that there are always a few humans in outer space, so they couldn't be affected.

  3. Very exciting chapter! Very much looking forward to the next installment! Your writing style continues to develop as the series goes on. I think you're close to consistently writing the perfect balance of writing enough interesting information to keep each chapter engaging while withholding enough to keep us wanting more. And that is a tough balance to find.

    1. Thanks. If only I were better with English, I could write a bit better.

      But this way, I have to keep things very simple.