Sunday, November 9, 2014


Cjohnjones requested for a were story of a teen becoming an older woman. I'm not into making them too old, so I hope this fits what the requester had in mind.


  1. Okay, here's some important (I think) feedback for you: This would be a lot better if you showed her younger form first.

    A lot of caption sites just post a photo of a hot girl with a caption going "OMG, I'm [younger / older / a girl / a different race] now!!" Part of why I like this site so much is because you don't do that, but this one is leaning in that direction. Showing the person at both ages creates more of a feeling of a process, rather than just a snapshot in time.

    1. While I love and daily encourage feedback, I'm not sure we're being fair here.

      I don't think because I do ONE caption with a single panel, we're starting to lean in that direction. Tell me the last time I did something like that and you'll realize it was centuries ago.

      On the other hand, it VERY difficult to find pictures that match what the same person would look at different ages, and it's usually the bother of looking for them that makes me give up the blog for weeks. Still, I think I care for that more than most, even using Photoshop in many instances so that the two pictures would be a better match, which is something I'm sure not many do for these blogs.

      Taking that in account, I think I deserve an ocassional break and making my work easier by doing something short and concrete like this one here. I'm not into AP into older women, which is a) why I made the character younger than requested and b) why I made it a single panel story. Still, I'm sure the requester prefers to see this than nothing at all.

      I'm not angry, and I'm sorry if it sounded like that. I always appreciate your comments, but I wanted to make my view clear.

    2. I apologize if I sounded too harsh. As I said, I like this site because you don't do that, so I know this is the exception to the norm. At the same time, the fact that it's one of the reasons I like your work so much means it's a relatively important point for me, and since you're always saying you don't get enough comments (which I agree with, by the way, and count myself as part of the problem), I mentioned it. If you hadn't just been asking for more feedback, I might have waited to see if you kept on doing it frequently before calling it out.

      I just wanted you to be aware of the difference (again because it's one of the things I like about your work), and if you're already aware of it, that's great. And, as long as you are aware of it, I absolutely agree that one instance doesn't mean the beginning of the end, and that you deserve an easy one once in a while.

      Keep up the good work. :)

    3. Don't worry! I appreciated it, just wanted to explain myhself. Please don't stop commenting.

  2. Thanks for Taking this request! I know this isn't your usual cup of tea so I Really appreciate it!