Thursday, April 23, 2015

READER'S ENTRY: Skipping Grades (Part 3)

Skipping Grades (Part 3)
by BLZBub

Previous story: Part 1, Part 2

Follow up: Part 4


  1. Really enjoying this interesting story. Suggestion: She has a last minute growth spurt in college that makes Sally a 20 year old, 6 foot tall,buxom muscular beauty. The irony, of course, is this makes her body every bit the equal of her prodigious mind-the lack of which when she was a child is what began her on this time-hopping journey! . : ) That'd make a great twist to the story.
    As I said, really enjoying it.

    1. I like the way you think. Of course, I've already plotted out the conclusion of this before I even started submitting, but your suggestion was appreciative.

    2. Why can't you add that to your plot? I don't think this'll make a major change in how it ends,would it? Unless her becoming an athlete is in integral part of the conclusion and how becoming a giant goddess would obviously affect that. Other then that-why not add it to the conclusion?

    3. Actually, the author sent me all parts to be posted daily quite a while ago, so they can't be changed because they're already done.

      In fact, I'm posting last part today.

  2. Good story so far, but it's a pity this is the older form you selected for that very cute girl in part 1. Not pretty at all, specially with that mouth. Also, I'm sure the ethnicity doesn't match. She's also obviously not a teenager in high school.
    I see the story continues, so I hope you improve her final form a bit.