Monday, April 20, 2015

School Wishes (Part 2)

You're all aware I've been semi-retired lately.

That doesn't mean I've left for good, and in fact I've been working on several projects for the blog. Slowly, yes, but that's better than nothing.

However, there are certain times when an idea gets hold of me so strongly, I have to do it instantly. That was what happened when Ageiss sent her entry for this month competition, School Wishes. I liked it so much, I needed to continue it myself. With her permission, of course.

So here we are.

Previous story: Part 1

Follow ups: Part 3


  1. Wow, great entry. It's good to see you adding more of your stuff to the site again. Certainly didn't expect you to be carrying on with one of our entries. Of course, considering the open arena that Ageiss has started, this is quite apropos. Kinda wonder if you or anyone else will be continuing with this setting.

    On a note unrelated to this story, I'm not that surprised that one of the girls at that school was wishing to be Elsa. I know Frozen is an amazing film and I personally like it quite a lot, but I think some people are getting more obsessed about it than warranted. I mean, if there's a sequel or TV series coming out, I could understand it, but a stand-alone movie, even a terrific one, doesn't need this much attention.

    1. Slight amendment, just learned that there IS a Frozen sequel coming out. Not surprising, still no sign of a TV series. But my fan obsession argument still is valid.

  2. Thanks, BLZBub.

    Yes, maybe I'll add another part later, but first I want to complete a stand alone story that just occurred to me and that again suddenly takes importance over everything else.