Monday, April 6, 2015

The Reversion - Radio Change

Here's a treat for you all!

Bela04, who previously collaborated with me in the creation of A Few Reversed Lives. has now made another great comic: The Reversion - Radio Change (by clicking it, you'll open it on PDF)

This time, Bela has tweaked the rules of the universe a bit, making it into something quite new and interesting!

You can check all of Bela's great work in this DeviantArt page.

And thanks again for this cool piece!


  1. All these Reversion stories just remind me you haven't updated Part 2 in far too long. No pressure, I understand your predicament all to well most likely. But since I'm posting here, I just have to ask you what your policy is towards allowing others to use your universe? Is it simply a matter of properly accrediting you and following the established rules or would you rather have oversight via email or whatever?

    I'm asking this because I've really be captured by the lore over these months and have really thought about writing a full transformation story set in the universe at some point in the future. I guess I'm just asking now so I would have a clear picture on where you stand.


    1. I'd love to see other authors' take on the universe, as Bela has.

      You don't need to e-mail for oversight, but it would be fun if you tell me your ideas. Interaction with other writers often sparks my interest in making more things myself.