Sunday, October 2, 2016

Premature Maturation - Part I

This story holds a special place for me. It is the longest, most complex material I've written for this genre of fiction, and it'll probably be one of my last significant contributions before I retire from writing for the blog.

As I've explained before, the genesis of this story was my frustration when they apparently stopped the making of the announced Age Transformation motion picture Premature Maturation. Angry at the waste of potential, I decided to make my own version of what I wished this story could be.

Since the film had been described by its producers as akin to The Hangover, I drew my inspiration for this from that film. You will probably recognize some of its beats, yet I believe this to be among my most original works.

The reason for that is that edgier than usual for me. There are many themes and styles here that I've never dared use before, but which I believe are necessary for a story based on a R-rated raunchy film. Don't go in expecting this to be extremely hardcore either, though. It is still my version of the story, and as such, there are things I don't believe should happen on this genre.

The project ended up being longer than I anticipated, and I know most of you wouldn't read it in just one go. Since the story is kind of and adventure thriller, featuring some ongoing mysteries from the very first part, I decided I wanted to serialize it, so that the reading experience would mimic those mysteries. You'll notice each part is still quite long, anyway.

That length and complexity means that I, a non-English speaker, had more difficulties than usual writing this. I want to thank BLZBub, who helped me correct many of my typos. I'm sorry I never learned enough English to give you the quality you deserve.

Speaking about limitations, you should know that the bane of my time on this blog was finding the right pictures for each story. It's really quite difficult to find proper pictures that will completely match every detail I put in writing (though I do my best to try). In the case of this particular story, it was impossible, not just hard. You'll notice some pictures are inconsistent (in this first part alone, there's a swimsuit that changes color on each picture). Please, understand and accept that those things are bound to happen and don't give me hell over it. I work with what I have. You readers, work with what you have, which is imagination.

On a slightly related note -because I've received some criticism over it on past stories- the measurements I use for the characters are usually the same ones that are reported for the models that represent them. So if one of them looks different than I said, blame her agency as a liar, not me. Use your imagination, again, and pretend she IS as described on the story. The text is the information that really matters, and if the picture seems to contradict it, it's because I wasn't able to find a better one.

I don't remember having anything else to say, other than to thank every one of you who bothers to read this -especially if you leave me something in the comments. A discussion of the story, speculation about future parts, even polite criticism isn't just welcome, but necessary to me since I invested a lot of time in sharing this with you. I think I was a bit of an attention seeker as a little girl, and I've obviously haven't outgrown that phase yet (maybe that's really why I enjoy AP stories?). So feed my ego a bit, and I might remember that I have some fun in here after all.

Without any further ado, and hoping you enjoy the ride, Welcome to Las Vegas.

Wednesday – 9:07 am.

“You must be literally the only person in the world who goes for a vacation to Vegas and brings a big fat book,” said Mrs. Robbie after glancing at the rearview mirror of her van.

She was talking to her daughter Felicia, who was reading an enormous leather-bound book in the backseat. The girl finished a couple of lines before raising her head and answering matter-of-factly.

“I’m 11, Mom. Grandma says Vegas is fun for adults only, so I doubt there’ll be much for me to do there. That’s why she let me borrow this book from her house. Besides, it’s not a real vacation for us. We’re only along for your get-together because you had nowhere else to leave us.”

“Come on, you’re being very close-minded. I understand children can’t have the most fun there, but there’s still a change of air. And there’s a pool!”

Felicia shrugged and went back to the book.

“Why aren’t you wearing your reading glasses?”

“Because I’m not reading at all,” said Felicia, still starting intently at the pages.

Her mother scoffed. Felicia could be quite difficult sometimes, thought Mrs. Robbie, before thinking of another argument.

“So, if this trip is so boring, then why did Tanya want to come?”

“Tanya wanted to come because she doesn’t want to be here when her parents get divorced, that’s all,” answered Felicia without even taking her eyes away from the book. “But you’re right, with her along, things will be much more fun for us. Especially for David.”

This time, Felicia did look beyond her book and smiled mischievously in the direction of her 12-year-old brother. He had remained silent since they had boarded the van, but now he blushed intensely and yelled more loudly than he intended.

“I don’t know what you mean! She’s your friend, not mine,” and he avoided his sister’s gaze.

“Come on, it’s pretty obvious you’ve got a huge crush on her. But don’t worry, I’m not telling her. But I doubt she hasn’t noticed…”

“I don’t have a crush on anyone!” protested David.

“Felicia, please don’t bully him,” said Mrs. Robbie from the front seat, though she smiled quietly. It wasn’t like she hadn’t noticed her little man had his first crush.

The van pulled in front of a house and another young girl got in after kissing her mother, who was waiting at the door and waved at Mrs. Robbie. The girl put her two bags in the rear seat and smiled to the driver before getting in.

“Thank you so much for letting me come with you, Mrs. Robbie.”

“No problem, Tanya. I hope you have some fun with us.”

It wasn’t very surprising that David was taken with her, thought the woman. Tanya was the classic middle-school princess, her manners sweet and her looks prim, with her blonde hair always neatly arranged. Mrs. Robbie thought the girl couldn’t be more different from her own daughter, at times untidy and a bit of an oddball, and she couldn’t understand how Felicia and Tanya were best friends since kindergarten. Nevertheless, they seemed to still care a lot about each other, and she hoped they wouldn’t be forced apart by high school politics, when Tanya’s popularity could easily translate into a bitchy attitude she still didn’t have. After all, Felicia probably would need a friend like her in order to survive the traumatic teenage years an unconventional girl was bound to go through.

Indeed, the air changed with her arrival. As soon as Tanya put on her seatbelt and they resumed their trip, Felicia closed her book and started talking with her. Mrs. Robbie couldn’t help but also glimpse at David, who had become quite red when Tanya greeted him and only looked in her direction when she couldn’t see him.

David had known Tanya ever since all three of them were very young. She was 12 right now, closer in age to him than to his sister, but she had started school late, and thus she had always been in the same class as Felicia. Growing up, David never had any problems talking and playing with Tanya, until very recently, when he had started noticing girls. And one exciting yet distressing day, he had discovered that, for him, Tanya was the girl. Since then, being around her had become much more difficult.

So the idea of spending a few days in her company was both thrilling and terrifying. Maybe he could use this time to learn to be more relaxed in her presence.

However, he still hadn’t said a word when her mother stopped at a gas station an hour later.

“Will you finally tell me everything?,” asked Tanya when Mrs. Robbie went to buy a few drinks at the station store.

“It’s too silly. You’re going to laugh,” said Felicia.

“Come on! You promised me you would explain later! What is your mother’s trip all about?”

“Okay... You see, back when she was at college she had planned a graduation trip with her best friend, Monica. The two of them would spend three consecutive days at Vegas without stop.”

Tanya laughed out loud. She couldn’t imagine Mrs. Robbie partying at all.

“I told you it was really silly.”

“No, I think it’s too cute that your Mom is doing this. So, what happened?”

“Monica suddenly found out she had become pregnant and she and my mom had to cancel their plans. And for some reason they decided to revive the idea this year, except now the two of them are stuck with children, so things have changed a bit.”

“I guess, or my mother wouldn’t have let me come with you.”

“Yeah, it’ll only be one day now. And we’ll be staying at Monica’s, because she lives in Nevada, very close to Las Vegas. And during their day out we’ll have a babysitter,” explained Felicia with obvious annoyance. “After that, it’s supposed to turn into a familial holiday after their little escapade, though I’m not sure what you can do at Vegas with kids.”

“Oh, there’s lot of things! It’s not all casinos and nightclubs, you know. There’s a huge M&M store, and medieval dinners, and zoos, and there’s that wax museum where they have Katy Perry and The Avengers…”

Obviously Tanya had researched for fun things to do, thought Felicia with a sigh.

“Anyway, they might be too… “wasted” after their day out and they won’t take us anywhere,” she suggested, taking her dark hair away from her face. “What we should do is convince the sitter to let us do something fun on the meantime. Or else, we might slip something in her food to make her sleep and…”

“Oh, don’t you dare,” said Tanya with a shiver, because she never was completely sure when her friend was being serious. “Anyway, those sitters from Vegas might be used to troublemaking kids, so we shouldn’t…”

“Right, but it’s not a professional sitter at all. There’s no need, you see. Monica’s daughter will take care of us. She’s 15 and very responsible,” said Felicia in a good imitation of her mother.

David scoffed. It was the first sound he had made since Tanya had arrived.

“I mean…” he said when the girls looked at him. “15 isn’t that old. She’s only three years older than me!”

“Yes, but three teenage years are a lot,” said Mrs. Robbie, who had just arrived with the drinks. “And I know for a fact she’s a very well-behaved lady. Now drink these before they get hot.”

Friday – 6:48 pm.

“Come on, they will be fine,” insisted Monica. “They’re all quite big already. Tonight is for us.”

“You can go without a worry, Mrs. Robbie. I’ll take care of them, rest assured,” promised Monica’s daughter, Joy, a disarming smile on her face.

Mrs. Robbie looked at the girl. Maybe 15 wasn’t old enough for a babysitter after all. Plus, Joy had turned out to be a smaller girl than Mrs. Robbie had imagined, and she looked much younger than her age. Still, she seemed as mature as her mother promised, and Monica had said she had already cared for some of the neighbors’ children.

“I’m sure you will, darling. It’s just… you know. Doesn’t feel very responsible on my part. Especially at Vegas…”

“The house isn’t technically in Vegas, you know,” said Felicia and everyone was startled. Nobody had noticed she had been sitting on the kitchen all this time. “Go and have your fun, mom.”

The woman nodded and kissed her daughter on her head. She took her purse, adjusted her party dress, and walked towards the door along with a very eager Monica. Before going out, though, she bended in Joy’s direction and whispered in her ear.

“Be especially careful with Felicia. She’s… well, she sometimes can find trouble. For others, more than for herself. And mind Tanya. She’s very quiet, but I promised her mother I would care for her, and I don’t want her to be a victim to Felicia’s schemes. As for David… He never gets in trouble, so he won’t give you a problem.”

Joy smiled and nodded, but rolled her eyes as soon as the two women were gone. She was sure she could take care of three children, and they weren’t even that young. She turned and saw David stretched over the couch, watching TV.

The boy looked at his babysitter. He was still trying to decide if he found her attractive or not. At his age, every teenager girl seemed very bigger-than-life to him, but in truth, Joy didn’t look her 15 years. She was still quite short and skinny, barely three inches taller than him. She kept her blondish brown hair wavy and lose, and had a face that was undeniably among the cutest he had seen, but a far cry from the more mature features he was starting to find appealing on older girls. She was also quiet and understated, much like he was. In truth, he would probably have developed a crush on her if his full attention hadn’t been on Tanya.

“So, your mother tells me you’re a very reliable young man,” she said, sitting next to him on the couch.

He immediately straightened himself, but he didn’t answer. David didn’t like being talked down like a baby by someone not fully three years older than he was. Luckily, his silence was saved by the entrance of Tanya, who sat at his other side, as always seemingly oblivious to the effect she caused on him. He just hoped Joy wouldn’t notice his ears were burning.

Suddenly, the TV screen went black. Joy got up and tried to turn on the ceiling lamp, to no avail.

“Damn, a blackout,” she said lowly. “This isn’t frequent. Shouldn’t last long, anyway.”

“Besides, I think it’s much more fun like this, don’t you?” said Felicia.

Everyone was startled by her yet again. Nobody had noticed her walking into the dark living room, but now she was sitting on the spot Joy had just emptied on the couch. David also noticed that Tanya had taken his shoulder and gotten much closer to him. He suddenly remembered she didn’t like darkness too much. His heart beating fast, he was very grateful that they couldn’t see his face with the lights off.

“Okay,” agreed Joy sitting on the floor in front of them. “We’ll do something fun until energy comes back, then. Any ideas of what can we do?”

Saturday – 10:05 am.

David woke up very slowly, feeling extremely groggy. In fact, he thought he never had been so tired in the morning in his entire life. Light was streaming vastly through a window. It was obviously quite late.

Sluggishly, he became aware of an odd feeling. He had awakened with an erection, he realized with certain embarrassment. That in itself wasn’t unusual. It had happened on several mornings during the last few months. But this time, its sensation was different. Much more powerful than it had ever been. Also, the breeze around his body told him he had gone to bed stark naked, something he definitely had never done before.

Still absent-mindedly, he lowered his hands toward his crotch. Then he became aware of several alarming things at once and he suddenly felt very awake.

For one, he had somehow become huge overnight. He felt as if he was handling a cucumber. He quickly looked down in that direction, past the defined six-pack that he now displayed on his abs. Indeed, his privates had become surprisingly large, not to mention quite hairy.

He got up hastily, almost jumping out of the bed, and examined himself. By some means, incredibly, he was in the body of a fully-grown man. He felt tall, though he wasn’t sure how much, and he sported a fairly athletic build. He wondered if he had been swapped into the body of someone he knew or a complete stranger.

He had been so shocked by his own changes that he had just now registered he wasn’t in his own bedroom at Monica’s, but in a large unknown one, and had been sleeping in a king-sized bed… and he wasn’t alone either.

Splayed over the mattress, was an incredibly gorgeous blonde woman wearing nothing but her underwear. At that sight, his erection grew even more, if that was possible, and suddenly he felt very mortified. He looked at the floor and found female clothes and also men’s briefs which he quickly put on to hide his aroused privates.

Maybe because of the racket he had made when he got up, the woman had started to stir on the bed. David, startled, shrank against the wall as much as his huge shoulders would let him. What should he tell her? Would she have suspicions that her… (who had he become, her husband, her lover, whatever?) wasn’t really who he seemed to be? He was sure he could just grunt and nod at her for a while, but how long could he go on pretending after that? He didn’t even know her name.

He just froze there.

Saturday – 10:08 am.

Tanya stretched over the sheets, feeling strangely exhausted, yet content. There was something on the back of her mind that she couldn’t remember, though she desperately tried to hold on to the memories. But it was to no avail. It slipped away like so many dreams do in the morning.

She abruptly noticed a presence on the room and she sat over the bed with a start, immediately seeing a half-naked man looking at her. She yelled as loud as she could.

“Joy! Someone! There’s a guy in my room!”

The man jumped desperately and signaled her to be quiet, but she had stopped screaming by an altogether different reason. Her voice!

She placed her hands over her throat. Even that action felt different. Slowly, both her fingers and her gaze travelled down her body. Her first major discovery was at her chest, not only covered by a colorful bikini top, but containing breasts.

Actual, real, breasts. Not the small adolescent boobs she sometimes wondered if she would wake up one morning to find, but heavy, round, and, by most accounts, large enough mammaries. Her heart was beating so fast, she felt like her whole left breast was vibrating.

The rest of her figure presented a similar status. A skinny waist gave way to wider hips and shapely legs. It was immediately obvious to her that she wasn’t inhabiting her own body, but that of a fully-grown woman, albeit not a very old one, judging by the youthful state of her physique.

The man in front of her seemed to be confused. She didn’t want to have to explain to him that she had seemingly taken the body of his girlfriend, but she had no choice. Despite the fact that she had just realized she had been transported to a different location, she couldn’t help but call for her babysitter again.


“Please, don’t scream!” he whispered urgently. “And what do you mean? What’s a “joy”?”

“She’s the girl who was taking care of me. I’m not… I’m not this person,” she gestured down at herself.

“You’re not? Wait… Did you say, Joy? What’s your name?”

“I’m Tanya,” said the scared blonde woman.

David couldn’t believe it.

“Oh, my… Are you… Tanya? It’s me, David! I also woke up like this!”

“Da-David? What happened to us?”

David shook his head and looked at her again. He couldn’t believe this woman was really Tanya inside. Or maybe that explained why he found her so attractive. But… Was the woman Tanya only on the inside or the outside too? Now that he looked at her, he could find a few similarities.

“You do look a bit like Tanya”

“I… I do?” she asked, touching her face. “Wait, I have to see myself.”

He offered her a large hand and she got up with certain difficulty. She was a bit shorter than himself, but while his shape was square, hers was more sinuous, which maybe explained why she was moving so wobbly. Everything stuck out, and both her backside and her breasts fought to pull her down.

She looked around at the unknown room.

“It seems to me like we’re in a hotel. That door must be a bathroom.”

They walked together in the direction she was pointing and indeed they found themselves in a restroom, one with a very large mirror over the basin where they faced their reflections.

“Wow,” they both said at the same time.

They hadn’t been swapped into stranger’s bodies, as they had assumed at first. They were still themselves, only their preteen bodies had suddenly developed into their young adult versions.

Tanya was now a woman in her early twenties, by the looks of it. With the added advantages of a satisfactory puberty, her face was still as cute as always but had also graduated to sexy, with angular features, full lips, and shapely lashes and eyebrows that she didn’t have before. She was also wearing heavy makeup. Her blonde hair wasn’t as neat as she usually wore it, and was a bit disheveled after waking up, but it actually increased her allure, as it added a wilder air to her still innocent look.

Then there was her statuesque body. Tanya had already peeked at it while on bed, but now she could fully see how harmonious her hourglass-like curves were, and she turned around to see her bountiful buttocks on the mirror. She hadn’t glanced at them earlier, but she had felt their pronounced sway as she walked to the bathroom.

David seemed to be some years older than her, maybe past thirty, and the changes were every bit as radical. Unlike Tanya’s, his face was almost unrecognizable as his own. The little boy was gone, replaced by a man with a strong jaw and handsome features. He had sprouted a bit of a beard, and when he touched it, he was surprised to see how thick and scratchy his facial hair was. His haircut was also different, and the hair was darker.

His body was as chiseled as his face. His arms and pectorals felt gigantic to him, and he turned to see a very wide back. Even his feet were enormous to him, and his knuckles were like large olives. His armpits had grown hair, and also smelled a little, as he noticed when he approached his face to it.

“How can something like this possibly happen?” he asked. Until then, he had only talked in whispers, and he was surprised about his gruff, manly voice. His Adam’s apple had grown so much, it felt like it would burst from his throat.

“I don’t know. It is incredible,” said Tanya, hefting her breasts again.

“Do you think it’s just us? Maybe it happened to the others.”

Tanya let go of her largest physical alteration and looked at him.

“We should find them.”

Saturday – 10:14 am.

Felicia opened her eyes. She thought she had heard some yelling but it was over now. She was usually an early riser, and thus she was very surprised when she saw the bright numbers on the digital clock. They were the only thing that glowed; the drapes on the windows were down.

She realized she was looking at the clock from the carpeted floor, where she had been sleeping. The bed, unfamiliar to her, was beside her. Wondering why she had spent the night sleeping on the floor in a strange room, she stretched.

Unlike her brother and best friend, Felicia wasn’t groggy at all. She felt completely roused almost instantly, and therefore she realized what had happened to her in under a second. She had also aged up overnight and was physically an adult woman.

Dark hair got over her eyes, slightly longer than she had ever worn it. The other thing that caught her attention, a far more conspicuous one, were her humungous breasts. They were larger than Tanya’s, but unlike her, Felicia wasn’t wearing a bra, so they just hung there displaying their newfound magnificence. Her nipples felt very big, almost like thumbs poking out of them. Her actual fingers closed around them, and she couldn’t help but squeezing her novel appendages.

Despite knowing she ought to be scared beyond reason, she giggled a bit. She muffled the sound and got up, attesting she at least was wearing panties. Though her room was smaller than David and Tanya’s, it had a mirror on the opposite wall, and she walked right towards it, not even bothering about turning the lights on.

This time, no amount of self-control could silence her chuckles. She had reason to be pleased, for puberty had done right by her. While for Tanya it had improved what was already good, maturity had shifted Felicia’s face beyond recognition. Those were still her green eyes, and she could recognize the mischievous grin, but never in her wildest dreams could she have guessed her average preteen features would ever morph into those of a woman as sexy as she now was. Completely gone were each of her once abundant freckles, and her lips had fleshed out as much as her cheekbones had slimmed in.

Her figure had also transformed vastly, beyond the prominent eruption of breasts. She was remarkably toned, as her supple arms, legs and muscly stomach could prove. She was wearing a flower-shaped diamond stud on her navel, which made her feel strangely satisfied. It didn’t hurt, but when she touched it, it stung a bit, as if it had been pierced there recently.

She was startled when someone knocked on her door. She instinctively put her arms over her breasts to protect them from view.

“Is someone in there?” asked a woman’s voice. “Felicia? Joy?”

“Wait a second!” yelled the brunette, her own voice emerging throatier and more mature than she would have guessed.

She looked around hastily. She didn’t want to open the door in her topless state. There was a messy mountain of clothes over the bed, among them lingerie. She put on a large brassiere, labeled 30H, and a pair of almost translucent leggings.

She hurried to open the door and found herself facing a good-looking, muscular man, and a gorgeous blonde woman.

“David? Tanya?” she asked in disbelief, though she had instantly known who they were.

“Sis, is that you?” questioned back the man, his wide as saucers.

“What the hell is going on here?” said Felicia, though she was smiling broadly. To her, this all sounded like an interesting adventure.

The other two entered into the room, turned on the lights this time, and sat on the bed in front of the standing Felicia. They kept examining each other and themselves for several minutes, still dumbfounded.

Felicia noticed she had become quite tall, and that Tanya was now shorter than she was, her head coming around Felicia’s eye level. In turn, she was near three inches shorter than her brother, but since David seemed to have grown into quite a hefty man, Felicia reasoned she was still taller than average.

“Where are we? Is Joy in here?” she asked after a while, still flattening her nose and probing her changed face in front of her reflection. She then placed her hands behind her head and fluffed out her denser hair.

“This is some kind of hotel suite,” answered Tanya. “Two bedrooms. But we already checked, and Joy isn’t here.”

“Do you think she did this to us?” wondered David.

“I don’t know, but to what avail?” reasoned Felicia. “Besides, I don’t think she would do something like this. Remember, she’s a very responsible young lady.” This time, possessing an adult voice, her mother’s impression was spot on.

“I think we should try calling her,” said Tanya, holding her own cellphone. “Luckily, this was on my bedside table.”

They all waited eagerly for Joy to pick up at her home, but nobody answered.

“Try her mobile,” proposed David.

“I don’t have that number.”

Fuck. I have a feeling we are in trouble,” realized Felicia. Suddenly, the adventure wasn’t all fun. How were they going to explain THIS to her mother?

She then noticed her companions were staring at her.


“You just swore quite loudly…” said Tanya, and despite the fact that she was wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini which revealed most of her nubile body, she managed to still sound as innocent as always as she smiled shyly and played nervously with her hair.

“Did… did I?” asked Felicia. “Sorry, I didn’t notice it. Anyway, we’re grown-ups. We can swear all we want.”

“But we’re not really grown-ups, that’s the point,” said David. “I think we should try and find out how this happened.”

“What really puzzles me is the fact that we’re at this hotel. That should be our starting point,” opined Felicia.

“Really? That puzzles you more than the fact that we’re about twice or thrice our actual age?” wondered Tanya, gesturing wildly towards her own body “What just happened to us is impossible!”

“Yeah, well… it’s not really impossible since it did happen,” reasoned Felicia. “So we have to assume that some kind of magic really exists in the world that allowed us to go through this… premature maturation. But even then, why are the three of us in a different place from where we started, dressed differently…? We have to assume something happened between our mysterious growth spurt and our awakening in here. It’s just… I can’t remember it. Yet… there’s something.”

“Yes, I feel it too. Something I can’t put my finger on. But the last thing I remember clearly is the blackout, and all of us sitting together at Joy’s living room,” said David, and both women nodded in agreement.

“Then maybe the magic erased our memories?” suggested Felicia.

But Tanya and David were looking at each other.

“Maybe you should see this, sis,” he said and got up.

He led her out of the bedroom, to the suite’s lounge, which was a mess. The most striking feature were the many bottles of beer and other assorted liquors. A good deal of them were empty.

“Oh. Looks like someone got wasted,” said Felicia.

David nodded.

“My theory fits with yours. I think we did transform while we were still awake, and aware. But then maybe we got a bit too excited. Tried on a few things during the night, and drank lots of… uhm… this. No wonder we won’t remember a thing.”

Felicia didn’t seem completely convinced.

“Perhaps, but… It’s just liquor. I get it can mess with our heads, but this is practically complete amnesia. I’m not sure what amount of alcohol can do that to you.”

“Maybe our bodies are still kiddie inside?” shrugged Tanya. “We couldn’t handle all of that.”

“Yeah, maybe, but I don’t know. This transformation seems quite total, so why wouldn’t we have the tolerance of real adults?” Felicia decided to drop that question. “Well, in any case, the alcohol thing is what fits better with the facts we’ve seen. And also explains something else.”


“Why my mouth tastes like I’ve thrown-up. After this, I probably have.”

Suddenly, all three of them felt very sweaty and dirty.

“We should try and wash ourselves a bit. Then we have to start looking for answers.”

“There’s only two bathrooms,” said Tanya.

“You two can go first,” offered Felicia. “I’ll try to look for more clues while you do.”

David had seen a razor on the bathroom of the large room, so he went to that one. He had never shaved in his life, but he thought he wanted to trim his beard a bit. If he had to face his mother as a man, at least he wanted to look more presentable.

Despite how bizarre it felt to suddenly shave, everything came quite naturally to him. He didn’t even cut himself, which was his fear, though he didn’t completely dispose of the beard, just made it much neater.

Then he turned the shower on and slipped down his underwear. His new large manhood greeted him again. His erection had only subdued a bit in the last few minutes, but as he looked at it, all progress vanished before his very eyes. He wondered if this would be his permanent state from now on, because his legs were starting to get tired.

As he got into the water, he decided he had to do something about it. He grabbed it timidly and started to stroke it as he had done sometimes with his younger, smaller version. His mind was immediately filled with images of beautiful women, most of them from TV. Then he thought about her longtime crush.

Automatically, his mind wandered at first to the familiar, 12-years-old Tanya, but he didn’t find her much interesting. She was a cute girl, but she was just a kid for him now. Obviously, his attractions had aged along with his body.

David turned his thoughts to the grown Tanya, who right now was showering nearby, probably exploring her own curvy body, hopefully thinking about him…

He felt a powerful release like nothing he had ever experienced before. If this was how being a real man felt, he pitied every preteen boy.

His rush calmed down and the rest of the shower was much more uneventful, though he used it to further explore his growth. He came out of the water feeling relaxed, and his hard-on was finally gone, at least for the moment. His privates were still large at rest, but now submissive, and he was sure he could now control them rather than being controlled by it.

He also felt clean and ready to go out if the need arose, and he put on the brand new boxers he had found among the bundle of clothes.

Tanya also came out of the bathroom feeling fresher, even comfortable in her hotel bathrobe. She examined herself closely in the mirror, still not used at all to the face that was reflected back.

As distressing as her situation undoubtedly was, she couldn’t deny a part of it pleased her. She had always considered herself pretty, and she had consciously decided not to be conceited about it because, after all, it was just luck she had been born with looks. Still, there had always been some amount of hidden vanity in her that right now was threatening to emerge.

She searched the room for something to wear. Some of the clothes were in Felicia’s new size, but others had been clearly purchased with Tanya’s adult body in mind.

She put on a silky white top, enjoying its feeling over her skin. She liked it, but wondered if she would go with that choice… there were so many pretty things to wear! But she thought her gorgeous face had looked even better when it was made-up, and since it had washed with her shower, she started looking for lipstick and eyeshadow around the room.

When she finally was ready, Tanya thought she had done a good job. At almost the same time, the robust form of David came out of the room, also wearing new underclothes and, his bulge still noticeable but less raging than earlier. She noticed she was staring and she blushed at the thought and looked away, turning to Felicia instead.

Her friend was still wearing the same black bra, but had put on some jeans and shoes that looked to Tanya impossible to walk in. She was rearranging the couch’s cushions, obviously still looking for something.

“Have you guys seen my reading glasses? It think it’s weird I didn’t bring them with me.”

“No, sorry,” said Tanya. “Did you find anything else, though?”

“Not exactly. At least not something that explains anything significant. But I got to think. We have a good deal of clothes. I also found money. Whatever happened after we transformed, we needed something to wear, so I bet the first thing we did was buying all of this. And some of the clothes still have their price tags!”

“Good thinking!” said David approvingly.

Tanya grabbed the top that Felicia had thrown in her direction. She read the name of the store, “Anancy’s” from the tag and took out her phone again.

Though unused to her long nails, her fingers still typed expertly, looking for the place on the browser. She quickly found its location on the map, and also checked her current location on the GPS.

“We’re at… the Luxor. Hey, the store is quite close!”

“It’s a long shot, but maybe they know something?,” suggested David. “It’s the only place we know we were after leaving Joy’s.”

“That’s the plan then. It’s… 11:09 now. We have about 12 more hours before Mom and Monica come back to the house. That’s how long we have to find Joy and hopefully fix this,” she gestured down to her developed body.

 They all exchanged nervous glanced, but ended nodding bravely.

“Ok, my turn to take a shower. Don’t worry, I won’t take as long as you two.”

Felicia didn’t make good on her promise. After all, there was plenty to explore. In fact, in her case, more than plenty.

That left David seating alone next to Tanya for a significant amount of time. He thought she was looking very pretty, even though she wasn’t in a revealing swimsuit any more. She was wearing a simple, yet form-fitting blue blouse and black short pants that let him glance at her long legs. Her hair was neatly brushed once again, and her red lips and dark eye liner looked quite appealing on her, as did her large hoop earrings.

He was still uncomfortable, but he suddenly noticed he had been able to talk and function normally around her all morning. Maybe growing into a man had done something for his confidence. Though he wasn’t very sure of that any more after she brought up the subject he had been dreading.

“Er… David. Did you… Did you wake up in that bed next to me?”

He didn’t know what to say. Even if he had wanted to downright lie, his expression and red face told her everything. At least, she didn’t know he had been naked in there.

“Do you think… Do you think we…?”

David wanted to be swallowed by the couch.

“I honestly don’t know. I just found myself there.”

She nodded and gulped. Luckily, Felicia just got out of the bathroom at that moment. She looked fresh and happy in her new lingerie.

“Wow. That was a really good shower, wasn’t it? I must say this body has more perks than not.”

She said it without looking ashamed in the least, but both Tanya and David went red and looked away.

“So, what have you two been up to?” asked Felicia, putting on her clothes over her underwear right then and there.

“Nothing,” both of them answered at once.

Before Felicia could reply, though, Tanya was on her feet.

“We should hurry.”

“What is that for?” asked Felicia, for Tanya had taken a very large bag with her.

“Oh, this? Well, we did buy a lot of things. It’d be a pity to leave them lying around in here. What if we’re stuck like this? We’re going to need them.”

Felicia rolled her eyes, but she grabbed a bag of her own and started picking up her new clothes.


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    1. Thanks for your feedback.

      I've talked about the scope of the story, but it's more about its length and the scale of their journey than the size of the cast. There will be more characters, but don't expect more main ones.

      When I first drafted the story I wondered how many kids would I use, and I decided to copy the number of characters directly from The Hangover, since that's the structure Premature Maturation was supposed to have. This also allows me to keep each character actively involved in the plot and not having spare ones.

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