Sunday, February 15, 2015

READER'S ENTRY: Babysitting Jealousy

Ageiss had already posted her submission for this month's category in the shape of the short story "Babyteasing."

Anyway, yesterday she mailed me a new one, which is a sort of follow up to her January story, "Belt."

Babysitting Jealousy
by Ageiss

Previous stories: Belt

Follow ups: Reversed SpellGypsy MagicToo Much ShiftingFinally EqualsUndone, Playing With Forces You Don't Understand, Evil Plan, Unchained Powers, A Merger, Closure


  1. Oh wow, I really, Really like this one.
    I adore stories about younger sisters outgrowing their older siblings, especially when at least one party is aware of the change.

    Just wish it were a bit longer. Oh, well. Still really good.

    1. If you liked it, you can follow these sisters' adventures in the numerous sequels. Just click on each follow-up.