Tuesday, January 19, 2016


So Ageiss has finished her monthly storyline, and she's got a short message to share.

"It really was a coincidence that I was able to post the last part of this story exactly one year after I send my very first.

When it started, it was supposed to be a one-shot story, and I never knew it was going anywhere. Even as I continued, it never had a definite place to go, so it's a wonder I was even able to give it any kind of closure, hence my choice of a title. I believe most plotlines did close in some manner.
It was a very convulsed story line because of the way it was conceived, and in a way I'm glad it's over. I'll also miss it, mind you.
And thank you if you've been following it!"


by Ageiss



  1. I've been waiting a long time for the conclusion of this story and I was not disappointed with what we got. Karma has been dealt out properly to everyone and there are still some interesting transformations involved.

    Bianka wasn't a major part, but she deserved getting her youth restored and benefiting from it.

    Irena definitely got a lucky break with her new body, even if she isn't any more extraordinary than her sister or the other sisters.

    It's a little strange that Isabella ultimately got her own body back, though considerably upgraded. It's rather appropriate though and I think she'll use it for much better ends than Geraldine.

    Geraldine started this whole thing by stealing one sister's body, now she is going to jail in the other sister's body. At least she's completely removed as a threat without her intelligence. Not that I expect her to reform so quickly.

    The Gypsy was a very valued ally and she earned her restored youth as much as Bianka did.

    Shannon and Gwen's parents have been locked out of the loop, but at least they accept their daughters even though how radically they've changed and it looks like they'll be enjoying their new youth as well.

    Gwen is a very impressive woman now. Unlike the original Role Exchanger, she can change people without having to exchange traits and she is actually capable of changing reality itself. A very considerable power but she's proven herself worthy.

    Shannon, the girl who started this story in the first place, did extremely well. I wasn't sure if she'd still be a man or not by the time this was over, but it looks like she'll have the best of both worlds. She'll definitely be putting her intellect to better use than Geraldine. Not to mention a gorgeous girlfriend in Irena.

    I like how this thing has gone full cycle, even mentioning the belt from the first part of this. How fortunate it was that you were able to get this up on the one year anniversary of the first part. It's very tidy and fitting. I doubt we'll see such a long story again since there aren't going to be any themes with the readers' entries, but in this case, the lack of theme helped you complete this story without having to force it into another theme. You've done a terrific job with this story and I'm glad you were able to end it the way you wanted.

    1. Thank you so much for your response!

      Indeed, I tried to close everything I could. Even the inclusion of the mother, who wasn't a very important character through the story, is a callback to the beginnings.

      Back in the first part, the only two characters who appeared were Shannon and her mother. She kind of disappeared in the background from there on, but I thought it would be nice if we could finally see her.


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