Monday, January 19, 2015


Last night I received the first two submissions for this month's Reader's Entries.

One of them needs a few details to be fixed, so here's "Belt", by the great Ageiss.

You might not know her, but she's been my collaborator on this blog for about a year now, discussing new ideas with me and helping me improve mine. Nevertheless, this is the first time she's written a full story, and I'm glad she's decided to share it!

I hope she serves as inspiration for the rest of you: she has no idea how to make the caption graphic, but she found the images and wrote the story and I gladly put them together for her. I can do the same for any of you if you mail me the material.

by Ageiss

Keep sending stuff, all of you!

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  1. (Writing this before actually reading this story, because I want to post this and I'm not sure I'll have time to do both right now.)

    A few questions about reader submissions:

    Is it alright if I (or anyone else) submit my own entries for the Halloween Party series? Since it's ongoing but seldom updated, and it doesn't really matter what order the chapters go in.

    Assuming the answer to the previous question is yes; how do you feel about anthro animal TFs? You already kind of did non-human TFs for the angel and devil entries; here I'm thinking of a girl coming dressed as, for example, a rabbit or cat, and getting turned first into an adult woman in a classic sexy animal costume, and then into a sexy cat-girl or bunny-girl. (Note there are various extents of anthropomorphization possible here; would you be more comfortable with smaller changes than larger ones?)
    I wouldn't actually mind stopping at the first transformation, personally... it's just that that would kind of violate the whole "turning into what you're dressed as" theme, contradicting Part 1. What do you think?

    Third, how do you feel about breastfeeding in a story? Assuming that the image isn't too graphic that is, if it even depicts it at all; I'm mainly asking about the sexual theme.

    Finally, I'm not sure if I'd want to do this myself, but for the benefit of anyone who would, while I'm on the subject of sexual infantalist themes; how do you feel about reverse birth, i.e. a person regressing to a baby and then returning to the womb? Not necessarily at all graphic; they could just appear to vanish and the woman becomes pregnant.


    1. I'll try to answer everything:

      Yes, Halloween Party isn't so much an ongoing series as an open universe, since it could basically go on and on forever. I never had the intetion of making a finale. What happens but won't be shown is that Laura does transform everyone and the cahnges are permanent by the next day.

      You can post as many Halloween Party stories as you want, as long as they don't go against the month's category. As January's category is "Magic", it would fit you very well.

      I'm not into animal TFs. I've done some non-human transformations, usually into mythical and incredibly powerful, but very human-looking beings (vampires, angels, demons, godesses or aliens).

      You could do one, of course, but yes, I wold be the most comfortable with smaller changes. Maybe ears,claws, tail, eyes, and that king of thing instead of the whole deal. Increased senses are also nice. But you're free to do what you want as long as it's not a racy image.

      Same about reverse birth. Not my thing, but as long as you keep the images and the text classy, I won't forbid them. That applies for breastfeeding too.

      Hope to get something from you soon!

    2. Awesome, thanks. :D One more question, how do you usually go about finding multiple pictures of the same people? Like in your adaptation of "That'll Teach Her" for example.

      Read the "Belt" story now, liked it. As feedback I personally like stories with more emphasis on the transformation, but it was well done and I liked the theme.

    3. It's very hard finding pictures, at least for me, and that's what turns me off when trying to make captions. I can write a bit faster than finding the images that I feel appropiate.

      About "That'll Teach Her", I just got lucky. I accidentally stumbled upon that girl's Instagram account, where she had lots of pictures. She didn't even have her real name on it.

      And that's pretty much what has happened with most long series: luck. I find some picture bank by chance. It's easier when it's a model or an actress, as they usually have more pictures, but I have to confess I prefer it when it's a relatively unknown person. It's just darn difficult.

      About "Belt", the author told me she also wanted to do a transformation process, but she felt it would kill this particular story, as she didn't want to reveal that the girl had done that to herself until the very end.

  2. Now, this one is much better! Way to go!

    I agree that the revelation at the end was unexpected, and the author was right in not spoiling it. Like Nick, I would have loved to see the transformation, though.

    Besides that, it was a great concept. We never stop to think the kind of harm the smaller clothes might do to a growing body. Itwas also well written, and as I said, I liked the ending when we figure out the change was willing.

    Also, unlike the other entry, this one's picture and text feel much "cleaner". Not talking about the quality, but the actual contents. These captions are very sexy without the need of showing trashy images, just like Planet's are.

    I hope we can see a lot more from AGeiss!