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READER'S ENTRY: Chasing Change

Chasing Change
by Ageiss

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with the idea of being transformed. Of becoming something different to who I am. Something better and beautiful, changing my life completely.

As a little girl, I loved movies like The Little Mermaid, and dreamed of a reversal of that situation, where I would become a gorgeous mermaid and start a new life under the sea.

Of course, such a thing never happened, and the closest I got to actually transforming was when puberty hit. But not even that changed me too much. I’m 16 now, but some think I’m younger. I’m short and skinny, with hardly a swell in my chest… or any other curve in my body, for that matter.

But I’m also said to be cute, and I’ve ended up accepting this is who I’ll be forever. I knew my fantasy couldn’t possibly become true. After all, transformations can’t happen in the real world.

Or so was thought until the mysterious alien force known as the Role Exchanger became public. So far, it had appeared over schools, office buildings and malls, swapping the traits of the people present. A lot of the public thought it was a hoax, but I was among the believers. It was my only chance.

I joined a website named Role Exchanger Chasers, where many people like me discussed its latest sightings in the hope of ever finding it.

So far, two users had been lucky: a young black woman had swapped races and become Japanese, while a small girl of about 20 had an instant sex change and now lived as a buff man. It wasn’t the change she had expected, but like many of us she was prepared for anything. She had adapted quite well, and was now engaged to a pretty girl.

As hopeful as I was, I never expected it would be my turn. I was driving home with my 8-year-old sister Michelle when my Chasers app rang.

A new sighting. In my city. It had already affected a few people and reporters were starting to arrive. With shaky fingers, I typed the address on the GPS. My heart beat fast: I was less than five minutes away.

I immediately turned the car around.

“Where are we going, Marjorie?” asked my sister.

“I need to find something before coming home. I’ll explain later.”

I felt a bit guilty about taking her to such a dangerous place, but this was a once in a lifetime chance. I just prayed she could be safe.

I drove around the place. There were a few distant screams. Then I saw it with the corner of my eye: a bright blue light.

I quickly examined the street I was in. there was a hair salon and a restaurant, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw a model’s agency in front of me. There were many worse prospects than being locked in with a few beauty pageants during a Role Exchanger incursion. Sure, I could get unlucky and switch something with an old cleaning lady or the security guard, or something, but chances there were better than practically anywhere else.

“Michelle. I need you to stay in the car for a while. Don’t’ go out! Keep your head down in the backseat. And, above anything else, don’t get close to any person!”

She seemed a bit scared, but I didn’t have much time. I got out of the car and ran towards the agency.

There was a scared-looking woman in a front desk who approached me when I entered, running and out of breath.

“Are you okay, dear?” she asked. “What’s going on out there? A shooting?”

“I’m not sure,” I answered, feigning ignorance. “Maybe...”

“I told the girls they should wait inside. Stay here, you’ll be safer.”

The woman was very kind, in her late thirties and not bad looking at all, but my intended targets were gathered in the dressing room, so that’s where I headed.

There were around thirty scared models gathered there, in various states of dress and make-up. I spotted about three other people who clearly weren’t models. Probably hairdressers, judging from their attire. One of them was even a guy. I kept as much distance as possible between them and myself, finding my way into a crowd of particularly attractive models.

I looked at the clock every few seconds. Time was going slowly, and I was afraid nothing would happen. Maybe the alien would head into a different location.

Then I heard a scream and I was hopeful again. I looked in the direction where it came and saw a very well-endowed girl clasping her breasts as they receded visibly.

“My implants!” she yelled. “They’re vanishing!”

The comparatively flat model next to her also took her hands up as her own chest enlarged rapidly.

“No! My natural boobs! I won’t get any work with these!”

I was dumbfounded. For the first time, I was witnessing my deepest fantasy, though I was still afraid I would get affected. Indeed a lot of people around started changing in desperation, but the minutes passed and nothing seemed to have happened to me.


My heart almost stopped. I turned back and saw my sister walking towards me, looking very pleased to have found me. Obviously, fear had gotten the best of her and she hadn’t been able to stay in the car.

“Michelle, go back!” I yelled in her direction. But it was too late. As she walked in my direction, she was being transformed.

She got a few inches taller, and her hair cascaded down longer and a bit brighter. Her eyes became very green, and her overall features changed unrecognizably. She touched herself, scared. Even her complexion was improving. Finally, she spit her braces into the floor.

“What happened to me, sis?” she asked with a new voice.

Even more than me, my sister had never been anything special in the looks department, though I considered her cute enough. But now, she looked gorgeous. She hadn’t aged, but her beauty and height made her look a bit older, and she was pretty enough to be a tween model. Even her clothes were prettier.

I looked at the formerly attractive model who had obviously exchanged her beauty with Michelle, and who now was a plain woman with braces. I remembered having seen her before and she even had the braid that Michelle now possessed.

“Something is changing people around,” I told Michelle, as she looked at her reflection on a dressing table. “You were lucky this time, but who knows if it might happen to you again. You should return to the car and…”

“Come with me, please,” she said, still very scared.

It was forsaking a lifelong dream, but I couldn’t bear to endanger my sister any further. I took her hand and approached to the door. But just after I started walking, it happened.

The feeling was so overpowering I was immediately thrown out of balance. It felt like something was draining out of me while at the same time something else was pumping inside my body. I had the curious sensation that I was linked to someone else.

Actually, it didn’t took me long to realize I was linked to three different women. I could feel three distinct sets of exchange, and there were three beautiful models in front of me, all of them shrinking a bit.

That realization made me understand I was growing taller. It seemed I was getting a bit of height from each of them, and by the time we were done, I was even taller than any of them had been, while they were almost the same size Michelle had become.

But my height wasn’t the only thing that increased. I could feel mass growing everywhere. My thighs, hips, backside and especially my breasts were all inflating quickly, as even more changes spread through our bodies. It seemed we were exchanging many different traits, and I was becoming an amalgam of the three models in front of me. One of them had chestnut hair not unlike mine, but the other two were platinum blonde, so I ended up with a darker blonde color. I could feel my facial features shifting, and the attractive face that was reflected back at me when I looked at the mirror, had attributes from all three of them. On the other hand, the three models’ faces looked remarkably like mine had. None of them had the generous curves I now had, but that was due to mine being a fusion of theirs.

Of course, going from short and flat to tall and overdeveloped in just over a minute meant my clothes shattered instantly, because unlike Michelle’s, mine weren’t changing. Except for my now very tight panties, I was now stark naked.

That only helped emphasize how much I had grown. I stretched myself up as far as my height would go, and looked down at the smaller-looking dressing room. I towered over everything, and everyone now. I later found out I was six and a half feet tall. I also hadn’t aged and I was still 16, but the mix-up of features from the three adult models made me look older.

I looked down at myself, still not believing my wish had become true in the most perfect of ways. My sister also eyed me in disbelief.

“Maggie? Is that you still?” she asked.

“Yes, Michelle, it’s me,” and I discovered that my voice was as unrecognizable as the rest of me.

“How will we tell this to mom and dad? We both look so different..”

But I notice other people were still transforming, which meant we were still in danger of catching another undesirable change. I picked up a leotard from a clothes rack and I put it on.

Of course, it was still too tight and small for my new frame and it was ridding over my crotch, so I also put on a pair of denim short pants.

“Come on, Michelle, we should head away from here.”

I took her hand and pulled her out of the dressing room.

Once out, I looked at a very attractive woman in the front desk. I recognized the clothes and realized this was the receptionist, except she was younger, thinner and prettier now. She obviously had also swapped traits with at least one of the models.

“Oh, hello there,” she said. She was obviously in a very good mood. “Never seen you before around here. It changed you too, eh?”

I nodded quickly and said I had to go, so I left her there, still patting her body and smiling widely.

Michelle and I walked towards the car. I was amazed at how different I felt. My legs were longer and I felt like it took me forever just to put it up with every step, and then there was the significant movement that came from my rotund posterior, and the jiggling of my breasts, which jumped a couple inches with each long stride. Even my new golden tresses had grown much longer and wavy, unlike my former straight hair, and kept getting in the way of my face, so I had to pull them back. I might sound like I was annoyed, but I was actually still very excited about what had just happened to me.

My sister had left the car’s door unlocked, and I stopped when I noticed a guy was in the front seat, arranging the start cables with the obvious intend to steal my vehicle.

“Sorry, but that’s my car,” I said, much more scared than I sounded.

The thief looked up and down at me with obvious desire, his eyes stopping at my exposed cleavage.

“Well, I’m taking it,” he said, stepping out.

I was much taller than he was, and I was pretty sure I had gained the three model’s athletic abilities, so I was confident I could overpower him. At least until he produced a knife.

“Walk away, little girls.”

But then he gasped and dropped the blade. Then Michelle also gasped and double over. The alien had gotten her again, and I could only pray she wasn’t about to swap something bad with the thief, like his criminal habits, for instance.

But soon it was pretty obvious they were switching ages. The thief was quite young, around his early twenties at the most, and he started to lose his stubble and become gangly and thin.

On the other hand, the girl my sister had become was an early bloomer. Just seconds after the swap started, she had shot up a few winches and was showing signs of development, like small cones pushing below her top.

She removed her pants and her new sweater, revealing a Mickey Mouse blouse underneath. It was quite long, but it was rapidly pulling up, revealing Michelle’s increasingly long and shapely legs.

“Ah! Maggie, it’s happening again!” she said at around 15, and her voice cracked like a teenager’s.

Michelle pulled her blouse down at her crotch, which was probably maturing along with her face, which was angular and as pretty as her younger version had promised.

She grew a bit more as the thief closed on 8, which meant the swap was almost done, but then their clothes started to change along them.

Michelle’s blouse changed into a t-shirt, while Mickey Mouse was replaced by the picture of a model, which looked remarkably like my sister’s aged self. Earrings materialized on her ears as her hair tied itself on a ponytail. The sweater and shorts she had discarded also morphed on the floor

“I think that’s all,” said my now older sister, her voice not creaky any more but adult and low.

We both turned to see the thief, reduced to a crying 8-years-old boy who barely reached my hips.

“Boo!” I yelled, and he screamed and ran away from our view.
I turned back to Michelle, who had picked up the tight shorts and was trying to pull them up her legs and thick behind with some difficulty. She then seized her shoes, which had enlarged to the new size of her feet and sprouted a platform. Then she put on her former sweater, which had transformed into a college jacket.

“Interesting,” she said. “I wonder what this means.”

I looked at her. She had become a gorgeous young woman, thanks to the looks she had exchanged with the model earlier. Of course, she was neither as tall nor as curvy as I was, but I had drained traits from three different women, so I knew few could compare. Still, I could honestly say my sister had become one of the most beautiful women I had seen.

“Are you all right?”

Before answering, she grabbed her new breasts, worked her hands down to her waistline, then her hips, and crouched down to see her reflection on the car’s mirror.

“This is too weird. But I feel great.”

I nodded and looked down at my mammoth chest rising with each breath.

“I understand. Me too.”

“We should head home. We’ve been very lucky so far, but whatever is changing us, can get us again and do something we won’t like.”

I got into the car… or I tried to. I was simply too tall and big for the seat now, so I had to adjust it. Still, my hips were too broad and my chest pushed over the wheel.

“I’m gonna need a bigger car.”

Michelle suddenly looked at me with a weird but kind of excited expression.

“Can I try? I… I think I know how to drive now.”

It seemed the age exchange hadn’t been just physical. Indeed, Michelle was able to drive the car, and she was a much better fit for it. Meanwhile, I had to curl my long legs and uncomfortably stay on the backseat.

Michelle drove expertly but hastily until we left the area behind. I sighed in relief. The role Exchanged hadn’t give us but good things… at least on the surface. I knew we could discover more changes in time.

We arrived home and felt reassured when we didn’t see our parents’ cars in the garage. Explaining things would be very difficult since none of us looked remotely like we used to.

My room felt like a doll’s house to me now. I towered over absolutely everything. I checked my wardrobe. Nothing had changed. And, of course, nothing would fit me ever again.

That’s why I was surprised when I went into Michelle’s room and I found she had changed into new clothes. Apparently, some of hers, among other things from the room had changed. Not all of them, curiously, which made her room look childish and adult at the same time. I knew the Role Exchanger worked in puzzling ways.

“Can you believe this?” she asked. “Look at my butt!”

She turned to show me her enlarged posterior, tightly encased in a pair of flashy leggings.

“I’m a real woman now, sis! I have this body, and I have some clothes, and I have… Oh, my God!”

She jolted and sat on her bed, her hands rubbing her temples.

“What?” I asked scared.

“I know so many things! Not just how to drive. I know my exact age… I’m 21, and my birthday has shifted, probably I’ve got that thief’s now… And I know how to pose, and do my hair and make-up… That’s probably from the model. And I DO have a college education…”

“I also know new things…” I said, feeling a flow of information, but I needed to put it order before identifying it. “But I’m still 16, oddly.”

“Hope you enjoy having a big sister for a change, then,” she said sticking her tongue out.

“Big?” I said with a smile, stretching to my full height.

“How are we going to explain this, though?”

“They won’t believe us at first. But there are things we know and nobody else can. They’ll understand after a while. Besides, what happened downtown will be in the news. But we should start by making us more presentable. Or at least you should. I don’t have anything I can dress with.”

Michelle looked down at herself.

“But I look so hot like this… Oh, well. I guess they don’t want to see their little girl like this…”

My sister looked through her closet and showed me a sky blue dress.

“Oh, wow! Do you remember this dress? Look how much it changed.”

Michelle had used it to a party, and she looked very cute on it. It was much bigger now, and it would show a good deal of cleavage. Despite that fact, it was tasteful enough, so she decided to wear it.

Hours passed and our parents weren’t back yet. We grew impatient and Michelle passed the time by doing her hair. It was true. She had the model’s knowledge. After a while, I realized I could also do such things, so I helped her.

I was in the living room when mom and dad arrived. They looked at me, a gigantic and unknown woman in the middle of the house. They didn’t yell, but looked silently at me, at least until Michelle entered the room in her dress.

“Hello, mom. Hello, dad.”

I had been right. At first they freaked out a bit, but they were forced to believe us, especially after some witnesses’ reports made their ways through the news. It had been the ninth public Role Exchanger situation.

Over the course of the next couple of days, we tried to rebuild our lives. We started by going on a shopping spree, since we needed things to wear on public.

It was much easier for Michelle, who had quickly assembled the prettiest wardrobe, but because of my size, I couldn’t just buy everything. That meant I needed to go to special stores.

In any case, I had to learn to be at ease with my looks, since this meant my new assets were usually on display. Luckily, I had the combined confidence of three gorgeous models running through me, so adapting was quite easy.

I also had their physical prowess, which made me remarkably strong and athletic, and helped me maintain my impressive figure. I've become used to take pictures of myself as I exercise, just so I can flaunt them at Role Exchanger Chasers. I hope other users can be as lucky as I was.

In all, it only made perfect sense when I decided to become a model myself. I remember how excited I was when my pictures appeared on a magazine, but it was just the first of many.

As I flipped through the magazine, Michelle visited me in my room, looking gorgeous as usual in her new lingerie and negligee. She had the looks of a model herself, and had posed for my agency a few times.

She enjoys showing off her great body, and wears skimpy clothes at home, but nevertheless, modelling didn’t appeal to her, despite all the skills she had taken from her first trait donor.

So she had chosen a different path. She somewhat had a university degree now, and she had used it. We doubted she had gotten it from the thief, so she had probably swapped traits with yet another person without realizing it at the time.

In any case, Michelle had become a professional business woman, and had found a job in no time at all, because she was apparently quite competent. She might have left modelling behind, but she still made a very sexy business woman.

She was also becoming increasingly mature, mentally, so, in all, Michelle was able to become independent and successful in a very short time. She has happier than ever, though she was having a hard time with her dear dog Dot. She looked, sounded and even smelled like a completely different woman, so Dot couldn’t recognize her any more, which had strained her relationship. She was struggling, but she was slowly regaining the pup’s trust.

My career as a model also led to a successful life of my own. I started at the same agency where I had undergone my transformation, and I’ve become friendly with many of the girls there.

Thought I might look way older, I’m technically still 16, and that complicated things at first. Legally, I’m a teen model, but almost nobody knows that.

Besides my modelling skills, I also absorbed other abilities from the three women, my favorite being my newfound musical talents. I’ve become an accomplished guitarist.

In all, our lives have turned completely. We all received quite a shock when we found out Michelle was intending to get married. As hard as it was for us to understand it, she was, for all intents, a grown woman now.

She looked quite beautiful in her white dress, and before the ceremony, she thanked me for her changes.

“I don’t know what you were looking for in that place, but I’m glad you put me on the Role Exchanger’s way.”

I never admitted that was exactly what I had been looking for.

“It was just luck. Just a coincidence we were there. A once in a lifetime chance.”

Or so I thought.

Almost a couple of years later, I was driving around in my new –and larger– car, when I received another alert. The Role Exchanger was close by again.

This time, though, I deliberately turned my vehicle the other way. I love everything about myself.

I’m in no need of a change.


  1. Wonderful story featuring a stunning mini-giantess. Since Maggie was 16 after the swap, it's entirely possible by the final panel's time, she'd actually grown even further into a 7 foot tall Goddess. Let's see more stories about the Role Exchanger and separate follow-up adventures about Maggie as a giantess model/musician star. I'd prefer the follow-ups not change Maggie herself further-she's awesome as is!

    But it's your world. Good work!

    1. Yes, she's still 16 and will keep growing for a while, though she probably won't reach the 7 feet. I was about to include a line alluding to this possibility, but in the end I decided against it.

      In any case, this was a stand alone and won't have any follow-ups.

      Thanks for your comment!


    2. In that case,would you mind if I followed up at some point?

    3. I don't know. I'm happy with where this ended, and I think we should leave it at that.

      But I'm very flattered and I'd be very interested in reading your stories. Have you ever submitted something?


  2. Very impressive work. You sure were able to spin out quite a tale with the photos you had. Maggie's amalgamation of traits was very amazing and Michelle developed quite well with what she got. Didn't think your non-continuing story would as awesome as what I expect the next part of your continuing story will be, but this sure proved me wrong. Great job.

    1. I was going to make the continuing story first, but because of the category, I'll have to release the Role Exchanger earlier than planned, so I need to rethink the next chapter and that's why I did this one first.

      And thanks!


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