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READER'S ENTRY: Double-Up Experiences (Epilogue)

That's all for this story. I know Ageiss put a lot of effort in this one, and that she'd appreciate that all of you commented on it.

Double-Up Experiences (Epilogue)
by Ageiss

10-year-old Sami kept reading the blog with great interest.

Just this morning, her school’s Project had started, but she was somewhat fearful of drinking her vial of Double-Up. It wasn’t that she wasn’t excited about becoming an adult, but now that she was about to do it, she was getting could feet.

So she has searched on the web and found this very useful blog written by a girl/woman named Regina during her Project week, one year earlier. There, she shared her experiences with the stuff, from her own doubts with the Double-Up, to her detailed transformation and her seven days of life as an adult.

Sami had already read all the entries and now clicked at a picture gallery. She read the short captions under each image. Some had a few tips such as this one:

You might find you don’t need as many hours of sleep as you did as a kid. But becoming an early bird might be actually useful, particularly if you’re a girl. You’ll discover your morning routine can take quite long, and being up early will save you time.

Speaking of morning routines, you can schedule a good work-out early each day. Your grown body might be just temporary, but it won’t be long before you start developing it again, and it will do you good to get used to keep it fit.

Of course, working out will be meaningless unless you also learn to eat healthily. Less sweets for you on your week as an adult!

But it’s not all about your body. You might want to explore other aspects of adult life, such as having a job. My first work experience was at the TV station where my mom labors. I learned a lot, and I got to be the weather reporter that day! It was my first time ever on TV, and I doubt the viewers suspected my real age!

I also took a few driving lessons with my dad. I guess it’ll be much easier now when I turn 16 in four years.

Even though the week is short, you’ll also find plenty of time to have fun. Here I am, ready to attend my second Double-Up Party.

Even more work out! If you get an athletically-inclined body like I did, you might find this actually enjoyable and rather addicting.

Tired but satisfied. Test yourself to your limits!

You can also find other less demanding physical activities. It took me a while to adjust my movements with my increased weight and shifted balance, but I’m pleased to say I can still skate as an adult.

I’m not the only one doing exercise. Here I am having a quiet time and watching my friend Alan at his rugby match. He’s too large and doesn’t know his own strength yet, and he accidentally hurt another player, but nothing serious happened.

My second day of work, this time doubling as my aunt’s personal assistant at her publishing firm.

A sleepover at Esther’s. She is becoming so much more confident and I’m as happy for her as I am for myself.

Spending my final day of the week at the beach with the girls. Luckily, I’ve been working my bikini body!

This is the last picture I took before the Double-Up effects wore off. Here I am that night, waiting until I start feeling something.

Yes, it is more uncomfortable than the first transformation, but nothing unbearable. The thing is that the enlarging of your bones is a natural process, while their reducing is forced and abnormal, and for once I wish I hadn’t become so tall, as that meant there was more compressing. Also prepare to feel weak for a few days after you lose the muscle mass you had grown accustomed to. In my case, the vanishing of my breasts was also unpleasant. They started sucking in into my chest, as did my collarbones, until I became completely flat. I can totally feel the emptiness.

My balance was off again, and I feel puny and tiny. I had a small amount of baby fat on my formerly toned stomach again, my rear is bony and my legs short. But I didn’t despair. Puberty isn’t that far away.

I received a picture and a text from Lauren next morning. “Nothing happened last night. I woke up today and I’m still like this.”

 It turned out Lauren’s body didn’t metabolize the serum and lasted six more days in her mature body until it finally wore off. You should be prepared for that eventually, since it’s perfectly normal this will happen to a few subjects.

Lauren had a blast, I’m sure, going to school like that while were all reduced to our former sizes. I felt a bit weirded out, being used to being much taller than her, but now she even picked me up from time to time, which was annoying.

For Alan, it was even harder. It was obvious he had fallen for Lauren. As a man, he had been comfortable and at ease around her, but as a skinny boy, he had lots of trouble approaching to the sexy woman. Lauren had teased him and even kissed him, which had embarrassed him as much as it had thrilled him. But now that Lauren is also back to normal, so is their relationship.

At first it was difficult to get used to being a child again, even though I had only spent seven short days as a woman. But now I look back at them as a great preview of the fantastic life that is about to start. Everything have changed for everyone in the class. And now that I’ve gotten to know the woman I’ll soon become, I’m more excited than ever about the future!

So seize your own opportunity! And thanks for reading!

Sami looked at the eyes of the gorgeous woman who just a year earlier had been another kid full of the same doubts she had now. And look what a great time she had!

She suddenly felt excited about it all again. She took out her clothes in a hurry, then dressed in the shorts and brassiere her mother had arranged for her. She swallowed all the contents of the vial in just one big gulp and laid on her bed as soon as she started to feel its effects.

Sami got steadily larger, and as her bones shifted, so did her form. Her legs were particularly long, and she felt the flesh increasing notably there, and also on her buttocks. At a still relatively short age, around 13 or 14, Sami had already an above average backside and wide hips.

She closed her eyes and bit her lips in ecstasy as her inner body matured and her face changed.

Close to being an adult now, Samantha let out a moan of release as her nipples started rising. Her breasts didn’t swell too big on the cups, but her shoulders and back had grown wider than her mothers, so she loosened the straps with her enlarging hands, while simultaneously feeling the pleasant sensation of her stomach becoming toned.

Her breasts grew a bit more after a while, once she hit a late spurt. Then it stopped. A beautiful 20-year-old woman now laid over the little girl’s bed.

Samantha breathed for a while, recovering from the sensations before getting up and carefully studying her reflection.

That had been wonderful. Undoubtedly, an experience to share.



  1. This has been a fantastic story. Sadly, there are some things that prevent this from happening in the same timeline as the main story, but it's definitely a pleasant what-if scenario. Like I said, it's always flattering when another writer works off of your established material. I'm not sure if we'll be seeing another story as long and detailed as this, but this is definitely one to remember.

    1. Thank you. From the start, I knew this wouldn't fit in the original story, because I don't know what might yet be established there. Thus, I fully embraced this as an alternate story and that gave me the liberty of creating my own rules like "pregnancy makes the change permanent" or "some subjects might age more than the double", which were never set in the original and probably even contradict it. But it was very fun to do.

      Yes, I also doubt I will be doing something so long again, and I believe this month I'll do something more conventional and take it easy.

      Thanks for your words.


  2. Whos the black haired older girl?

    1. The name of the model I used, you mean? Or which character is she supposed to represent?


    2. That would be Jessica Green.


  3. Wow, this was perfect. After this story, there's really not much else to say in the AP genre! You also chose incredibly beautiful pictures.

    1. Thank you!

      I do like to chose the best possible images, and as for the story, just wanted to highlight a few changes rarely shown in the genre.


  4. Harpy : This puts me in the mood for a sort of PSA format story like the educational puberty videos that are shown in elementary and middle school.

    'Double Up and You' with technobabble explanations for how the drug works and advisories on what to expect and what will happen during each stage of the project from transformation until reversion and the aftermath or reaclamating to every day life.

    1. Indeed, those middle school videos were a big part of my inspiration for the Class Project idea.

      But instead of just showing you the changes, they make you go through them temporarily!

    2. Harpy -

      Personally I'm a sucker for technobabble so I like to imagine pseudo-scientific sounding explanations for how this stuff would work and what happens during the transformation going both ways.

      Like what happens to their teeth when they change back. Do they regenerate baby teeth? What about their temporary adult teeth? Do they recede or do they fall out and get a new pair of both?

      Does body hair retract or does it simply fall out as glands and follicles revert to childhood?

      Are there any warning signs the subjects are told to look out for when their time is almost up?

      Not really relevant to most of these stories and in some cases it would detract to answer those questions but I like contemplating those sorts of questions.