Friday, October 30, 2015

READER'S ENTRY: Halloween Mix-Up (Epilogue)

So, it's Halloween, and what a better way to celebrate than with BLZBub's final entry for this story?

I guess this will be our last entry for the month. I loved the girl's becoming witches in this story, and I thought the villain's transformation into an android in Ageiss' continuous story was wonderful. I'm hungry for more of that, so November's category will be Superhuman.

Halloween Mix-Up (Epilogue)
by BLZBub

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  1. Awesome captions blzbub. With Superhuman being November's theme, was wondering if I could request 1 from someone. Old worm out superhero man or woman, can't keep up the good fight anymore, and by some sort of catalyst, gets strength, and youth back, but then over shoots starts losing muscle, strength, hair grows out and gets turned into a hot 20 yr old no powers babe. If it's starting out a male, they get tg'ed. Was thinking maybe old man Logan from X-Men gets his healing powers kicked into hyperdrive and gets tg'ed to a hottie

  2. Loved the different changes, BLZbub!


  3. This is probably the first part by any blzbub story where all pictures are really hot, except maybe for that one with the dreadlocks, but no matter. now this is what you should try to do always.