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New Year’s Expectations (Prologue and Part 1)

This project is a collaboration between Ageiss, BLZBub and myself.

It required some time from each of us and there's more to go, so please comment!

Enjoy it, and happy 2016!

New Year's Expectations
(Prologue and Part 1)
by Ageiss, BLZBub and Planet


December 31st, 1995.

The house was all abuzz for the New Year’s party. Many family members and friends have been invited to count down the last of 1996. Food’s been made and drinks were ready to serve. Everyone in the house was waiting for the party to happen with anticipation.

Marianne took the longest with getting ready for the party. She was not quite as excited as people would expect. Yes, the party would be fun and the food would be good. She hoped she’ll get enough soda that she’ll be able to stay up long enough, but that wasn’t the real problem.

At 7 years old, everyone still thought of Marianne as the baby of the family. She was a sweet girl and loved the attention, but there was only so much adoration that one could take. Especially since people treated her like she was a lot younger than she really was. She might not be an older girl like her sisters, but she wasn’t a baby anymore, especially since she had started to show signs of being an early bloomer. Indeed, she looked older than her age, but except for her sisters, everyone thought she wasn’t able to do anything on her own and she was getting really tired of it.

Genevieve was eager to get dressed for the party. She put on her prettiest white dress and brushed her hair until it was shiny. She actually brushed her teeth and put on a little of her mom’s lip gloss to make herself look even more pretty. Of course everyone would be saying how pretty she is, but only one person’s opinion mattered to her.

Even though her parents had told her multiple times that Lance wouldn’t be here, she still hung onto hope that he’d surprise her. Lance was the cutest boy in her class just as she was the cutest girl. Most 10 year old boys and girls would be thinking the opposite gender was gross and have nothing to do with them. But not Genevieve and Lance. She and Lance knew they were meant to be together forever and nobody could say a thing to change their minds.

Carrie received a bit more attention from her parents. After all, she wasn’t expected to just talk with the kids that were coming along. They intended to introduce her to some of their adult friends and have talk with them. She was certainly smart enough by now that she’d be able to understand the basics of their conversations.

Carrie was considerably older than the children that would be there. At 14, everyone was starting to look at her as a young adult. However, she didn’t really feel like a young adult. She was aware of the benefits of growing up would be, but she wasn’t sure if she could handle all the pressure. So much responsibility was expected with her and she didn’t think she had the fortitude to deal with it. There was also the fact that, unlike her little sisters, she looked too young for her age. Most of her classmates had already started puberty, but Carrie still looked like a much younger kid.

The party was going very well. All the adults were having a good time, reminiscing about 1995 and all the good things that happened in it, discussing what will be coming in the new year. The kids were enjoying the food and the games, though a couple of them had nodded off. The kids who were still awake were determined to stay up to midnight.

Marianne, Genevieve, and Carrie had gotten away from the party for a while. They were sitting in front of the big grandfather clock in the foyer and talking as the hands inched towards ‘12’.

“Hey, you guys got any New Year’s resolutions?” asked Genevieve.

“What’s a resolution?” asked Marianne.

“A New Year’s resolution is a promise you make to yourself that you intend to see happen before the next New Year,” said Carrie.

“Oh, well, I’ve got a resolution,” said Marianne, “I want people to take me more serious. I want to be free of being treated like a baby and be, uh, independence.” She learned the word in school when they were talking about US history, though she had gotten her terminology a little mixed.

“Well, I want me and Lance to be together,” said Genevieve giddily, “I just know he feels the same way for me and we’re gonna be sweethearts until we’re all grown up and married then we’ll live happily ever after.” She was certainly a dreamy girl, believing she and Lance were just like a fairy tale.

“And I want to be rich. I’ll have so much money I can pay anyone to take care of anything for me. And I’ll be able to have all the best of everything,” said Carrie. Her wish sounded rather greedy, but that was mostly a front. She thought that if she had enough money, she wouldn’t have to worry a lot about responsibility. Money was supposed to be able to fix anything, right?

They were suddenly taken aback when they realized people around them had started the countdown. 3... 2... 1...

Just then, the grandfather clock began ringing. The sisters quickly covered their ears. They had never heard the clock ring this loud before. The chimes seemed to get louder with each stroke. There also seemed to be a build-up of energy, like the chimes were the thunder of a coming storm. The girls could feel a pressure building up around them and it seemed to be building up inside them. Then on the 12th stroke, it all seemed to explode out.

Carrie (Part 1)
by Ageiss

Carrie’s head was spinning out of control. She lost sight of her sisters and the other party-goers, but it only lasted for a few seconds. She regained her senses as suddenly as she has lost them, but they registered a much altered reality.

She was in a radically different place, way darker and much more crowded, thought the people there were also wishing a happy new year to each other. The background music was much louder, and most of the members of the crowd were young adults instead of her old relatives. Of course, the biggest shock came from the fact that she was on eye level with those grown-ups!

She quickly looked down at herself.

“What the fuck?” her automatic choice of words surprised her almost as much as the lower voice that came from her throat or the fact that she now possessed a fully developed body! In fact, as far as she could see, she was a particularly well-developed woman now.

She couldn’t hide a smile as she looked around. Everyone seemed quite normal. What was the matter with her body, then?

Carrie examined herself again. She was wearing a short floral dress which barely came down to her thighs and which underlined her full legs. The top part of the dress strained against her new round breasts, which felt incredibly strange just by being there.

“How can this be? It’s absurd” she asked with her mental voice, which still sounded like her 14-years-old one, though she was also enjoying the discovery.

She turned to face another woman who was waving at her.

“Happy new year,” said Carrie, this time wanting to test her speech.

“Happy 2016!” said the other one, before running in the opposite direction to hug a man.

2016? Had she really skipped all those years between 1995 and 2016? 20 whole years. Was she truly a 34-yers-old now?

“I’m much older than I believed,” thought Carrie, looking down at herself again.

She detected a small mirror on the opposite wall and approached it, almost tripping when she noticed she was wearing heels. But she managed and faced the mirror. It was tiny, and she couldn’t see much more than her face.

“I’m a hottie,” she thought surprised. Puberty had transformed her features radically into a bold, sexy face with angular bones and plump lips. Her hair was full and a richer red.

She caressed her face with her large hands, feeling the differences. She could taste and smell the make-up, and could barely register that the woman was really herself.

Carrie jumped when she suddenly felt a vibration between her new breasts. She introduced her hand into her bra and found a small device. In the screen, there was a green icon with a telephone-chapped figure.

She pushed it, and guessing it was some kind of 2016 version of a phone, she put it against her ear.


“Hello, miss Carrie, and happy new year,” said a voice.

“Who is it?”

“Why, it’s me, miss Carrie. Ferdinand. You asked me to call you just after midnight. Do you still want me to pick you this early?”

“Uhm… yes, I guess.”

“I’ll be outside in three minutes.”

By now, the young woman who had informed her the year was back.

“Do you know who Ferdinand is?” asked Carrie uncertainly.

“Who, your driver?”

So Carrie had a driver. That she had grown to have that kind of commodity was almost as unexpected as having grown to have big boobs. But somehow, both things had happened.

She walked out of the place –a nightclub, it seemed, and waited there.

Ferdinand was punctual, or at least she guessed the older man who had greeted her and opened the rear door of a black car was indeed Ferdinand.

Carrie was very attentive of her surroundings as Ferdinand drove her home.

For the most part, the city was almost unchanged. The cars looked a bit sleeker, and there were maybe more lights on the streets than usual, but she could still recognize mostly everything.

But Ferdinand didn’t drive to her usual address, instead turning to a part of the city she wasn’t familiar with.

“You’re home, miss,” announced the driver. “Will you be needing me anymore?”

“Uhm, no. You can go. Be with your family.” Said Carrie, praying Ferdinand indeed had a family.

“Thank you miss.”

Carrie looked wide-eyed to the big house. The fact that she had a driver was telling, she supposed, but she hadn’t readied herself for the apparent opulence of her dwellings.

She entered the place, wondering if there was someone else there at the moment, but all the lights were off, and the silence was total.

“Oh, wow.”

As soon as she had turned on the lights, she was greeted by an enormous picture of the woman she had been turned into, hanging on the wall of a tasteful living room.

The picture was very daring too. She was wearing a tiny football shirt which barely covered her breasts, and actually exposed them bellow the hem.

But what could such an egocentric display mean? Was she a model or something? This didn’t seem like her at all.

But in any case, the picture fed her curiosity. She ran upstairs as quickly as her heels allowed her until she found what obviously was the master bedroom. There was a king sized bed there, but nothing in the room betrayed someone else shared it with her.

“So I’m single after all. That’s a relief,” she thought. There were enough complications in her new life without having to confront a marriage.

A huge mirror hung in front of her, so she climbed the bed, knelt there and removed her dress with ease.

“Oh, wow.”

Her reaction was the same than when she saw the framed picture because the sight was equally impressive. The once underdeveloped girl was now a woman exploding with female curves. The lacy black lingerie she was wearing emphasized the change.

Carrie lost track of time. She couldn’t say how much time she had spent there, just staring at the beautiful reflection of the 34-years-old woman. Then, a more pressing matter took her out of her trance.

If twenty years had passed, where was her family?

She had a phone on her bedside table, so she went for it. She dialed the old number from her house, hoping it was still the right one.

She immediately recognized the voice of her father, and it didn’t sound too aged.

“Hi, it’s me, Carrie,” she said, sounding a bit more anxious than she wanted. “Sorry about the hour, I just wanted to wish you a happy new year.”

“Don’t worry, your mom and I are still awake. Do you want to talk with her?”

“No, no. I’ll go around first thing in the morning. Uhm… how are Marianne and Genevieve?”

“They’re fine, fine,” he said, and Carrie sighed relieved. “Marianne says she called you earlier.  Genevieve must be with Lance.”

“Her husband,” realized Carrie automatically, unable to believe her young sister was married. So everyone’s lives had continues normally for twenty years, and somehow her preteen consciousness had been transported into her future body.

She didn’t talk with her father much longer. Everyone was alright, and that was what mattered. She would visit them tomorrow.

Right now, she wanted to taste a bit more of the life she had been given. She threw away her brassiere, marveling at the sheer size of her nipples, and dressed in a black, semi-transparent negligee that hugged tightly the few parts of her body it actually covered.

Genevieve (Part 1)
by BLZBub

Genevieve felt like a bolt of lightning had hit her. Energy surged through her body, filling it up to the point where it should have exploded. But she didn’t explode, at least not literally. But it felt like her body was growing in every direction, particularly her upper and lower torso.

“Happy New Year!” shouted several voices around her.

Genevieve jolted with a shock. As quickly as the energizing feeling had come, it had left. There wasn’t so much of a tingle of it left, at least not where she’d expect to be tingling. Similarly, the energy seemed to have left her someplace she hadn’t seen before though it was obvious that there was still a party going on. The next thing she knew, someone was kissing her.

Genevieve was obviously shocked, but some instinct took over and she kissed back for a few seconds before pulling away. Sitting across from her was a rather handsome man who was giving her a loving look. By the way he was dressed, this was a semi-formal party. Looking behind him, she could tell that this place was a slightly fancy establishment. “Happy New Year, VV,” said the man happily.

“Happy New Year,” Genevieve replied automatically. It took a lot of effort not to gasp. That voice that came out of her mouth did not sound like her usual voice. It sound much lower and more sensual, like a grown woman. And who was this man sitting across from her that called her by her personal nickname?

Then another man called, “Happy New Year, Lance.”

“You too,” replied the man. Wait, Lance? It couldn’t be Lance, not the Lance she knew. Lance was no older than she was and she was still a little girl…wasn’t she?

“I need to use the restroom,” said Genevieve as she stood up. Already, she could tell several things were amiss. The table that she and ‘Lance’ were sitting at shouldn’t be so short to her standing up. The way she stood was different as well, balancing mostly on her balls.

“Sure thing, sweetie,” said Lance. ‘Sweetie’, that had to mean something more. Genevieve walked away from the table. As she crossed the room, she could clearly see she was in a bar with plenty of people drinking in celebration. She also became aware of the difference of her pace, the way her hips seemed to sway more and the weight on her chest. She glanced at the TV and it was still celebrating the start of year of…2016?! The urge to find the restroom became even stronger and Genevieve quickly hurried into the ladies’ room.

She looked into the mirror and gasped at what she saw. Staring at her was not a little girl of 10, but a grown woman of 30. The woman possessed her same eyes and blonde hair, but hers was so silky. Her face was so thin now with noticeable cheekbones, her lips so plush and actually having make-up on them. Her nose was no longer small and button-like, but long and profiled. She was so gorgeous that Genevieve could barely believe it was her face.

The body beneath it was equally amazing. She was wearing a black dress that was tight against her frame but loose enough to allow her to move easily. Genevieve moved her hands up and down her sides. Her waist seemed to sink in before she flared out at the hips. She was having trouble telling how far her hips went with this dress, but it didn’t seem like too wide. She felt up her butt which also felt like it didn’t have too much in volume. She was a bit relieved that she didn’t take up so much space on her seat.

Her attention focused on the unfamiliar curves under her collarbone. She looked around to see if anyone was looking before she lower the hem of her dress down to her waist. She most definitely had breasts now and they were currently wrapped in a black strapless bra. Her breasts didn’t seem overly large, but they were certainly more than Genevieve have ever seen on her chest. She felt a strong urge to move her bra and looked at her bare breasts, but it was too likely for someone to walk in on her like this.

Then Genevieve notice the purse she had been carrying in one hand. If it was hers, it would certainly provide a lot more information about her. She opened it up and dug through it. She found a couple of interesting things in there, like keys and lipstick. Most importantly, she found her wallet and there was quite a bit of information in there. Her driver’s license gave her solid proof that this was definitely the future, though she still had no idea how she had gotten here.

But more importantly, Genevieve noticed a change in surname on her license and her status was ‘married’. Recognizing the surname, she soon found a photo of her with the same ‘Lance’ that was at the table. One look at the ring on her finger told her all she needed to know. She really was in the future and she and Lance were married. All worry was soon washed away, it was a dream come true. Granted, she would have actually like to have been at her own wedding, but it didn’t matter now. She and Lance were grown up, happily married, and pretty much guaranteed to live happily ever after.

She readjusted her shirt and returned to her table, suddenly all smiles. Lance definitely grew up to be a good-looking man and she considered herself to be very lucky. She leaned over him and whispered, “I think I’m ready to home now.”

“So soon? The night’s still young,” said Lance.

‘But I’m not young now,’ Genevieve thought to herself before she said, “It’s 2016 now. The party’s gonna start winding down soon. Besides, don’t you want to be alone now?”

That was all the encouragement that Lance needed. “Ok then, let’s head on. You sober enough to drive?” he asked.

Genevieve hesitated. She still knew too little about the future, including important things like driving. She wasn’t sure how soon she’d know, but it wasn’t right now. “No, I’m a little tipsy, you better drive,” she said as she handed him her keys.

Lance shrugged and started walking out. Genevieve followed him, not knowing where they were going. They headed into the parking lot and Lance led them to a cute sports car. Genevieve was giddy that she actually owned a sports car. She couldn’t wait to see their dream house.

Well, it wasn’t really a dream house. Genevieve and Lance apparently lived in an apartment, but at least it was a reasonably roomy apartment for the two of them. Genevieve would have wanted to explore her apartment more, but she doubted she could make her apparent amnesia look like a case of having too much to drink. Lance loved her unconditionally, of course, but he probably would have some trouble believing that his wife currently had the mind of her 10 year old self sent forward in time.

Genevieve found a chest of drawers that had a lot of different clothes for her inside. She found a nightgown that she thought was so cute. She quickly changed out of her dress and into it. It was so comfortable against her skin and it highlighted her body so well. When Lance walked into the bedroom, Genevieve asked, “Ready for bed?”

Lance chuckled and said, “Why bother dressing up for that? Well, can’t say I don’t mind unwrapping a New Year’s present.” Genevieve was rather puzzled about that expression. What was Lance talking about. The question stopped bothering her when Lance started kissing her but her attention was soon focused when Lance stuck a hand down her nightgown and started rubbing her.

Genevieve would have objected, but Lance’s hands felt really good on her. She felt her pleasure grow as Lance rubbed her over. Then Genevieve had a flash of insight. This was the kind of thing that married grown ups do, the kind of thing they don’t want kids to know about. Carrie had timidly talked to her a little about it, but Genevieve wasn’t certain what she was talking about. Now it looked like Lance was going to show her.

She allowed Lance command in undressing the both of them. Before she knew it, she was lying on the bed while Lance started pleasuring her in ways her vocabulary had yet to describe. But she didn’t resist, she submitted to the good feelings. The sensations hit a peak a few times before Lance got tired and wanted to go to sleep. Genevieve was fine with that, she was pretty tired herself. She closed her eyes as her husband snuggled against her. So far, the future was as great as she imagined it to be.

Marianne (Part 1)
by Planet

Marianne suddenly felt like her body was exploding outwards, growing bigger in every direction, though most of the enlargement seemed focused on her backside and her chest area.

“Happy new year!” were yelling the people around her.

It was over in over a second, and Marianne could have thought it had been a dizzy spell if not for the fact that she was instantly aware of two things: for one, she was still at a party, though she was definitely on a different location than she had been just moments earlier, and, most importantly, Marianne herself had changed.

She was still wearing a dress, though it definitely wasn’t the same one. This one was blue, not to mention very skimpy. The skirt barely reached her thighs, and the back was bare, as was part of her midsection, and the neckline was so low it showed a good deal of cleavage, for Marianne now possessed full breasts. Indeed, it seemed her whole body had developed into that of an adult woman. She could feel her significant curves tightly encased within the dress, and she noticed the tone in her lengthy arms and waist, the power of her long, shapely legs, which made her much taller than her old self (and she was also wearing high-heels), and she felt the mass that held her skirt slightly up, and that almost made her feel like she had a tail.

“This is so cool!” she squealed as her first reaction, almost coughing when she noticed her coarser voice. There was also something else there… an accent she wasn’t used to have..

“Are you all right, Marianne?” asked a woman next to her, laughing.

“Oh, yes, I’m just happy about the new year,” she said laughing too, but mainly at the still unfamiliar sound of her throat, and to the fact that this adult woman was slightly shorter than her now.

She wanted to grope her new body, to have a better idea of her new proportions, but she couldn’t do so without attracting the attention of such a large crowd, so she started playing with her dark hair. Even its texture seemed different.

This was certainly exciting, but how was even possible? She looked around. Where were her sisters? Where was she at the moment, for that matter?

She sat bellow some big balloons shaped as letters. “HAPPY NEW YEAR”, they said, but on the opposite side of the ballroom there were other balloons spelling “2016.”

“So that’s it,” she thought silently. “I’ve travelled 20 years into the future. That explains this body… I must be… 27-years-old!”

She remained sitting in there for fifteen minutes or so, and a few people approached to her to wish her a happy new year. She supposed they were acquaintances from this future reality, but since she couldn’t even place their names, she didn’t want to talk too much with them.

One girl was particularly chatty, and she approached her a second time to give her a big cup with pink liquid and what looked like a piece of watermelon. She tasted it and she liked it, though she could feel the flavor of alcohol mixed with the fruit.

Maybe it was the sip of liquor, but suddenly Marianne didn’t feel able to contain her excitement by sitting there anymore. She needed to see herself, to find out what this new life was about. She had heard the place (apparently a hotel) had a pool area, so she headed there.

At the moment, there weren’t people inside the pool, though the climate was unusually warm for winter, but there was a couple fooling around in the distance. They didn’t seem like they would mind Marianne at all, so she simply removed the dress, threw it over one of the armchairs in the lobby, and approached a mirror wall, her cocktail still in her hand.

“Oh, my… Is that really me?”

Marianne could still recognize herself on the grown woman, but barely. Her nose had grown out, as had her mouth, and her whole facial structure had changed into a long and angular kind of face, which was a bit rough but still attractive. And it was far from her best feature.
“What the…”

As she had guessed from the short glimpses she had thrown at her skirt, her buttocks had developed noticeably, becoming incredibly firm but very large, and complementing quite well her strong thighs.

“Strong” was a word that would fit her perfectly now. She was exceptionally fit, judging by the state of her legs and stomach. Her breasts weren’t as prodigious as her behind, but they were still big and round to her. The small underwear she was wearing underlines every curve, and she felt the need to be on her own. The couple on the other side of the pool had started to glance in her direction every now and then.

She put on her dress again and went back into the ball room where the main party was still taking place. The girl who had given her the drink approached her, escorted by four other young people.

“Where have you been? I thought you were gone!”

“Actually I think I’m about to go now,” answered Marianne with a smile.

“What? But it’s so early.”

This was new. One in the morning had never been early for her before.

“I know, but I have to do something tomorrow, and…”

“Yeah, me too,” said one of the other girls. “My stupid boss wants me to review that project first thing in the morning. On New Year!”

Marianne joined the others in dissing the girl’s boss.

“Well, I can give you a lift if you want, Marianne. Don’t worry, I haven’t been drinking…”

Marianne accepted the proposal. After all, she had no idea where she lived. She joined her in her walk towards the garage, and was surprised to see how new and shiny some cars were, though her friend’s was apparently a modest one.

The drive wasn’t very long, but Marianne felt quite lost. She couldn’t recognize the city at all. Had things changed so much in 20 years?

“Are you all right? You seem off,” said the girl driver.

“I think I’m quite drunk,” lied Marianne, who had actually left her drink in the pool area after taking two or three more sips. But she suddenly thought this was a good opportunity, so she feigned an inebriated laugh. “Yeah, I’m definitely drunk. I have no idea of anything. Where are we?”

The other girl laughed too, but after a while she decide she could follow Marianne’s game.

“Uh… Australia, where else?”

“Oh, so that’s it! That’s why all of you have that funny little accent…”

The weird thing was that she also had it, thought Marianne. Why? Had she lived for many years in Australia in this future?

She would have asked more details to the driver, but before she could, they arrived to a small building.

“Well, this is you.”

Marianne smiled and walked out of the car, faking a small stumble.

“I’ll walk you to the door,” said the girl. This had been Marianne’s plan. Otherwise she wouldn’t know her apartment. "Seriously, you didn’t seem this wrong at the party…”

Marianne found some keys in her purse and her new friend helped her into an apartment on the second floor, then dropped her over an armchair.

“You’ll be all right now. See ya, then.”

Marianne waved at her, still with an absent smile, but as soon as the door was closed, she got on her feet again.

The place was small, and there were only two bedrooms, both empty at the moment. She entered the first one, but the photograph of a smiling young couple on the bedside table told Marianne she was in the wrong one, so she got into the other room.

It wasn’t particularly well-organized, and in fact could be called messy, but at least the clothes thrown over the bed were the right size. This was obviously her room.

It suddenly dawned on her how tired she was, so she stepped out of the heels and stripped down to her panties, removing even her bra. Her boobs hung free and perky, and she put on a simple white top and let herself fall over the bed.

Before drifting asleep, though, she let her new long fingers squeeze every curve.

Part 2
Part 3 


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    Everything seems recognizable here: Ageiss' attention to detail and effortless sexiness, BLZBub's disjointed pictures and man-crazy characters but superb writing, and Planet's simplicity but great world-building potential at the same time.

    This is a great writing vehicle for all three regulars of the blog. Good job!

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