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New Year’s Expectations (Part 3)

More from this three-way collaboration.

Prologue and Part 1
Part 2
New Year's Expectations
(Part 3)
by Ageiss, BLZBub and Planet

Carrie (Part 3)
by Ageiss

Carrie hadn’t been up for too long that morning. She had just taken a shower and finished her breakfast when the doorbell rang for the first time since Genevieve had visited her three days earlier.

“Coming!” she yelled, wondering who could be so early in the morning.

She opened the door to face a very young woman, over a head shorter than she was, professionally dressed and carrying a folder.

“Good morning, ma’am,” she said respectfully.

“Oh…” Carrie had to search through her new memories for a few seconds until she identified the face. “Billie. Come on in.”

Billie was her assistant at work, remembered Carrie. She was a highly efficient one too, though she was prone to be a bit of an ass-kisser. The girl simply admired her boss way too much.

Carrie smiled automatically. Her new personality enjoyed flattery. She breathed in heavily as her chest filled with pride, and her breast felt larger than ever to her, suddenly completely aware of her status as a powerful woman.

Carrie thought it was a bit ironic that a grown woman like Billie looked up to her, actually a 14-years-old. Then again, she remembered Billie had just turned 20 recently. That mean she hadn’t even been born yet in Carrie’s original timeline.

“Tell me everything, Billie,” asked Carrie, sitting comfortably over one of her armchairs, wanting to avoid a headache caused by thinking about the contradictions of time-travel.

Billie quickly summarized a couple of reports she apparently had to turn in that day. It was lucky she was so good at explaining herself, since Carrie really didn’t know much about her swimsuit business. But slowly, her memories kicked in as usual and she found herself understanding and answering what Billie said. And some of the information was a bit distressing.

“Wait a moment for me, then,” concluded Carrie. “Ferdinand will drive us to the office.”

“Are you coming today, ma’am? But your holiday isn’t over yet…”

“It’s over now. I want to see things for myself. We’ve hit bad spots many times before, and we’ve always sorted them. Most of those were before your time with us, of course.”

Billie blushed forcefully at her own youth and perceived inexperience, and the old Carrie would have also reddened at finding herself talking like a real adult, but not the new one. Carrie had truly been turned into an experienced woman of world, and she was completely confident in what she was saying. She would take care of her business.

Carrie walked with her head high and a wide smile into the small office building. She thought her employees needed to see she wasn’t worried. Billie was walking hurriedly behind her, like she couldn’t match her pace, despite the fact that Carrie wasn’t speeding at all. Her assistant was phone in hand, calling the remaining members of the board for the last minute meeting Carrie had called.

Carrie was one of just two female members of the board, and also one of the youngest, despite the fact that she had always felt ancient since her transformation. Among these people, 34 didn’t sound that old. Despite that, she was treated deferentially by her colleagues, and whenever one of them tried to put down her opinions, she commanded respect.

“I've been saying it from the start,” repeated one of the members airily. “We should never have expanded to regular lingerie. We simply didn’t have the infrastructure. It was a time bomb, and we should revert to our usual formula.”

“The company needed that expansion, Jerry, and I’m not open to change that. The factory will continue with the lingerie line along with the swimsuit collections, that’s not what we’re debating here. Soon we’ll be known for both products.”

She said that quietly, but the older man didn’t try to discuss it any further. The forceful boss was a woman who was very sure about what she wanted, and the board knew better than to defy her.

6 months later

Carrie was up until late tonight. Her body felt on fire and it vibrated pleasantly under her revealing nightwear as she watched the erotic film.

Unlike her sister Genevieve, who had explored her adult sexuality with her husband, Carrie had decided she didn’t need the complications of having a man in her life. Even though she hadn’t really lived it, she didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of her “past”, when she already had two ex-husbands. And she was sure she could get a lover without any attachment, but it wasn’t something she didn’t feel comfortable with, despite her personality changes.

But the aging woman had physical needs of her own ever since her sudden maturation and matching hormonal increase. During the first months, she had tried to ignore them, but now that more than half a year had passed since the time-skip, she had turned to erotic films as a harmless form of release.

Even with her improved confidence, she had felt quite silly watching them at first, but soon she had felt very comfortable about her sensual side. And why shouldn’t she? She was a very fully-grown woman after all. In April, she was supposed to have turned 15, but she had become 35 instead. And she had celebrated that birthday overtly.

Because she wasn’t scared about her age any more either. In just five short years, she would be 40. Not even her father had been that old in her original time, but she thought she just had to accept things like they were if she wanted to enjoy her few remaining years of youth.

Other than being cheated out of two decades of life, her existence was quite comfortable. She had learned a lot in the last months, especially as a business woman. She had been right, and after just a few adjustments, her company had emerged even stronger than before. Even her detractors on the board had to admit she was right, and they all had a collective laugh when she turned to the next meeting wearing a particular t-shirt.

Yet she couldn’t be wholly happy while her younger sister was missing. They still hadn’t been able to track down Marianne. She had tried to contact her again, when she had failed to return her first call, but it seemed she wasn’t living at her flat any more.

“Maybe she doesn’t want to be found,” concluded Genevieve during one of their get-togethers. “Maybe when she found herself turned into an adult, she decided to run away and do her own things, like she always wanted. I think if she were in trouble, she would call us, you know how she is.”

But Carrie knew how her little sister was, that was the thing. Of all three of them, Marianne was the one who wanted to grow up quickly the most. Carrie was sure she had been beyond excited when she found herself transported into her adult body, and Carrie knew things could have gotten a bit crazy after that, which fitted with Genevieve’s theory.

But Carrie also knew Marianne would have tried to at least contact them and tell her sisters she was fine, and the long silence was starting to preoccupy her.

So that night, after she hung a call from Billie, who told her everything was okay at the company, Carrie made her decision. Everything was at control on the home front right now, so now her debt was to family. She was the big sister, and it was her responsibility to look after her little one (even if by little she currently meant 27).

And indeed, after packing a few things and booking a plane ticket to Australia, she was feeling much better about herself. She would do what she could to find Marianne.

Genevieve (Part 3)
by BLZBub

Genevieve returned to her apartment with a greater sense of ease about her situation. She wasn’t alone in this strange time travel thing. Carrie had also leaped forward in time. Whether Marianne had as well, she didn’t know. But Marianne did want her independence from the rest of the family and Genevieve could respect that. As long as she at least Carrie to talk to, she could live this new life.

Of course, that brought up the question about what to do about Lance. Quite obviously, he hadn’t been brought into the future like Genevieve had. Though in many ways, he hadn’t changed much from the boy she knew not so long ago, relatively speaking. He was still kind, poetic, devoted, and, above all, loved her with every fiber of his being.

Looking over the various photos of Lance helped Genevieve remember warm memories of him during the years she skipped over, the great passion they shared over the years well into adulthood. Those memories soon reignited the fire in Genevieve’s heart as well as the one in her loins. What she was she so afraid of? This is the life she had been dreaming of for so long: a happy marriage with Lance. Her parents were still not too far away so she didn’t have to worry about them and not only was Carrie close, but she knew exactly what she was going through.

The idea of starting a family with Lance was getting more appealing to Genevieve. She had always dreamed of having children with him. And conceiving them was also something that appealed to her adult mind. It would still be a while before Lance came home, but she had a good idea of how to make the time fly.

Genevieve spent quite a lot of time practicing seductive poses in various states of undress. Lance wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off his gorgeous sexy wife as soon as he saw her. But eventually, she got it down to the right look she wanted.

Eventually, she heard Lance walk into the apartment and call, “V.V., I’m home!”

“I’m in the bedroom!” she called.

Lance walked into the bedroom and grinned when he saw his wife on the bed. “What’s the occasion?” he asked.

“Oh, not much,” said Genevieve, “Just part of a little New Year’s goal.”

“And what’s that?” asked Lance with interest.

“We’re going to have sex at least once every day of this year until there’s a baby inside me,” purred Genevieve.

“Sounds like a good goal to me,” said Lance, not even bothering to question what made her change her mind about slowing down. But the sight of Lance taking off his shirt, revealing his toned chest to Genevieve was more than enough to not make her care. Pretty soon, their bed was rocking as they moved together. Genevieve had no idea how many tries it’ll take them to conceive a baby, but this was certainly something she was going to enjoy.

6 months later

Considering how often Genevieve and Lance had made love that within the first month, it was no wonder the pregnancy test came out positive. Naturally, the two of them were overjoyed at the news. Lance wanted for Genevieve to stay at home during her term, but Genevieve insisted that she could still leave the house. After all, she did have to keep finding new productions to be a part of. Even so, it was very sweet of Lance to be so considerate of her.

However, as the months passed, it became harder for Genevieve to find work. Her baby belly was getting larger and of course most theaters preferred a slimmer actress. She was getting stuck with smaller roles that kept her to the side. Her source of income was rapidly starting to dwindle.

Meanwhile, Lance was always there to support her. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite the support that Genevieve needed. While he was willing to take care of her every little minute she was home, he was neglecting his job at the local newspaper. Freelancer or not, he had to actually turn work in to get a regular pay and he’s paying far more attention to Genevieve than anything else.

Genevieve was walking her parents’ dog as she thought about her financial problems. She was glad she was able to speak with her parents again, though they seemed rather concerned about her current condition. Genevieve was able to dismiss it as simple motherly/fatherly concern at first, but as her belly grew bigger, their concern started to make more sense. Her memories of her first year of marriage indicated that she and Lance had made no future plans regarding their eventual child. The only thing they’ve done was get a crib, various toys, and plenty of diapers. Come to think of it, from what she could recall, she and Lance seemed to live more in the moment than anything else. They never seemed to think ahead further more than a few months. Maybe it was time for her and Lance to have a serious discussion about that.

Genevieve wasn’t surprised to see Lance already at home when she walked into the apartment. He rarely seemed to leave the place now. “V.V., glad you’re back,” said Lance, “I’ve made up a snack for you. You must have built up quite an appetite.”

Genevieve sighed and said, “Lance, we need to talk.”

“About what?” asked Lance.

“About our future,” said Genevieve, “We don’t have anything planned ahead except for waiting for the baby to come.”

“Actually, I have something,” said Lance, “I noticed you seemed down lately so I worked a bit on getting something.”

“You’ve gotten a better job?” asked Genevieve hopefully.

“Uh…no, why would I want one?” asked Lance with confusion before saying, “Anyways, I’ve gotten enough supplies together so we can go on a road trip.”

“A road trip? To where?” asked Genevieve.

“Wherever we want. It’s just the two of us on the open road for a few weeks,” said Lance.

“Weeks? Lance, you couldn’t possibly have enough food for that much time. And how are we going to be able to pay for gas?” demanded Genevieve.

“Oh, we’ll worry about that when we come to it,” said Lance.

“That’s your answer for everything!” snapped Genevieve, “Lance, we can’t keep living like this! I can’t get a job because of my shape and I might not be able to perform for a few months after the baby comes. And you’re barely doing anything at all!”

“That’s not true,” said Lance, “I’ve been taking care of you. Isn’t it enough that we’re together?”

It was in that moment that Genevieve finally saw Lance for who he truly was. He loved her truly and he was handsome, but that was all he had going for him. He was nothing more than a love-struck puppy who cared only about pleasing his mistress. Whatever brainpower he had was fully devoted to making her happy but only in the immediate time. He was going to unwittingly send them both into poverty with his inability to plan ahead for finances.

Genevieve sighed as she realized what she had to do, even if it was going to hurt them both. “No, Lance, we’re not going to go on a road trop. I’m going to go stay at my sister’s,” she said.

“Ok, how long will we be staying with her?” asked Lance.

“No, I’M going to be staying with my sister,” said Genevieve, “You aren’t coming with me, not until you’ve gotten this situation straightened out.”

Lance frowned and said, “Straightened out? I don’t understand.”

“Exactly!” snapped Genevieve, “You don’t understand! Not at all! How do you expect us to raise a child with the money we have? How will we be able to send him or her to school or college? At this rate, we won’t even be able to keep this apartment! I know you love me and I do love you, but that’s just not enough. And until you can get your priorities straight and figure out an actual plan, I don’t want to see you.”

With that, Genevieve headed back out the door, not bothering to grab anything. She had to leave quick before Lance fully grasped what she was saying and came after her. Fortunately, she still had enough money to get a taxi to drive her to Carrie’s. Lance won’t be able to reach her from there, something she both hoped for and dreaded.

Genevieve could have chosen to stay at her parents’ instead of with her sister, but there a few reasons she chose Carrie. First, Lance would have a much harder time getting into Carrie’s place with its security system. Second, Carrie would be easily able to afford to house Genevieve and can supply her with clothes since she had to leave everything behind. Third, Carrie knew that Genevieve was cast forward in time, much like herself, and would be able to understand her better. Fourth, Genevieve couldn’t bear to hear her parents say ‘we told you so’.

Genevieve’s parents knew Lance wasn’t a bad guy. He had a good sense of honor and morals, but not a very sharp mind. Her parents were worried that Lance’s slavish devotion to his wife would make him forget about supporting them both financially. Her folks were perfectly right and Genevieve should have realized it sooner.

However, looking through the memories of the years she skipped over, it became clear that she was little better than Lance. The two of them had been such a ridiculously love-struck pair. It was a wonder the two of them had gotten anything done. It seemed that Lance had barely changed at all from the boy he used to be. Genevieve didn’t miss the irony that sending her younger mind into the future had made her more mature than the way she had grown up normally.

But now Genevieve was stuck in her sister’s place, with a baby coming in a few months. She couldn’t depend on Carrie’s generosity to keep Genevieve and her child indefinitely. Maybe Genevieve could go into higher levels of acting, like TV shows or advertisements. She probably could have done so earlier if she hadn’t been just as sickeningly obsessed with Lance. And yet for all his flaws in foresight, Genevieve couldn’t just leave Lance for good, but what was she to do with him?

Genevieve sighed to herself. What a fine mess she had gotten herself into. The only comfort she had was that Carrie would soon be bringing Marianne home soon. Even if Marianne hadn’t also been brought into the future, it would still be good for her sister to be back.

Marianne (Part 3)
by Planet

Living near the coast certainly had its perks. The 27-years-old little girl had a lot of fun for the next two days, but she had to cut that short.

Holidays were over quite soon for Marianne. When you were in such a desperate need for money, you couldn’t refuse even one paying client. She had to start at the gym again.

Her new (or rather old) workplace was a very big and fancy fitness center. Much bigger and fancier, indeed, than the tiny gym-in-progress she owned.

Marianne changed into her workout clothes. She had grown accustomed to the feel of spandex stretched across her taut body, and in fact it had become one of her favorite things about being an adult.

Her client today was a young woman, maybe around her same age, but her body shape was a far cry from Marianne’s, she thought with both pride and pity.

The girl kept looking dreamily at her trainer as Marianne helped her with her routine, as if she hoped to get her figure through the power of wishful-thinking. But Marianne had gotten enough experience about fitness to know this one wouldn’t go far.

As much as she had grown to love exercising herself, training her clients was a dull work. The first two were simply too sluggish to progress, and the third one, a guy, seemed more interested in seeing Marianne’s squats than in trying them himself.

She was waiting for her fourth client when he texted her and said he wouldn’t be able to go that day. Marianne grunted. She really needed the money. On the other hand, she was exhausted.

One perk of working at the fitness center, was that she was able to use the pool area.

She felt immediately refreshed. It was the first time she really was there, but with her added memories, she thought she would miss it when she left this workplace.

Her attention was soon caught by a big, musclebound guy who was walking straight at her. She hadn’t seen him before, but she knew he was Mike, a coworker who was also a trainer there, and who had been her boyfriend for two years until they broke up not so long ago, but was still her partner at the business venture Marianne was trying with the small gym.

“Hey, Marianne,” he greeted her.

She removed her glasses to better look at his chiseled torso. They weren’t together any more, but Marianne suddenly remembered she missed him a bit. He was a muscle brain, but he had been a good lover… or so her brain told her.

“Mike, what’s up?”

“I wanted to talk to you. Are you free?”

“Yeah, my last client bailed on me.”

“That sucks. Well, shall we come inside?”

Marianne followed him into the interior area of the pool and took seat there. She was intrigued about what he wanted to tell her. He seemed nervous and she smiled. Maybe he wasn’t over her after all, though she wasn’t sure if she wanted to take him back. In any case, it would be fun to toy with him for a while.

“You see, Marianne…”

A loud yell interrupted him. She looked up to see a blonde girl walking in their direction, her arms wide open.


She closed her arms around Mike and kissed him extensively. She was Laura, who worked on the SPA as a receptionist and was Mike’s new girlfriend.

“How are you, dearie?” she asked. “Hey, Marianne.”

“Hey,” she answered drily.

Mike seemed more uncomfortable now, and so did Marianne, who looked at Laura with a critical eye. She was pretty, but she had no ass, she thought, and wondered how Mike could stand her after being with a real woman like Marianne.

There was a long silence.

“So, what did you want to tell me?” she asked after a while.

“Uhm. Nothing important really. I have a client that isn’t working for me, but I think he can fit perfectly in your routine. I guess you can take him, if you want.”

“Oh… okay. Thanks.”

Mike got up and so did Laura. But Marianne stayed just there.

“Come on, honey,” said Laura with a giggle.

“Coming,” said Mike, but before turning away, he spoke lowly. “Come around later, Marianne. I really need to tell you something.”

As soon as she was done for the day, Marianne started walking towards Mike’s apartment. She knew the address instinctively, as so many other things, and she remembered having spent many nights in there.

Mike was alone at his place, and Marianne sat in front of him without any ceremony.

“What couldn’t you tell me in front of Laura?” she inquired.

He paced trying to gain some time.

“Uhm… It’s just that… Hell, Marianne, this isn’t easy.”

Marianne knew Mike wasn’t a particularly sensitive guy. Opening his heart was probably quite painful to him.

“See, I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while, but then… I wasn’t sure yet, and I didn’t want to worry you until I was. Sure, I mean.”


“You see… I don’t think I can continue the gym plans with you.”

That wasn’t what she was expecting.


“I think it’s too much for me, and I’m not ready. I’m much more comfortable working for others than running things myself.”

“But this was your idea in the first place…”

“I know, but it’s taking much more time and money than I thought, and I’m just not sure it’ll work for me,” he said. “It’s always felt more yours than mine, in any case, so I’m sure you’ll do fine by yourself. I will sell you my part, so don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll come around to finish it eventually…”

Marianne couldn’t believe it. In this future, where she had lost her life and her family, the gym was the only thing she had left. Her only dream. Her only chance at financial stability, even.

“You know I can’t do this on my own. I'll never be able to make it now. And you know Paula is leaving. I won’t even have an place to stay.”

“I’m very sorry, Marianne. I really am. But there’s nothing I can do now.”

6 months later

“Come on, go lower,” insisted Marianne to her newest trainee, showing the correct form herself.

She was still working at the fitness center. The gym she had been trying to build was by now all but a crushed dream.

The small place was still there, unfinished; it’s only use was as Marianne’s improvised sleeping place. She had put on a mattress in there and she spent her nights within the incomplete fantasy.

She even sold back most of the equipment, and was now about to sell the locale itself in order to be able to rent a proper apartment again.

“Good, I think you made a good workout today,” lied Marianne, and her client smiled satisfied.

She sighed and went to change. She couldn’t believe it was July already, and that she had spent half a year in the body and life of a 27-years-old woman. She couldn’t believe it was possible, but she missed being 7. She might have been a skinny shrimp back then, but at least she had a lovely family and no responsibilities.

Nevertheless, she was proud about how she had been able to survive those responsibilities. She had matured so much she couldn’t believe it, not just beyond the little girl she really was, but also beyond the careless young woman she had become when she had been transported to this future.

But pride wasn’t enough to make her happy. As hard as she had fought, she was still leading a hard-life.

“Marianne, your next client is waiting for you at the pool,” told her one of her workmates.

“In the pool? They had told me she wanted to do some weight training,” she said disappointed, because she had just changed her bathing suit by workout clothes.

“Don’t worry, I think you scored nicely with this one. I know I’ve seen her somewhere. I believe she’s a model from overseas, or something like that. I bet she has good money.”

“That’s interesting.”

Marianne went to the pool area and saw a woman with reddish hair and a green bikini waiting for her there. She was a few years older than herself, but was incredibly fit for her age and rather attractive.

“Marianne? Is that really you?” said the redhead turning around to see the trainer.

“Uhm… yeah. Who…?”

Marianne suddenly was hit with recognition. This was her eldest sister, Carrie, also turned into an adult.

“I can’t believe my little sister turned into this…” she said amazed.

“Carrie? How…? Did you get transported into the future as well?”

“Yeah, and so did Genevieve. I don’t know why, but all three of us changed on New Year!”

“On New Year?” Marianne couldn’t understand it. “How is that possible? I called you as soon as I could, and you said nothing had happened to you. I thought I was the only one!”

“What? No, we never talked! I called you the next day, but you weren’t there, and after that I could find you again at your number,” explained Carrie.

“Yeah, I lost that flat.”

 “Come on, sis. Let’s go inside. We need to talk.”

Carrie put on a loose long blouse over her swimsuit and she turned towards Marianne.

“Do you say you talked to me that night? Why can’t I remember it?”

“But I did. I spoke to you. You said everything was normal, and then you told me you were going to a party…”

“Wait!” Carrie was trying to put the pieces together. “I was going to party? But I found myself like this DURING the party. How come you were speaking to me before that?”

“I also woke up here at a party, just at midnight,” said Marianne.

“That’s it! New Year comes first in Australia! You were transported through time before Genevieve and I! So you did speak with me... but I still didn’t have my past consciousness, so I had no idea what were you talking about!”

Marianne felt numb.

“I’ve been alone in here for almost seven months, thinking I was the only one who had transformed just because… time zones?"

"Yeah, I guess it was just an unfortunate mix up. But don't worry. You're not alone any more. I've come here for you. Genevieve is waiting for us back home.”



Only the epilogue to go.

Meanwhile, here's a little teaser of what's about to come. Not counting the pictures, it's 80 pages long at the moment, and still not ready!


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