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Premature Maturation - Part III

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Saturday – 1:57 pm.

The door was wide open when they arrived. They had obviously been quite careless when they had left last night. Once inside, they saw why: a bottle of wine and four glasses were over the living room coffee table, among a few used candles.

“Well, that store clerk guy did say we were already drunk when we got there,” said Tanya looking around and feeling quite ashamed of herself.

They looked for Joy, who obviously wasn’t in the house. Monica’s room was in quite a disheveled state, though, as if someone had raided the wardrobes.

“So we did transform here,” concluded Felicia. “We needed something to wear and this was our first option.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Look!” said David picking a small blouse from the floor. “Wasn’t this what you were wearing last night, sis?”

“Yeah, that’s mine!”

She took it and they realized it had ripped prominently.

“Hey, it’s ruined!,” pointed Tanya.

“Well, no wonder it is. I grew H-cups as an 11-years-old!” Felicia exclaimed, holding the blouse in front of her torso, and it suddenly hit her how much bigger she had become.

The house was kind of dark, and Tanya tried to turn on the lights, to no avail.

“Oh, right… that blackout. The power isn’t back yet,” she said.

And suddenly, Felicia remembered. She gasped so loudly, her companions jumped.

“Oh, fuck! There was no blackout at all. I just… It- it was me!”

“What do you mean?”

She led them to the kitchen and opened a fuse box. She clicked it, and the lights turned on instantly.

“I turned off the fuse box. I’m so sorry… It was just a prank…”

“Do you mean it was just a prank?” asked David not that much surprised.

“Well, kind of… Not really a prank. I just wanted to do something and that’s why I turned off the lights. I just… don’t remember what.”

She walked back to the living room and looked at the candles on the coffee table they had used after the fake blackout. There was something else waiting for her there.

“Hey, my glasses! I was looking for them, I left them here!”

Felicia picked them and Tanya frowned.

“Were you reading something last night? With the lights out?”

“Yeah, I remember something… I was reading, I think.”

Felicia looked at the table and the candles again. She was standing in the same point Joy had been when she had tried on the lights the previous night. She could remember listening to her as she asked “We’ll do something fun until energy comes back, then. Any ideas of what can we do?”

And now, it all came back to her.

She put a hand over her mouth.

“Oh, no! I’m so sorry, guys. I believe I did this to us!”

“What?” Both David and Tanya were dumbfounded.

“I just… Sit here, around the table. Can’t you remember?”

Tanya and David looked quite worried now.

“Remember what?”

“Close your eyes. Think about the blackout. You should be able to remember. We weren’t drunk then, don’t you see?”

“You said it’d be more fun in the dark,” remembered Tanya.

“Exactly. Then Joy asked for suggestions about what we could do while the power came back,” said Felicia trying to help her memory.

“Yeah…” recalled David. “Then you said you had just the thing and asked us to wait in here and then… Oh, hey, I remember!”

He suddenly opened his eyes in disbelief.

“What?” asked Tanya urgently.

“The book!” said both siblings at the same time, before Felicia added: “Remember that big old book I found at Grandma’s house? I was reading it on my Mom’s van before we picked you up.”

And now, Tanya remembered too. It all came in a flash.

Friday – 7:14 pm.

Suddenly, the TV screen went black. Joy got up and tried to turn on the ceiling lamp, to no avail.

“Damn, a blackout,” she said lowly. “This isn’t frequent. Shouldn’t last long, anyway.”

 “Besides, I think it’s much more fun like this, don’t you?” said Felicia.

“Okay,” agreed Joy sitting on the floor in front of them. “We’ll do something fun until energy comes back, then. Any ideas of what can we do?”

“Oh, I believe I have just the thing,” said 11-years-old Felicia maliciously. “It’s quite silly, but we’ll have fun. Wait for me here.”

She returned about three minutes later carrying the big leathery book.

“I found this at my Grandma’s house. A book of spells,” she said mysteriously. Her companions laughed nervously. “Unfortunately, it’s in some weird language I can’t make out. Runes or something.”

“But wait, you were reading it on the car,” remembered David. The preteen boy didn’t believe in magic, but he shifted on his seat rather tensely. He hoped Tanya hadn’t noticed, though the young girl was gullible enough to actually believe in spells.

“No, I wasn’t reading it, you just assumed so. I clearly told you and Mom that I wasn’t. I was just trying to figure it out, but no luck.”

“So what, do you want us to try and decode it, or something?,” asked Joy, sounding a bit bored as she smoothed her silky night robe.

“I don’t think we can do it right away, but someone else did. At least with one of the spells, at any rate.” Felicia produced a sheet transcribed on typewriter. “I found this paper inside one of the book's pages. Seems to be a translation of this particular spell over here: “Age-shifting Incantation”, it’s called.”

Still unconvinced, her audience was nevertheless very attentive.

“Listen, I don’t believe in magic either,” declared Felicia. “But I’m not one to think all of my assumptions are right. I need to experiment before dismissing an idea, but sadly I can’t try out the spell on my own. I need at least one companion, it says so here.”

“What if it’s dangerous?” asked Tanya, also trying to hide her nervousness.

“Why would it be? It’ll either do what it says it does or… which is more probable, it won’t work at all. But what if it does work? Wouldn’t it be fun if we were grownups for a while until our mothers’ return?”

Joy laughed at Felicia’s inventiveness. She had forgotten how imaginative she had been at that age. She decided she would be a bad babysitter if she didn’t humor her.

“Okay, let’s try it,” she said. “What does it say?”

“It explains a few things, but it mainly goes down to chanting the words.”

“And… can we get back to our real ages after a while?” asked David. Not that he was believing in any of this yet. “Like… Before Mom returns tomorrow?”

“Yes, in order to turn back, we have to cast the spell again before twenty-nine hours pass. If we don’t, we’ll have to wait two full years before being able to do anything with it.”

“Okay, we don’t want that,” pointed Tanya.

“We’ll need a few candles too,” said Felicia and Joy went to the kitchen to look for them.

They lit them on the table and sat around it, holding hands and feeling very silly.

“Only one of us has to pronounce the incantation. I can do that,” volunteered Felicia. “Once I finish it, each of you has to say the age you want to be aloud. It’s 7:23. We have to remember that time, because we have to turn back tomorrow before twenty-nine hours are over. That is… 12:23.”

Everyone nodded as Felicia put on her reading glasses and started reciting the nonsensical words slowly and clearly. They all felt a breeze on the back of their heads and goosebumps. Suddenly this felt very real, and they somehow were half-expecting it to actually work.

Felicia finished the last few words and then she added “27” at the end of her chant.

“39”, said David without thinking too much, and simply tripling his real age.

Tanya hadn’t expected her friends to decide for such high numbers. She didn’t want to risk becoming too old, so she muttered “24” timidly.

Joy was caught off-guard and she took a while to retort.

“30”, said the 15-years-old babysitter finally.

As soon as she pronounced the number, they all felt a powerful whirlwind around them, flickering their hair and whistling loudly in their ears.

“Oh, no, it was real!” yelled Tanya in terror over the noise.

“Don’t let go yet!,” Felicia warned them.

The wind was gone in a second and they all looked at each other, their hearts beating really fast and still holding hands. Suddenly a pressure built inside their ribs.

“Something is happening!” said David.

“I can’t believe it! It did work!” Joy was impressed. She wasn’t expecting this at all.

Then, visible things started to happen. Joy, already a teenager, seemed to be maturing before their eyes, albeit very slowly.

As for the kids, soon their turn came too. Tanya was apparently the closest one to puberty, and she saw in fear that she was gaining height by the second. Her face hadn’t changed too much yet, but there was something more mature about it already.

David watched her transfixed, and soon both he and Felicia also started to grow taller even more rapidly than their friend.

Meanwhile, Joy had hit a very late growth spurt, and for the first time she looked like a girl in her late teens, a young woman, even. Her face had matured beautifully, and large breasts erupted quite suddenly in front of her. They went from almost nothing to C-cups in just a couple of seconds.

“So they will come eventually!” she said excitedly. “In a year or so!”

Felicia and David looked like awkward young teenagers, both very tall for their age, but slim and gangly. Tanya was shorter than them now, but looked more graceful.

She had already started to blossom breasts in the last few seconds, and despite the fact that she was feeling anxious about the whole thing, she smiled as they pushed beneath her black blouse. They kept growing larger, slowly but steadily, and her face was gaining such beauty, David couldn’t part his eyes from it. Her fingernails grew long suddenly and she scratched David’s left hand, which she was holding.


He wanted to answer but he felt how his grip on her was becoming stronger as his hand grew larger and his arm, it seemed to him, a bit beefier.

Felicia was losing her awkward looks all of sudden, as new shapes started to shift her slender frame into a curvaceous one. Her breasts started to develop, already B-cups by the first time they emerged. They pushed her blouse forward violently, and in just seconds they were already larger than Tanya’s, despite the fact that she had been growing hers for about a minute.

“Wow, they’re so big already!” exclaimed a stunned Felicia, her husky voice taking them all by surprise.

By contrast, David’s voice was croaky when he said: “My feet ache so much!”

He had been the only one who was wearing shoes, and he managed to kick them out to see huge feet still expanding and tearing through his socks.

Joy’s changes were now the slowest. She had been a young woman for a while by now, and her long overdue development was mostly done. Her silky nightie had stretched, but it was able to hold.

That wasn’t the case for everybody. Tanya’s own round chest was pushing out so much against her shirt that it had crawled up, revealing her waist, and one of her sleeves had already ripped on the back seams. Her black shorts were far too tight, and her backside was fighting to pop out, as her wider thighs hurt badly.

Felicia couldn’t be more than 16, but her breasts were now over the double-D mark. Her blouse had long since teared on a few places, showing immense under-cleavage, but luckily none of her boobs had emerged fully. Her increasingly large nipples were perceptible through the fabric, though, and as they enlarged, she panted in ecstasy. Her midriff, which was growing quite toned, was also visible under the lower helm of the tiny blouse.

David looked away from his sister, fearing she would end up naked, and noticed that he could have a wardrobe malfunction of his own anytime soon. His crotch had been feeling weird from the start, and he knew he was growing much larger down there, but now he feared what could happen next.

“I think we should finish our changes, privately,” he suggested, and he was pleased to hear that his voice was deeper and manlier than before. “Do you think we can let go of each other’s hands?”

“I reckon we can,” shrugged Felicia, who didn’t want to end up topless before her friends either.

They let go very fast and got up as quickly as their changing bodies allowed them, and each ran to the first place they found.

Tanya ended in her own room -or at least the one she had been sharing with Felicia during their stay.

She could tell her face was changing at the moment and she ran towards the mirror. She wasn’t ready for the shock of seeing how her features lost the final remaining baby fat, and she now looked every bit like a gorgeous young woman. The transformation was slowing down, but her chest and hips shook a bit as they enlarged one last time.

Tanya wondered if she would be able to peel off her shorts. She managed to do it, but she had to shred off her top using her long nails, because it was too skin-tight to remove it any other way. The problem was that she was now trapped in a room with nothing but clothes for preteen girls. Her beautiful 23-years-old body certainly wouldn’t fit on any of them.

David was in serious distress. On one hand, every muscle on his body was on fire as they bulged significantly, on the other, the growth of his privates was both exhilarating and uncomfortable.

He had barricaded himself on one of the bathrooms and had taken his pants and underwear out. He was marveling at its already long size, but it kept growing before his eyes, and he had an unmistakable erection. His scrotum had become very hairy, and his testicles were swelling at the moment.

 “Ahhhhh! Whoaaaa!” he yelled in pleasure as his glands reached full sexual maturity. His voice got even deeper as he did so, and he was aware of the enlargement of his Adam’s apple on his throat. His erection had maxed out, and he ejaculated fiercely against the wall.

Trembling, he turned to the mirror to see his squarer face. He had to be in his late teens now! Small whiskers were poking through his cheeks at that moment, and they grew thicker. A similar tickle on his legs and underarms also signaled hair growth there.

He didn’t become any taller –he was already quite lofty-, but his until now only lean body started to develop serious muscle tone.

His biceps were getting wider than his head had started, his shoulders had separated far from his neck, and his pectorals exploded out in a way that reminded him of his sister’s breasts growing. His already tattered shirt burst away like the Hulk’s and he felt a rush of power and adrenaline raging through his veins. While his abdominals developed a six-pack, his changes slowed down, as the 22-years-old man approached his thirties, gaining nothing but more muscular size from time to time. Then it happened again.

Despite having reached complete release just a minute earlier, he could feel the pleasure building again. He just arched his back and let the process run its course naturally. He had never felt like that.

Felicia had hastily entered a room that ended up being Monica’s. She didn’t waste any time in approaching the mirror, and was shocked at what she saw.

She was on her late teens now, and was both tall and well-developed. Her black hair was growing longer, past her shoulder blades, and her face was becoming much more appealing. She felt a sharpness as her hip bones expanded wider, and her rear also inflated, though it wasn’t a match for her breasts.

They seemed to be moments away from bursting completely out of her blouse, which now looked like a tiny strap of fabric on top of the great orbs perched freely on her chest, firm despite their size, which still expanded a bit more.

There were a few final shiftings and tinglings down her body as her internal organs and privates matured fully, and it was all so intense that it almost brought tears of bliss to her eyes. She couldn’t remain standing, so she dropped to her knees, pulling down her denim shorts which were painfully tight.

A few more minutes passed and, as her blouse snapped away, she grasped the spell was done: a very adult and sizable 27-years-old woman was in place of the squirrely 11-years-old she had been. She let out a mechanical womanly laugh. The transformation had felt awesome, and the results were way better than she had expected. She never thought she had it in herself to grow into this kind of woman.

She took off her minuscule panties, the last piece of clothing she still had on, and was a bit surprised of the current developed state of what was underneath.

Felicia realized she was in luck, since she had at least ended up in a room full of clothes that belonged to a grown woman. She opened Monica’s wardrobe and searched for something that she could use. There was a sleeveless leathery vest which she thought would suffice, but it wouldn’t close over her chest.

“Oh, come on, how big am I?” she wondered in distress, yet unmistakable delight.

She knew that Monica, as busty was she was, wouldn’t have a proper brassiere for her, but she found a white lacy one that at least kind of fitted. Her arms closed the hooks quite automatically on her back, but the cups were painfully tight. Felicia held her longer raven hair and tied it in a high bun, then she stood in front of the mirror, trying to memorize every detail of her new body.

“This spell is the best thing ever,” she squealed.

Meanwhile, Joy had finished her transition from her early twenties into a 30-years-old woman without any more dramatic changes. Everything of significance had happened during her adolescent years.

She was sitting on her own bed, since she had obviously barricaded herself inside her bedroom, and she was soaking in how different everything was.

She curled and sank her knees over the mattress and looked around at the familiar surroundings from an obviously increased height. She had grown over a head taller, not to mention finally womanly.

Her balance still off, she tried to straighten her back, and she felt her fully-fledged breasts pushing against the soft fabric of her nightclothes, as did her rounder buttocks.

Her face had also matured. No longer could she be taken for a 12-years-old as had happened when she was 15. She now looked like a beautiful young woman, with a pointier chin and high cheekbones. Her hair was a tad darker, and it hadn’t grown much longer.

“I’m really 30…” she said, and noticed her pitch had become lower since the last time she had spoken out loud on the living room. “I’m just 3 years younger than my Mom.”

Struggling with that bizarre realization as well as with her new longer legs, she was finally able to walk clumsily towards the door.

Felicia was coming out Joy’s mother’s room. She was dressed in white and had a few pieces on lingerie in her hands.

“Oh, Felicia. Is that really you?” said the adult Joy. “You’re looking great!”

“As are you. Do you want to come inside your mother’s room?”

“Uhm… yeah. These are straining all over me. I could use some of Mom’s clothes.”

“Come on in, I’m done here at the moment. I’m bringing these to Tanya.”

Joy entered into Monica’s room and lost no time in removing her clothes.

She sat on a chair and laughed. Her grown breasts were about to spill from her frilly training bra. Those wouldn’t do for the moment, so she took them off too.

Monica’s nightgowns were larger, and in Joy’s opinion, sexier than her own, so she put one of those over her head. She even put her hair up and searched the jewel box for her mother’s favorite earrings, then examined her reflection closely.

“I look a bit like Mom! Well… I’m a bit prettier, I should say.”

That thought sent an electrifying sensation all through her body. She let her hair down with a swift, sensual motion and then removed her nightie, switching it for a ruby red set of underwear. Her large C-cups were a good fit for her mother’s slightly larger bras. She then rubbed a bit of lipstick on her mouth and let herself on the couch.

The sensation was becoming too much for her. Being fifteen, it wasn’t something exactly new for her, but she had never experienced it with such intensity, not by far. Feeling as if her groin was on fire, she contorted wildly in pleasure, not even noticing it when she fell to the floor.

In the meantime, Felicia had walked toward the room she shared with Tanya and knocked.

“Go away,” said an unknown woman’s voice. “I don’t have any clothes that fit.”

“I know, Tanya. It’s me, Felicia. I brought you something from Monica’s room.”

“But I am… Oh, okay… But just you!”

Tanya opened the door timidly and her friend entered, immediately closing it behind her again.

“Felicia? Wow!”

The blonde was shocked at the appearance of her formerly petite friend, and at the same time she tried to cover her large, round breasts, which were about to pop from the long blouse she was wearing. As a child, it came down to her knees, but now it threatened to ride up her thighs and expose her backside.

Felicia looked down at Tanya for the first time in her life, and nodded approvingly.

“You turned just gorgeous, Tanya, just as expected.”

The 23-years-old Tanya blushed at that, and slowly, shyly, removed the ill-fitting clothes and faced Felicia completely naked.

“This all feels too bizarre…” she said.

“Yeah… But very good too, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” admitted Tanya.

“Plus, I’m four years older than you now!” said Felicia. “How weird is THAT?”

Tanya nodded as she put on one of the brassieres that Felicia had brought her.

“These fit perfectly.”

“That means you’re a 36D, then. That’s what Monica’s bras are labeled.”

“Then what are you, like Q-cup?”asked Tanya looking at her friend’s bust in amazement.

“Yep,” admitted Felicia naturally. “Well, I have no idea, to be honest,” she said, holding her white sweater up to display them. “But they feel quite heavy.”

“They have to be, they’re huge! Even mine feel heavy. Wow, I never thought I would get 36Ds and yet feel small when compared to you…”

“You’re also shorter than me,” pointed Felicia. “So your breasts seem bigger on you and suit you quite well. You look amazing, really.”

“Yeah, sorry. I guess I’m just feeling a bit… vain since this happened,” said Tanya turning to the mirror to examine her face’s reflection again.

“You were vain since you were a kid, Tanya,” laughed Felicia. “But you just had your perfect hair and preppy clothes then. Now you’re also body-conscious. I love you all the same, though.”

Tanya joined her in the laugh and both girls in women’s bodies got out of the room dressed in only their lingerie. They walked into David, who was coming out of his bathroom. Since all of his clothes were ruined, he was wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his crotch, his muscular upper body completely on display.

“Hey, bro, you turned into a hunk!” said Felicia when she saw him, and both David and Tanya blushed a bit.

“Uhm… you’re… You are both looking very beautiful.”

“Thanks,” muttered Tanya as Felicia laughed.

“Hey, guys, aren’t we a good-looking lot?” said Joy, joining them. She had fluffed her dark blonde hair and was wearing a one-piece lingerie. David thought she looked absolutely sexy as she sprawled suggestively over the furniture.  “I still can’t believe this just happened. Thank you for this, Felicia.”

“I was never expecting it to work,” she confessed.

“Yeah, nor did I,” retorted their former babysitter. “But look at us now. Look at YOU,” she said approaching David and putting an arm around his broad shoulders. He was quite a lot taller than Joy now, and he trembled at her touch. “We’re about the same age now, aren’t we? Well, you’re almost a decade older than me now, can you believe it? And you got so handsome… I could eat you up.”

She got on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek, and the 39-years-old man turned red, and he felt new stirrings on his crotch. Felicia smirked. It had only taken for Joy to develop a hot body to shed off her good girl image.

“So, what shall we do now?” asked Tanya. “TV isn’t back yet…”

“Are you kidding me? Do you want to be sitting around now that we look like this? I think we should have some fun, do things we couldn’t as kids,” proposed Felicia.

Joy nodded as she sat in front of them, then she said:

“Okay, our mothers told us to stay at home, but maybe tomorrow we can go downtown and have some fun. Eat at a restaurant, and stuff…”

“What? Go to Vegas?” asked David, not sure it was a good idea.

“Of course not Vegas, just around here,” said Joy, looking like a scared teen again. “Let’s not go too crazy, please. Officially, I’m still responsible for your safety, even if you look like adults now.”

“Okay, I agree,” said Felicia and they all nodded. “But what do we do tonight? Oh, I know, maybe we could taste alcohol for the first time!”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea…” started Joy. “You’re technically just kids. Heck, I’m still a kid.”

“Oh, come on. Just a celebratory sip!”

Joy looked at Felicia. David and Tanya seemed as unconvinced as the babysitter, but finally she agreed.

“Okay, but just ONE sip each.”

Felicia clapped as Joy looked for a bottle of wine and four cups on the kitchen. They served just a bit on each, and again sat around the coffee table on the living room.

“To growing up!” said Felicia, and they all toasted and drank it. “Oh, yummy!”

Joy nodded, as she was also enjoying its taste. David liked it too, but found himself wishing for a different kind of liquor, something stronger.

Tanya, on the other hand, thought it was disgusting, but she was embarrassed to admit it and said nothing, but she grimaced visibly as she put down her cup.

 “That was inter… Oh!” as David swallowed his drink, his attitude change was almost instantaneous. He laughed vulgarly and yelled loudly. “Let’s get the fuck out of here! I want real booze, not this feeble shit!”

“Yeah, what the hell, let’s go to Vegas!” screamed Joy, her pupils quite dilated as she contorted again over the couch. “We’re just a few miles from the most fun city in the world, and I’m not going to waste this bod locked in here.”

“But…” Felicia couldn’t understand what was happening, but then it also took effect on her. She felt dizzy and clasped her head as she grabbed the small table for support. Then she held her head up again and yelled: “Now we’re talking, bitches!”

Tanya was laughing and bellowing wildly, and was already serving more wine on her glass.

“Let’s finish this stuff first!”

They did drank it all in just a second, and the next moment they were all in Monica’s room looking for something to wear in their escapade.

Tanya immediately started to doll herself up with Monica’s make-up. Despite never having used it before, she applied it perfectly, but she was too drunk to perceive that subtle mental change.

“We should stop and buy a few clothes first,” said Joy as she put on her mother’s things, and though it was the sexiest she had found, she thought it was boring. “We can’t go partying to Vegas dressed like old ladies.”

“Yeah, we look like moms,” agreed Felicia, who looked like anything but that in the Calvin Klein underwear she was currently using. She snapped a selfie in the mirror nevertheless.

There weren’t men’s clothes in the house, so it wasn’t easy to find something for David. In the end, he settled for one of Monica’s white t-shirts and shorts that didn’t look too feminine. Both were simply too small for his burly body and he had no choice but to go barefoot, since no shoes would fit him.

“Oh, you look quite sexy anyway,” said Tanya. The two of them had been all over each other since they had drunk the wine.

 “So do you, babe,” he said very pleased, hugging her and massaging her round backside with his hands.

Tanya parted from him and started giggling uncontrollably. She jumped around from leg to leg, pulling her hair and sometimes touching the deep cleavage that her small top displayed.

“Look at me, I’m all growed! Take that, Mom and Dad! See who cares about your divorce now!” she hollered, hopelessly hammered, but looking quite fetching.

Meanwhile, Joy had taken a sizable pack of money from one of her mother’s drawers.

“She said this was for emergencies.”

“Yeah, fuck her!,” said Tanya, not another worry in the world except having fun.

“Okay, let’s go crazy,” said Joy, and all of them followed her out of the house into the night.


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  1. Very nicely done. Several great transformation sequences in there, I enjoyed the method of transformation as well with the spell. I'm also enjoying the payoff of a non-traditional narrative structure now. I was skeptical at first, but I think it was athe right decision now.

    Look forward to Part IV!

    1. Thank you! Means a lot, because the different structure is part of the spirit that makes this story unique. This part was always one of the centerpieces, since we finally see the transformations. I hope you enjoyed the process description.

      I'm also glad you're not disappointing about the spell method. I left plenty of clues about what was going to happen in the first two parts.

      Part VI will feature a few more interesting discoveries.

  2. The details for the transformations was pretty great. I also found it interesting that their adult mindsets kicked in as soon as they tasted alcohol. I think the biggest question now is if the spell can be lifted individually or do all of them have to be together for them to undo it.

    1. The mechanics of the spell (and the alcohol) will be the main focus on Part IV.

  3. You surprised me in a good way, and it worked well, as it was clearly planned from the beginning. The description of the process was awesome to read. This is an awesome story, and I am very interested to see what happens next.

    1. Thank you :)

      Yes, I planned the whole plot from the start, and there are still a few clues planted from the first parts that will come into play much later.

  4. Well now. That was quite the scene! To bad we can never see something like this in movie form.

    1. I know, right? Would love to see this in a proper film.

  5. I love it, and wish to see the next part soon.