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Premature Maturation - Part VI

Here's our last part for this year, but we'll come back soon with more!

Also, Ageiss will post her last story in the next few days. VERY INTERESTING and with a few twists and reveals.

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Saturday – 8:42 pm.

They barely made it in time to Caesar’s Palace. Though they were able to secure a taxi quickly enough this time, they had to change into proper clothes first, since Hubalu had advised them to go as inconspicuously as possible.

They saw the three men in black suits and orange ties. They could immediately understand what Hubalu had meant when he had said he could recognize Salty’s men just from their looks. They were professional criminals, no doubt about it.

“We made it,” said David to his companions, glancing at his wristwatch before turning to the men and declaring, trying to frown seriously: “Hubalu sent us with the information Mr. Bosanno requires.”

He was sure they were going to laugh in his face, but thankfully that didn’t happen. They didn’t answer right away, though.

“Look… We’re ready to deliver the requested information and go along with the release of the hostages,” said David when the silence extended too long.

This time, one of the men did chuckle a bit, but the one ahead of the other two, obviously the leader, remained neutral faced as he finally retorted.

“There won’t be any releases until the operation ends successfully.”

David didn’t know how to argue with that.

“Okay… We… we’re willing to wait until the heist concludes. The information is solid, so there’ won’t be any trouble.”

This time, even the leader snickered lowly.

“You are the operation. Surely Hubalu told you we’d also need you as couriers. We can’t take the package away ourselves.”

Hubalu had explained that, of course, but David was hoping for a miracle. They were about to rob a casino. A casino armed with state-of-the-art security measures, including of course, cameras. If everything went right, the place wouldn’t notice the theft that night, but next day, after they reviewed the footage, they would be looking all over Vegas for the three of them. Salty wasn’t about to expose one of his own operatives and that’s why he had asked for external ones.

“So even if the plan goes fine, you’ll have to leave Vegas immediately,” Hubalu had warned them. “They’re going to be looking for your faces all over.”

But David knew if the plan worked, and they secured Joy on time, then they wouldn’t need to run away. Nobody would suspect them, because the faces they would be looking for wouldn’t even exist until they became adults for real.

“Okay,” said David to Salty’s men. “We’re ready to go in, then.”

The leader gave him some keys.

“This is your escape vehicle and parking ticket. It’s in the hotel’s garage. You’ll turn on the GPS and you’ll follow the address that is set in there. Then we’ll make the exchange. If you don’t show before a quarter to eleven, or if you try to swindle the money from us in any way, then the hostages are as good as dead.”

There was no need to say anything. He knew they were serious. David bowed out and the three friends entered the hotel and marched towards the casino.

“David, wait for us!” yelled Felicia. “You’re walking too fast, the guards will notice something. Besides… it’s not so easy for us.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Well…” she grimaced. “Try walking around in heels like we are. Plus… there’s also these,” she pointed down to her breasts. “I haven’t said anything before, but I’ve been running around all day with these humungous things and they’re kind of heavy, you know. My back hurts already, I’m not sure how I’m going to endure this.”

“Most girls develop theirs gradually, so there’s some adjustment process, I guess,” said David, sympathetic with his sister’s  difficulty. “But you grew all of that in just minutes, so it’s bound to feel weird. How are yours?” he added looking at Tanya’s.

“It feels very strange and they kind of pull my body down, but it’s not that bad,” she answered, cupping her own, more modest boobs. “Of course they’re not as big as THOSE.”

“Well, now that I know how big I’m going to get, I’ll start training my back muscles as soon as I become a kid again,” declared Felicia, avoiding to say “if I become a kid again.”

“Ok, here we are. The casino. That’s one of the tables over there,” muttered David out of the corner of his mouth. “You go, sis. Remember we don’t know each other.”

Felicia separated from David and Tanya as if they had entered together out of pure chance. Meanwhile, he took Tanya’s waist and brought her closer to him.

“I might actually enjoy this charade,” he said, and she giggled.

They sat in front of one of the tables, and the croupier started dealing his cards

“First time in Vegas?” he asked conversationally.

“Yeah, honeymoon,” said David, and his pretend wife kissed his ear adoringly.

“Congratulations. I hope you’re enjoying the city so far.”

“Thank you,” answered Tanya. “Yes, we’re enjoying it. And the lobster you serve here is particularly good. I’ve never tasted one like that since my aunt passed away.”

As soon as she pronounced the signal, the croupier -the inside man Hubalu had mentioned to them- discretely replaced the deck of cards he was shuffling, though he didn’t betray as much as a look of recognition.

Tanya sat on David’s lap and for a second he lost his concentration on the mission and he just wished the pretense was real: that he really was an adult man and that he and Tanya were truly married; that they were at the casino not to rob it, but to have a fun time during their occasional breaks from passionate lovemaking. But he couldn’t fantasize for long, for they had to memorize every number the croupier was about to deal.

Meanwhile, the alluring Felicia was also in position at the marked dice table. She had fallen easily into the persona they had accorded, that of a giggling bimbo. She had already set her sights on her target: a man who couldn’t keep his eyes away from her pneumatic chest.

“Oh, hi! Are you betting money? How fun!” she exclaimed as he took a swing of the dice.

In all appearances, things weren’t going well for the handsome married couple at the blackjack table. Fortune wasn’t on their side, it seemed, since they had lost their third deal in a row. Of course, they had never been meant to win, just to learn something.

“Will you go for another deal?” asked the croupier innocently.

“Nah, we’re fine. We’ll try again tomorrow,” said David, looking beaten.

“Well, better luck next time, then. Anyway, my shift is about to end, so I’m almost closing over here.”

David nodded and he and Tanya retired to a distant corner, where she threw herself over him, apparently kissing his ears again, but actually whispering.

“Did you get all the numbers? I think I have. Quickly, let’s write them before we forget any of them.”

David placed a napkin over his companion’s chest and, as they hugged, he quickly wrote all the numbers that both of them recited in unison. They agreed they remembered the sequence correctly.

Felicia, on her part, was clinging with both arms over the shoulders of the man playing the die, who looked rather pleased with himself, despite the fact that he had also lost all his bets.

“Oh, don’t worry dear,” she said. “I’m sure you’ll do fine in the next throw. Here’s some luck.”

She blew over the dice before he threw them. He lost again anyway.

“Oooh, that’s not fair,” she pouted. She saw Tanya, on the distance, entering a ladies’ bathroom. “Oh, well, maybe I’ll compensate for that later tonight.”

The man seemed to think losing some money was worth it if he was able to get a babe like her.

“Let’s get out of here,” he said.

“Oh, yes! But I really wanted to play… Will you wait for me? I’ll be back in a second and then it’s my turn!” she said brightly and she strolled to the bathrooms, his eyes never leaving her backside.

There was nobody else in there but Tanya, fixing her lipstick in front of the mirror, but Felicia didn’t break character anyway.

“Oh, hello! Did you win something today?”

“Nah, we lost quite a bit. My husband is a bit disappointed, but I’m making it up for him.”

Tanya winked and she turned away and exited the services, but she had left behind a scribbled napkin over the sink. Felicia saw the long list of numbers and started to learn them by heart, something that she had always been good at in school.

Throwing the napkin away and confident on her memory, Felicia returned to the table and started her own bets. Meanwhile, she saw the croupier who had dealt Tanya and David’s cards, now in civilian clothes, inconspicuously replacing the dice before disappearing into the crowd. He was very good, and Felicia was able to see him only because she knew it would happen.

The first figure on the napkin was eight. And that was her bet.

Felicia threw the dice and lost. She knew the first two numbers weren’t good, just to make things look more natural. She grimaced.

Her companion wasn’t too disappointed when she lost the second time, however. He obviously wanted to get out as soon as possible.

“Oh, bad luck,” he said. “Well, let’s go.”

“Just one more time, please!”

Felicia’s third number was 12, and sure enough, that was what she got. The small crowd around the table cheered a bit as Felicia jumped up and down, her large breasts attracting lots of attention.

“I won, I won! Am I rich already?”

“I’m afraid you’d have to win much more for that, dear,” laughed the man.

Of course, Felicia did win the next time, and the next. As her winning streak continued, the crowd started to get bigger, and at every triumph the cheering was increasingly louder.

Two patrons who hadn’t joined to see the lucky woman throwing the dice were David and Tanya, who stayed afar. He looked at his watch.

“Well, we better get going. We’ll get the car running.”

“Are you sure you can drive it?”

David wasn’t, actually, but he didn’t want to admit that in front of his new sweetheart.

“Yeah. As Felicia said, how different can it be to a videogame?”

Felicia’s “luck” wasn’t running out. She was selling the deceit skillfully, looking as surprised as the onlookers. The man besides her, as interested as he was in having her join him at his suite, clapped and yelled with everyone else.

“How are you doing this, babe?!” he asked with pure amazement.

“I don’t know! I just, like… say numbers that come to my head!”

When her winnings were far too large, the casino’s Chief of Security started to get suspicious. But when he saw the man who clung from the lady’s waist, his distrust was assuaged. He was, after all, one of their best clients, a family friend to the casino’s owner. Felicia’s choice of him had of course been purely intentional and instructed by Hubalu.

The numbers on the napkin ran out and Felicia announced she wanted to leave the game. Everyone gasped in disappointment, but they understood she didn’t want to risk her winning streak beyond the realm of possibility. After all, even a bimbo had to realize luck wasn’t eternal.

Her suitor always beside her, Felicia had no trouble claiming the money, and when he offered her to go celebrate at his place, she seemed authentically delighted.

“I’d love that! Wow, it seems I got lucky a lot tonight!” suddenly, her smile went limp. “Oh! But do you think it’s safe, with all this money on me? It’s a very heavy bag!”

“Don’t worry, my room is very safe. I’m friends with the hotel’s people.”

“Oh, okay!”

“Wait for me here while I bring the car. See you in a minute.”

But he never ever saw her again, for before he was able to bring his car, Felicia had already gotten into a different one which passed by as he turned his back.

Saturday – 9:50 pm.

“Bro, you’re really driving!” said an amazed Felicia as she entered into the car with the bag of money pressed to her lap.

David just nodded nervously. He was indeed controlling the vehicle with relative ease. He was a bit clumsier and slower than he should, because he had to be extra careful: after all, this wasn’t exactly like videogames, where you could bang against walls or people with some impunity.

He and Tanya had quickly found the black car that Salty’s men had left them, just as instructed, and they were now heading to the destination point set in the GPS, where the mobsters were to exchange the money for the hostages.

“Remember, there’s a chance they realize what we did before we thought,” said Tanya. “We should at least change our clothes so that they can’t spot us easily later on.”

“Yeah, I got our other outfits here,” said Felicia from the backseat.

David glanced at the rearview mirror just as she tore her dress away. Not wanting to see his sister in such a state of undress, he quickly looked at the copilot seat, where his eyes rested on a more appetizing view, that of Tanya in the middle of a similar display.

“Quickly,” he muttered. “There’s a red light ahead.”

They had put on the new garments as he stopped, which was very lucky since there were a couple of cops parked beside them.

Trying not to look nervous, David waited for the light to change. It seemed like it took ages, but then it finally turned green and he nodded politely at the cops. They nodded back and then stared at the three of them driving away.

The younger of the cops immediately went back to his donut, but his older partner seemed lost in thought for about a minute. Suddenly, he gasped, turned the patrol light on and started after David’s car, even though he couldn’t see it any more.

“Have you lost your marbles?” asked the other one as he dropped his dessert from the surprise. “What the heck are you doing?”

The older cop shook his head.

“I knew that guy looked familiar. He was at the station earlier today.”

“So what?”

“So he’s the one who totaled Honest Frank’s car and whom we had let go just a minute before Frank filed the complaint!”


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  1. This story has plenty of interesting twists. The way they cheated the casino's system is rather ingenious. I just hope they'll be able to get to Joy before the cops get to them.

    1. Thanks. I thought this Vegas story wouldn't be complete without a small casino heist.