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Premature Maturation - Part V

Thanks for your infinite patience.

I had to find a few pictures for this part and I was very short on time.

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Saturday – 6:29 pm.

“David!” a voice came from the other side.

This time it was Felicia. He turned to see his sister coming out of the club’s door, her party outfit tightly clung to her curvy frame.

“Where were you?”

“Uhm…” he quickly wiped the lipstick he could still taste on his mouth.

“Can you believe how late it is? We don’t have time and we lost half an hour in there!” continued Felicia without realizing anything was amiss. “Anyway, we already talked with one of the managers. Vincent didn’t come to his shift today. They don’t know why, this has never happened with him before. And he isn’t picking up his phone. But I told him it was a real emergency and they gave me his house’s address. Where’s Tanya? She was looking for you to tell you.”

“She is…”

“Oh, she’s right there,” said Felicia noticing her friend standing a few yards away. They walked towards her. Her eyes were red and sullen. “What happened, hun?”

“Er… nothing,” she retorted, wiping her eyes quickly. “I just wanted some air. Too much smoke in there. Got my eyes itchy.”

She smiled at Felicia, but she purposely avoided looking at David.

“So, are we going to Vincent’s or what?” asked the brunette.

“Yes, we should. But good luck finding a taxi in THIS,” said David pointing at the crowd around him.

They were starting to see how Vegas was at night. This was the real deal.

Felicia bit her lower lip and said “Wait for me a second,” and then she was gone to try and secure a taxi, leaving behind the uncomfortable Tanya and David together on the crowded curb.

“Look, Tanya… I’m sorry. That… That didn’t mean anything.”

She still avoided looking at him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, David. You can do whatever you want.”

“Yes, but I didn’t want to do that. Not with her.”

“Why should I care about what you do?,” asked Tanya with a tone that made apparent that she did care. “You’re a big boy.”

“No, I’m not, that’s the thing. It’s this body. These hormones. She just came, and I couldn’t help it. It’s as if they were controlling me.”

“Well, you were lucky they controlled you that way. She was really cute.”

“But she wasn’t you,” he muttered. He was sure she had heard him, though.

“Look, David. I don’t know why I acted like that. I don’t have that right, I know it. It’s just… I suppose I’ve been feeling very confused since I woke up this morning… you being there… at bed…”

“It’s worse for me…” started David, who thought it was the moment to finally come clean.

“Yeah, well, at least you’re sure you’re not pregnant,” said Tanya voicing one of her worries. “And I’m not blaming you, really. Neither of us knew what we were doing, it was the spell acting crazy because of the alcohol.…. But you might understand what I just felt when I saw you with that girl.”

“I understand,” confessed David. “I understand because I’ve been feeling that for a few years. Maybe more than a few. Maybe since we were very little and I first met you.”

Tanya wasn’t expecting that.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I like you a lot, Tanya. I’ve had a crush on you for years. And now that we’ve both grown, I think I realize it was more than that. I’ve been in love with you all along, no matter how young we were…”

“But… But…”

Tanya wasn’t very articulate at the moment.

“That’s it, I said it,” said David, and to his surprise he didn’t even blush.

“But that doesn’t make any sense. I mean… lately you’ve been avoiding me, and you’re very serious whenever I’m around. I thought… I thought you didn’t like me anymore, or that maybe you were jealous because I was so close to your sister. I never said a thing because I was fond of you all the same.”

“See, that’s what happens when you like someone a bit too much and you’re emotionally immature,” explained David. “You might pardon me, since I was but a little boy. And I know I also acted like one in there with that girl. But right now I feel like I’m a man, and you’re a real woman, and I love you so much.”

He bent down, and taking her beautiful cheeks into his hands, he kissed her. At first she was taken aback, but then her full lips kissed him back, and she threw her arms around his neck. They kissed passionately, much more than when he had kissed the unknown stranger on the dance floor.

Which led them to remember…

Saturday – 3:07 am.

David and Tanya were kissing savagely, her legs wrapped around his waist as he conducted her into the Luxor hotel suite they had just rented. Alcohol still rushing through their veins, their inhibitions were completely gone.

He took her blouse off, revealing the colorful bikini underneath. They kept their distance for a second, then he threw her over the bed and, while she clawed his shirt off. They didn’t even stop kissing as they removed each other pants. He couldn’t wait to rip her swimsuit top with his teeth, but he backed off briefly to take off his own pants first.

Tanya broke the kiss for the first time, to look down at his manhood in wonder and approval. She fell on her back over the mattress, ready for what was about to happen. David climbed above her in eager anticipation, 39 years of physical development contained in an expectant virgin body.

Then Tanya closed her eyes and remained motionless. The alcohol on her body and the wild night had finally taken their toll on her. She was deeply asleep.

As soon as he realized it, disappointment took over him. His liquor-induced craze told him to continue his deed, but a bit of rationality started to appear in the back of his mind. This was the woman he loved. Could he really do that?

Silently, he climbed down from her, and after giving her a gentle kiss on her forehead, he laid silently next to her, falling asleep not long afterwards.

Saturday – 6:46 pm.

Tanya and David were still kissing on the crowded curb, some people around them hooting, most of them not caring at all.

“Oh, wow,” said Tanya as they separated. “Did you just remember all that? What happened at the hotel last night?”

“Yeah,” he said, his voice sounding weird. “So… nothing actually happened after all.”

“Are you disappointed?”

“Of course I’m not. I’m in love with you. I’d much prefer that we grow up together for real, and that our first time is also real.”

This time, it was Tanya who went for the kiss, another long one which didn’t end until they heard a loud throat being cleared.

“So that finally happened,” said Felicia, who was back. “I’m very glad, but we’re on a tight schedule. Just got a taxi, come on!”

Saturday – 7:00 pm.

It was now very dark when they arrived to Vincent’s place. Unlike Matt’s opulent house, they were now in front of a very scruffy apartment building.

“Okay, girls, keep behind me at all times,” said David thrusting his chest out.

“Okay…” agreed Felicia feebly, feeling small and insignificant for the first time that day.

After climbing a couple of stairs, He knocked on the door to the small room supposedly occupied by the man they were trying to find.

They heard whimpers from inside. The door opened just a tad and they saw someone looking timidly at them.

“Oh, no, not again!” said the man, who was scrawny, pale, and looked every bit like a drug addict.

He tried to close the door on their faces, but David kicked it open, and the junkie fell against the floor. He tried to scurry, but David picked him up by the collar without much effort and plastered him against the wall. Tanya quickly closed the door behind them, to silence his continued screams:

“Please, this has nothing to do with me! Just go!”

“Are you Vincent?” asked David with the most intimidating growl he could manage.

“What? No, no, you’ve already got him. I have nothing to do with him. I’m just his roommate!”

“Got him? Who’s got him?”

“Wait… Aren’t you… with them?”

“Uhm… No?” said David confused.

“Oh, thank God!” said the junkie.

“Who’s them?”

The man seemed terrified.

“Salty’s guys.”

Daniel was getting tired, so instead of asking who Salty was, he decided for a more direct approach.

“Tell me everything that happened. Or I swear I’ll take you to Salty.”

That seemed to intimidate him even more than the threat of physical harm.

“Okay, Okay.”

David let out of him, and the junkie sat on a dirty bed. He was still shaking, but seemed calmer.

“So Vincent-boy turns up here. He’d been to some kid’s party, or something. So he comes around very late, like 4, it was, an’ he’s with this broad.”

“He came here with a woman?” asked Felicia. “How did she look?”

“Didn’t see her proper, they never turn’d on the lights, see. But she was damn fine, for what I saw. But I never bother my pal when he’s at it, you know? I just stay here on my bed all quiet-like.”

“They had sex?” asked a horrified Tanya.

“All kinds of it, ya. But it didn’t last long. T’was around half an hour later, or so. Salty’s men, they come knocking. They were looking for Vincent-boy. Beat him hard. Then they took him away. The hooker too.”

The three friends looked at each other stunned.

“They kidnapped them? And they didn’t see you?” asked David.

“Ya, they did. But they wanted me to give you a message to Hubalu. They gave me an envelope for him.”

“And Hubalu is…?”

“Hubalu’s this guy from Vincent’s crew. He’s their boss-man. They’ve done work together and stuff. Salty wann’ed Hubalu to do some kind of work for him. I don’t know no more!”

And he cowered in his bed again, as if David had raised his arm to hit him.

“Sure you don’t have anything else to give us?” asked David, his voice booming again.

“Sure, I don’t… Okay, okay! I can’t sell it anyway,” he said. “That broad left her phone in here, and I took it!”

He produced a cellphone from his pocked and gave it to David.

“Hey, that’s mine,” said Felicia, recognizing it immediately. “And I have Joy’s. We probably switched them at some point during the night.”

“So they do have her,” said Tanya, who still had had some hope.

David turned around to face the junkie once more.

“You’re going to tell us where Hubalu is.”

At least that part of the conversation was easier. He mumbled the address repeatedly and Tanya wrote it on her phone. As soon as they left, she turned to her friends.

“I hadn’t noticed the hour until I saw my phone. It’s half past 7! That means we’ve had these adult bodies for a whole day!”

Saturday – 8:13 pm.

Hubalu’s place was at a walking distance from Vincent’s, and it was even more intimidating.

Felicia was starting to have cold feet.

“This looks very dangerous, David. Maybe we shouldn’t see this guy.”

“He’s the only one who might know where those men took Joy. We have to save her. It’s not only our only shot at breaking the spell, but we have to do it for her too. Who knows what might happen to her?”

“It already happened,” said Tanya with tears on her eyes. “She had sex with a dirty guy while she was out of her mind. That’s pretty much like being raped!”

David hugged her.

“There, there. But worse things might yet happen to her. We’ve got to try.”

“I want to save her too, David. But I’m too scared,” said Felicia, who wouldn’t normally admit to such a thing. “We’re just children.”

“Yeah, and so is she, and she can’t go through this. Besides, we will lose our childhoods if we don’t get her back. In fact… maybe we aren’t really children any more. Maybe fate gave us these bodies so that we could solve this problem.”

“These bodies caused this problem,” recalled Felicia.

David chose not to argue.

“Well, I’m going in. But you’re right. You two should head back home. If I return with Joy, we’ll end this. If I don’t… You’ll have to explain to Mom why you’re both grown women, and what happened to Joy and me.”

But Tanya stepped ahead.

“I’m going with you.”

She looked at Felicia.

“Ok, ok! I’m not going to be the only coward when my girly best friend and my pussy of a brother are all brave. Let’s go!” said Felicia resolute.

And once again, they knocked on a door they’d rather avoid.

They heard a few chains unlocking from the inside, and the door opened to a very big black man with dreadlocks who pointed a shotgun straight at David’s face. For the first time in the day, the new man felt his muscles wouldn’t be any kind of protection.

But then, the dreadlock man, clearly Hubalu himself, examined David for a second and lowered his weapon.

“You’re not one of Salty’s,” he said cleverly. “Too respectable-looking for that. What do you want?”

David barely found his voice after such a fright.

“We just found out Vincent was kidnapped. He was with a woman, and she’s our friend. We need to know where they are.”

As had happened all day long, their interlocutor was more interested in looking at Felicia and Tanya than actually listen to their plight.

He smiled broadly and came into his house, signaling them to enter after him. He sat on a chair and lit a huge cigar.

“Okay. Since you’re with such nice ladies, and since you obviously don’t seem to understand a fuck of what you’re getting into, I’ll humor you. Salty took them hostage to try and get to me.”

“Who… who’s Salty?” stuttered Tanya. Hubalu was much more intimidating than the junkie, but at least he seemed more articulate and prone to give them a straight answer. Nevertheless, he let out a deafening laugh that echoed on the place.

“Who’s Salty? You’re even more clueless than I thought. Salvatore “Salty” Bosanno, that’s who. Only one of the biggest crime bosses in Vegas.”

Great news, of course.

“What does he exactly want you to do in exchange for the hostages? Vincent and the girl?” asked Felicia.

“He wants me to send someone from my crew to act as a courier in a hit they’re pulling tonight. He also needs inside information I can provide. But because I’ve been unwilling to cooperate, he took one of my guys as leverage. And poor Vincent got it.”

“Oh. So, did you send someone?”

Hubalu’s laugh returned. He seemed easily amused.

“I’m done doing favors to Salty. I’m very sorry for poor Vincent and your lady friend, but I’m not risking any more of my guys.”

It was over, then.

“What if you send us instead?” said Felicia after a pause.

To Hubalu, this was the most hilarious thing they had said. So much, he didn’t even laugh this time. He just sat there, looking at Felicia.

“Look, we’re desperate. We need to get her. And that way you can hold your part to Salty and not risk your crew.”

“Yeah, that much is obvious,” said Hubalu, lighting another cigar with the one he was about to finish. “Okay, it’s your heads, not mine. My guy is supposed to meet with theirs outside Caesar’s Palace, 9:15. Three men wearing dark suits and orange ties, all of them.”

“Okay,” interjected David. “And the information we have to deliver?”

“Can you memorize a few numbers?” asked Hubalu maliciously.


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  1. I had a feeling nothing actually happened between David and Tanya, considering she woke up wearing something. Sadly, the same can't be said for Joy. But getting her back has become even more complicated and dangerous. Hope there's still a chance.

    1. There are still a few twists and turns in store that I hope will be enjoyable. Next part should be up much faster.

  2. It's good to have you back. Great job.

    1. Thank you! Keep coming back, I'll have another part soon, I think.