Sunday, January 4, 2015


In my never-ending pursuit to keep this blog active even when I clearly do not have the time to do it by myself, I have thought of an idea that might just work.

The very simple concept is for me to give a monthly category for the readers to caption freely. Imagine how much the activity of the blog could improve if each regular reader turns up at least one caption every month.

I think we could even host a poll when each category is closed so that the best captions can be chosen. The victory will be only symbolic, of course, since I unfortunately do not have the means to reward anyone.

So, do you think you are up to it? If so, here are the simple rules:

1- Please, no nudity in the images.

2- Try to keep the images as classy as possible. A fully clothed picture can sometimes far more tasteless than a nude one. I won’t publish trashy images.

3- The same applies to the contents of the story. You can use adult themes like sex, but don’t make them too explicit or distasteful.

4- In keeping with most of the post in this blog, use pictures with the highest quality possible. Liking an image, but not being able to fully appreciate it can be quite frustrating.

5- This blog revolves around F2F transformations. You can include TG stuff and all of that, but every story should focus mostly on F2F. Age TFs are of course what’s customarily expected, but you can do other things like Increased Beauty, for instance.

6- You can entry as many stories as you want in the same month.

7- Your story can have either just one image or as many as you want. You can even make multi-part ones, but try to finish them within the month so that they’re eligible.

8- Once you’ve done your caption, e-mail it to I will try to post them within the next 24 hours.

So that’s it, then. As January has already started, and this all came on short notice, I’ve settled for a fairly generic category this time: "Magic". That means any story where the changes happen through supernatural means is welcome here.

The category for February will be "Babysitting", while March’s submissions should deal with "The Reversion". You could start thinking about those if you want, and could even mail them to me, but I’ll post them only when the appropriate month starts.

Please try to participate. I do my best to share these stories with you all, but I'm not enough. Just a little from your time can guarantee this community will stay alive.


  1. This is an incredible idea. I really hope a lot of people step up to the challenge.

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