Thursday, January 29, 2015

READER'S ENTRY: Halloween Party (Part 13)

Finally, new participation!

This time, the autor chose to make another entry in my long-running series Halloween Party. It'll be considered an official part of that story.

Halloween Party (Part 13)
by Archibald_Heatherington_Nastyface

Previous stories: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11, Part 12

Follow ups: Part 14, Part 15


  1. Wow, this is weird. This is really similar to something I've worked on for Abby Cadabra. I suppose the people on this site do have a tendency to think alike.

    Anyhow, these are some pretty great caption and the ladies in them are quite sexy. Hopefully we'll see more of Halloween Party, but that may not be until October, assuming that'll be that month's Reader Entry category.

    1. Told ya Abby Cadabra Part 3 was kind of similar to this (I assume that's the one you mean). I've also got another one in the works - I already wrote about 2/3 of it last night so it should be ready before Saturday - that's got a bit in common with Part 5, though again not quite as much as I thought when I first saw it; the costume is related but the execution is very different.

      The one I've got coming up actually has a rather a similar theme to this one. I actually have several ideas for this series, but these two were the ones I was most eager to do, and felt like they had the fewest bits that I'd need to think more about how/what to write.

      I don't think that everyone on this blog thinks a like - there were a lot of different responses to the "What do you like about age TF's?" thread (which I still plan to post in BTW); but you and I do seem to. ;) I love your Abby Cadabra series, and after Part 1 I thought "You know what this needs now? Pulling a girl out of a hat while turning her into a playboy bunny." I even considered going ahead and writing that part myself. :P

      As for when they'll be an opportunity for more Halloween Party entries, that (or rather, Halloween in general) certainly seems like an excellent category for the month of October, but hopefully there will be some other categories in the meantime that will also allow it. "Ethnic Change" would fit with it quite nicely, and is also a theme I quite like in general; any chance of that being a category, Planet? ;)

  2. But many other categories could work for Halloween Party, like this month's magic.

    1. (Posted my above reply before seeing this one.)

      Yeah, that's what I'd hoped. :) Any chance of "Ethnic Change" being a category? ;)

    2. Yes, it'll be. I just don't know when.