Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Family Resort

At first I wanted to do another week full of daily captions. Then this happened.

For my few caption of the week, I wanted to do something set on Fantasy Island. Then I got more enthused about the idea of using Tservo96's Resort instead. I asked him for his permission to use his universe for this story and he graciously accepted.

This isn't a direct adaptation from his great story The Resort, but rather something featuring a different family on a similar situation. I use his universe as the overall inspiration for this one, but it's not meant to be a sequel or part of his "canon". Indeed, I'm pretty sure some elements deviate from the original one, like certain aspects from the Resort's working.

So, I was meant to write this as a short series of only about three captions. It kept growing and now it's a 40 pages long story. Nevertheless, if it feels rushed, it's because it is. It was meant to be just a few paragraphs long, so it was a hasty idea from its inception. Take all the extra pages as a gift instead of thinking about the unwritten ones.

I'm not posting anything else from me this week, but if BLZBub sends me his next chapter of The Roots Fairy II, I'll upload it.

PS: Yeah, I know the live-action AP in Gotham happened last Monday, but since its screen-time was quite limited, maybe I'll wait a while before discussing it here. It seems the character won't reappear until the episode that airs in two weeks.

Family Resort
by Planet

Taylor Smith let out a sigh of relief. Finally, she had two seconds of relaxation. She looked around at the plane where she was flying and saw that all members of her family but her husband were fast asleep. That explained why the constant bickering was over.

It was as if her three children were wagging a never ending war, and they were threatening to tear the family apart.

Her youngest –and admittedly best behaved- daughter, Pam, was not speaking to her at the moment. The 10-year-old girl was adamant in her belief that she was now old enough to make her own decisions and that she should be allowed certain freedoms. Pam had become very angry yesterday because her mother had put her under the care of Josie.

Taylor could see her little girl’s point. Though she hated to admit it, her other daughter, 17-year old Josie was terrible older sister. She alternated between being neglectful with Pam and being downright cruel. No wonder the youngest girl was scared of her and angry at her parents whenever they left her with Josie.

Then there was their son, Joseph. He hadn’t a problem with the family at the moment, but neither of them had been able to sleep the night before the trip because he had made a spectacle of himself by breaking up with his latest girlfriend in a terrible row during her visit to the house.

Taylor had liked this girl more than most of the many that Joseph had dated –at least she wasn’t a complete bimbo-, and she knew for a fact that her son had been cheating on her… frequently. As much as it pained her, she couldn’t deny that Joseph had become a misogynistic pig.

The woman sighed yet again, and her thoughts were probably evident on her face, because her husband Robert took her hand and smiled at her.

“Don’t worry, dear. I’m pretty sure this will work. It’s just what we need, and what they need.”

Taylor nodded, praying he was right. Indeed, this was their last resort to sort out their problems.

Because the Smiths weren’t on a regular holiday. It was, rather, one-in-a-kind family therapy.

The plane arrived to Jamaica by morning and they were received at the Resort by a Mr. Cunningham, who welcomed them warmly and showed the premises to the Smiths. Even the foul-humored children had to admit the place was impressive.

“So, are we going with the extra option? The paperwork is ready,” said Cunningham.

Taylor and Robert looked at each other and then nodded. Their son and daughters didn’t understand the exchange.

“Follow me, then.”

The five of them went after Cunningham into a white room full of computers. There were a couple of distinct platforms too.

“So, who shall be the first?” asked the manager.

“Josie,” said Taylor at once. She knew she would be the hardest one to convince if she saw what was about to happen to the others.

“I go first with what?”

“Oh, I’m about to explain, young lady,” said Cunningham. “Please step over the platform.”

“Uhm… Which one?” she asked confused.

“Whichever you like. We’re not swapping anything today.”

“Swapping? What are you going on about?”

“Please do as he says,” said Robert.

Josie stared at her dad, but stepped into the platform with obvious annoyance. A digital readout let them see a few of her physical stats, including her age of 17.

The technicians behind her started typing on the machines and soon the platform started humming.

“Hey! What’s happening? I feel weird!”

Now Josie looked really scared. She tried to step out of the platform, but her feet would break contact with its metallic surface.

“You’re about to learn a lesson, honey,” said her mother sadly.

“What do you mean?”

“You parents tell me you’ve been quite a cruel girl” noted Cunningham. “You mistreat your sister and everyone who you feel is beneath you. Well, you’re about to become powerless than most. We’re confident that’ll teach you a valuable lesson by the end of your stay.”


“Sis,” said Joseph suddenly. “Look at you! You’re shrinking.”

Josie looked around in despair. The readout now marked 16 as her age, and when she checked herself she noticed her clothes were indeed loose.

“What are you doing to me?!!!!” she yelled as she got steadily shorter.

“Are you crazy?” said Joseph to her parents. “Get her out of there!”

Pam, instead, just watched in fascination as her sister regressed into a skinny teen of 13.

“Be quiet, both of you,” said Robert. “This is for the best and it’s not permanent.”

“I don’t care, this is awful,” said Josie, her voice childish now as she hit 10. From that point on, she started to get younger than Pam, who couldn’t help but smirk.

“How small will I get? This isn’t stopping” she asked at 7, some of her teeth retracting into her gums.

“Five,” said Cunningham.

“What? That’s TOO young! I can’t be five!” but in that very moment, the display announced she was, indeed, five.

The humming stopped and she discovered that she could move from the platform again. Not that she wanted now. She was terrified, and she was swimming inside her adult clothes.

“I’m sooo little…” she cried.

“Come, come,” said her father, helping her down from the platform.”Mr. Cunningham has some smaller clothes in there for you to wear.

Still sobbing, little Josie followed one of the technicians behind a screen to change into something that wouldn’t hang on her. Meanwhile, Taylor turned towards Pam.

“You should go next, honey,” she said.

Forgetting she wasn’t talking to her mother, young Pan gasped.

“What, me too? Are you also going to make me little as a punishment?”

“Actually, you’re getting older,” said her father. “And these aren’t punishments, they’re lessons.”

“I understand you wish to have leisure and responsibilities beyond what you already have,” said Cunningham. “Only here can you get to experience being a grown woman and have a chance to prove your family and yourself that you’re indeed ready for a more mature role.”

“But… How old are you going to make me?”

“You’re parents settled for 37.”

“That old!” said Pam with a jolt.

“37 is not old,” stated Taylor. “That’s three years younger than we are, sweetie.”

“Oh, okay,” said Pam, who now believed 37 wasn’t so bad after all. “But… Why not make me 17, like Josie was?”

“You’re not to be here as a teenage girl having fun,” clarified Cunningham. “You wanted responsibilities, and now you’re going to get them. You’ll experience your holiday as a single mother and we’ll see if you really can handle that.”

“What? Are you… Are you going to make me pregnant, or something?”

“Oh, no, nothing like that. That cutie-pie over there will be your little daughter,” said Cunningham pointing at Josie.

“What?” both sisters yelled at the same time.

“That way you’ll show us you’re ready to be in charge, and Josie will have to learn to respect you and be at your mercy.”

“No, no! That’s even worse than being five!” was saying the regressed young woman.

Pam, on the other hand, considered thigs thoroughly. This was supposed to be some kind of reprimand, but it didn’t sound bad at all. She would get to be a grown up, and she could also boss Josie around!

“Okay, I’m ready,” she said stepping forward.

“Please come with me first,” a female technician said, and Pam followed her being the screen. “You should at least put these on.”

Pam took the red lingerie that she had been handled, and as soon as the technician left her alone behind the screen, she removed her childish panties from below her skirt and placed the new, larger ones over her legs. They were too baggy right now. She then undid a few buttons from her shirt and put on a bra for the first time in her life. She giggled at the empty, large garment hanging below her blouse. Was she really going to develop breasts in just a matter of minutes? That thought made her run out of the screen directly into the platform.

“Seems you’re ready,” smiled Cunningham. “Proceed.”

The humming started and Pam watched intently for her readout to change from her humble 10 to a higher number. Being at such a malleable age, her transformation was evident almost instantly. She got taller and heavier almost as soon as the humming began.

Puberty was just seconds away. Before the dial had changed to 12, Pam’s body started to become thicker. At 14, her height increase started to slow down a bit, but her soft curves picked up pace. Already a young teen, she was showing signs of the kind of woman she was going to be: not very tall, but with a sort of curvy and pleasantly round body.

Her face hadn’t changed that much so far, but at 15 her skull cracked and her features rearranged a bit, giving her both maturity and a kind of sensual appeal completely new to her. Her long dark hair grew denser as did her eyebrows.

Before leaving her teenage years completely behind, Pam’s proportions went through another radical shift. Her pelvis spread out, giving her even wider hips, and her buttocks went along, lifting her skirt like a hydraulic jack. Her breasts had first appeared at 13, but they had kept filling out at all times and now popped bellow her shirt.

Joseph and Josie looked in amazement and confusion at their little sister, now a young woman entering her twenties. Her parents were speechless too. It was odd for them to watch their little girl developing overt sensual attributes in seconds and in front of the whole family, but Cunningham had already talked them through that.

“Just like Josie will be a child, Pam will be an adult woman in body and mind… mostly, at least,” he had said. “Don’t expect her to be or act like a kid, that’s not the point of this therapy. She will feel and act at her mature instincts. She might even become sexually active. You shouldn’t feel awkward about it; it’ll be perfectly normal, just like it would be normal for any other 37-years-old woman. Once she goes back to her original age, her innocence will return, but the lessons learned will remain.”

No matter what, it still felt awkward. But it had been their choice, and they knew Cunningham had been right about this being the best possible experience for their little girl. A little girl whose age was closing on 23 now.

Pam’s body changed minimally for a while. Then, when she got close to her mid-thirties, small things became visible. Faint lines appeared under her eyes, her face looked slightly more bloated, and she put on a bit of weight. She wore the extra bulk quite well, as it helped increase her round voluptuousness. Finally, the flowing dark hair receded into a shoulder-length bob style that Robert found mature and fetching. That coupled with her glasses made her look like a sexy secretary. He felt guilty about thinking that about his own daughter, but then he realized she couldn’t possibly be his daughter any more. She had now become a grown woman about his own age. It was an amazing thought.

The humming stopped at 37 and Pam, looking out of place in her plated skirt and knee-length socks while on such a womanly body, stepped down. She tugged at her hair as she looked at her new reflection for the first time.

“Wow, I’m so big,” she said in her deep voice. “And this haircut is weird, I’m used to wear it long. But I like how it looks on the new me. Feels more grown-up. Actually, I like all of this.”

“Do you, Pam?” asked her worried mother. “Are you comfortable like that?”

“I feel like going by Pamela now, I think. And yes, it’ll take a while to get used to this, but I am pretty comfy so far. And I don’t feel or look as old as I feared.”

“You’re still in your prime, Miss Smith” agreed Cunningham, and Pamela felt her pride swell when she was addressed by her surname. “Your new ripe age suits you beautifully.”

“That’s not fair!” yelled Josie. “Why does she get to be a grown-up?”

“Oh, you’re still down there,” said Pamela. “I had forgotten about you. Come with your new mommy.”

The woman picked up the little girl. She was impressed about the ease with which her grown body had lifted the 5-years-old, but when she tried to walk, she lost her balance and fell on her behind.

Josie hadn’t been hurt by the fall, but she used the chance to escape her former sister’s grip and ran away from her. Pamela stayed in the floor looking mortified.

“Oh, you must already think I’m the worst mom in the world. I picked my child for the first time and I stumbled.”

“Not at all, Miss Smith. You’ll still need a while to adapt to your larger frame. You’ll feel off for a while, but in a very short time you’ll completely adapt to that body.”

“Okay!” said Pamela beaming.

Taylor looked at her former daughter as she got up again. Just like her balance, she knew it would take a while to Pamela to really set on her adult mind. So far, despite the way she looked, she still acted pretty much like a 10-years-old.

“Okay, young man, I believe it’s your turn now.”

Everyone was looking at Joseph, who gulped.

“Me too? I don’t have anything to do with my sisters’ troubles. What are you going to do to me? Will I’ll turn into Pam’s child too?”

“Oh, no, you won’t regress at all. But you will be changed for your stay too. And I think you’ll like it.,” said Cunningham.

That short moment while Joseph thought about which changes could he possibly like was all the chance they needed. A couple of male technicians took him from his arms and transported him over the platform. When he had realized it, it was already too late. He couldn’t step out now that the machine had been started.

“What is going to happen?” he asked scared.

“You’ll see,” said his father with a weird face.

It was obvious to Joseph that they were changing the family’s dynamic completely. The eldest daughter had become a little child, the youngest sister had turned into a mother… What was going to happen to him, then? If he wasn’t going to regress it stood to reason he would get older. Maybe he would be the family’s man now? That sounded good in his head until he realized that would mean he would have to be Pam’s husband. And no matter how hot she was looking right now, that completely grossed him out.

But those particular worries proved to be unfounded. He wasn’t getting any older. In fact, the 16 on the display never changed. He wasn’t getting any bigger at all, but he didn’t get shorter either. Nevertheless, he soon realized he was getting smaller in a different way, his clothes feeling much baggier than before, and his well-built body obviously loosing muscular mass. He was becoming very skinny.

“What are you doing to me?” he asked again, this time in complete panic.

“So, Joseph,” started Cunningham. “it seems that despite your young age, you fancy yourself as quite the ladies’ man. The trouble is you don’t have any respect for them. But don’t worry, we’re sure that’s what you’ll learn on this vacation.”

“No, no!” said Joseph, now fully realizing what they were doing to his body.

He wasn’t getting skinnier any longer, but he instead started to develop soft curves over his new delicate frame. His behind started to swell underneath his shorts, and his legs turned shapely, smooth and hairless.

“This can’t be happening,” he screamed, his voice cracking into a girlish tone as his Adam´s apple vanished from his throat.

His breasts emerged and he accidentally scratched one of them when his dainty fingers grew long fingernails. Wavy golden locks cascaded from his head and he grabbed them in desperation.

“A blonde?! Did you make me a freaking blonde?!”

Cunningham smirked.

“Your parents believe you’re partial to them. And they’re also the ones you’re most likely to disrespect.”

“Oh, no, no, why?” Joseph kept weeping, his now lovely face contorted in humiliation. Then he looked down at his lower body and screamed loudly… and girlishly. “NO! Anything but that, please!”

But there was nothing to do. In just seconds he was formally a female.

“Okay, that seems to be all for you, dear,” said Cunningham. “You’re Josephine Smith now.”

The new girl’s eyes opened wide and scared. They were a deep blue now, and she looked around at the rest of the family. Cunningham offered her a hand to help her step down from the platform, but she ignored him and ran towards the mirror on her own accord, mortified at the sway of her hips.

She had been turned into a teenage hottie, exactly the kind of girl Joseph had been into. Tall, willowy, with an angelical face and, of course, very blonde. Her still male brain was instantly aroused, by the girl she had become, who was still 16 but looked older and sexier, despite the fact she was still wearing a simple t-shirt and male short pants. She instinctively smiled in a flirty before she quickly remembered she was the girl herself. She now understood what Cunningham had meant when he said Joseph was going to like the change.

“I hate you,” she said to the room in general, but her parents ignored that.

“You look lovely, honey,” said Robert.

Josephine felt like going sick. Her father had never, ever, called her “honey”.

Cunningham clapped once but enthusiastically.

“Okay, seems we’re ready on this end. Now for the accommodations. Your luggage is already in your assigned rooms. Of course, most of it won’t be useful to you now, but most of your wardrobe and cosmetic needs will be met by the extra stuff we’ve added in there.”

Taylor stepped ahead and looked at his changed children.

“Take care of yourselves,” she said. “Enjoy your vacations and learn.”

“What… you’re not coming?” asked a surprised Pamela.

“No, your parents will be enjoying our accommodations and services too. But they won’t be staying with you. The point of this is that you’ll be the responsible adult now, Miss Smith, no help from your parents at all.”

Pamela gulped.

“Now, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, will you please remain in here as we finish our paperwork and further details? As for you three…” Cunningham turned to the former siblings. “You will be directed to your places. Miss Pamela Smith, you and your daughter are on room 6, I believe. As for you, Miss Josephine, you’ll be sharing our Sweet Sixteen suite with four other girls your age.”

Josephine was in a foul mood, but she followed a bellhop out of the place without saying goodbye to her parents.

Pamela did step towards them, though.

“I’m sorry I was mad at you two earlier. It’s just that I believed you didn’t have confidence in me. But thank you for trusting me with this. I’ll try to live to your expectations.”

Robert and Taylor hugged the woman who had once been their daughter before she left too.  They also hugged Josie, but just because she didn’t have any choice. She just kept starting at them hatefully, though.


Pamela and Josie entered their assigned area, and the little girl promptly ran towards her bed and closed the door loudly. Pamela was sure she would be crying.

“Whatever, let her sulk,” she thought. “Serves her right for being so awful. Now she’ll learn how it feels to be bossed around or ignored. Besides, I’ve got more interesting things to do.”

Her new wardrobe was extensive, and she realized her parents were bound to be paying loads money for this trip.

She unbuttoned her tight blouse, feeling an immediate sense of relief.

“Double Ds, all right!” she said, poking one of her pudgy appendages with the air of someone who unwraps a present.

Her stomach was a little softer and wider than she would have liked, and she wished she was taller, but other than that she thought she had a very nice body. She had been turned into a petite bombshell. She couldn’t believe she had just added 27 extra years to her body.

She removed her skirt and socks next, finally getting rid of her naughty schoolgirl look. She thought she looked very sexy… Her temples suddenly hurt like when you get a rush of excitement, but Pamela knew it was more than that. Her brain was still developing new adult thoughts and knowledge, and that was bound to be a bit painful.

“It’s got to be that. I’m too young to be starting with menopause yet,” she thought.

But the warm feelings that were underway inside her weren’t very unlike those of a woman going through hormonal hot flashes, though. She realized that, for the first time in her life, she was aroused.

She took off her glasses and nibbled them with fruition. She tried to think about something else than the way her body now looked, but it was to no avail. She just filled out her underclothes so well. She thought it was astounding that the technicians had known beforehand how big she would get, thought now that she looked closely, she realized that maybe they hadn’t guessed her size completely right. Her lacy red undergarments looked nice on her and gave her enough support, but then she noticed that her abundant breasts were spilling behind the cups.

The exciting vibration within her obviously wasn’t going to leave her anytime soon.

“Yeah, um… Maybe it’s time for a shower now,” she decided.


Meanwhile, Josephine had been taken to the Sweet Sixteen suite and introduced to her four temporary roommates. Unknown to her, only one of them was an actual 16-years-old girl.

The first, a cute brunette, had been a 48-years-old woman, and she had decided to give herself a treat by coming to the Resort and reliving a bit of her youth.

The second one was the most conspicuous one, because she kept bending over the mirror to look at her reflection, and touching her chest. Josephine was sure she had also been transformed by Mr. Cunningham, though he didn’t know how. Truth was that she was an 8-years-old, who had been convinced to swap ages with her older sister, who wanted to experience childhood this vacation.

The third, long haired blonde was really 16, but she had been, like Joseph, a boy. She was much happier than Josephine, of course, since he was gay and her parents had given her this transforming stay as a birthday gift. They were now discussing with Cunningham the possibility of making his change permanent.

Only the fourth, a sassy girl with her hair dyed in intense red, was still her same age and gender. Of course, she normally didn’t look or behave like she did at the moment.

Josephine thought all of them looked cute enough, and she would get to spend two whole weeks living with them. Maybe this wasn’t as bad as it looked…

Suddenly, though, her lascivious thoughts turned to prideful ones as she decided that however cute those girls were, she, Josephine, was still the hottest by far. She opened her eyes in horror when she processed those new thoughts.

“Where did that come from?” she wondered desperately. She was still a guy, she didn’t want to forget it.

The new roommates invited Josephine to go to one of the pools with them, and she agreed at once, though she wasn’t sure anymore if it was because she wanted to check them out in their bikinis or if she wanted to flaunt her own body in front of them.


Pamela was getting ready to go to the pool too, and she had put on a pink bikini for that effect.

But first she wanted to grab something to eat, so she put on a simple yellow blouse and white capris. She was pleased with the look, and also with her make-up, one of the first new skills that had completely uploaded into her adult brain.

“Josie! Come out of your room already! I’m starving!”

I was true. She hadn’t eaten anything since the morning, when she had weighted less than half her current mass, and her larger body needed much more food now.

“Well I’m not hungry,” said Josie’s voice from within the room. That was also true. She had become too tiny, and all the food she had eaten in the morning was now heavy in her little stomach. “Go on your own.”

“I’m not leaving you alone, so you’re coming out of there NOW.”

Even Pamela herself was surprised by the new authority in her voice as she opened Josie’s door. The kid was in the bed, tears still running down her face.

“Hey, you can’t just open my door like that!”

“Kids don’t need any privacy, isn’t that what you used to tell me?”

“Well, I’m NOT a kid!”

Pamela just laughed at that. Josie couldn’t look MORE like a kid when she had said that with her remarkably high voice. In turn, her deep laugh sounded intimidating to Josie.

“I’m not saying it again, young lady,” said the woman, her laugh suddenly cut short. “You are coming with me NOW.”

“Okay, mommy.”

Both Pamela and Josie were equally surprised at what she had said. She wasn’t talking back, it hadn’t been a sarcastic “mommy”. She had called her that with complete honesty.


“Forget it. Now don’t be stupid and don’t make me mad again. Don’t you forget I AM the one in charge here.”


For someone who had never used a bikini before, Josephine felt distressingly comfortable strolling around in one. She couldn’t believe she had agreed voluntarily to wear it along with the rest of the girls.

She wasn’t hungry either. Like Josie’s, her stomach had also been reduced, so she actually felt full at the moment. A fleeting thought in the back of her head advised her to take care of her eating habits so that she wouldn’t ruin her wonderful figure. She didn’t even register anything wrong with that before a couple of minutes had passed.

The male part still within her was mortified at her current state, but the new one that had emerged after the metamorphosis on the platform was enjoying the attention she was getting from other people in the pool area. Because she wasn’t fooling herself: a lot of them were definitely staring at her.

“Of course they are,” she thought. “Who can’t blame them, I’m so hot.”

She stared at her own long legs. She knew she should be trilled, but for some reason it wasn’t as exciting as it should have been. Maybe it was because she was already inside the body, so she took to look at other girls at the pool instead.

There was no shortage of attractive women in their swimsuits at the moment. After all, Josephine guessed than more than a half of the guests had been transformed in some way or another. Of course, it was the policy of the Resort that their previous identities would remain undisclosed, so that they could make the most of their new ones.

And yet, despite the abundance of eye-candy, Josephine wasn’t as interested as usual in staring at the sensuous figures.

“Damn,” she thought. “It must be these stupid female hormones.”

Well, at least she wasn’t suddenly interested in boys, or something like that. That would have been unbearable. She looked at some and she was able to immediately identify the cutest ones, but she wasn’t feeling any weird stirrings for them.

She scoffed glumly. What was the point of hanging at the pool if she couldn’t enjoy some babe-sighting? She again concentrated on a particularly stacked young woman, trying to imagine how she would look uncovered, but instead…

“I wish I had boobs like those,” her brain whispered. “Maybe I should ask Mr. Cunningham to enhance these little ones I have.”

Josephine covered her mouth in horror as if she had spoken aloud. Her blue eyes started to become moist at once.

“Are you okay?” asked one of her new roommates.

“Uhm… yeah. I think I’m going back to the suite, though. See you later.”

She practically ran away before she would make a fool of herself in public. She wouldn’t be able to hold her tears for long now.

What was happening? Was she going to cry a river every time she was on distress now? She had hated when her ex-girlfriend had fuzzed over nothing.

STUPID girly hormones indeed.


“You should have ordered something, Josie. You know all that restaurant stuff is free for Resort guests.”

Pamela had engulfed four courses, more than she had ever eaten in her life. Her stomach had kept rumbling, and eating had turned almost sensuous to her as she satisfied her appetite.

“I told you I’m too full,” said Josie. “Besides, I don’t want to end up like you. No wonder you’re so fat.”

Pamela was aware that Josie had tried to hurt her, but she took no offense. She put her hands on her wide hips and stopped to face her.

“I’m not fat. This is called CURVY. Not that you would know about that, with that stick of a figure of yours.”

Josie looked down at her tiny 5-year-old body and grimaced. Unlike Pamela, she had been hurt by the words. The new grown woman noticed it and decided to keep kicking the wound.

“I’m not even talking about what you’ve got right now. You weren’t much better at 18. I mean…” she gestured down at her own curves. “You weren’t anywhere near this level. Yep, not as big.”

“Not as old, you mean,” said the kid with resentment.

Again, Pamela only laughed at the intended insults.

“Mom and dad were right, you know. 37 isn’t old at all. I feel great like this, actually. You’re just jealous because your puberty won’t make you much different from how you look right now…”

“STOP BULLYING ME!” snapped Josie.

Pamela pushed her against the wall of the corridor they were transiting.

“Bullying? You should know about that one, though, wouldn’t you? Again, just so that we’re clear, you made my life miserable and now you’re lucky I haven’t decided to spank you non-stop for two consecutive weeks.”

The woman turned and didn’t bother to look at Josie’s expression, but she was sure she was about to cry again. And that really pleased Pamela.


Josephine had cried herself to sleep last night, but this morning she had awakened in a better mood.

So yeah, her parents had tried to screw her up with this trip, but she was going to make the most of it. She might not be a man at the moment, but she was bound to be one again by the end of the holidays, and she wouldn’t only regain her male form, but also his normal personality and drives, right? But she would still remember being inside the body of a hot girl. So she wanted to burn in her brain some sexy memories of her time as Josephine.

Today, she suggested going to the sauna with the others. Two of them agreed, and the three girls spent a long time in there, their young figures glistening in sweat.

Josephine had so much fun for a while that she had even neglected to remember her real gender. She acted and felt like a real girl, and it wasn’t until two hours later that she recalled that only a day earlier she had been Joseph.

She just caught on the fact much later, after she and the other girls had spent a long, enjoyable chat about nails, teen mags, and the most girlish subjects imaginable. She wasn’t the only one stunned by the conversation, either. The middle-aged woman turned 16 surprised herself with her knowledge of contemporary fashion, while the progressed 8-years-old seemed very at home talking about cute boys for someone who had never even noticed them before.

As for Josephine, she had been advising the others about her favorite haircare techniques for achieving lovely locks like hers. Once she realized what had been going on, the Joseph part within her felt sickened and it was as if something snapped on her mind.

She… he (for the first time in a while she felt like his old male self was completely in control) had to do something. He had to escape from the Resort.


Pamela had awakened a bit earlier than usual. She also felt more alert than she typically did in the mornings, but on the other hand, her body felt less energetic.

She had spent a good night despite the fact that her body was full of lumps which made laying on a bed a very different experience. She stretched ad looked down at the top she was wearing, and which featured the logo from The Who.

Last night, when she had first put it on, she had no idea who they were, but now, as she got up, she absent-mindedly hummed one of their tunes. She had been a fan of the band ever since their reunion in the 90s.

Wait, the 90s? She was born in 2006! Well, not for the time being. At the moment, she had been born in 1979, and as bizarre as that was, she could remember a few things that had happened in all those extra years. They were kind of fuzzy memories, not as clear as the ones she had made during her actual 10 years, but then again, just thinking she was really 10 was just as bizarre. This morning, she felt like a real woman.

Josie slept until late, and Pamela had already prepared a breakfast for the two of them, something she had never done before. They ate with satisfaction and they even forgot to be horrible with each other. This time, they never noticed that Josie was calling Pamela “mom”, while the new woman had a varied assortment of affectionate pet names for the child.

“Mommy, can we go out and play at the pool again? I don’t know why, but I really feel like it.”

“Of course we can, sweetie. I just need to get ready first. Go on put on some sun lotion.”


Pamela smiled happily after the young kid as she scurried away. For some reason, she didn’t feel like continuing her revenge on her former abusive sister at the moment. She just looked so innocent and happy right now… how could she wish her ill? Even as she remembered some of the most horrible humiliations that Josie had done to her, she waved them aside. She would get her payback later on… Or not. After all, she felt above petty, childish retaliation at the moment. She thought it was much better to show her love.

As she changed into a new swimsuit, her cellphone rang. She thought it was a strange happening, but she picked up immediately.

“Miss Smith?” asked a young make voice.

“That’s me.”

“I’m calling from your office.”


“Let me explain. I’m one of Mr. Cunningham’s employees outside Jamaica. I work for him in cases like yours.”

“Oh,” said Pamela shortly, still not sure what the caller wanted.

“You see, I’m your assistant during your vacation. You’re my boss.”

“But… I don’t have a job…”

“You do during your time as a woman. Of course, you’re on leave, but we’re having a few problems here at the office and only you can solve them.”

“How? I don’t know anything about… whatever it is I’m supposed to do.”

“You’re a lawyer at a big firm,” said the assistant. “And believe me, you do know. Just think.”

It was true. If she concentrated enough, she could remember being a lawyer.

“You see, we’re having some trouble with Mr. Carrol’s case, and we were hoping you could walk us through.”

“But… I’m on holiday…”

“Of course, but part of your Resort contract with Mr. Cunningham means having adult responsibilities, including professional ones. If you can’t handle the stress, I’m pretty sure Mr. Cunningham will relieve you from your new age and let your parents take over…”

“No! No, that’s not necessary. I’m pretty sure I’m up to the task they gave me.”

At that moment, Josie’s face appeared at the door.

“Mommy? I’m ready.”

“Sorry, dear, I have to take this call and it’ll be a while.”

The girl grimaced.

“Can’t I go ahead?”

“No, you’re too small to go to the pool unaccompanied. Go to the small park outside, I’ll be with you as soon as I can, and then we’ll go to the pool.”

“Okay…” agreed Josie sadly but compliantly.

Pamela looked after her and talked through the phone again.

“Okay, just tell me what’s the problem and I’ll tell you all you need.”


Joseph was still in control, even if his form was the lovely Josephine’s. He cursed the clothes that his female alter-ego had chosen to wear; the platform shoes, the tight short pants, the low-cut top… even the large hoop earrings and the make-up which he could taste were bothering him.

But he had no time to get changed. He just had a great chance to escape and he would take it. Maybe away from the Resort, his mind would reset back to his normal settings. He would only return two weeks later, in time for his proper body to be reinstated.

He had managed to steal the keys to one of the cars parked on the Resort. It was a really old car, but it had the gas tank full and it would suffice.

Joseph got in and was glad when the motor roared to life. He started to drive away from the main complex.

He never stumbled upon a gate, or a barrier arm with a guard, or anything like that, so he wondered if there was none or if he was still within the Resort’s grounds. If so, they were much bigger than he had thought.

After driving for about fifteen minutes, though, he noticed the car was slowing down, then it finally stopped altogether. Soft steam was coming from under the hood.

“No, no, no!” he screamed, and suddenly he found himself fighting his tears again. Josephine was threatening to take over.

Still as Joseph, he got out, wondering if Mr. Cunningham hadn’t somehow sabotaged the cars so that nobody could escape. He opened the hood and bent down to look at the motor.

Joseph was no mechanic, but he knew enough about cars. However, he couldn’t make sense of what he was seeing right now. And then she knew Josephine had indeed returned.

“Fucking girls don’t know a thing about cars!” she complained, repulsed by her own new gender.

She was so preoccupied with trying to understand what the pieces were that she didn’t even notice someone had just arrived and was staring at her as she bowed her back over the motor.

“Hey there, babe! Some problem with your car?”

Josephine turned and was taken aback by the sudden arrival. He was a boy a bit older than herself, around 19 if she had to guess, though she had looked pretty much like that back when she was a guy: tall and athletic. He had a mean-looking motorcycle with him and, this time she fully noticed it, he was very handsome.

“I’m—a…” apparently he was handsome enough for her to stutter. Damn! Since when did she like boys?

“Let me look at that,” he said approaching the car.

Josephine could only watch him as he examined the vehicle.

“Uhm… seems you overheated it. Can’t you drive stick?”

“Yes! Or well… I thought I did.”

“Yeah, not surprising. I don’t know any girl who can drive shit.”

Two thoughts crossed Josephine’s mind: first, that she felt offended and he was a douche; and second, that she completely agreed with the assessment. Being turned into a girl had made her incapable of driving properly, as Joseph had always known that women were.

Somehow, she instead said:

“Oh, yeah! I’m a total klutz,” followed by an idiotic giggle.

Josephine caressed her hair in a flirty way and then she realized it. She was head over heels for this guy. She felt nauseated, but couldn’t stop herself from beaming with her white, straight teeth.

“Do you want a ride back to the Resort? Then you can ask for a tow truck to recover your car.”

“Okay! It’s not my car, mind you…”

After being so desperate to escape, she was suddenly feeling very disposed to go back to the Resort with this unknown young man.

She sat behind him over the bike, her bare legs clenched around his hips, and her arms tightly wrapped around his midsection, feeling his hard abdomen. The girl found the experience of riding in that bike at great speed very frightening but exciting.

“So, what’s your name?” he asked once they dismounted, back at the main complex.

“Josephine. What’s yours?”

“Harry. Hey, listen. I’m staying here for a couple more weeks. Wanna hang around some time, or whatever?”

“Yeah!” she answered in a plainly enthusiastic way that was sure to lift his ego. His Joseph side wasn’t surprised, for he thought girls were all so needy…

Josephine bit her lip as she watched him go away, delighted by his strong frame. Then she turned around in shame and stumbled into none other than Mr. Cummings himself.

“You made me fucking gay!” she said as angrily as possible.

“We did not such a thing, young Miss Smith. On the contrary, you’re pretty much still heterosexual… For a girl such as you, I mean.”

“And you made me into a fucking bimbo!”

Mr. Cumming smirked.

“Well, I’m not going to completely deny that. You have become nothing but your own lowly opinion of women. Did you think every girl can’t drive, cries all day, falls for every bad guy or loves talking about nails? Yes, you do. And you’re now merely a reflection of all of your own stereotyped beliefs.”

“This is a nightmare.”

“Yes, I imagine someone like you would feel like that.”

Josephine was very distressed. She didn’t know if she should cry or keep shouting at Cunningham. Either of the two alternatives felt like bitching to her male side, but what else could she do?

“What you have to do,” said Cunningham, as if he knew what she was thinking. “Is learn from your experiences. From the feelings that a girl has, even one who acts in the rather unfavorable way you’ve always painted them.”

“So I have to pretend I’m a chick?”

“Pretending is below what the Resort is all about. We’re way beyond that. You ARE one, in and out. Let Josephine take over, because Joseph is just along for the ride. Then maybe you’ll eventually reconcile those two halves. If Joseph gets to feel understanding for Josephine, then he can still empathize with all of womankind.”


As used as she was getting to the idea of being an adult, Pamela knew two weeks wouldn’t be enough to grow accustomed to wearing a bikini in such a curvy body. Her form swayed and wiggled like jelly.

She had finally ended her long chat with her new “assistant”, though she knew more such calls would ensue these two weeks, and was now with her new daughter in one of the pool areas. She was aware that her body wasn’t only catching her own attention, but that of other tourists as well.

The part of her that still felt like a 10-years-old was confused by all of this, but her older self had managed the situation admirably. She had even received a few advances from men and she laughed at the irony when she rebuffed a guy in his late twenties because she thought he was too young for her.

But when a handsome man of about 40 asked her out to dinner that night, she felt an urge to accept. She felt a bit nervous afterwards, though. What would her mother say when she found out that she had dated a man her own age?

Well, thought Pamela, after all it had been her mother who had decided to turn her into a grown woman. She probably knew exactly the kind of consequences of such a transformation, which meant she had consented implicitly to whatever mature behavior she engaged on.

“I’m hungry,” said the wet Josie, taking her away from her thoughts.

“Finally, huh? Okay, we’re going to the restaurant to order something. I’m not eating much today, though. Mommy has a dinner date tonight.”


Josephine was also thinking about her prospective date, in her case with as much fear as excitement.

She was at the pool again, trying to get a bit of a tan in her white skin, when she heard Harry’s voice behind her and she turned to face him.

“Hey, babe.”

He wasn’t wearing anything but his trunks, and she was able to verify that he was indeed very athletic. He was even more ripped than she had been as a boy, and that was saying something since Joseph was no wimp.

“So are you still up for a date?” he asked, eyeing her with obvious desire.

“Yeah. You never told me a time, though. What about tonight?”

“What about now?” he said sitting next to her. “Are you doing something?”

“Not really. I’m with a few girls who share my room, but never mind them.”

“Are they hot?” asked Harry with a grin.

“Not as much as I am,” said Josephine, half joking, half serious.

From there, the conversation delved into several minutes of flirting. Josephine was very familiar with the scenario, except it was reversed: now it was her who sat there making stupid comments and yearning for her interlocutor, who was there doing little more than praising himself and offending her with his bigotry. Not that she could do anything more with his offensiveness than liking him even more. She was definitely into bad boys. She remembered that, when she had been Joseph, she had gone exactly for this kind of weak girl. They made such easy victims.

As she laid on her chest, looking up admiringly at him, she was completely aware of all this. She knew she was bound to be hurt by such an insensitive guy, yet she couldn’t help but reek of adoration for him.

It didn’t took them too long to start a fervent kissing session, and barely longer before he suggested going to a more private place. She knew where that was certain to go, and she managed to collect enough self-respect to reject the idea just then.

“We’ve just met each other,” she said.

“So what? Don’t tell me you’re a freaking virgin.”

“Ha! Of course I’m not,” said Josephine, affronted yet blushing at the same time. It was true only up to a certain point. It had been Joseph who had plenty of experience in that area. Josephine had just been born yesterday. Literally.

In the end, Harry agreed to take things a bit more slowly, though it was obvious he wouldn’t be kept at bay for too long.


Pamela’s date was a bit more relaxed, since she had already made peace with her current role as an eligible grown woman.

The man who had asked her out had been a gentleman. That didn’t mean he had hidden his attraction for her when she had met with him in a body-hugging dress.

“You look beautiful,” he said.

She smiled but she didn’t blush. She felt very confident at the moment. They walked to one of the Resort’s restaurants and ordered their meals. Pamela was glad her appetite had subdued since the previous day, because she didn’t want to make a first impression as some kind of pig.

She tasted wine for the first time as the two of them started to talk and meet each other.

“There’s something you should know first of all,” said Pamela, who wanted to come clean. “I’ve got a little daughter. I left her with one of the Resort’s babysitters.”

He chuckled.

“That’s okay. I’ve got two myself. A 21-yers-old daughter and a son of 18. I’m divorced.”

Pamela was again flabbergasted about how old her suitor was. She knew this internally, but when she looked at him he didn’t feel old at all, but just right for her.

Dinner was very enjoyable, and after that they went for a stroll at the moonlight lit beach. Pamela liked taking her heels off and walking barefoot on the soft sand.

They soon embraced, then kissed, then they fell among some bushes. He wasn’t forcing her, or anything, it was a mutually consented thing, out of the spur of the moment. Pamela was very eager, yet she wondered if this wasn’t a test. She was sure having irresponsible sex wasn’t going to get her any points with Cunningham or her parents. They wanted to know they could trust her, and she wasn’t going to disappoint them.

“Hey…” she said softly. “Not now.”

She saw his disillusioned face, but he agreed.

“You’re right. Maybe we should know each other first. And use some protection.”

Yeah, that’s how Josie was born, thought Pamela, through sex with a stranger on a bathroom. She knew this wasn’t true, but yet she “remembered” it.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” he asked.

“I look forward to it,” she answered beaming.


In order to survive the next few days, Josephine knew she had to dial off her former self and try to become this new person she now looked like.

That meant that, among other things, she had to let out a surprisingly romantic side. She felt very happy walking around the Resort with flowers on her head and flowing pink clothes.

The problem was that her new boyfriend wasn’t one for romantic gestures. Like Joseph had once been, Harry was mostly interested on the physical part of the relationship, and had little time for nice words or deeds in her behalf.

That was what was frustrating him the most. Their two weeks had almost passed since they had met and she still refused to go all the way with him.

Luckily for Harry, she wasn’t his only play.


Pamela’s relationship had been much more rewarding.

There were misfortunes at first, of course. The second day after they had met, she had taken him to her suite and sent Josie to bed early. The two of them then proceeded to the master bedroom, but before they could do much more, Josie had appeared at the doorstep again.

“Mommy? I had a nightmare. Can you spend the night with me?”

Pamela smiled resigned.

“Of course I can, sweetie.”

The former sisters’ relationship had turned into real mother-daughter love. Josie hadn’t forgotten who she really was. Yet she couldn’t understand how she had been such a horrible person, especially with Pam, who had proved her worth. She felt so loved and protected by her that she almost feared the day they would go back to their regular selves.

Pamela had also disposed of all resentment towards Josie. She too was thinking ahead to their last day at the Resort, but she thought she would feel proud when her little girl grew again into a young woman. She hoped they could then establish a supportive sisterly relationship.

Caring for Josie wasn’t the only responsibility that Pamela had handled. The new woman had also been able to keep with her professional duties. She received long, daily calls from Cunningham’s employee, and she had to work hard in order to meet his demands.

And yet, she found time to have fun at the Resort. She and her gentleman caller had finally been able to make love on their third date. It had been very natural for her, and they had repeated the experience on succeeding occasions.

She felt a bit down when he came to say his goodbyes, one day before her own final one.

“I had a really nice time with you. I wish we didn’t live so far from each other,” he told her.

She crossed her arms under her bust. There was certain sorrow on her face, but also acceptance.

“We always knew things would be this way,” she said. It was true. They had talked about how brief their affair was bound to be from day one.

“Yes. I know we once said we wouldn’t, but do you think we can at least keep some contact with each other out there in the real world?”

“I think its best we don’t,” she said sincerely. “I… well… You know how some people get to be changed on this Resort?”

He nodded, and looked at her with a bit of suspicion.

“Don’t tell me you’re a man,” he said as a joke, though there was also a bit of concern.

“No, nothing like that. But… I’m just a bit younger than this.”

He smiled tenderly.

“I can’t say I didn’t consider the possibility. You always seemed to have a young spirit.”

They embraced and he turned around, but before he was gone, she couldn’t help calling him back:

“What about you? Did you change?”

He shook his head.

“I’m just like this.”

Of course, she later thought, she had no real way of knowing if he had been totally sincere about that.


Though Josephine also wanted a friendly farewell, she wasn’t bound to have it.

She had prepared a merry picnic and was waiting eagerly for Harry below a tree, but he didn’t arrive, so he looked for him at his room. He was there all right, bedding a nice-looking Asian girl.

He didn’t even look a bit ashamed. Instead, he tried to redirect the blame at her, because of the way she had refused to have sex with him. The new gullible Josephine would have probably bought that and asked for his forgiveness, but her mind had snapped again. She wasn’t the naïve bimbo any more.

She had tears on her eyes again, not out of banal sentimentality, but out of real indignation. He shouted at Harry and told him all the things she really thought about him. Then she realized she wasn’t really yelling at Harry, but rather at Joseph. He had done worse things, dozens of times, and he had never cared.

Josephine just stormed out of the place, feeling completely disgusted at herself… or himself, rather. It was Joseph who had been a jerk. Josephine, with all her idiocy and ridiculousness, at least was a decent person.


That night, after she had said her goodbyes to her lover, Pamela was taking care of what little she and Josie would need to pack –for most of their things would have to stay at the Resort once they left- when someone knocked at her door.

She received a very beautiful young woman whom she didn’t know. She reminded her a bit of the older Josie, with her wavy brown hair, but it wasn’t possible: she had just seen her little girl in her room.

“Hello. Can I help you with something?”

“I just wanted to check on you, Pam. Oh, I’m sorry. You like Pamela now, don’t you?”

“Who… wait… Mom, is that you?”

“I’m nobody’s mother at the moment!” said the young Taylor with a smile.


“You don’t think your father and I would wait for you three on the Resort’s entrance, didn’t you? We also enjoyed our two weeks. Robert and I are 19-year-olds for the time being. Rather nice, since we didn’t meet each other back then. It’s been wonderful, we’re thinking about doing it every year.”

Pamela smirked, hands on her hips.

“So all this time I’ve been older than you!”

“You could almost be my mother!” winked Taylor.

“I don’t know how you’ll look at me in the same way after this,” said Pamela shaking her head.

“I won’t. That’s the whole point of this experience. In fact, that’s what I’m here to talk about. Well, with you and the whole family. Cunningham wants to meet with us before we go back to our normal selves tomorrow.”


The other kids were also surprised when they saw their young parents. It was a reunion of sorts when they all met each other at Cunningham’s office. Though Josephine had stayed in the same part of the Resort than Pamela and Josie, they had never stumbled upon each other.

“So this is your final night and tomorrow you’ll leave us, at least for a while. I’d like to talk a bit with you about your stay,” explained the manager. “Let’s start with our youngest, shall we? Josie?”

Josie sighed. She was fearing her childish mind would prevent her from being as articulate as she wanted, but since she had stepped into Cunningham’s office, she felt much more aware of her surroundings. It was almost as if she was back to her grown self. Almost, but not quite.

“Well, at first I was really mad at all of you. But as days passed, I started to feel very happy. Much happier than I remember being in a while.”

“Why do you think that was?”

“Well, part of it was because Pam was such a great mommy to me. She gave me loads of love. But it wasn’t just that. I was also able to show my love too. I don’t know why, but I just was so angry at the World when I was a grown-up. Now I don’t have that. I wish… I wish I didn’t have to turn back just yet.”

“So, Miss Smith, do you think that’s true?” asked Cunningham looking at Pamela. “Did you see her happier?”

Unlike Josie, Pam felt she had lost much of the confidence she had gained on the last few days. She again felt like a young girl in a very big body, almost like when she had just stepped out of the platform where she had been transformed.

“She was a little angel to me. I’ll really miss this relationship we had here. I think I could stand being bullied by her again, but I worry about her. I don’t want her to be angry and miserable again. It’s true she looked much happier like this.”

“What about yourself?”

“I can’t deny it was stressful. All those responsibilities I wasn’t used to have… Work, taking care of a child…” she looked away from her parents, “handling a relationship… But I feel like I did the best I could, and I enjoyed these weeks. I’m not sure I’ll be able to endure going back to my age after I had such a taste of adulthood. I had a respectful position, a loving daughter… I was with a man.”

“We understand the transitions aren’t easy,” said Cunningham. “But we’ll help ease them up, as we did the first time around. What about you, Joseph?”

“Joseph?” asked the confused blonde.

“Yeah, you’ve probably noticed Joseph is in full control again. You’re Josephine in body only. I think we’ll get a more honest answer from your real self.”

“Well, it was humiliating!” he snapped, getting his long blonde hair out of his eyes. “Not because I was a women per se, but rather because of the way I allowed myself to be treated.”

His eyes were wet again. But this wasn’t the girl crying, it was the boy.

“Josephine had many flaws,” he said. “But those were my fault too. I made her that way, with all my prejudices against women. And yet, with all those weaknesses, I grew fond of her. I found her value and she taught me so much. She’s a much better person than I am. I don’t know if I’ll endure being back to my real self. I’m sick of myself. I’ve been a disgusting jerk.”

Taylor hugged her crying son.

“And that horrible boy… he was just like me!”

Cunningham nodded.

“I shouldn’t disclose details of my other guests, but I think you should know that Harry was actually Harriet. She was an abused girl, not unlike some of your many exes. She wanted to come here to experience a little payback. She’s rather enjoying her temporary manhood. We went a bit overboard with her chauvinism, but she’s been really useful for me in a few cases like yours. Don’t judge her too harshly.”

“I’m madder at myself that I’ll ever be to him… her.”

“I hope you can turn that self-anger into something useful,” said Cunningham, then he turned to Robert and Taylor. “So it’s now the parents’ turn. You’ve seen your children’s progress closely during these two weeks. Our contract says you’ll all be back to normal by tomorrow. But as we have discussed, we can revise that a bit. What’s your decision after listening to their feelings?”

The very young couple exchanged a look. Then Taylor spoke.

“I think it’s clear that Josie can’t go all the way back. She needed more time to grow, apparently. I think a few more years of childhood will do her well. Maybe this time she’ll mature into a more adjusted young lady, and set aside that unfathomable anger she was feeling.”

“Really?” said Josie. “Will you let me stay 5?”

“I think you don’t need to be that young,” answered her father. “I think Pam’s age would be enough.”


“10?” asked Pam. “So she’ll be my twin?”

“Well, about that…” Taylor considered what she wanted to say. “I think you showed us that we can trust you with great responsibilities, and as you said, you won’t feel comfortable as a child any more. You always had an older soul.”

“And since Josie is going to remain so little, we’re going to ask you to become her older sister,” added Robert.

“Is that really possible?” asked Pam excitedly. “Thank you!”

“Of course, you can’t be as old as you are now. 37 would mean robbing you of too much of your life. But we’ll let you pick your age.”

“21!” said Pam at once. “I’ll be young enough to still be your daughter, but I’ll be a legally independent adult.”

“I’ll make you 20, going on 21,” settled Cunningham. “That way you’ll have a few months to adjust.”


“As for you…” said Robert turning towards his son turned daughter.

“Will you also make me stay like this?” he asked a bit alarmed. He wasn’t actually sure what he preferred. He hated Joseph at the moment, but the possibility of staying Josephine forever also scared him, no matter what he had told earlier in the spur of his spite for himself.

“I think the lessons you’ve learned will be enough,” said his youthful mother. “I trust you’ll become a better Joseph now, and that Josephine won’t be needed again.”

He nodded.

“I’ll miss her,” he whispered.

Cunningham got to his feet.

“Okay, then. I’ll draft the new contract so you can sign it. Then you should go to bed. You have a busy morning tomorrow.”


The next morning found Joseph in a weird mood, but happier than he had been since his arrival, and nostalgic about what was about to end.

He said goodbye to his roommates, the first female friends he had actually had. He had learnt from them almost as much as from his own change, and he had grown to like each in their own way. Girls were alright after all…

When he arrived to the white rooms with the computers, the rest of the family was already there. Josie was even standing in one of the platforms, dressing in very baggy clothes.

She was only getting five years older, but she still grew quite a lot. When she hit ten, she giggled as she stepped out of the platform, apparently happy with the turn of events.

“Hey, I know what you meant. I’m hungry!”

Pam went next. She had stripped down to her panties and an undershirt. She looked excited. She was about to get 16 years younger, yet she would be 10 years older than her original age.

Her transformation could be felt more than seen, since she had remained in a good shape at 37. As the clock turned back on her, though, she noticed her skin getting smoother and more elastic, and her face lost a few lines. Next, her short hair cascaded down in long curls.

She remained a curvy girl, but everything was becoming firmer, and she was losing the bit of extra fat she had. Particularly her waist got much narrower, and her stomach didn’t feel soft any more, but flat and toned like a washboard. Her arms slimmed and though her breast remained just as large, they had turned so perky they were a couple of inches higher on her chest. She also felt much more energy than ever since her first change.

“So this is me from now on,” said Pamela looking down at herself and liking it. Her voice sounded younger, a bit less deep than the one she had at 37.

“You look beautiful, honey,” said her father, still younger than her as a handsome young man of 19.

“You’re set to go now, Joseph,” said Cunningham kindly.

The teenager looked at his Josephine reflection one last time and stepped over the platform.

His transformation felt as odd as the first one. Curiously, the first things that grew back were his privates, which emerged from his female ones amidst much distress, and strained the front of his pink short pants. Then his muscles started to grow again, and he looked weird indeed, as if slender Josephine had suddenly turned very buff.

“Oh, wow,” he said, his voice already male, a bump on his throat. His dainty feet were growing and he had to discard his shoes. He also removed his hoop earrings because soon his pierced lobes would close.

Hair started to sprout from his once smooth legs and arms, then all the feminine shapes he had gained vanished and turned square. His breasts felt very sensitive for a moment, then they shrank into nothing more than well-defined pectorals. His golden locks darkened and receded and soon the only bit of Josephine left was her face. Then it also started to distort, features becoming rougher and manlier.

Joseph breathed hard and then laughed at how ridiculous he looked, his muscular frame tightly wrapped on a butterfly-patterned top. He took it off and walked to the mirror again to examine his face.

“Hey, those aren’t mine!”

He still had Josephine’s beautiful blue eyes.

“A memento, since you said you would miss her,” said Cunningham. “And if you sometimes find yourself in doubt, remember that you still are looking through her eyes.”

He nodded. His sapphire additions actually didn’t look half bad on his face.

His new older sister didn’t look half bad either. She had emerged from behind the screen wearing new clothes, and had sat on the floor to wait for his transformation to finish, still dizzy because of her own change.

“Our turn now,” said Taylor, a bit affronted at having to lose her youth. Still, she knew it was a necessity so that they could be their children’s parents again. Each of them stepped over one of the two platforms.

It was a bit sad watching as Robert and Taylor aged into 40-years-old again, their beautiful and strong forms sagging and weakening. Yet they all felt pretty excited once they stepped out. The new family configuration was finished.

“It was a pleasure having you with us,” said Cunningham, who then proceeded to shake their hands.


Five months had passed since the Smiths’ return from Jamaica, and the effects of their stay on the Resort were already apparent.

Pamela was almost ready for the family dinner. A week earlier, she had officially turned 21. She had a completely new birthdate, not just the year. Mr. Cunningham had handled them a folder with their new legal documentation they would need.

Among them was a degree for Pamela. She was again a lawyer, albeit a just graduated one now. She didn’t have as much experience as she had gotten during her time as a 37-years-old, but there had been enough information transference for her to have secured a junior job at a good firm. She was just starting, and though she was nervous, she knew she would be able to meet their demands.

She looked around at her bedroom. Her parents had allowed her to change it as much as she had wanted, and now it was the room of a grown woman. It covered all her new needs, both in function and style.

Josie had also adapted wonderfully to her role as a 10-years-old. She had been enrolled to a new school, in the same grade Pam had been supposed to enter. The two of them had also become very close. The little girl loved and looked up at her older sister, and Josie had a good feeling that this time, when she grew, things would be totally different for her.

Though not much altered physically, Joseph’s changes ran deep. He had recently turned 17, and had left his old ways behind. He had also been dating a girl for the past four months. Even his choice of girlfriend had been different. She was an intelligent and level-headed young woman, and he didn’t feel threatened by that. He treated her like an equal and he was sure that this had allowed him to actually fall in love for the first time in his life.

Even their parents showed some change. True, part of it was because their children were giving much less trouble now, but that wasn’t all. Inspired by their youthful, romantic fortnight, the couple had renewed their relationship. Today it was their anniversary, and that was the occasion of the family dinner Pamela was readying herself for.

As for the Resort, the Smiths planned to return on their next holiday. They heard it was doing great business, and that more and more visitors were benefiting from its services each season.

If you are in trouble and you think you could use one of the Resort’s exclusive packages, don’t think it twice. Buy your ticket to Jamaica and contact Mr. Cunningham now.


  1. A wonderful use of Tservo's world with your own flair. I'm a big fan of Tservo's work, and you stayed very true to The Resort's world and feel in this story, while also doing a plot line that is very much reminestent of your own preferences. I liked how you, like Tservo did, touched on other changes happening outside the main cast with Joesph's suitemates. About the only think I found myself wishing for were before shots of the kids, and visuals of Josie, but I get why they were absent. The writing was the appeal anyway, and it was great as usual.

    This was a great little holdover until Premature Maturation. Something for everyone! If you want any additional feedback on anything specific, let me know.


    1. Thank you for that! Actually, your feedback is one I'm always looking forwards to! I don't remember if I've asked you, have you ever written your own content?

      As for why the kids pictures are absent, this time it's because this was going to be a short caption story with only three pictures, just for Pamela and Josephine. When it expanded, I decided to find more pictures from those two models, but little else.

    2. I have considered writing my own content before, but I've never had the time. I did create one caption several years ago, but it's been lost for a long time. I've found age swaps, like Tservo's, to be my favorite, and I'd like to explore my own ideas on my own one day, but I just don't have the time to write in my free time.

      I do enjoy engaging with creators though. And my favorites write content I enjoy immensely. Perhaps one day I'll write myself, either captions or longer prose, that is really specific to my interests. But that's way off in the future.


    3. Yes, I can perfectly understand about time limitations. Well, I hope I get to read your stuff if you ever write it.

      For now, keep commenting others' content. I also enjoy engaging in discussions, though not many seem very interested.

  2. Quite the expansive story! Any idea if you'll want to continue with this as a series at all?

    1. Thanks. Yes, I would want to continue, but I doubt I'll have the time. As I've said, I'm kind of closing shop here.

  3. Great story here. I can see how you could easily get caught up in writing so much. I really like TF stories where the characters are learning a lesson from their transformations. Of course, quite a few of them end with the character staying transformed, but the reversion of the kids here was well-done. Even if Josie and Pamela didn't change back to their original ages, they seem far better suited to their new ones. I'll need to start reading more of these Resort stories, where can I find them?

    1. There's only one, at Tservo96's Deviantart site:

  4. Great story, thanks for posting

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