Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Meteor

Something else for today.


  1. I sooo want this expanded into a longer story.
    There was an episode of The Outer Limits called "Music of the Spheres" that wasn't too far off from this, though the results weren't nearly as cool-looking (but still good).
    Seriously, can someone make this into a full story? You've got something good here!

    1. Believe me, every time I write something, I feel tempted to expand it more and more. But I have to keep that impulse in check, or I would never finish anything.

    2. I get where you're coming from,AP. But this story is terrific by itself-and it had enormous potential.Not only would Louise herself be a terrific character to develop (pun intended!) further,but the consequences of her being the mother of the next stage of human evolution are potentially awesome. Would you let me follow up on the story? I have an amazing idea for an expansion!

    3. I meant some other fan of yours, but yeah, point taken.

    4. Oh, of course. If someone else can, then I'm fine with it.

      You could do it, Growthformulamaster, but I didn't find more pictures for the character. Unless you only focus on her descendants.

    5. I'd certainly like to see an expansion on this idea, even if there's a shift in characters.

    6. I don't have one projected at the moment. But I'm not opposed to the idea.