Monday, September 19, 2016

The Roots Fairy II: Indian Summer (Part 2)

Premature Maturation is ready and I'll probably upload it as soon as The Roots Fairy is finished.

I decided to try and post some new content every days of this week, so come and check daily for a few one-shots from myself.

Today, though, we have this entry by BLZBub.

The Roots Fairy II: Indian Summer
(Part 2)

by BLZBub

Sahkyo was soon finding out that were quite a few advantages to being an adult. The other adults treated her with a lot more respect and took what she said seriously. She was able to drink alcohol now, tough it proved to be a little too much for her to take. Of course, since the alcohol available was mainly made of fermented cactus juice, it wasn’t something that an inexperienced person could handle very well. She was also able to keep up with adult conversations very well and was even able to add her own opinions and thoughts, which she probably wouldn’t even had if it weren’t for the magic that changed her. She considered smoking for a while, but that seemed like a bad habit to get started on.

However, there were a few drawbacks to her new status. Namely of how she was all but cut off from technology. There wasn’t really much in the way of tech out here, but her knowledge of it was the one thing that wasn’t expanded with the rest of her mind. She barely knew how to operate several devices, not that devices would be willing to work for her in the first place. Appliances had a way of shutting down when she touched them. Once she tried to take her cousin’s moped out for a ride but she couldn’t get the darn thing started no matter what she did. Sahkyo thus had a reputation as a walking tech-bane in her family, but at least she could ride in cars without causing problems so long as she wasn’t in the driver’s seat.

Sahkyo often went into town whenever the opportunity presented itself. There wasn’t much to do in this small town, but it seemed a little more exciting than the farm. There wasn’t much to buy at the general store, but it was still kinda fun shopping there. One place that Sahkyo often went to was the swimming pool. Given the dry and arid atmosphere of New Mexico, it was a pretty popular site to go to. Sahkyo was able to appreciate the coolness of the water against her hot body. And she really liked wearing the swimsuits that showed off her hot body.

There were a few restaurants in town, though namely a diner and a few small places for travelers to stop at. But there was one nicer restaurant that served authentic Mexican and Navajo cuisine. Most often, they ordered in from the place, but this time they were actually eating at the place. Sahkyo took the occasion to dress up a little. It was practically the only place around where she had the opportunity to put on something fancier.

“You know, Sahkyo,” said her mother, now her cousin, “You ought to be heading up to the reservation.”

Sahkyo wiped her mouth and asked, “Why’s that?”

“Well, you’ve been spending a lot of time around the farm and going into town,” said her ‘cousin’, “The whole point of this family get-together was to spend more time with the family.”

“But I have,” said Sahkyo.

“There’s still plenty of family at the reservation you haven’t visited,” said her former father, “How about tomorrow we head up there and get reacquainted?”

Sahkyo had been putting off going to the reservation because she wanted to have more fun as an adult first. But admittedly, there wasn’t much to do around here. There weren’t even any cute guys for her to flirt with. Sahkyo sighed and said, “Ok, let’s go there tomorrow.”

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