Friday, December 25, 2015

The Joneses' Christmas Miracle

This story has spun from a collaboration between Ageiss and myself. Enjoy it!

And have a happy Christmas.

The Joneses' Christmas Miracle
by Planet and Ageiss

Most people know a lot of things about Father Christmas, even those who don’t believe he actually exists and that he’s just a marketing ploy.

Almost everyone knows he’s an old man and that he has a long white beard. Everyone knows he gets around in flying reindeers and that he dresses in heavy furs. It’s also well-known that he spreads presents and that, on special occasions, he even grants magical Miracles to some families. What most people don’t know is that, along with his old age, Father Christmas is also quite senile.

If you don’t believe it, just hear about what happened to the Joneses, a regular family who got their Father Christmas’ special Miracle a couple of years ago.

Now, another misconception is that Father Christmas minds a lot about if you have been “nice” or “naughty”. It turns out the only reason your family might get picked for a Christmas Miracle is pure chance. Indeed, the Joneses were neither the most virtuous, nor the most unworthy family, but normal people with flaws and merits.

But at any rate, they were among those “lucky” families who woke up on Christmas morning to find a large and unknown box under their pine tree. The four Joneses read the attached card with curiosity.

Merry Christmas, Jocelyn, Adam, George and Gabriella! This box contains your Christmas Miracle! After opening it, a wish per person will come true!

Ps: The wishes are permanent and can’t be undone.

Father Christmas

The Joneses exchanged amused looks, wondering who among them was responsible for this obvious joke, especially when the box ended up being completely empty. Of course, none of them believed in Father Christmas any more.

The parents, Adam and Jocelyn, were nearing 41 and 43 respectively, both celebrating their birthdays on February, and they were long past that childhood fantasy about a fat man giving presents away.

Their son, George, who had just turned 19, had been a big Father Christmas fan when he was little, always writing letters and giving him cookies. Of course, he had grown out of it long ago too, and would die of embarrassment if his friends ever found that out.

Then there was his younger sister Gaby, who at 10 was also too old and had already found out the truth about those mysterious presents a few years earlier. But she was still a child, and though it was obvious this box was just a joke, she was the only one who felt a bit of excitement along with the curiosity of finding out who was the prankster.

The Joneses had a nice breakfast together, and each found their mind wandering towards the box on the tree with frequency. Yes, it wasn’t real, but what would they wish if it was? It was just a rhetoric question each of them asked themselves.

You’re probably thinking if you had a Christmas Miracle you would wish for World Peace or the end of hunger, but most people actually wish for mundane things, especially when they don’t take Miracles seriously. It was their belief that this was just a frivolous joke, so you can excuse them if they made frivolous wishes.

Take Jocelyn, for instance. She loved her family, but she wondered if she shouldn’t have married and have children later in life. Her responsibilities at home since she was very young meant she had sacrificed a big part of her professional life. Now she was in her forties and she was still a lowly employee at the firm she had worked in since her graduation. She had seen with envy how younger women, who had invested more time in preparing for their jobs than family, outranked her all the time. They seemed perfect to her in every sense. Most were rich, intelligent and still had time to appear beautiful every day.

“I would love to be a successful young woman. With brains. Looks. Status,” was her silent wish.

Compared with the seriousness of his wife’s thoughts, Adam’s wish was much more playful. He was also feeling his age, mostly from the physical angle. He was still a handsome and strong man, but he had definitely lost his athleticism of old. He was also thinking of his most recurrent fantasy. Since early childhood, he had been a fan of comic books, but he tried to hide that part of him nowadays.

“I wish I had superpowers, just like Superman,” he thought with an embarrassed smirk.

On the other side of the table, little Gaby was, like her mother, embedded in her feelings of inadequacy and jealousy towards some of her peers. Gaby was now old enough to start feeling bad about her self-perceived plainness and too-small-for-her-age body. She didn’t feel her personality was helping either. She wasn’t brilliant or funny, nothing to make her remotely interesting among the competitive school crowd.

“I wish I was the most popular girl at school,” she thought with resolve.

George was also in school, but he was about to finish it and go to college, so he wasn’t as preoccupied about popularity nowadays. Besides, even though he wasn’t among the “cool” crowd, he had more than enough friends in his opinion. He had also finally landed a girlfriend, even though he had to lower his expectations in order to do so. It wasn’t that Lina wasn’t cute, but she wasn’t downright sexy either, and that was something the hormonally-driven boy found frequently wishing. He thought absent-mindedly about her thin body as he got up from the table and walked towards his room.

“Gosh,” he said silently, contrasting Lina with his poster of Adriana Lima, his favorite model. “I wish my girl looked like that…”

You’ve probably already figured out that the gift box wasn’t actually empty, but contained a very powerful, if invisible, spell. The moment the last of the Joneses voiced his wish, it started working immediately but slowly.

The first one who noticed something was Jocelyn, maybe because she was showering. In any case, as she lathered her body, she felt her skin was getting firmer and smoother, and her wet hair started to elongate slowly. She kept it short, at the level of her shoulders, but it kept growing down. She noticed, but she knew hair went longer when it became moist, so she didn’t mind it at all.

But the weirdness wasn’t over. There was a heaviness on her chest that wasn’t usually there, and she cupped her very small breasts, noticing they had expanded considerably. They had gone from their usual a-cup size to at least a b, and she could almost swear they were still inflating within her fingers.

“What’s this?” she asked aloud and looked down again.

Now she couldn’t deny something was up, as her waist tinned noticeably before her own eyes. She quickly made her way out of the shower and passed her hand over the foggy mirror to look at her reflection.

She gasped. She looked much younger. In her early thirties at the most, and she was also much more attractive.

“The wish!” she realized. It was the only explanation. She was becoming like the women she envied!

Meanwhile, George was reading over his bed, his legs splayed over the mattress, when his calves started to get longer in seconds, suddenly showing below the hems of his pants.

“What the heck?”

George got up and looked down in surprise. Was he taller? He had always been a relatively short guy, but his height had suddenly shot up from 5’3 to 5’9. It wasn’t only his legs that had got longer. His arms and torso had also stretched, and his abdominals were showing bellow his shirt.

He was about to scream, but his sister did it first in the room next door.

Gaby had tried to change her shoes when she found her feet had grown about two sizes and could fit her sandals any more. She yelled and looked down at her hands, which had also become absurdly large, almost as big as her mother’s.

She heard the noise of people coming to her room, when she notice her back stretching out, as were her legs.

“I’m growing taller!” she shouted.

“So am I!” bellowed both her mother and George as they stormed into Gaby’s room.

The family looked at each other. Indeed, Joselyn, had become much taller than average, pushing on 5’10, not to mention she was younger and so beautiful she was starting to look like a different person, though her features could still be recognized. George was also tall, and his face seemed off too. Adam was the only one who was apparently unchanged.

“I think it’s our Christmas wishes! I wanted to be young and successful, and I think it is happening!” said Joselyn.

“Yes!” exclaimed Gaby when she realized that too. Something was definitely going on in her chest, and her hands received expectantly the two bumps that started to grow there. She had wished to be popular… the most popular, in fact. And she guessed that accounted for her suddenly overdeveloped appearance. She was looking older than her 10 years, and that was sure to make her very popular.

“Well, nothing is happening to me,” said Adam. Maybe he had some superpowers already, but he couldn’t feel a thing.

George couldn’t understand why he was changing, then. He had wished for his girlfriend to alter, not himself. Maybe he was transforming into a hunkier guy so that he could be on the same league than an Adriana Lima look-alike?

“Excuse me a moment,” he said, and went back to her room, trying to ignore the yells of his little sister as she grew even taller, almost as tall as he now was.

George phoned his girlfriend Lina and asked if she felt anything different. Bigger boobs, maybe? Better skin? But Lina denied all, apparently thinking he was going crazy. He couldn’t understand.

Gaby was equally confused. She understood popularity required a better body, but when her hips and backside started to get too large she realized she was actually aging.

“Of course!” she thought. “I didn’t wish to be the most popular girl in MY class! I wished to be the most popular in my school! That includes the older girls!”

That explained why her new breasts were getting so big, much larger than most of the girls’ in advanced classes.

Meanwhile, her mother looked even younger and prettier, and suddenly her dull brown hair started to become shiny and very dark. Her black eyes changed its shape as they turned emerald green, just as George entered the room.

“Mom? Is that you?” he asked amazed. That meant the pretty teenager still growing in the back was his little sister.

“Yes, it’s me, dear,” she answered in an unfamiliar voice. She even had an accent now. “I don’t know why I’m changing so much. My eyes are so different…”

“Yeah…” agreed her son. And yet, there was something familiar about those feline green eyes. Then he realized it. The long black hair. The tall and statuesque body she was developing: “Mom, you’re turning into Adriana Lima!”

“What? The model?”

 “But that means you got my wish!” said George.

“You wished to turn into Adriana Lima?”

“No, not me! But… No, wait. It’s dad! He got my wish! Now his girl is turning into Adriana Lima!”

So the wishes were messed around. That explained why Gaby didn’t feel like a teenager any more. Her mirror showed a mature and attractive face, and her body had aged into that of a grown woman in her early twenties. She shed off her tight little girl clothes, revealing lacy underwear and even a piercing on her navel.

“I’m VERY adult!” she said in the deeper voice that came out of her throat, and everyone turned to look at the alluring blonde woman. “But I didn’t wish for this…”

There was a loud pop and Gaby looked at the diploma that appeared on her wall.

“Gabriella Jones,” she read. “Hey, there’s more!”

Indeed, her wall was quickly covering itself with more professional credentials.

“You got my wish, sweetie,” said Jocelyn. “I wanted to be a successful young woman, and you’re becoming one now!”

Gabriella nodded. She thought it was a fair trade.

“Then my girlfriend isn’t going to become Adriana Lima!” said a disappointed George. “But then that means…”

He looked down in horror as two breasts also popped over his chest, though they didn’t grow as much as his sister’s had. His dark blonde hair started to get longer very quickly, and his features were becoming quite feminine as his body became slender but curvier.

“Oh, no!” he said in his already feminine voice.

“I guess you’re going to be the most popular girl in your school now,” said Gabriella gloomily, her body now covered by stylish expensive-looking clothes.

George, or Georgina, was certainly was getting the credentials to be that popular. She was tall and willowy, with a pretty face that got prettier by the second as her lips plumped and his eyes became bluer and wider. The pulling sensation in his pants confirmed she wasn’t a boy any longer.

Jocelyn regretted the loss of her children’s bodies, but she had to admit she also felt pretty proud about the beautiful daughters she had gained, thought that also meant her precious little baby was suddenly about as old as she was now.

She didn’t seem to get any younger any more (Lima’s picture on the poster had been taken when the model had been 26), but her face cracked one last time, shifting into Adriana’s exact features. Her body also toned down for a few seconds, giving her an internationally praised physique.

Jocelyn couldn’t believe how flat her stomach was, or what a great muscle tone her arms had.

“I bet I’m very strong,” she said, giving a slight push to the table, which shattered on the act. “Ooops.”

“My superpowers, obviously,” said Adam. It was clear now he wasn’t going to get anything, other than a supermodel wife.

Gabriella’s hair suddenly turned a rich chestnut color, and she immediately knew why. She liked to dye her natural blonde locks in order to be taken more seriously at work.

Work? Gabriella suddenly understood she now worked at the same firm as her mother, except she was now one of the highest ranking employees.

She looked at her brother turned sister, who was sobbing while kneeling on the floor as the last changes (her fingers becoming thinner and his clothes transforming) finished.

About an hour later, the Joneses were still pretty shaken up.

Georgina was the worst of the bunch, and she had started a period of denial. She had tried to hide her new body and long hair under a hoodie.

“This will end any time now,” she announced cheerfully. “Christmas will be over tonight. We’ll be back to ourselves by morning.”

Of course, everyone remembered Father Christmas’ letter. This was supposed to be permanent.

Gabriella had gone through the opposite reaction. At first she had been naturally excited about her older and sexy body, enjoying the discoveries in her new room, which wasn’t childish any more, but tasteful and full of elegant clothes. But then it dawned on her she had lost a few years of her life and she started to cry.

Her father had to comfort this grown woman who almost couldn’t physically be his daughter any more, but who right now needed support like the 10 years old she really was.

Jocelyn tried to be there for her children too, but she was also a bit disoriented, not only about suddenly becoming a copy of a famous supermodel, but also trying to control her new superpowers, which were apparently those of Superman. She could fly, breathe ice, generate heat with her eyes and, obviously, was impressively strong.

By the time they went to bed, the mood had changed once again in the house.

Gabriella allowed herself to feel excited again, and so did Jocelyn. Adam was very eager about going to bed with a young model, but sex was out of the question while she learned to control her strength.

“Don’t turn your eyes away,” said Jocelyn as her husband blushed and looked in a different direction while she put on her nightclothes.

“It’s just…” he started.

“You feel like you’re cheating, I understand. But I’m still your wife, and I will be like this forever, so…”

Georgina’s previous sadness and denial had opened the way for curiosity. Her room had also changed into a version appropriate for her new role, so the 19-years-old girl had a lot of nice clothes to wear. At first, she was against wearing any of those, but she still had her old boyish mind, and that mean she enjoyed seeing a pretty girl (such as she now was) in beautiful clothes.

“This is something I probably won’t wear outside for a while,” she said looking at her reflection on a particularly girlish pink blouse and yellow pants. “But I do look good in these.”

She finally put on silken nightwear and sat on her bed. Her long hair got on the way, but it smelled nice. She looked down at her attractive body. Why couldn’t this have happened to her girlfriend Lina instead?

“Well, maybe I can learn to like this,” she said patting her behind before falling face down over the bed. She didn’t anticipate the pressure on her chest.

Gabriella was the first one up next morning. Her new work routine meant she had become an early bird. She immediately showered and started with her hair and make-up. She was probably a little overdressed in her black outfit and necklace, but what was wrong with looking nice at home? Maybe she had become a bit snobby.

Her vanity had definitely increased, she thought, and she stood a long time in front of the mirror, admiring how good the tight fabric made her chest look. She had very nice breasts, she believed, and she couldn’t wait until she would flaunt them on the office.

Once out, she found Georgina on the kitchen, drinking coffee on a robe.

“Looking nice, “sis”,” said Gabriella.

“So do you,” and Georgina’s gaze went straight to the adult woman’s chest. “How was your night?”

“A bit strange at first. I couldn’t possibly sleep with all these… lumps on my body,” said Gabriella gesturing down at her curvy figure.

“Tell me about it. And I think I’m having my period this morning,” said Georgina shyly.

“Oh, my God! I guess that’ll happen to me too now. I’ve never had one either,” explained her sister.

“Right. I didn’t think about that.”

The two new women sat and stared at each other. It was weird since they were very used to their former appearance, yet now both looked like strangers. They examined their faces trying to recognize something familiar.

After a while, Georgina thought there was still a lot of little Gaby in this adult woman, but she was much more than just an older version. While Gaby had been somewhat plain, she was now gorgeous.

“Mom said she also wished for looks,” explained Gabriella, understanding correctly what Georgina was thinking.

Georgina was also beyond just a female George. She was much better looking than he had been.

“Come on, let us see what you’re packing underneath that,” said Gabriella with a smile.

Slowly and blushing intensely, Georgina let down her robe. She was wearing black leggings and a sleeveless and backless white top, which revealed a lot of unblemished skin. Gabriella followed her sister towards the balcony and noticed Georgina’s legs and backside were in much better shape than she had realized the previous day.

“I think we turned out all right, all things considered,” said the now eldest sister as they looked outside.

“How are you kids doing?” said Jocelyn behind them. Their mother seemed to be quite happy in her new body, but that was to be expected.

“Not a kid any longer,” said Gabriella touching her angular chin and putting a hand on her hips.

Jocelyn beamed them with that smile Georgina knew so well, and she couldn’t still believe that was her mother.

“Your father is thinking about driving me out town to the meadows. He wants me to practice my flying and we reckon that’s the only place where I can try it unseen.”

“Anything new about that?” asked Gabriella.

“Yeah, I accidentally burnt my bedside table last night. Heat vision. But I think I understand how to control it now.”

“Good luck in the meadows, then. But be careful. We don’t want anyone learning about your peculiarities. You’re bound to attract enough attention as you are, looking exactly like a well-known celebrity.”

“Don’t worry, I doubt anyone would be able to catch with my super-speed,” winked Jocelyn. Georgina had rarely seen her so enthusiastic. “What about you? Are you going out?”

“I don’t think so. I want to check out details about my work. I mean, my brain suddenly knows everything about it, but I want to examine everything before my first day at the office,” explained Gabriella.

“I think I might go out,” said Georgina. “Things have also changed a lot for me, and I want to learn just how much.”

She started to understand the extent of her reality change as soon as he got out of the building. As George, he had never been able to get his parents to buy him a car, but he had managed to get a nice motorbike. As Georgina, the vehicle had been replaced with a bright-red scooter.

“Great. Just what I needed to look more girly.”

But she found it quite comfortable and easier to ride. She wondered where she should stop next.

Meanwhile, Gabriella opened her laptop and started checking her mail, and a few documents she wouldn’t have managed to understand just one day earlier. Now, they made a lot of sense, and she was able to convey just how important she had become at the firm.

“This is much better than being popular at school,” she reflected.

Georgina had decided to stop at the gym as a priority. One of her chief concerns about being a girl was the possibility of losing strength, which was something that was eating her male pride.

But her worries were unjustified. Truth was, she had been a short and skinny boy, who had never been very physical. Now, being the most popular girl at school, Georgina had discovered she was the cheerleader’s team captain, which meant she was athletically-minded. If anything, she had become slightly stronger and a bit more agile. Her increased height also helped.

Of course, her strength was nothing compared with her mother’s. While on the meadows, she had found a gigantic boulder which she had raised without any effort at all.

“I don’t think that’s all. Superman has lifted planes, and I think he has even taken on meteorites, and such. Who knows how far you can really get?” said Adam.

“Well, I’m certainly able to fly,” said Jocelyn after landing next to her husband for the third time. “It seems your wish was completely realized.”

After exercising, Georgina took a shower at the gym and then rode to Lina’s house. She was aware her girlfriend probably wouldn’t recognize her, but she had to be sure.

“Georgina!” said Lina quite astonished when she saw who was at the door. “Has something happened?”

So she knows who I am in this new reality. Not her girlfriend, definitely,” thought the new young woman.

“I just wanted to visit you and give you this Christmas gift,” said Georgina aloud, giving her the earrings she had bought for her when she was George.

“Thank you!” exclaimed Lina, wondering why the most popular girl at school was being so nice with her. They had barely ever talked before. “Want to come in?”

“No, thank you. I’m needed back home,” lied Georgina, who didn’t want to spend the day with a former girlfriend who didn’t even remember their relationship. But she smiled widely at Lina, who despite her bewilderment, was quite happy to be acknowledged by the queen bee of her class.

Adam took her young wife back to city. Unlike her daughters’, only a few of Jocelyn’s clothes had been altered to fit her new figure, so she wanted to buy new things. That meant she had to go out in public, and she had anticipated that would lead to a few embarrassing situations.

“Aren’t you Adriana Lima?” she was asked for the untempt time.

“No, I get that a lot. I guess I do look a bit like her,” she said with a fake smile.

“A bit? You’re a dead ringer! You even sound exactly like her!” said someone who clearly was quite a fan of the model.

“Yes, I’m also from Brazil. Same town, even. Maybe we share a few ancestors.”

“That would be unlikely! Her ethnic heritage is very exotic. I doubt you…”

Clearly, this fan was too bothersome, so Jocelyn pretended she had just received a phone call and waved away. Maybe she should pretend to actually be Adriana from time to time, but she wasn’t sure if that would help things or make them worse.

By then, Georgina was already back home, still a bit shaken about her brief meeting with Lina. As soon as she had returned, she had texted a few of her classmates.

Like Lina, her former friends seemed very surprised (but also quite thrilled) about the fact that pretty Georgina Jones, who usually hung in very different circles had written to them out of the blue.

On the other hand, the popular crowd, who had almost ignored her when she was George, were now friendly with her. For a moment, she was afraid she was dating a football player or something like that in this reality, but it seemed that as a girl, she was single. That was a relief.

Conversely, when Georgina had arrived, she had found Gabriella was out. The girl turned woman had also been in contact with some of her new “friends”. Adult friends, some from the office, and some from a club where she was member.

She had decided to join some of them who were celebrating there, and though at first she only knew their names, her brain started giving her information about this new reality of friendship, so the conversation flowed easily.

She found them pleasant enough, but they also seemed overly respectful towards her, much more than they were with each other. It was obvious none of them were as successful as Gabriella now was, and she guessed that made her a bit intimidating. A small price to pay, she thought.

That first week was awkward, but increasingly easier to overcome for the changed family. It was New Year’s Eve now, and each of them were starting to adapt to their new roles.

Jocelyn had an admirable control of her alien abilities by now, and two days had passed without her breaking so much as a cup. It was great progress. Soon she would be able to touch people again without a terrible fear of maiming them.

Gabriella entered the living room beaming at her parents and looking ravishing in her dress. She had been the one who had found it easier to adapt, because despite the vast differences in her body and status, her mind had also changed the most. After her initial freak out the first night, she had found it quite easy to remain calm. She was very assertive now and always felt like she knew what to do.

Unlike her, Georgina was the one who had the most trouble adapting. It was understandable, due to her gender change, and the fact that her mental adjustments were coming much more slowly to her than to her sister.

That’s why Gabriella was quite surprised when she found Georgina readying herself for the night. She was getting quite good at doing her make-up, and this time she even looked happy. Self-confidence was very important for popularity, and Gabriella always suspected that her sister was going to find it sooner than later.

“How do I look? I’m not very sure which dress should I wear.”

Gabriella looked at the three options that Georgina had taken from her new wardrobe.

“The black one, definitely,” said Gabriella with her usual resolve.

“Uhm, isn’t it a bit too much?” asked Georgina nervously.

“Haven’t you seen your legs? Well, I think everyone should. Of course, you’ll need to let me do your hair…”

Georgina had been afraid to wear that dress, which would indeed display her in all her very leggy glory, not to mention the low neckline. Though she probably wouldn’t be showing as much cleavage as Gabriella was in her see-through dress.

“So what’s the problem?” said her sister, apparently reading her mind and cupping her firm chest. “They look awesome, don’t they?”

The four of them arrived to the New Year’s party they had along with their extended family. Everybody recognized them, and nobody seemed to find anything wrong with them. All the family apparently thought that Georgina, indeed looking stunning in her gorgeous dress and incredibly high heels, had always been a willowy girl.

No one seemed to find it strange that Adam was married to a much younger woman either, and somehow nobody questioned the fact that they had daughter in her midtwenties. That is, she was as old as her mother. But who knows how magic works?

The discovery of how normal they looked for people they had always known had a profound effect on the Joneses. From that day on, the reality of their situation sunk in much more definitely than ever before. This is what they would be for the rest of their lives.

Georgina was much more comfortable in her new smooth skin than ever. She had survived a whole night wearing a feminine dress while her aunts commented on how pretty she was, and after that, she could manage to wear anything.

At first she had started gradually, but after a while, she explored the full extent of possibilities her wardrobe offered. Heels weren’t a problem anymore either, and she had learned to walk in them as well as Gabriella had. As a boy, George had always wished to be larger, and now that she was actually tall, she couldn’t resist but boost that height by a few inches.

Holidays were drawing to an end, and soon time came to return to work. For Gabriella, that meant she would go into her office for the first time, and despite her confidence, she had to admit she was a bit afraid.

But after seeing how naturally everything came to her that first day, she confirmed her suspicions that she had nothing to fear. She was ready for anything. From then on, she actually looked forward to her time at her desk.

In that same building, but a few floors below, Jocelyn also returned to her station. Everyone recognized her, but they also complimented her looks and treated her much differently. She still had the same job as before, but she was sure she would be going places now. She had her youth again, not to mention an admittedly more approachable visage.

Not that this job was her only one. Adam and Jocelyn had determined it would be too selfish if she wouldn’t share her amazing powers with the world. She could help people in need as the first real-life superhero. And she couldn’t even be harmed.

“You have all of Superman’s strengths and his only weakness doesn’t exist in the real world,” had reasoned Adam.

And indeed, she had dedicated most of her free time to various superfeats, from anti-terrorist operations to impossible rescues. Of course, she had to be careful to do everything at top speed.

Her face was too noticeable, and had in fact already attracted the attention of media due to her uncanny likeness to Adriana Lima. She had even retorted to dyeing her hair in a blonder tone so that she could downplay her similarity.

As her mother and sister returned to work, Georgina also had to go back to a vastly different school life. Everything was different for her now that she was on the very top of the social ladder, but that didn’t mean she was going to act like a bitch from now on. George had always been a respectful and kind boy, and Georgina was going to continue that trend.

As their de-facto new leader, Georgina discovered the popular crowd was also generally much kinder and approachable than she ever thought. She joined a few of her new friends for a trip to the beach on the first weekend after school started again. They were talking about colleges as they had their lunch. Georgina was eating a healthy salad. Her new diet had been hard on her at first, but she had grown accustomed to it, and it worked wonders on her figure.

“So, I still haven’t been accepted in that college, and I’m starting to get nervous,” said one of the other girls.

Georgina had already received three acceptance letters, something she would have never dreamed possible as George. Of course, she had been turned into an overachiever, and she was much smarter as Georgina. Colleges were apparently very interested in her.

Indeed, her school life had become very busy, if strangely enjoyable. She was class president, head cheerleader, and one of the brightest students at school, which also accounted for her popularity. In fact, she had made her parents very proud, and they rewarded her a few months later, when school was almost over and she had already picked a college.

“Are you really giving me this car?” she asked her father incredulously.

“It’s yours. I know this has been a very difficult time for you, but overcame it beautifully, and I think you deserve this. It’ll be very useful when you go to college, even if you already have that scooter…”

Georgina hugged Adam and Jocelyn with a wide smile.

Gabriella, who had a car of her own as a result of her reality change, arrived to her office later that day to find one of her employees on the phone.

“That was my daughter,” said the woman smiling at her boss, who was looking smart as always in an intensely blue dress. “It’s barely May and she’s already thinking about the doll she wants for next Christmas. She wants me to buy it in advance! I told her she had to wait and maybe she can ask Father Christmas for the doll.”

Gabriella smiled back but also wondered if Father Christmas could also screw up a gift like that. Maybe she should advise her coworker to buy the doll herself.


  1. Ah, the classic wish mix-up. A precarious plot, but one that has a lot of potential as seen here. Feel a little sorry for Adam as he was cheated out of his wish, though he had the least changes to his life. The girls certainly adapted well to their new selves. Can't wait to see the last part of the Shannon & Gwen story.

    1. Thanks!

      Actually, I believe this will be my first month without my continuous story.

    2. Oh, I suppose you weren't able to quite make it fit into the Christmas theme. Too bad. I guess that means it'll be continuing into next year.

    3. Yes, I wasn't feeling the Christmas theme for that one either, but it's mostly a matter of time.

      I also wanted the story to conclude in January, since that's when it started.


  2. Ah, what a great comeback you've made ^^
    As always, I love the situations you invent for these . Even if it is a collab, it is a great start ^^