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READER'S ENTRIES: The Seven (Split Woman)

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The Seven (Split Woman)
by Ageiss

11 and a half years old Camille was very nervous the day of the procedure. Despite being the last one to transform, she was fearful, because her Mineral looked particularly frightening, being split in many splinters. She was sure they were going to hurt as they merged with her body.

She was due on the lab any minute now, and she was surprised when she received a last-minute visit from Hourglass, looking gorgeous as always, and Camille thought her fearful experience would be worthy if she was as lucky as her friend had been. In a few hours, she could be also looking that hot.

“Heidy! I thought you were already down there.”

“I am, actually,” said Hourglass. “I’m not today’s Heidy. I come from a few months in the future. You sent me here to calm you down, because you knew your old self was very nervous before the transformation.”

“Really? So… everything goes fine?”

“Oh, yes. You’re very happy with your life. You told me to tell you that you’ll love your changes.”

That, obviously, did wonders for Camille’s confidence. She stepped resolute into the chamber, and when the last Mineral shattered, she didn’t feel any kind of discomfort.

She took a record time of three hours before starting to show any kind of effects, though Heidy had already informed her that would be the case, so she waited patiently.

Suddenly, Camille felt the odd sensation that the ceiling was falling over her, but she actually realized she was simply getting closing to it, growing taller. Her groin felt like it was on fire, and she felt the pressure building in her widening thighs and hips, and particularly in the muscles of her buttocks, which were becoming powerful and large.

“Nice butt and legs,” she though, even though her growth wasn’t done just yet. She couldn’t be any older than 16 yet.

Her panties were straining as she tried to shift their positing with her growing fingers. Her hands looked huge right now, as did her feet, and she suddenly felt the elongation of her torso and the trimming of her waist. Her abs were becoming toned, though she wasn’t anywhere near Amazonia’s level of fitness.

She was now very tall and had all the right proportions of an adult woman, her arms just catching up with the rest of her. But her chest had remained flat so far, until it started ballooning very suddenly, becoming full as her tissue aged. Her brassiere was tight and so was her top, so she simply removed it to give her new breasts space to overflow her cups.

Camille’s jaw and nose got longer as her eyes and cheekbones became deeper, giving her a very grown-up but alluring facial structure. Her hair was both thicker and longer.

“It’s done, isn’t it?” she asked with her deep voice.

It seemed so, for nothing else happened for a few minutes. Camille was now a 23-year-old woman, but she had an air of maturity and sophistication that made her look older.

“Hey, my ears are pierced! And so is my navel.”

That was somewhat curious since none of the others had gone through similar changes. But then again, each Mineral had been quite unique.

“How do you feel? Any sign of abilities?” asked the head scientist.

But Camille, despite feeling big and powerful didn’t notice anything strange. So she was told she could go to her room and have some rest.

Camille dressed in her new size-appropriate lingerie and even put on some earrings and decorated her bellybutton.

She enjoyed the new body she had gotten, and couldn’t believe she had been nervous about the process. Her future self-had been right. This was something to love.

She put on a short top that revealed her muscular midriff and stretched her long body over the bed. Before sleeping, she started humming a song, enjoying her powerful new lungs and the sound of her voice. She loved music, and that was something she regularly did.

But then something strange started happening. She felt she was changing again. She stretched over the mattress and felt the familiar feeling of her breasts pushing out again.

“Are they growing even bigger?”

They were, and so were other parts, while some were shrinking. She was indeed completely changing into a genetically different woman.

She grabbed her dark hair as it started becoming lighter… blonde and shorter. Her eyes shone blue as her lips puffed out and her whole face reshaped itself.

Her dark blouse was also becoming lighter, changing into a white knitted sweater. Then it was over. It had taken little more than two seconds, but Camille had experienced it as if it had been a minute.

“What’s this?” she asked. Even her voice had transformed, and sounded sweeter and much higher. She had tried to speak Finnish, but she suddenly realized her words had come out in Norwegian.


She pulled down the neck of her sweater and managed to glimpse her much larger breasts. She had to admit they felt amazing. She just didn’t know how they got there.

The scientists also had a hard time understanding what had happened. She could manage to speak Finnish after all, but her accent was still clearly Norwegian.

“Is that really you, Camille?” asked her mother, who already had a hard time accepting her daughter had become and adult, much more now that she had changed into a completely different person.

“Yes, it’s me. Though I feel different. I don’t even know if I can be called Camille. I feel like my name is different… Solfrid! That’s it!”

That was indeed a Norwegian name. Camille… or rather Solfrid started to understand that her thoughts had changed as much as her body.

“Were you doing something when you transformed?”

“No. Well, I was humming a song, and then… Maybe that was the trigger.”

“I have no idea how to analyze this…” admitted the head scientist.

“Maybe I can help,” said Solfrid. “I think I know what to look for in my brain scans. Here…”

Somewhat, Solfrid was able to conduct her own testing. After a few hours, she thought she had an answer. She just had to wait for a few results.

By now, it was morning already, and the rest of The Seven had learned what had happened to Camille. The adult clothes she had been given weren’t appropriate for her anymore, so Heidy lend her a dress that fitted her much better.

“It’s still too tight up here”, complained Solfrid trying to stretch the dress up so that it would better cover her significant cleavage. “These got too darn big.”

The test results were out and Solfrid knew her hypothesis was correct.

“My brain somehow reacts to music, as long as I produce it myself,” she explained. “It should trigger a change every time I sing or whistle a musical note for more than three seconds. I believe the note I was humming when I changed like this was Sol. So that would mean I have multiple forms, just like Elemental Girl and Natura.”

“One for each note?”

“Yes, and each should have a unique appearance, personality and set of powers.”

“So that’s seven of you… Seven forms for the seventh member of The Seven…”

“Eight, if you count my regular form, which I believe to be powerless.”

“So you can go back to be yourself?” asked her father.

“This is myself. Just with a few mental adjustments. But yes, I can revert to Camille if I sing the whole scale while on an alternate form. Let’s try it.. Do, re, mi fa, sol, la si...”

A couple of seconds after she sung the last note, the blonde Solfrid was replaced by the brunette Camille. The dress was now too big for her and it fell over the ground. Again, the change had been perceived as much longer by herself than it was to others.

After a much needed rest, Camille decided to spend the day trying on her different forms. She just had to whistle each note for more than three seconds.


The trigger was instantaneous. Her hair changed from black to auburn and she got an inch or so shorter. Her breasts got a bit smaller, and her face became angular, with very seductive eyes.

“It’s impressive, even her clothes can change,” said a scientist pointing at the shifting brassiere, now red.

Camille was now Dominique, and though she had quite a French accent, she knew she was actually a Canadian in this form. Her personality changed a bit again. As Dominique, she was quiet and contemplative.

It was hard testing her powers when she didn’t know what to look for. But after thinking about as many different things as she could, she found them.

Dominique could turn into a bronze-colored liquid metal. It made her durable and stronger, but she could also pass through small spaces and stretch her limbs. It would surely be a very useful ability, and she would test it more after trying on her other forms.


Dominique’s auburn hair changed into deep red, and her breasts grew so much, she almost burst out of her red brassiere. She had become Regan.

“Your clothes don’t always change.”

“I believe I can get the hang of it if I concentrate,” said Regan with her new Irish accent.

Regan felt passionate and fiery, and she wondered if her powers couldn’t have something to do with fire, as Elemental Girl’s. But they were rather different, as she found she could mind-control people for a few minutes while on this body. It was a very scary ability, and she thought she would only use it in the most extreme of needs.


Her next body, Misaki, looked Japanese, as was her primary language. She was quite short but very powerful, as she could generate powerful self-detonations without injuring herself.

Despite the danger she posed, she liked Misaki quite a lot. She was sporty and adorable, and she loved the time she spent as her.


Fatima was a beautiful Brazilian with dark skin and hair, and an impressive body, which was incredibly agile and nimble.

As Fatima, she was more aggressive than usual, but her physical prowess made up for it. She could climb a building with her bare hands, jump over 20 feet, duck bullets in a single motion, and any other athletic feat she set her mind into achieving.


She had been right. Sol triggered Solfrid, the blonde Norwegian body she had discovered before all others.

Solfrid was sweet and bright, but also somewhat naive, which contrasted with her impressive superhuman intelligence. That explained how she had been able to analyze her powers before any of the scientist.

Indeed, her intelligence vastly surpassed any person’s. Her brain was very powerful, and everything looked so simple to her when she used that body.

That’s why she tried to spend a lot of time in that form, in order to grasp everything better, but she changed a lot into the other versions of herself because her breasts (the largest of all eight forms) were causing her a bit of back troubles.


Lani was a beautiful Hindi woman, and one of her favorite bodies to wear. Her face was exquisite, as was her figure, and she felt elegant, feminine and graceful every time she turned into her.

As the Indian woman, she could absorb energy, from punches to bazooka detonations, and then project it in the form of a powerful golden beam. She found it ironic that one of her most combat-worthy abilities came with one of her most peaceful personalities.

But she didn’t use her Lani body just to go to the battlefield. She spent many of her hours like her, and she had grown to love it as much as Solfrid’s form.


Finally, there was Sienna, the gorgeous Italian. She was a bit vain and took more care of her appearance than any of the others, usually being dolled-up and dressed to the nines. But she was also a kind woman bellow her shallow surface, and everyone, including herself, grew to feel afection for her after a while.

There was also her useful superpower, which could create portals that could transport anyone and anything anywhere. Soon, it became the transportation of choice of The Seven.

She had chosen the codename Split Woman, after considering using one for each form. But after her first mission, she understood she usually didn’t remain in any of them for too long while on the field. She could change much more quickly between her forms than Elemental Girl, and that gave her a vast array of abilities to display.

She knew that meant she was likely the most powerful member of the team, but she wasn’t looking to be the leader… not even when she was Sienna. She knew Heidy did one hell of a great job, and after all, she had become her trusted second in command. The superintelligence of Solfrid was almost as useful as Hourglass’ precognition, after all.

In all, she ironically spent much less time in her regular, powerless Camille body than she did in any of the others, but sometimes, when she wanted to feel normal, she would try it for a while.

Not that being normal was an option for any of The Seven any more. They had changed fantastically forever, and after only a few months of activity, so had the world.

The aliens had been right. Earth needed those kids.

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    1. Thanks. I do have a Christmas story planned in collaboration with Planet!


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    1. Thanks for the support!


  3. Very impressive set of powers. I had first thought you were suggesting she'd get self-duplicating powers, but this is more interesting. I wouldn't have thought of using the musical scale as a basic for a power, but it does make a lot of sense here. Though the notes here don't have the same names I'm familiar with. Maybe it's just different names for different regions. Speaking of regions, having each alternate form as from a different country is very interesting and gives her a lot of variety.

    I have appreciated this story and each of the characters have been surprising and amazing. I do feel some sympathy that I've been pretty much your only constant reviewer. But like other people say, the people who watch this site are mostly lurkers that rarely interact with the site. I was like that before the reader's entries started. But I also know what it's like to not have people respond to the stories I put up here. But I do keep reading and review your posts, I just wish you could return the courtesy.

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    2. Yes I have and those were the note names I was primarily thinking of.

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