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READER'S ENTRY: A Sinister Plot (Part 3)

A Sinister Plot (Part 3)
by BLZBub

Laura naturally had quite a lot of aggression to work out once she escaped Sinister’s lab. A lot of it was expelled by shredding Sinister to bits and then trashing his lab. Laura knew that bastard had already uploaded himself to a new clone by now and she wasn’t sure if she wrecked the lab beyond salvageable, but like her animal counterpart, she had a ferocious temper that does not cool down easily.

Laura and Madelyne had taken one of Sinister’s spare cars and drove off, after Madelyne disabled the tracking device in it of course. They had traveled quite a considerable distance, but Laura was starting to recognize where she was. However, it was still a long trip to Xavier’s Academy. She didn’t know if Professor X would be able to change them back to normal or not, but Laura was not inclined to be seeing any scientists any time soon.

The two of them had travelled for hours before pulling over at a town when it was starting to get dark. Madelyne had stolen enough money from Sinister for them to easily afford a hotel room. To Laura’s great relief, the town had a late-night gym and she wanted to get the last of her aggression out. However, a bit more aggression ended up building during the course of her workout. For one thing, she had to wear gym clothes that revealed way too much and constantly reminding her that she was trapped in a woman’s body. The fact that the men at the gym were eyeing her and making whispers that her sharp hearing could pick up did not help at all. To Laura’s further annoyance, she found that she couldn’t lift as much weight as she used to. Of course, she was still well above average for a woman, but she definitely used to do heavier weights as a man.

Eventually, exhaustion made her quit for this session. Her foul temper had barely cooled and it was taking a lot of willpower to not slash the jerks who were treating her like eye candy. Is this what women have to put up with all the time? Laura really hoped Xavier would have an answer for her or she’d go out of her mind.

Madelyne took her time in sprucing herself up. She might not be a real woman, or maybe she was, but she’s found a lot of perks that came with her appearance. While it was true that there were plenty of men who were ogling her, most of them were very polite and treated her with plenty of respect. And she had developed a love for women’s clothing. If she didn’t keep a tight control over their money, Madelyne would have been tempted to spend quite a lot of it on clothes. The only clothes she and Laura had were the ones that had taken from Mister Sinister’s lab.

What Sinister had never suspected about Madelyne was that she didn’t just help Laura out because she was her best chance to escape. She and Laura had actually bonded over the last few days. Between Laura’s training sessions and Madelyne lab duties, the two women had managed to find quite a lot of time to have conversations. Granted, they weren’t extensive conversations since they didn’t have a lot of topics to talk about. But it was definitely enough for a deep friendship to start. That was also a big reason that Madelyne unlocked Laura’s memories instead of planting new ones, she didn’t want her friend to end up as Sinister’s deadly puppet.

Now that they’ve been out in the world for some time and Madelyne was enjoying all that she was able to see. She had never been around any men besides Sinister and she was curious about meeting someone. However, when guys compliment, even the cute ones, she only felt charmed, not attracted. For a while, she thought that Sinister had done something to shut off her passions. Then she happened to spot one busty blonde at a diner they had stopped at and she felt a flutter in her stomach, something she’s only felt around Laura. It didn’t take Madelyne long to make the connection.

She had honestly thought that her feelings with Laura were just friendship, but as she thought about it more, she realized that she was attracted to Laura. Perhaps she used to be a man before Sinister got her as well, though she didn’t remember anything like that. Madelyne was pretty certain that Laura still preferred women because she caught her looking at that same blonde. Madelyne wondered if Laura was also attracted to her. Well, perhaps she’ll be able to find out.

Eventually, Madelyne heard Laura come in. The other woman was still in her gym clothes and she had a sheen of sweat that just made her more appealing. She was also in a bad mood. “How was your workout?” asked Madelyne.

“Lousy, I couldn’t match up to my old weights,” snapped Laura, “And every guy there was ogling me. I hate being a woman so much.”

“Maybe the reason you don’t like being a woman is because you’re worried you’ll not be able to attract other women,” said Madelyne suggestively.

Laura gave her an odd look and asked, “What makes you say that?”

“Oh, you don’t have to deny it, I feel the same way,” said Madelyne before getting very close to Laura, allowing their chests to bump together.

Laura blushed and said, “I think you’re getting mixed signals.”

“I’m a psychic, remember? And that includes empathy. And my empathy tells me you’re feeling just as turned on by me,” said Madelyne before leaning in and kissing Laura.

Laura was quite surprised at first, but she didn’t pull away. She had to admit, this felt really nice. She found Madelyne cute before, but she hadn’t considered it more than that until her true memories were reawakened. Even then, she wasn’t entirely sure until Madelyne started kissing her. And now that she was in this position, Laura actually wanted to kiss her back.

The two mutant women continued their making out to the bed, both delighting in the pleasure they were getting. They will be playing with each other well into the night. In the morning, Laura would still be determined to get to Xavier’s Academy, but she didn’t resent her new body quite as much. If this was what pleasure felt like as a woman, she could get used to this.

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  1. A thoroughly enjoyable story, even though I'm not vary familiar with the comics!

    Keep them going!