Saturday, June 18, 2016

Marvel Girls (Part 3)

The finale for this series. At least until the second spin-off, Archie Comics Girls.

Just kidding, of course.

Ps:  The Muslim girl changing into Miss Marvel is a tribute to Kamala Khan, who had an awesome transformation into the adult Carol Danvers the first time she got her powers. It’s a change with AP elements that is rarely mentioned in this community.

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  1. An excellent send-off to the series.

  2. This was great, and I loved this series, but I do have one question/critique. If you're going to have the original girl be Muslim, what was the reasoning to have her become Carol Danvers instead of an adult Kamala Khan?

    1. I had forgotten to post a short disclaimer I had written on that subject. Your comment reminded me to do it. It's now there, explaining it.

      On the other hand, minor ethnic changes have always been a part of this series. See how Wonder Woman was originally a blonde girl, while Supergirl was a brunette. And both Black Widow and Scarlet Witch are from Eastern Europe after their changes (accents and all). I thought it would be fun if the opposite happened to Carol.

      Also, I wanted it to be clear they're not becoming superpowered older versions of themselves, but the actual characters from the comics, that's why I never chose original girls who looked like their heroine counterparts.

      The fourth reason is even simpler. I knew the last part would feature Carol even before I started writing the first. I chose what for me are the three most iconic Marvel females. Kamala isn't. The leader of this trio had to be Danvers, not stretchy girl, but at least she got her little homage here.

  3. I liked it!
    a spin off very cute

  4. I had a feeling Ms. Marvel was going to be the last member. I like how you incorporated both versions of her with this story. Personally, I don't know as much about her since she hasn't appeared in either the movies or on the Avengers show yet, but from all indications, she's quite the powerhouse. Great way to end this series.

    1. Yes, the Carol Danvers version is a very powerful character.

      And thanks!