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READER'S ENTRY: A Sinister Plot (Part 1)

A Sinister Plot (Part 1)
by BLZBub

Mutants were seen as many thing by many people. An unfortunate majority saw them as people to be avoided and shunned. There were also people who hated them rather violently and wanted them eradicated, deriding them as monsters and inhuman creatures. But mutants were still human, even if their appearances and powers placed them well outside the normal margin of humanity. But even so, they had a lifespan that was usually the same as normal humans, though some mutants were considerably different.

James Logan, more commonly known as Wolverine, had a power that was quite rare even among other mutants. It wasn’t his adamantium skeleton or impressive claws, though they were very well known. Wolverine had a healing factor that was outmatched by very few. His body could recover from virtually every injury within minutes at most. His reinforced skeleton made him even more impervious to harm. That remarkable healing factor also extended to the revitalizing of his cells, which gave him an exceedingly long life. Even after being born in the 19th century, he was still going strong and barely looked like a man who could have been his own great-great grandfather.

However, despite his nearly indestructible body, Wolverine was not immortal. His aging rate may have appeared to have stopped after his late 20’s, but he could still feel the effects of time. He didn’t look like he was getting older, but Logan could feel that old age was starting to catch up. He wasn’t able to exert as much energy as he used to and he was noticing his wits were starting to dull. For someone who’s lived such a long and action-filled life as Logan had, the idea of becoming feeble was rather off-putting.

A solution to Logan’s problem was not quite so simple to find. There were plenty of self-help books that were meant to help with oncoming old age, but they didn’t help much. Besides, they were written for people who aged at a significantly different rate from Logan. Perhaps what he needed was some time out in the country, away from all the noise of civilization.

For some reason that Logan had yet to identify, he felt a calling towards a certain isolated piece of forest that was quite a long ways off from any civilized part. As Logan walked through the woods, he started to wonder what had drawn him out here. There were more convenient places for him to walk in nature. It was almost like everything for the last few weeks were a precursor to him arriving in this forest. Was he being called here…or directed?

Just as Logan was thinking that, his sharp ears heard the whistle of several flying projectiles. He unsheathed his claws and jumped away, slashing around him. The barrage of tranquilizer darts mostly missed him and several of them were deflected by his claws. But a few had managed to land in his skin. Logan ignored the darts for the moment. It would take a lot more tranquilizer than that to overcome his healing factor. That was when it felt like somewhat was physically squeezing his brain. Logan cried out in pain and tried to fight the feeling off, but it was as adamant as his skull. More darts flew out and hit him, his head too racked with pain to put a lot of effort into dodging or deflecting them. Eventually, the combination of his agonized pain and the tranquilizer in his system overcame him and everything went black.


[Lab Report of Mister Sinister (Nathanial Essex)]

Day 1

Wolverine (James Logan) was not as hard to capture as I had originally expected. For all his cunning, he has neglected to build up mental defenses against psychic attacks. I had taken a page from Mesmero’s book and subtly probed him for the last few weeks, making him think he was starting to get old and he needed to reconnect with nature. I had to be gradual, experience has taught me that others will believe foreign thoughts are their own if they’re not thrust in so abruptly. Afterwards, it was merely a simple matter of setting the traps. I could only observe Wolverine’s capture via cameras as the telepathic stun device would have had a quicker effect on me than it had on Wolverine. But now the legendary Weapon X is in my custody and I can begin molding him into a perfect warrior for my needs.

Day 3

There has been a delay in my repurposing of Wolverine that is as unfortunate as it is ironic. It would seem that Logan’s belief that old age was catching up with him was not merely a placebo suggestion that I inserted into his mind. His healing factor is tremendously efficient, but it was not made to run forever. It is still quite rapid now, but I’ve found that it is showing signs of decaying. At the rate of decay, I project that his body will soon be aging at a normal rate and his healing factor will a quarter as efficient as it was before. This will not work with my long-term plans. I must find a way to solve this problem.

Day 4

Cloning is not a viable option. While I’ve been able to preserve myself by placing my mind in a series of clone bodies, this cannot be applied to Wolverine so simply. The primary reason is that I only possess the means of cloning his organic components which means a new body would lack his adamantium bones. His reinforced skeleton is one of the reasons he is such a valuable asset and I cannot do without them. Adamantium is not so easy to procure so I would not be able to enforce a clone’s body with that indestructible alloy. Clearly my only option is to reverse time’s effect on Wolverine’s body.

Day 8

The irony continues. The very healing factor that is the reason I am trying to rejuvenate Wolverine’s body is keeping me from doing so. I have administered several youth serums, but his immunity system keeps negating them before they could benefit him. If it weren’t for the psionic suspension chamber that was keeping him unconscious, my tranquilizers would have worn out long ago. I may be forced to more drastic measures.

Day 10

It has come to my last resort. Wolverine’s immunity system has been negating all the youth serums I have been trying to use on him. But I’ve noticed that the stronger ones are able to have some effect before the immunity system wipes it out. Of course, this makes the immunity system more stronger and narrows my options. But there is one youth serum that should be able to overpower Wolverine’s healing factor and return him to his prime. However, there is a reason I considered it a last resort. This youth serum was created for actresses to keep them from losing their beauty and appeal. A rather vain purpose, but the formula is surprisingly effective. One memorable usage caused a senior actress who was getting ready to retire to revert back to the starlet she had been decades ago.

Such a potent serum should be able to work on Wolverine, but there is a problem. A primary ingredient of the serum is a large portion of estrogen. I highly expect this large megadose to have effects on Wolverine’s body that cannot be mitigated. I attempted to create a substitute formula that’s derived from testosterone. The effects of that serum…are less than satisfactory. The subjects I used it on did regain their youth, but they resembled cavemen more than what they did when they were originally that age. I’ve run out of alternatives. I’ll have to give Wolverine the original formula and be ready to adjust for the results.

Day 11

There are rare times where the results of experiments go beyond even my own expectations. I’ve administrated a large dose of the estrogen-based youth serum to Wolverine’s body. I monitored his vital signs for the usual indications that his body was soon going to fight off the foreign substance. But while there was some initial struggle, this formula is pushing through the defenses. Now all that remained was to observe the results.

In order to facilitate any physical changes that will occurred, I have administrated a solution into Wolverine’s systems that will temporarily make his adamantium skeleton as malleable as ordinary bones. Fortunately, I didn’t have nearly as hard a time getting that to work as the youth formula. My precaution was definitely good foresight as once the formula had taken effect, Wolverine’s body immediately started to condense in mass. All of his muscles began shrinking as his skeletal system became much lither in shape. I observe that Wolverine does not change in height, but he was a shorter man to begin with.

The first sign that this transition will be more than just making Wolverine thinner was when the copious hair on his body all retracted beneath the skin. His facial hair, including his pronounced sideburns, were also withdrawn. Conversely, the hair on his scalp extended to a considerable length. Without the facial hair obstructing the view, I was able to see that his face was also changing, becoming smaller, narrower, and a slight increase in eye and lip size. The rest of his body also became lither in form, though not emaciated. The only parts that were getting thicker where his hips, backside, and thighs.

At this point, Logan could have easily passed as a very effeminate man. The estrogen had a considerable effect upon his body and for a few moments, I had thought the process was complete. But then his pectorals, considerably reduced by this point, started bulging and swelling. They were not regaining their former mass the same way, becoming more spherical than flat. It was not long before his manhood inverted itself. A scan confirmed that new internal organs were manifesting, namely a fully-functional womb.

Even I did not expect the drastic effect the formula would have on Wolverine. While he has been physically reverted to his mid-20’s, he also been physically altered into a complete woman. I will admit that Wolverine is now considerably attractive. While her muscles have been reduced in mass, they are still quite prominent for a woman. The muscle tone does not interfere with her feminine figure. It occurs to me that several superheroines have similar builds to hers, why is this a recurrent theme? Regardless, she should still be an effective warrior, thought the mental rewrite will be more extensive than before.

Day 14

Reprogramming Wolverine’s mind was a considerable challenge, especially since I have to repress nearly 200 years of her being a man. If it weren’t for Wolverine’s earlier amnesia episodes, this may have been almost impossible. I’ve decided to go with a blank slate for her past. She shall not recall anything, though her personality may be more brutish than most women. It shall take considerable time to create and implant 24 years worth of false memories into her head, though I’ve at least made a start on her new persona. Her name shall be Laura Kinney, one of my most loyal mutant servants. That at least seems to have taken root if only because there are no contradicting memories.

Before the youthening process had began, I had removed Logan’s claws to keep him from hurting himself. When I attempted to reinsert them into Laura, I soon found that her arms lacked the size to hold all three claws without potentially causing some difficulties. Therefore, I reinserted two claws into each of her forearms and placed the remaining two inside her feet. She has shown the ability to extend her foot claws as easily as her arm claws. These foot claws will be very useful to deploy in surprise attacks, the knives in the boots, so to speak.

Laura has showing great capacity for hand-to-hand combat. She might not possess as much brute strength as Logan, but her nimble form makes her considerably agile and she is quickly adapting to a new fighting style that will allow her to make devastating kicks with her foot claws. While Laura was not the warrior I had envisioned when I originally captured Logan, she is proving to be as adapt a warrior as I could have hoped for. Perhaps I shall give her the stealth and infiltration training to become an assassin. I imagine she would be quite effective.

But though she has expressed loyalty to me, I can tell she feels doubt. I shall have to be swift in designing her false life memories. But programming it via computer is not able to produce something convincing enough within the short span of time. Perhaps I shall use my less-successful gender-inversion test subject to hasten the process. A pity only I will be able to appreciate the irony.

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  1. So you actually went and turned him into a plastic sculpture? I think pictures are as important as the story.

    1. I didn't notice it was plastic until later. There aren't many useful images of X-23 as you might think. If I find a better picture, I'll have Planet switch it out.

  2. Great story! I agree on pics, maybe add a few more for the in-between stages?