Friday, November 25, 2016

A Testimonial - UPDATE # 14


I’m so sorry I haven’t written any more, but I’ve been having such a great time, it completely slipped from my mind!

Holidays with my brother and dad were awesome! I still don’t like his girlfriend that much, but even that I could bear. After all, she’s only five years older than I am now, so our relationship is completely different. She tried too hard to pretend we’re “friends”, and I went along mostly, though I could tell both of us know there’s a bit of hypocrisy beneath all the smiles. Still, she’s one of the few women about my new age that I’ve been around, so I learned a few things from her.

Anyway, we visited very nice places, though that’s maybe a conversation not to have right now. Thing is, I’ve never been so comfortable being an adult, and I’m even grateful this thing happened to me. I’m convinced I was meant to be a woman instead of a child.

Days have passed when I haven’t even thought about my real age too much. I feel so right like this that I sometimes forget I should be 12. Thing is I am much happier at 23, and if you ask me today, I’d tell you I don’t ever want to go back to normal any more.

I know I was scared about my changes for a while, but I think this is for the best. I feel so mature, it’s incredible. I acted like a real adult during my whole trip, and in the weeks since we’ve returned to Norway, everything has felt perfect (that’s why I forgot to write to you when I got back, sorry).

So I don’t think I’ll be writing much here, because I decided to accept this completely. I’m not afraid any more, nor do I think I need much more advice (thanks to all who gave it!). I think coming back often to this site, while it was a great help, would mean holding to a past I want to leave behind. I’m trying to say goodbye to the child Elisabeth. I’m the woman Elisabeth now for good, and that makes me very, very happy.

Since you got to be both on the same day, is there something different between being an adult or being a child that we don't realize?

Like it may feel completely different in some way, or be a completely different way of thinking, but most people forget about it the same way they forgot being born.

Hi, Jorge!

Yeah, it feels completely different, you’re right. It’s hard to be precise about how. It’s so many things. It’s big perceptible things, like the size difference, and little things you almost don’t notice, like the way you see and react to things. If you’re interested in that, I’ve described a few of these differences in my past posts.

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  1. That pic of her in the swimsuit is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,you're beautiful. Can I say that you seem to be much older than 23 years? You could have 26-27. Anyway, i hope to see more photos of yours, maybe in underwear or lingerie ;)

  3. It's been nice following your journey.
    I'm glad you've become comfortable with your new womanhood.
    Now get out there and live life!
    Good Luck!