Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Testimonial - UPDATE # 2

She writes me when I'm not home, apparently, but here we are. And yes, there's another picture.


Hello, thank you for all your answers, althought I know you don’t believed me.

Sorry I don’t write before, but today was a long day and I wanted to tell you all about this.

I tried to sleep, but it was not easy. I’m still scared and my forms feel weird. I never had chests before, and my legs are all strange. I was sleep very late.

I awoke late today too, and I believe I’m becoming a crazy, because my house changed. My room was the changed most, but some things are different also. It’s like I’m really and old girl now, because I have the clothes and all. I don’t have some things I had always, and there are also the new things. But I still have the clothes that Astrid took from the sister.

At the least I have clothes and things now, but now nobody will believe me. Because I was thought that I was going to show my room to my mother today so she’ll believe I’m saying the truth and I’m 11. But now I don’t have the proof.

And mom still treats me as normal, and I don’t understand. She’s not weird and confused today, but she says nothing happened yesterday. My brother the same. He thinks I’m this old, and they both say I was strange when we were eating.

I asked Astrid, and she remembers everything, I said her to come to house, but she’s scared and didn’t come today. So I don’t understand. I think I’m crazy, but Astrid says I really changed, so I still think I’m saying the truth.

Thanks for commenting, but you don’t say what I want yet. I know you don’t believe in magic so you don’t know what causes this, but maybe you can tell me the other thing. Do you think I should try to convince people and my mom of what happens or should I pretend all is normal?

I try to answer your questions also.

woa! You don't look like you're 30 to me! More like 19, maybe 21, so don't worry.
Plus, you're very pretty, you should be happy. I can understand you'd be scared if that really happened to you, but lighten a little and try to enjoy it. You look too serious and your eyes are sullen in that picture. Try to smile! Shows us a happier face!

Thank you! I think I look pretty, but I think my mouth is much big, and my hands. But I really think I got much better than I looked before, though my mom is really beautiful too. I never didn’t know how I was looking when I grow up, but this is good, I suppose.

I’m sorry I looked sullen yesterday, but I was crying almost all day, and also the makeups in the eyes was wet.

Today I feel better calmed, so here is a picture of a happier face. I have makeups now, but I don’t know how to use them very well, because most of what I had before were toys makeups.

wtf. is just real? oh such wow.
ahm,now i want an AP for astrid

Yes, I’m real. I say the truth, but I know. Astrid didn’t change, and I don’t understand, because she was with me all park.

Ok, I'm so confused! Is this role play? I don't know, but this is awesome!
But yeah, I don't think that body is anything close to 30. I'd bet 25 or 26 tops, maybe younger. So I don't think you lost that many years, and I think this might be good for you, you are adult! Think of what you'd be able to do. And I agree with the other poster, you're def pretty, and you look like you got a great figure. Can't see much in those clothes, but it seems to me you're very fit. You should show us more and maybe a picture of you standing and I'll tell you just how lucky you are!

I’m not play. This happened in real. I still don’t know my age, but the other people also say something of 20. I still think this is too old. I just wanted to be like 16 if I was growing up, that’s better I think.

Thanks for call me pretty. I sent more picture of my face, but I’m not ready to show more. I don’t know if my figure is great like you are say, but I am not fat I think. Most of me is thin, but there are some big parts too. I don’t know if I have to do exercise to thin more, but I like how I am. I’m not sure if I will show you more body, I feel shame.

So, dearie, I'm sorry but I don't think I can help you directly (and I doubt it anyone here has any knowledge. As you know, this is a site where people play out a fantasy, but we don't expect to see this in real life). But maybe we can help you a bit by talking to you. If you need to learn how to be a grown woman, I'm pretty sure some of us can help you. You can write to me privately for your sake, because I'm pretty sure most people here are male and it could get awkward. I'll talk to Planet and she'll sent you my mail.

Thank you. I can write. I’ve been searching things in internet. I learned about the changes when the girl grows to woman, but I want questions.

Count your blessings. As others have said, you're a remarkably good looking young woman now, and to be honest I wish I'd look half as beautiful as you do. I absolutely LOVE your hair. Is that your natural color?

Thanks that’s nice. Yes, this is my hair. It grow a little yesterday, it was a shorter. I don’t know the color changed. I think not, but maybe it’s a little more bright. Can be it changed, because my nails painted, and when I cried I see makeups yesterday. My eyebrows are also haircut, and I think my legs are shave, because I read I should have some hairs but don’t have. But my clothes don’t changed, so I don’t understand the works of this

I for one want to believe you!
But can you describe your transformation? You say the stories are different to what you experienced. What did you feel?

Thank you. You believe me really? I’m not sure how to explain the feels of the changed. It was weird, but I don’t know. I can explain later maybe.

I can spot makeup an 11-year old probably wouldn't know how to apply right and I don't see why the fingernails would change color. But as a story, this isn't too bad, though I think making it sound so urgent is a little on the rude side.

I don’t know any makeup. Should I learn this? I had the one that appear yesterday, but today I don’t use any. Adults should makeup every day?

I don’t know why the nails change color. I like red more, but they’re like orange and don’t like that much. They started peel tonight. Maybe I should learn paint. Sorry you think I’m rude L

I would try to think back and recall anything that could have caused this. Transformations don't happen without a reason.

I’m thinking the reason all the time, but nothing happened, because I eat the same my mom in breakfast, and I was with my friend in the park and she don’t changed, so I’m thinking. I’ve read more stories here and I don’t see any of that. I don’t make a wish, and I don’t found a magic thing, I was just changed.

Hey, you got really hot!
Are you really tall? What kind of body do you have? Maybe you should take more pictures.

Thanks, I don’t know. I feel tall, but I don’t have the number. I’m much bigger than Astrid, so I think I grew some, I was tall as young, but maybe I was up to my shoulders now. I see I’m a bit taller than mom, but my brother is bigger than me yet, but now I don’t feel small with him.

My body is different too, I have the hips, and that things I read on internet. I put on the brassiere today because I have some now, and I read it was a 92 C. Is that small? I don’t know about chests, but they feel heavy. Don’t know if because they’re big or I’m not accustomed.

I don’t know if I’ll take more pictures. My mom always says not to put them on the internet, but I’m big now, so I don’t know.

And I don’t care if you say hot theplanet, we use that at school because they say it in the movies and I don’t think it’s a bad word for kids.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow. I’m tired and I’ll write more later.

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  1. I'd definitely say you should take advantage of the fact that your family has no idea of your real age. If you keep insisting you're eleven, you could end up convincing everyone that you're crazy or confused which, let's face it, you probably are.

  2. I'm glad you were able to be with your mom for a while, because yesterday was mother's day. Hope she had a nice time.

  3. For those not familiar with brassiere sizes from Europe, the 92C label she's referring to is something like 37C.

    As I told you in the mail I sent you, I think that's a very respectable size. Not too large, but definitely no small at all. You may just qualify as busty, and for what little I could see in the first picture, they seem to go perfectly with your slender frame.

    By the way, I also agree you shouldn't tell anyone about this right now. In fact, I hope they don't find about this post or you could get in trouble.

  4. Fine, I'll play along. I wouldn't go insisting what your real age is if I were you. Besides, if this is anything like what usually happens with the stories here, you'll be getting new memories about your new life eventually.

    Anyways, are you sure you can't recall anything significant that might have triggered your change? Did you see some strange phenomenon before this happened? Is there anyone you know that would have made you age up like this? There's usually an explanation of some kind for these things.