Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Testimonial - UPDATE # 1

Hi. So I was going to post a special entry today, but then I received this mail a few hours ago and it changed everything, and not necessarily in a bad way.

With “help please!!!” as the subject matter and no more content than I’m posting here, I was e-mailed this over three hours ago, asking me to post it on the blog.

I obviously think it’s no more than a prank (or maybe just a very unusual Reader’s Entry), but in any case I believe we can all find this very entertaining at its worst, and there’s promise for more regular updates tomorrow.

I think this will become much more fun if we indeed answer to the plead. Or, maybe, she’s just a very confused person for real and we can help her anyways.

So, I’ll go back to regular posting at some point during the next few days, because I know the attention will be on this situation for now.

PS: I was sent a picture indeed, but I haven’t been able to download it thus far. When, and if I’m successful, I’ll post it so we can answer her question.

UPDATE 1: Got the picture. Posted it. Please be civil. We don’t know what this is.


Hello, I’m Elisabeth from Norway. I don’t talk very good English and I used a bit of translator site, but hope you can understand and help.

I’m a 11 years girl, and I was supposed to become 12 next week, but something happen to me today and now I have a body that is bigger and don’t know what to do.

I know it’s no easy to believe, and I can’t believe it also, but it’s a true thing, and I’m very scared and maybe you can help or at least listen, because I don’t know what will happen if I continue being big tomorrow.

I’ll try to explain what happen. Today was saturday and I go out playing with my friend Astrid in weekends. She lives close me and we walk and play in the park near the house with a house on the tree which we climb some days.

Today was warm, but yesterday we had some freeze, so there wasn’t many people walking there, only another girl I don’t know with a very large coat who was running like scared and who pushed me but I don’t think she saw me, but she was gone when I changed, so I don’t think she saw that.

Astrid and me played with her football for some minutes. We two like sports too much, and we are on the gym team, and I wanted to play some professional sports when I grew up too, but now I am big and I don’t know if I can do all those things I planned anymore, and that’s what worried me.

So I’ll keep explaining what happened. When we played I feel something on my shoulders and stomach. I started to get tall and Astrid screamed. I did too, but then my voice didn’t come out easy, so I stopped and I think I teared a bit. I’ve read some of your stories on your blog and I don’t know if the transformation felt much like what you write. I explain you later, but I don’t think it was that long a time before it finished.

I feel all large and strange, and Astrid looks so short to me now. My chests had grown and I felt all tight in the clothes. Also, in your stories, the clothes break when you grow, but that doesn’t’ happen just that way. My pants had stretched, because I think my behind is very big now, and I was too tall for them now, but they didn’t rip. The only break was on my shirt, a small bits under my arms and on the back, but it was too short on the waist and also the chests were too squeezed, and one of them was almost coming out the shirt on the collar.

They pinched badly on the points, and I was afraid to become naked and people seeing me, but nobody was in the park. But I climbed the short ladder and hide in the house on the tree.

I tried to run, but can only be slowly because I feel big. I don’t how to move my legs, and my arms are much long too, and my chests are heavy, and my behind too, and I went to the knees inside the house and felt faint.

Astrid was still scared, but she follow me and I see she was crying too. I told her to help me, and my voice was also another. I didn’t feel pain, only frightened and the clothes were tight. They didn’t change into big clothes like in your stories either, but my nails were all painted orange. I didn’t notice that until Astrid told me.

We kept in there for long, I think, and Astrid wanted to help, so she went to find clothes. She wanted to tell my mom, but I asked not.

When she was gone I started cried again, and the house was too small for me now. I don’t know how to see how tall I am, but much more than before.

Only a small boy than we came to the house as I waited, but he saw me there and go away. Astrid took a time in returning and had pants and shoes and a new shirt from her sister, who is big than us. I remember she’s 17 and I don’t know what age is mine, but I think I’m more old than she is.

The shirt was more rip when I quit it. My chests feel weird without it, feel big and hang there and feel like globe. I know that when girls grow their chests they use the brassiere, but Astrid didn’t bring me any.

The clothes are small too, but they are the only I have, so I’ll sleep with these too. But the shoes do not work at all, so I can’t use them.

It was much effort to get up. I was too heavy, and I felt the arms and the legs too long, but my friend helped me, and we walked, but it was difficult and still is.

Astrid was very afraid stil, and she left when I come back home, but I’ve called her later and she said she’s okay. I don’t know why this happens to me, but she’s normal and nothing changed her.

I was more calmed, and I wasn’t crying anymore, but I was scared about telling what happened to mom. I run in my room and closed the door, because I was afraid she sees me like this.

The first thing I did was look at me in the mirror. I didn’t know how I looked because I had no mirrors in the park. I was more different than I thought. My face is changed much. Everything is different, even the feet. I think like how I look, and I’m more pretty I feel, but still I don’t think this should happen.

I’m not sure what old I am now. I think I could like 30, or 20, but I am not sure. I don’t look like the teen, so I’m sure I’m woman adult now. I’m sending you the picture I took because I don’t know if you can help know my age.

I have to sit most of the day, because I still feel to big and walking is strange, but I know I had to tell mom what happened, and I finally exit the room when it was time for food. My big brother is not in the house at that hour, but my mom saw me and I was scared. But she didn’t say anything. I told her I don’t know what happen to me and she didn’t understand. She don’t think anything happened and it’s weird. She thinks this is my real age.

She was strange, like confused, and didn’t talk much when we eat. I don’t know what happens, but I’m more scared now. I don’t know if I should show her my room and clothes, to show her I’m real 11. What do you think? I don’t know if I should act like this is normal like she acts.

I don’t come out again. My brother come back some hours ago, but I don’t want to see him, because I don’t know if he’ll be confused too or if he’ll see the truth. But I will have to see him tomorrow.

I have been all day in the room searching internet. But I don’t see anything like this happens never before. I’m worried.

I see your blog and read some stories. I know they’re not real, but this is the more similar I have seen to my change and I found your mail on one of the posts. Maybe you can ask in your blog to see if a person knows what could have happened to me. I really need to understand this. I don’t know if I want to be small again, but I’m scared and my mom don’t see anything strange. Please help me if you know. At least I need to talk to somebody.

I found four big shirts and two pants I think I can wear the next days if this continues, but I read some stories when people wake up normal next day, so maybe that happens.

I will write tomorrow to tell you if I’m changed, but please ask if somebody knows transformations in real life.

Thank you!!!

Elisabeth's story:















  1. woa! You don't look like you're 30 to me! More like 19, maybe 21, so don't worry.

    Plus, you're very pretty, you should be happy. I can understand you'd be scared if that really happened to you, but lighten a little and try to enjoy it. You look too serious and your eyes are sullen in that picture. Try to smile! Shows us a happier face!

  2. wtf. is just real? oh such wow.
    ahm,now i want an AP for astrid

  3. Ok, I'm so confused! Is this role play? I don't know, but this is awesome!

    But yeah, I don't think that body is anything close to 30. I'd bet 25 or 26 tops, maybe younger. So I don't think you lost that many years, and I think this might be good for you, you are adult! Think of what you'd be able to do. And I agree with the other poster, you're def pretty, and you look like you got a great figure. Can't see much in those clothes, but it seems to me you're very fit. You should show us more and maybe a picture of you standing and I'll tell you just how lucky you are!

  4. Just for the record, I'm 99% sure that magic doesn't exists and I'm pretty sure this is a prank, albeit a really fun one, so I'll play along for a while.

    But weird things are known to happen in this universe, and if there's a 1% possibility that this is really a scared girl, I'll play along with yet better reason.

    So, dearie, I'm sorry but I don't think I can help you directly (and I doubt it anyone here has any knowledge. As you know, this is a site where people play out a fantasy, but we don't expect to see this in real life). But maybe we can help you a bit by talking to you. If you need to learn how to be a grown woman, I'm pretty sure some of us can help you. You can write to me privately for your sake, because I'm pretty sure most people here are male and it could get awkward. I'll talk to Planet and she'll sent you my mail.

    On the whole, though I'm not very good guessing ages, I'd agree with the others and say you're in your early twenties at the most. Thirty would be a stretch, so don't worry. I understand being just 11, you must feel quite old now, but rest assured your now. You're just a young woman starting the primer of your life, and though I'm sure you regret missing adolescence, I can tell you those years are mostly hard, so try to see this in a positive light.

    Count your blessings. As others have said, you're a remarkably good looking young woman now, and to be honest I wish I'd look half as beautiful as you do. I absolutely LOVE your hair. Is that your natural color?

    I'm a bit jealous of you. Not only because you're gorgeous but because you're basically living our fantasies. Hope it works as good for you as in our stories! Expect to hear more from you soon enough!

    Love, Ageiss.

  5. I for one want to believe you!

    But can you describe your transformation? You say the stories are different to what you experienced. What did you feel?

  6. As much as I'd like to think this kind of thing can happen in real life, I think I can confidently say it's a hoax. The woman in the picture is a little too well-done, I can spot makeup an 11-year old probably wouldn't know how to apply right and I don't see why the fingernails would change color. But as a story, this isn't too bad, though I think making it sound so urgent is a little on the rude side. On the off-chance this is real, I would try to think back and recall anything that could have caused this. Transformations don't happen without a reason.

    1. I don't think this is rude at all.

      I obviously think this is just a story too, but it's an original way of presenting it, and it wouldn't work unless it's presented as something urgent, would it? Helps add realism, and I for one hope it gets a few updates as promised.

  7. Hey, you got really hot!

    Are you really tall? What kind of body do you have? Maybe you should take more pictures.

    1. I was about to edit this comment, but decided against it, firstly because I don't think "hot" is that demeaning a term after all, but also because I understand most of us are not buying the story.

      But remember there's JUST A CHANCE we might be talking to someone who might actually believe she's a little girl, so maybe we should be respectful and mind our language a bit.