Monday, May 9, 2016

A Testimonial - UPDATE # 3

Our new friend talks about the lack of comments, but she actually gets many more than I usually do. In fact, she seems to be good for business: we had a lot of page views for this.

But yeah, the general lack of participation elsewhere brings me to announce I'm definitely retiring from the blog later this year, maybe when I finish my open story lines.

Anyway, here's an update from Elisabeth:

I slept until late this morning, and I finally feel a bit rested. I had a big headache when I went to bed, but I was finally able to sleep.

I feel like something changed when I woke up too. I don’t see anything different in my room anymore, but something is definitely different with me. I still feel weird, but I think I’m starting to calm down finally. Yesterday it was still difficult to walk and move, but the first thing I noticed today was that I’m controlling my body much better. I’m not used at all to it yet, but I do feel more comfortable.

I felt like crying this afternoon too, but I didn’t this time. I’m pretty sure something changed with me and that maybe I can be an adult without much trouble.

In fact, I’m starting to feel everything was a dream, or something. I definitely know I’m not an adult and that I transformed Saturday, but I found this on the internet and it got me thinking:

That woman forgot her real age and woke up thinking she was 15. I think maybe I had some amnesia like that, but I don’t know. The woman in the news didn’t believe she had a transformation, and she skipped the time she forgot. I know I was a little girl this year. Also, Astrid says she still remembers the normal me, unlike my family.

I obviously couldn’t go to school today, but Astrid says nobody noticed I wasn’t there either. She says the other kids don’t even remember me. I don’t know if that’s better or worse. I’ve even been thinking this is Astrid prank, but I can’t figure out how. And I think the only other one who notices I’ve changed is my dog, because he’s been acting weird since yesterday. I don’t know if he knows.

My brother and my mom speak different to me, maybe because they think I’m older now. Yesterday I didn’t talk much, but today I felt better with them. As I talked more today, I heard my voice more, and even recorded a bit with my cellphone. Yesterday it sounded much different to me, but now that I hear it, I don’t think it changed that much, and it’s still high and even childish. It doesn’t bother me, but I don’t know if my voice should have grown too.

I finally know things I’ve been asking myself for the last two days, the most important of which is the age my body turned into. I’m 23 years old now, or really 22 right now, because as I told you my birthday is in a couple of days. I wonder if that has something to do with my change or if it’s coincidence. I don’t know how I feel about my age. I feel like I lost much time, but I’m happy I’m nor 30 or something like I thought at first. What do you think? Is 23 too old? Should I start having a grown up life right now or there’s still time for adaptation?

I also decided to see how tall I am since someone asked about it. I used the measuring type my mom has and made some marks on a wall. I’m 1 meter, 68 centimeters. I used a website for people like in USA, and it says it’s like 5’7’’, but I’m not sure because I’m not used to inches. Is that tall or short for an adult? I don’t know which I prefer to be.

I washed and dried my hair today. I’m in a better mood and I want to feel pretty. I also painted my nails and did a bit of makeup. It’s not as difficult as I thought, and I like some videos in you tube about that. I want to learn to do it and keep myself dressed nicely, because the only good thing I see about my changes is that I think I’m much prettier now.

And again, thanks for your comments, which I answer below, but there weren’t that many today.

I'd definitely say you should take advantage of the fact that your family has no idea of your real age. If you keep insisting you're eleven, you could end up convincing everyone that you're crazy or confused which, let's face it, you probably are.

Yes, I’m also thinking I’m crazy, but I also know I’m not. I understand nobody will believe me, so maybe I’ll have to keep this secret forever L

I'm glad you were able to be with your mom for a while, because yesterday was mother's day. Hope she had a nice time.

But mother day is on february. Maybe it was yesterday where you live?

For those not familiar with brassiere sizes from Europe, the 92C label she's referring to is something like 37C.
As I told you in the mail I sent you, I think that's a very respectable size. Not too large, but definitely no small at all. You may just qualify as busty, and for what little I could see in the first picture, they seem to go perfectly with your slender frame.
By the way, I also agree you shouldn't tell anyone about this right now. In fact, I hope they don't find about this post or you could get in trouble.

Thanks! As I said, today I’m feeling much more comfortable with my body. My chest is still heavy, but I must admit I like having them and that they’re not small. The brassiere is weird, though. I’ve been taking a few pictures today and the second one is for you.

I doubt my mom will find what I’m writing here. She almost never uses the computer, and I see you also don’t think I should confess the truth to her. I’m starting to believe that’s what I should do, and makes me feel sad.

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  1. You're retiring? Aw...good thing I saved all your Night of the Strange Green Light stuff.

    1. Yeah, not yet. But I'm just retiring, not deleting the blog.

  2. What? You can't quit the blog. This site is one of the few places left that's dedicated to young adult AP. There are so many good stories waiting to be told here. I know there are plenty of story lines that need to come to an end, but the blog itself shouldn't end. I try to participate as much as I can, even if I'm only one voice. There has to be other people who don't want to see you go. You're doing good work here and people do appreciate it even if they don't comment on it.

    1. Indeed, this might be the only place dedicated to yound adult AP. That was why I opened it, because you couldn't find it anywhere else.

      It turns out there's a reason for the lack of sites: the very lack of an audience. I know there's a few of you who look trough this, but my numbers are ridiculous when compared to sites about other genres. Even old ladies seem to have more appeal than what I do here.

      I'm really thankful to all my readers, really. But they're too few to justify the continued existence of this site, particularly when I'm so busy.

  3. i love your ap.
    *sorry in italian*
    ti seguirò sempre. e spero che tu non chiuda.

  4. My suspension of disbelief is stretched to its limit here, but what the heck, I'll bite. If, and that's a whopping great big if, if this is real, the most likely cause would be the type of amnesia described in the clip. After all, the brain could be filling in the blanks on its own. There's only so much we know about our brains after all. Another theory is that this could also be the first case of an unknown phenomenon. After all, magic is really science that we don't yet understand. In any case.....lykke til

  5. Hey, Elisabeth, nice pics!

    And your English reads much better this time.

  6. The community is very small, so there isn't much comments. If you quit, it will be even smaller. ><

    1. Yes, I know it's small, but I think more of us should help it grow larger. That's why I've started this blog, and in all those years, I haven't seen more, and I'm starting to feel very isolated from the rest of the TF community.

  7. There's not much of a community to comment, but you're the brunt of it

    1. I'm not familiar with that expression. If it's something positive, then thanks. If it's something negative... well, sorry you feel that way.

  8. Don't leave. You're the best TF blogger that I've found. Not only that, but you help the TF/TG community to grow by posting for authors that might not otherwise post. And I personally believe Elizabeth. Liz you are an absolutely gorgeous young woman and I find myself wishing that you would be my girlfriend.

    Yours truly,
    B. E. Bandit

    1. Thank you. I know leaving will be hard, specially to myself, but I'm getting tired :(

      And you might have noticed other authors aren't posting any more.

      Thanks for liking the site, but I don't think many do.