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Special Vitamins (Pill 12)

Here's the final part of this series.

I have to thank BLZBub, who gave me an idea I liked so much for this that I changed what I had originally planned.

Special Vitamins (Pill 12)

“Is it possible? Could I be growing even bigger?” wondered Ann, studying her reflection carefully.

She opened her sweater, revealing a pink bra which definitely was tighter than usual, and turned back to study her backside, which had grown even more substantial. She was also an inch taller.

Instead of worrying, Ann smiled agreeably and pulled out her phone to take a few pictures. She sent them to Melanie and asked her if she had perceived anything like that.

Exactly a year had passed since both girls had consumed the special vitamins that had turned them into Amazons. They didn’t know it yet, but they (as all their clients) would be experimenting little boosts like those annually, making them even larger than they already were.

Indeed, Melanie arrived to Ann’s place half an hour later, confirming she had also noticed a spurt of her own that morning.

After a while, though, they shrugged away the discovery. After all, it was barely noticeable, and probably nobody but themselves would see anything was amiss. So, after having breakfast together, they turned to another topic: the last pill.

“I’m sure I can get even more money than last time,” said Ann. “That girl Wendy paid a lot, but… What’s the matter?”

For Melanie’s expression had changed, and Ann couldn’t read her, as she usually did.

“Nothing, nothing,” said Melanie. “Or rather… Well, I’ve been thinking… We’re are rich enough already, aren’t we?”

“Yes, but…”

“Then maybe… I don’t know. Do we really need to sell that pill?”

Ann laughed shortly. She was sure Melanie was trying to joke, but her humor was failing.

“And what do you want to do with it, give it away?”

“Well, as a matter of fact… yes.” Melanie had her serious face on, and Ann wasn’t sure she was joking any more. Then, her raven-haired friend inhaled and explained herself. “Actually, I think we should give it to Clarissa. And she can’t pay us. So yes, I’m saying we should give away that last pill.”

Ann remained silent for a while. Melanie was being serious. Clarissa was a former classmate of them, a bright, cheery-faced girl who had always been very friendly with them, even though Ann and Melanie had never been especially close to her and didn’t know her very well. Recently, Clarissa had been diagnosed with a rare terminal illness, which had become sad local news in the past few weeks.

“Uhm…Melanie. I understand what you are feeling, but… See, I don’t think…”

“She’s dying, Ann. And I’m pretty sure the vitamins can save her. She is just twelve, so it will affect her, and look what they did for our health. We’re perfect. So it will cure her.”

“We don’t know that.”

“But we know there’s a good chance. We would be cruel if we don’t try it.”

“Yeah, but Melanie… Those pills are a goldmine. You’re not thinking about all the money we could make!”

“No, Ann, it’s you who aren’t thinking about anything else!”

Ann had never heard her best friend talking back to her. So she didn’t know what to answer for a while, until she had an argument she thought was pretty good.

“There are millions of sick girls, possibly. We can’t help all of them, just one. So what’s the point?”

“Actually, we could have helped 10 girls. But we decided to use those pills to get rich,” said Melanie. “We missed the chance to use them to do some good, but we still have one last shot to make a difference. So it’s just one girl out of millions, yes. But we know this one, so this should be a wake-up call for us. We didn’t think about helping anyone before, but now that we have… turning back would be just heartless.”

Melanie’s conviction was so strong, Ann didn’t feel like the leader for the first time since they had become friends, back in kindergarten.

“Okay, you have a point, Melanie, and I think you’re a very sweet person for thinking about that. I’m also aware that it was you who found those pills, but you always said you wanted me to take care of the business. So maybe you should trust me.”

Melanie got up. Suddenly, the extra inch she had gained overnight seemed to make her much taller to Ann, who was still sitting.

“Look, Ann, I love you, and you’ll always be my best friend. And I also know you’re one hell of a great human being, even if you want to pretend otherwise. Those pills have always been yours to do as you please. I haven’t and won’t interfere. But if you sell this last one, I don’t want any of the money. You can keep it. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Melanie turned and got away, leaving Ann completely perplexed. For a moment, she wondered if the latest changes had done something to her friend’s mind. This was most uncharacteristic of her.

“She’ll probably come around to her senses later,” muttered Ann.

And yet, she couldn’t bring herself to keep searching on her laptop for more clients.

Ann cursed her conscience. She knew she could make so much money… After all, who wouldn’t want such a pill? Just a quick drink and you’ll become big, beautiful, healthy…

Suddenly, Ann found some moisture in the corner of her eyes. She thought of Clarissa’s smiling face, and even though she hadn’t seen her in over a year, she remembered her clearly. Was that happy child really in the brink of death? And Ann was there, feeling so pleased about herself, when she had the means to save her life?

Ann got up and took her phone, texting quickly:


The problem was how to enter the hospital undetected. Ann and Melanie were very well-known internationally, and locally, they were super-celebrities. There was no way she could go in without being recognized.

So she had to break-in at night. Her room was on the 7th floor, but she could access her window from the outside easily using her physical prowess.

Ann parked in her car near the hospital, watching the building closely. It was very late at night when she thought the area was deserted enough. She made the climb easily, using the other windows for support.

Luckily, Clarissa’s parents weren’t spending the night today, and the room was dark. Ann’s enhanced eyesight could see quite well despite this, and she looked at the sleeping 12-year-old Clarissa, feeling a sting of pain.

Her usually long hair had been cut to a bush, and she looked bonnier than ever. Her skin was pale, and her features looked sunken. She was barely recognizable as the radiant girl Ann remembered from school.

She woke her up gently, and Clarissa took a moment before straightening herself a bit in the bed.

“Ann, is that you? Wow, you’re pretty,” even though her voice was weak, she still sounded positive, and she even managed a smile. “I hadn’t seen you since… whatever happened to you. Just on TV.”

“Yeah, sorry for not vising you earlier,” said Ann.

“Don’t worry,” Clarissa’s second smile obviously took a lot of effort.

“Look, Clarissa, I’m so very sad this happened to you. So is Melanie, who sends her love. If someone didn’t deserve this, it was you. Now, I don’t want you to get your hopes up, but maybe there’s a way I can help you get cured.”

“How? The doctors said they couldn’t.”

“I’ve got to turn you into a woman, like me and Melanie. I think, like this, your health will improve a lot.”

“You mean you two did that to yourselves?”

“Kinda. Melanie changed accidentally, but we discovered how. But please don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret.”

“Promise,” said Clarissa. “And you can do this for me now? For real?”

“It’s these pills, you see. I’ve been giving them to other kids. This is the last one, and Melanie wants to give it to you. And so do I.”

“Really? Would you do that for me?” there was a glistening in her eyes for the first time, and Ann was sure there were some tears there.

“I would never forgive myself if I don’t. I’ve got to try it,” Ann turned on the lights and filled a glass of water that was on the bedside table. “Here, take the pill.”

The clock was ticking for what seemed like an eternity. Ann knew the transformations always took time, but every second that passed made her doubtful this would really work for the sick girl.

Then Clarissa gasped audibly and a starling change started to take place. Her face regained some color, as her flesh filled out, her skeletal appearance gone in just a minute or so.

“Oh, I think it worked!,” she exclaimed happily. Her voice wasn’t tired any more. “I feel… I feel better. No, I feel normal again. I had forgotten how that was!”

She teared a bit more, but she sat on her bet and then got up on her feet.

“I can stand! I… I can walk!”

Ann couldn’t help it. She wept silently too. Then she realized the girl was already getting taller.

“Oh, I almost forgot! Take off that gown, put this on!”

She gave Clarissa one of her own underwear pieces, which she had brought with her.

“Yeah, this is getting tighter!” the white undergarments were way too large for her to wear at the moment, and little Clarissa was practically swimming inside, but as her arms and legs enlarged, she was able to fit progressively better.

“You’re getting bigger fast!”

“I… uhm… I feel strange!” for Clarissa, strange meant very good. Much better than she had felt in months, if not her life. “My… er…” she signaled to her flat chest. “It itches! But if feels nice…”

Round, large, and fully mature breasts emerged in a matter of seconds, pushing out the cups of her outfit.

“Oooooooooooooooooooh!!!” she cooed in pleasure. They were getting huge, and though her transformation was far from over, she was already sporting bigger breasts than Ann, which surprised both of them.

A similar sensation overcame her hips and backside as they flared out, and Clarissa probed them briefly before returning her enlarging hands to her bouncy mammaries, trying to lift their hefty weight.

Her back was widening ad strengthening, though, and before long her torso was able to hold her breasts comfortably. Her collarbone protruded as her neck elongated. She kept growing upwards and outwards, and her thighs filled out, pulling her underclothes tighter across her developing privates.

“Hey! You – You just passed me!” exclaimed a surprised Ann. It was true. Clarissa had just overcome her height, and she still kept growing.

As radical as her body’s transformation was, Ann’s favorite part of Clarissa’s changes was her head. Her closely cropped hair started sprouting robust strands of chocolate hair which grew down past her shoulders. Her face was getting more adult and beautiful, but she was still very recognizable as Clarissa, once again radiant and vigorous. Ann just loved seeing a very healthy spark back on her brown eyes.

“I… I can’t believe this,” said the girl, who had just finished maturing into a young woman, and who was looking down at herself in bewilderment.

Ann couldn’t believe it either. Somehow, Clarissa was now over a head taller than herself. She simply looked huge, even to Ann, who was used to tower over everything.

“You must be about 7 feet tall!” said the blonde with awe. “You grew more than any of us. By a lot,” she added, looking down at her curves. For Clarissa had also become the curviest of them all. Her substantial breasts strained Ann’s special-made underwear, already big.

“How is it possible?” asked Clarissa, not at all displeased. For one, being healthy was the truly important thing, plus she had always silently wished she could grow very big when she became older. “It’s not like I was tall for my age before, or anything.”

“I don’t know. The vitamins had different effects on all our sizes, but nothing like this.”

“I’ve been taking hormones for my treatment,” pointed Clarissa. “Do you think they had something to do with it?”

“Maybe. Must be that.”

“So, what should I do now?”

“Well, what we all do, I guess. You have to pretend you don’t know what happened to you,” pleaded Ann. “Please, or Melanie and me will be in trouble.”

Clarissa nodded.

“I don’t like lying to my parents, but I promise I won’t say anything. You saved my life and I owe you. But… How will I explain these clothes?”

“Yeah, I reckon you should give them back to me,” said Ann. “They were just so you didn’t have to endure your changes on the nude.”

Clarissa went to the bathroom and emerged after a while, wrapped inside her bedsheets. She gave the underclothes back to Ann.

“Will I see you soon?” she asked.

“Whenever you want. I live close by,” said Ann. “But maybe you should wait a few days. That’s what we usually do.”

“I’ll do that.”

Ann was about to turn away and go when Clarissa fell over her and hugged her. It wasn’t a trivial matter, since the girl had become so weighty. In fact, it was the first time Ann felt something was heavy since her own transformation.

“Hey, you’re pulling me down!”

“Sorry!” said Clarissa, her eyes glistening. “It’s just… I don’t know how I can thank you.”

“There’s no need. Not right now, anyway. You have to take in what just happened to you first, and explain it to your parents. And I should run, by the way!” she added looking at her watch.

Clarissa remained alone in her room, unsure about what to do. Then she sat on her bed and screamed as loud as she could.

The nurse came bursting into the room.

“Who---? Who are you?” she yelled when she saw a huge woman instead of her patient.

“It’s… It’s me! I’m Clarissa! It happened to me, what they’ve been talking about in the news! I just started to grow!”

It took a while for the nurse to process that, then the doctors, then the rest of the night staff. But as incredible as it was, it had happened to eleven other girls this last year, many of them in or near this city, so they took her seriously. And after examining her closely, there was no doubt: the Amazon was Clarissa.

She struggled into the largest pajamas they could find, and she heard one of the doctors calling her parents.

“No, it’s not bad news, ma’am, don’t worry… Clarissa is just fine… In fact, there are no remnants of her illness any more… She’s completely healthy… Yes, just relax. Everything will be fine… Yeah, that’s the thing… Uhm… I’m not sure how to explain it… You know those other girls who have been transforming all around the country? I don’t know how to explain it, but… it kind of happened to her too…”

Clarissa could hear the yells from the auricular.

After the initial shock (and the second one, when they saw her face to face), Clarissa’s parents brushed aside all concern about their little daughter’s change, though. They were just happy she was healthy, so what if she had a different look?

Plus, it didn’t hurt that it wasn’t a bad look either. Clarissa was very taken with her gigantic body, particularly her gorgeous face and her massive bosom. Special clothes were brought to her next morning, and she was dazed to see that her brassieres looked like small camping tents. Ok, she was exaggerating, but they were certainly enormous.

Owing to her previously delicate health, she had to remain under close study far longer than it was usual, as they wanted to make sure she wouldn’t relapse.

That’s why she hadn’t had any chance of seeing Ann or Melanie, but she was able to snap a picture of herself and send it to them.

Clarissa also knew than once she leaved the hospital, the media circus would begin. Her transformation was already being treated as a miracle, since it has also cured her sickness, and suddenly the public’s opinion about the whole thing had changed a lot. Maybe it wasn’t a menacing force that took away kids’ childhoods, but a benevolent power that actually improved their quality of life? After all, they had all become healthier and stronger, and much happier, and in Clarissa’s case, it had saved her from death. Suddenly parents weren’t as afraid it would happen to their children as secretly hopeful, especially if they were sickly.

Indeed, despite the fact that she had been the twelfth Amazon, Clarissa was also one of the most instantly famous. It wasn’t only due to her miraculous curation, but also because she was bigger than any other. There was little more than interviews in her schedule for the next week or so, and though she remained sweet and agreeable in every one of them, she couldn’t wait to be free to engage in more desirable activities.

First of all, she had to honor a promise she had made to herself. As she laid ill in her bed, she had decided that if she would somehow survive, she would try and enjoy every little detail in life, and she would also travel around during holidays and be in touch with nature and other cultures.

Well, holidays had just started when she had left the hospital, so she started with her travel itinerary almost immediately. After being bedridden for months, even a simple stroll was blissful, not to mention those undertakings her superhuman body could now accomplish. She would run, swim, climb, and you would always see her beaming with happiness at being alive.

When her soothing vacation was over, she decided she wanted to give back what life had given to her, and she used her newfound celebrity status to create a foundation for sick children. It was quickly gaining track, and hundreds were already being benefited.

Clarissa loved what she was doing for them. She buttoned up her specially-made blouse over her busty torso, ready for another day at the foundation, and sighed happily, knowing there wasn’t a biggest bliss than helping those in need. She wondered if that was what had compelled Ann to give her the pill.

In all, Clarissa had been so busy she wasn’t able to properly meet with her benefactor for months. Then, Ann invited her to a tennis game at a beach house with some of the other girls from the Amazon club and she made some time to attend.

All of them looked lovely in their tennis suits, but the game itself was pretty much a flunk. They all had great reflexes that would make for very interesting matches, and most of them had successfully practiced in other sports, but the fact was that they kept breaking the rackets about every two swings.

So in the end they cancelled the games and decided to have a barbecue instead.

After eating, they broke into smaller groups to talk with each other, and Clarissa quickly found Ann and Melanie inside the kitchen, looking for some ice for the sodas.

“I never thanked you two properly, you know,” she said after they received her. “And I don’t think that’s possible. You did save my life.”

Melanie smiled, but Ann looked uncomfortable.

“You shouldn’t thank me. It was all Melanie’s idea. I actually…” Ann gulped. “Well, you owe all to her.”

“Don’t listen to her,” interjected Melanie. “She only needed a little push to find that her heart was in the right place.”

Melanie winked to both of them and walked out. Clarissa watched her leave, and then turned to face Ann again.

“It doesn’t matter what you think, Ann,” she said. “You were my Guardian Angel when I needed one, and that’s all I care about.”

Clarissa smiled and followed Melanie out, leaving Ann alone with her thoughts.

Ever since she had helped Clarissa, her conscience had been ruthless with her. She could have helped nine more girls, and she hadn’t. She had realized she had been a greedy bitch all along.

But Clarissa’s smile today told her otherwise. Maybe, just maybe, she had the potential to be as beautiful inside as she was outside.


PS: After finished this part and the picture selection, I discovered that the model I used for Clarissa is coincidentally a cancer survivor.

Normally, I would have changed her, but this time I decided against. I grew to like Clarissa and I thought she deserved being represented by someone who was just as strong in real life.

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  1. Great ending. I'm glad I was able to give you a good idea for ending this, especially since we can see Ann act altruistically for once instead of just making a profit.

    You did a great job with Clarissa was well. I think there's a good chance that the pill's potency increased with time, which could explain why Ann and Melanie had a bit of a growth spurt. But the hormone treatment makes just as much sense.

    I think it's very appropriate for Clarissa to be represented by a cancer survivor in this situation, it certainly helps that she's good-looking.

    1. Thank you.

      That idea allowed me to turn Ann, who had been behaving rather selfishly, into a character with more human potential. I'm not saying she's going to change definitely, but there's certainly the hope.

  2. AN ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE AND WONDERFUL ENDING. It also leaves the door open for future stories will the Amazon Club. Even if there are no more pills to make more giantesses,these 12 girls-especially Clarissa and Ann-can be developed (pun intended) further in future stories. I'm very glad for Ann's "redemption", that you in fact allowed her to mature into a positive character. The best character of all was Clarissa and I'd love to write a follow up with her. It's truly ironic about the original model-my father died after an 18 year battle with cancer. So the scenes in the hospital were sadly very familiar to me.

    Again,fantastic job and a great ending!!!

    1. Thank you. I indeed left the door open for a sequel, but I don't intend to write it. If you or someone else are interested, just write to me and I could share my idea, which would allow for even more transformations.

      I'm also glad Ann could have this positive moment, as she was one of my greediest characters, and this allowed to see her good side.

      I'm very sorry about your father. Those kind of situations are very sad indeed, and I hope Clarissa's recuperation story is somewhat cathartic to everyone who has lived through that.

      Thank you for your comment and your loyalty to this series!

  3. This series has been fantastic. Now I'm really curious what was originally planned.

    1. Nothing memorable. But it would have ended with Ann reaffirming her selfishness, and I warmed up to her since I started writing this, so I decided to take the suggestion of making her more likeable by the end by helping someone.