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Special Vitamins (Pill 3)

Here's more. I'm trying to keep the Instagram selfie aesthetics of the original.

That means the pictures are usually on a lower quality than what's usual for me.

Special Vitamins (Pill 3)

It had been eight days since their transformations, and Ann and Melanie hadn’t seen each other in five, but they shared a selfie each night, followed by a random one-word caption.

They had agreed on that as a covert way to ensure each other their parents hadn’t even suspected foul-play in their changes. And why would they? Not even the experts could find the cause of their abrupt hormonal surge.

They had maintained their story about handling a garden chemical, and it had been analyzed as much as they were. Naturally, there was nothing there to be found.

Ann had grown accustomed to the now recurrent visits to doctors from every place and specialty. She remembered clearly the first morning after the changes, when she and Melanie had been taken to see the first specialists.

She had let her now long hair cascade down and stripped down to her underwear. As the dumbfounded doctors looked at her, she stretched up to her full and rather magnificent height and said with a feigned, but convincing innocence:

“See what happened to me, doctors? I got all big all of sudden.”

“I’d say so,” gulped the tallest doctor, who was still a couple of inches shorter than her.

After looking at her, they all agreed this had to be a prank. Then most investigators got on board, and the identity of the girls was confirmed. They were able to verify that they were chronologically 11-years-old, but somewhat a burst of hormonal activity had caused them to develop the physical traits of women in their early twenties.

“They’re completely healthy, more than average, even” they concluded. “And they’re still preteens in many ways… Their skin and their organs are very young, for one. It’s just as if they were early-bloomers. Abnormally early-bloomers. And somehow their hormonal excess made them mature beyond their normal parameters. They’re much bigger and better developed than they should have ever become. Their physical capabilities are a bit off-charts.”

Ann immediately understood that was why she felt so good all the time, so overly fit and vigorous.

Soon, the news of the two schoolgirls who had grown into amazons leaked everywhere, and for a while it was the trending topic in all media. Luckily, most of the attention was on the outrage over its possible causes. Thought the chemical company had been declared innocent, concerned citizens started to wonder what kind of thing could cause something like that on their children. Had it been the food? Air contaminants?

Ann and Melanie’s brains had also matured into their young adult configurations, which meant they had become keener. The regional government had debated the issue and had decided that after a bit of intensive home-schooling, they would be granted the status of legal adults. It was unknown if they would keep aging normally, so that would mean they would be minors until they were physically over thirty. The politicians thought that was unfair with the poor victims, so they resolved to make them into 21-years-old women in the eyes of the law.

It would be a few weeks before that technicality would take place, but Ann was already enjoying the perks of being a “real” adult. She still lived with her parents, obviously, and she knew they would treat her like a child no matter her legal age, but now she didn’t need their permission to do anything.

She had put that freedom to use, and had already started to look for possible clients. Melanie had agreed to take only half the profits, despite having discovered the pills. But Ann knew she wasn’t ambitious and easily manipulated, so Melanie gave her complete control over the 10 remaining pills as long as she could stay away from the boring business part.

So Ann was handling that side on her own. She was extremely cunning for her age, and now her adult brain was helping to improve on that. She realized her pills would be worth millions of dollars on a proper black market, but on the other hand, she could only sell them to kids, so she knew she could never get the best price for them. But she wasn’t greedy beyond reason, and she knew that a great deal of money could still be made.

For one, she would need to target extremely rich kids. Once the government made them legal, as they had done with Ann and Melanie, their parents would have to put great quantities of money to their names. Then they could pay Ann fully.

But that plan meant they could only pay most of the money after taking the pills, and Ann knew that was dangerous. She would need to think of a way to make sure of getting her payment, and the answer was obvious: fear. After all, she had something inexplicable on her hands, so she was confident she could pull that off.

On the other hand, she didn’t want anyone to trace her to whatever kid suddenly grew up, so she searched for people who had no direct relation to her.

Her first real option had been Adelaida GutiƩrrez, daughter of the wealthiest people in the city. She had managed to contact Adelaida on her e-mail. Ann was very famous by then, and mostly everyone knew her story. Adelaida was very interested when Ann proposed to share her secret.

Ann and Adelaida met up inside a private cab that weekend. The chauffeur couldn’t see their faces or hear their conversations on the back of the car.

Adelaida was a short-haired 13-years-old tomboy, but when she saw Ann, she looked at her generous cleavage hungrily. Clearly, this girl longed for that kind of body. A promising client.

“So, it’s real? What you said? I read on the internet that you have no idea what caused your transformation.”

“Right, that’s what we said, but I do know what happened. And I’m able to share that gift, as I did with my friend Melanie.”

“You transformed her? And you can do that for me?”

“Yes. You see, on my last birthday, I discovered I am really a witch. I’m very powerful and…”

“Prove it.”

“We’ll come to that,” said Ann with the authority invested on her by her greater size. “Anyway, I’m still in training, but I discovered a spell on an ancient book. Not even my brethren knows of it. But I tested it on myself, and you can see the results. I think that’s proof enough. And the same happened to Melanie, you saw it in the news.”

“Yes, but everyone thinks it’s a virus, or something. Or a chemical which altered you unknowingly.”

“No, it was my magic.”

“Sounds a bit like BS.” Clearly, Adelaida was blunt.

“Well, you don’t have to believe me, but I can do it anyway. And if you’re not interested, I can sell my services to many a kid, really…”

Ann pretended she was about to get out of the car, but Adelaida stopped her.

“Ok, suppose you do it. You transform me. I can pay you. How does this work.”

“I just use this.”  Ann produced a shiny twig she had found at the park. “This wand has been with my kind for generations, and I’ve inherited due to my noble sorceress ancestry. It’s a very simple spell, and works quickly.”

“Do it. The price you asked for it is acceptable.”

“I can’t do it now! Nobody can know we’ve met, so I want to do it from a distance.”

“Can you reach me at my house?”

“It’s very simple, actually. Go home. I won’t turn you until you’re completely alone in your house, but you can’t e-mail me again, so I need you to inform me in my own way.”

“How? An owl, or something?”

“No, silly. A potion I did this morning.” Ann produced one of the pills. “Swallow this when you are on your own and I’ll know it. I’ll pronounce the incantation and it'll change you. But be patient because it might take a few minutes to reach you.”


“It’ll transform you. Enjoy it. Once you are a woman and you’ve witnessed its awesome power, you’ll know my magic is real. And you wouldn’t want to try and cheat me. Remember, my spells can reach you anywhere. When you have the money, YOU MUST pay me immediately, or it’ll be very easy for me to turn you into a silver-back gorilla.”

“Not a gorilla!” pleaded Adelaida. “And silver-backs are male.”

“Precisely. But I know you’ll pay me.”

The girl wasn’t still very convinced by the supposed magic, but if she would really turn into an adult that night, how could she doubt it? She took the pill, eager to summon the spell.

Just as she had been instructed, Adelaida didn’t contact Ann after getting home. In fact, the blonde didn’t hear anything about her buyer until three days later, when her mother yelled downstairs.

“Ann, you won’t believe it!” she said, bursting into her room. “It happened again! Not that far from here. Another girl was turned into a woman overnight! Just saw it on TV…”

“Oh, wow, so it wasn’t just us…” whispered Ann with feigned surprise.

“But this is good for us,” reflected her mother. “When they study what happened to her, they’ll probably find something that correlates with what you and Melanie were doing that day. They might find the real cause this time!”

“Gee, I hope so. I’d like to know how this happened to me,” said Ann gesturing down at herself.

Indeed, a few scientists came again to ask more questions, trying to see if Ann and Melanie could have been near anything related to Adelaida’s own account. But so far, the only variable that matched was that they lived in the same city.

“Maybe there’s something in the water,” suggested Ann.

It wasn’t a month before Adelaida had her payment ready. She was driven downtown by her own family chauffeur, and Ann boarded the car for a quick meeting.

“Wow,” she said looking at her client.

Adelaida was a far cry from the flat-chested and short haired girl Ann had met. Her black hair was long and her height could rival Ann’s, though she was pleased to see that Adelaida’s curves, impressive as they had become, were still a little behind her own.

“You didn’t tell me it would feel this good,” she said in her sultry voice, smiling shyly and playing with her tresses.

“Yeah, it does.”

“When your spell hit me, these came out so quickly…” explained Adelaida pointing at her breasts. “It was exhilarating. And I’m now the biggest girl… woman in my family.”

“You turned out great. I’m very proud, my magic is getting really strong.”
“You’re indeed quite powerful, and I’m sorry I doubted you. Here’s my thank you,” she held up a case. “I threw in something extra over the agreed price. Luckily, I control my own money now.”

“Thanks,” said Ann, taking the case and starting to count the money immediately. “But maybe you shouldn’t have come with your own driver. Nobody should see us together.”

“Relax, they know I’m here. I said I was curious about meeting the other girls who had gone through this “unexpected phenomenon.” It’s not suspicious anymore.”

“Good thinking.”

Pleased about her first success, Ann’s mind was already wandering over the list of other possible buyers she had been working on.

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  1. Outstanding series so far. Can't wait for part 4! BTW,just curious-how tall IS Ann? I'd guess around 6'3'-6'4' given your descriptions.MMMMMM, Great work!

    1. Her exact size is up to the reader this time :)

    2. I'll go for 6'2-6'3. That jibes with the pictures. : ) I hope she "grows up" emotionally and finds a guy to love. But I AM a classic romantic at heart.

  2. I'm liking how this series is going along. It was a pretty clever lie Ann made up, but I doubt she'll be able to use it with everyone. I also like how you've addressed the financial problem I pointed out. Can't wait to see more girls changed.

    I'd be interested in submitting an entry for this story, though I think Growthformulamaster has first dibs. I'll want to see what he does before I submit anything.

    1. Thank you.

      Both you and Growthformulamaster can write stories set around this concept (there are probably more pills in other test flasks!), though I'd like to finish with Ann's story. Though who knows? Maybe we could merge them! Just send me your ideas and pictures and we'll see.