Sunday, May 28, 2017

Vintage Comics - Issue 7

Ok, this isn't a comic, but rather a vintage cover for one of those "titillating" romance novels. A completely different period than the comics, but you get why I did it.

I had a lot of fun tackling the stereotypes from this genre, even though it was the most difficult one I've done. This wasn't just changing the text like I've done in some of the others. This was build from scratch... the aged texture and everything. I hope you appreciate the result.


  1. Normally, I don't go for romantic novels. I think that genre is mostly aimed towards women. But this book, I might have been interested in. You did a pretty good job with the book cover.

    1. Yes, it's a genre directed towards women, and a certain type of women at that. I've never read one in my life, as they almost seem a parody of themselves. Which is why I had so much fun with its tropes. I might even do one more.